Rocky Road

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“He’s just so boring,” I told Tracy, my best friend of ten years. She’d been with me through thick and thin and this time was no different.

“Yeah, but he has so many other wonderful qualities! He’s so hot and he’s a great dad to his kids. Honestly, the man is basically perfect,” she reminded me, her blonde hair swept up into a messy bun.

“Yeah, except for the fact that he’s vanilla. I knew I should have held out for a lifestyle guy. These military guys are so straight-edge,” I decided to pull my dark hair up into a bun that matched Tracy’s and as I did, a call came in on my phone. “Dammit, can you grab that! I’m getting my bun up.”

“Hello? This is Marie’s answering service. Who can I tell her is calling?” Tracy used her professional voice in an almost sarcastic tone, which set me off laughing. “Oh, well thank you for calling, Mitch. I’m Marie’s best friend Tracy. She is fixing her hair and wait…she’s ready. Here you go! Nice talking to you!”

“Mitch! Baby! How are you?” I said as soon as I’d grabbed the phone and put it up to my ear. Tracy was still giggling.

“Your friend is nice,” he told me.

“Yeah, I can’t wait for you to meet her! Can you come over now while she’s here?” I could hear the desperation in my voice. I desperately wanted Tracy to approve of Mitch and since they hadn’t met yet she couldn’t give me a good assessment of him yet. I needed her opinion desperately. I was on the fence about Mitch because he just wasn’t rough enough with me in bed and he showed no signs of liking rough sex or anything kinky. I couldn’t live with that. I needed more and somehow I was hoping that Mitch had an ace in the hole or something. Maybe he was perverted deep down in there somewhere. I was keeping my fingers crossed.

“Sure! I’m only seven minutes away, remember?”

“I remember! I’m glad you’re stationed close. I’ll see you in seven.” I hung up and began to jump up and down with excitement. “Tracy! He’s coming! You’re going to meet him!”

“Oh my God! I can’t wait! Finally, the guy of your dreams. Well, almost.” We giggled.

“Okay, we’ve got seven minutes to clean! I don’t want him to know what a pig I am yet!”

“Got it!” Tracy and I cleaned right up until the second Mitch arrived, still in his uniform. “Oh my God…he is pure hotness from heaven,” she added as he walked up the driveway and to the front door.

I let him ring the bell before I opened the door and we greeted one another with a hug and kiss. I introduced him to Tracy and I saw their interaction. I was shocked to see that Mitch was checking her out a bit too intensely. She looked a bit uncomfortable and so I cleared my throat and led him into the living room.

“Would you like some coffee? Water maybe?” I asked him. “Have a seat.” I noticed he had brought a black bag with him, which he set down near his feet before he sat down.

“You have anything a sailor might actually drink? Something a little more intoxicating perhaps?”

“Yeah! I mean what do you want? Whiskey, Scotch, or Vodka?”

“Scotch!” he answered and so I fixed him some scotch on the rocks, not able to clearly hear what he and Tracy were talking about. I was a bit nervous with them together, especially after their introduction. I hurried with drinks for all of us and as I settled back into the couch with my drink I was shocked to hear Tracy say she had to leave.

“Come on, Tracy! Stay!” I begged her. I had wanted them to meet but maybe it hadn’t been the best idea. I wasn’t jealous of my friend. I knew she would never fuck one of my boyfriends unless I told her to. I was worried about Mitch. I wondered if he would fuck Tracy if given the chance. Maybe he wasn’t as vanilla as I thought. I realized that I didn’t know him very well at all. We hadn’t bahis firmalar─▒ been dating that long, but I felt so passionately about him and the way he had made love to me.

“I can’t stay. I had something come up. I’ll explain later. Please, trust me. I would be here if I could. It’s family stuff. It was nice meeting you Mitch, sorry I couldn’t stay this time.”

“Nice meeting you Tracy!” he stood up and properly shook her hand before I walked her out.

“So what do you think?” I asked as we walked to her car.

“I don’t think you know him as well as you think,” she warned me.

“What do you mean?”

“I asked him if he likes sexual violence.”

“You what?”

“You heard me. He said he loves it and he licked his fucking lips like a total pervert. I think he was flirting with me. This isn’t a vanilla guy. Trust me,” she looked at me emphatically.

“Okay…but I haven’t seen any evidence of sexual violence yet.”

“I think he’s fronting.”


“He’s pretending to be vanilla. Anyway, I really do have to go. I have to go pick up Annabelle from the store. She dropped her phone and it isn’t working so she can’t call for a ride. It figures my number is the only one she actually remembers. I’ll see you tomorrow at yoga.” She kissed my right cheek before getting into the car and driving off. I thought about what she said about Mitch. It couldn’t be true. Could it?

I walked into the living room and was shocked to see three bottles of my alcohol open and in front of Mitch on the coffee table. He took a swig from the scotch and then groaned as the alcohol burned his throat.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“I hope you don’t mind. It was a rough day at work and I need to blow off some steam. How was your day?”

“Geez! You already drank a lot! How are you not drunk?” I asked, eyeing the bottles. I didn’t drink much and so I was shocked to see so much of my stash gone all at once.

“It takes a lot to get this sailor drunk!”

“How much?”

“I’m going to keep drinking and find out.”

“What’s in the bag?” I asked, eyeing the black leather bag he had next to him.

“Just some supplies from work I didn’t want to leave out in the car. There’s a lot of important gear in here.”

“My neighborhood is super safe!” I assured him.

“I just like to have my bag with me where I can see it,” he took another long drink from the whiskey bottle. “Come sit with me. Tell me about your day.”

“Okay…” I sat on his lap and told him all about my day as he continued to drink and drink and drink. I was starting to get concerned. I had never seen a human being drink as much as he was and it was starting to scare me the way he was slurring his words.

“So what did you think of Tracy?” I finally asked the question that had been on my mind all night.

“She’s a pretty girl. I love a woman with a hot friend,” he answered as he drank even more.

“Are you into her?” I asked, my voice filled with jealousy.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already envisioned fucking you and her at the same time. But what guy wouldn’t, right?”

“You thought about us all fucking?” I was a bit overwhelmed by this.

“Two hot girls, one guy, it’s a great fantasy. I would never act on it unless of course, you wanted me to.”

“No. I don’t want you to.”

“Well, what do you want?” he asked me.

“I like what you do, honey,” I kissed his cheek.

“That’s not what Tracy said.”

“What? What did Tracy say?” Now I was curious. What had my best friend done in the five minutes I’d been in the kitchen fixing drinks?

“She said you thought I was too vanilla. I didn’t know what that meant and so she explained that it means I’m the boring, basic-bitch version of a man. Is ka├žak iddaa that correct?” He looked a bit angry and I guess I couldn’t blame him. Tracy had told him my secret. It was so unlike her and I wasn’t sure whether I should kill her slowly, or take my time torturing her next time I saw her.

“Well, Tracy shouldn’t have said that to you.”

“Is it true? Do you think I’m vanilla?” Mitch stared me down.

“Well, maybe a bit…”

“I’ll show you vanilla!” He grabbed me with one arm and wrapped it around my waist. Suddenly, he stood up, picking me up easily and cradling me like a baby.

“Hey! Put me down!” I screamed but he didn’t put me down. He stopped to grab his bag and carried both the bag and me easily up the stairs. He didn’t stop at the first floor. I realized he was headed to the attic and the thought scared me. I rarely went up there. I paid to have it cleaned once in a while and mostly avoided it. “No, not the attic!”

“The bedroom is for vanilla folks, but we aren’t serving vanilla today. Today it’s rocky road! You asked for it and I’m just delivering it.” Mitch pressed his butt against the door handle and slid down on the handle until he could push the door open. He carried me inside and kicked the door shut again. It slammed with a deafening thud.

“Mitch! What are you doing?” I screamed. I was more than alarmed now. I was downright scared. Mitch was drunk and angry and I had never seen him like this. I had no idea what he was capable of or what he would do.

“Oh look, a bed!” Mitch had known there was a bed in the attic. I’d given him a full tour of my house the first time he came over. I looked down at bed that had once belonged to me when I was a teenager. The mattress was dusty but I didn’t have a choice when he threw me down onto it. “Stay there. I need to get my supplies.”

“Your supplies?” I asked as he unzipped his black bag and began to pull items from it. There were several guns, knives, and then a bunch of beige things I’d never seen before. “What are those?”

“You’ll see. Get naked for me. I want to see that body right now.”

“Can’t we just go back to my bedroom?” I asked pathetically.

“I told you, bedrooms are for vanilla guys. I’m not a fucking vanilla guy and you’re about to find out.”

“You’re just drunk and you’re only doing this because Tracy scared you.”

“I’m doing this because I know it’s what you want. I’ve been holding back with you, waiting until we had the kind of trust that it takes to do things like this. I want to give you a taste, Marie. I want you to see what I really taste like. It’s not vanilla, baby. Now get naked,” he said the last part so forcefully that I felt compelled to move quickly, taking off all of my clothes and waiting for him to give me the next command.

“Come over here, get on your hands and knees.” He showed me where he wanted me and I realized that the beige things he had pulled from his bag were actually straps that were made to be used in bondage. He had me strapped to the bed frame, my head poking through the bars that served as the foot of the bed. My wrists were also tied to the bars, out and away from my head. He didn’t stop there. He also strapped my legs to the same bars so that I was completely immobile.

“Mitch, this is crazy!” I cried, not sure I was ready for him to be this kinky. I had thought that I was the kinky one, but it turned out that Mitch was much more perverted than I had originally thought. Tracy was right just like she always was with these things. Mitch was taking off his pants and underwear.

“This is crazy, you’re right. Now suck my cock!” He stood in front of me, his cock at my mouth level. I opened my mouth and watched in horror as my boyfriend began to fuck my face. He started out ka├žak bahis slowly, but he picked up the pace quickly. He was still drunk and I could smell the alcohol coming out of his pores. He held my head steady so he could really pound my face. I was choking so hard that I actually felt puke coming up. He paused, waiting for the moment to pass and then he was right back at it, pounding the back of my throat.

He fucked my face for what felt like hours. I was begging him to stop when he gave me a break, but he only let me take a break for a few moments before he was stuffing his dick back in my mouth. I lost all sense of time, but when he finally took his position behind me and I felt his cock push into my pussy I had never been so happy to get fucked. I had never sucked cock for that long before. My jaw was killing me from keeping it open for so long.

“You like it in your pussy, don’t you? You want to be fucked hard, right? As hard as I can possibly fuck you. Don’t you? I thought so, you little slut!” He fucked me harder than any man had ever fucked me before that. I think he fucked me harder than I will ever be fucked again. I don’t think a man could fuck me any harder than Mitch did without causing permanent internal damage. I couldn’t move or shirk away. The straps held me firmly in place, my pussy his cock’s whipping post.

“Please! Please stop!”

“I’ll stop when I want to stop!” he screamed at me. “Or I could give your pussy a break and fuck that ass!”

“No! Not anal!” I screamed, but I was hoping he would just fuck my ass anyway.

“Too bad!” His cock was still wet from my pussy when he worked it into my ass. He went slowly at first, which shocked me. It didn’t feel too bad when he was going slow. He began to speed up, fucking me a bit harder and faster. I was starting to make noises of pleasure so he went even faster. He gripped my hair and pulled me back onto his cock. I was taking an ass beating. He was pounding my ass just as hard as he had pounded my pussy. It definitely hurt, but there was something else about it that shocked me. It also felt good to get used like this by Mitch.

“You’re a fucked up little slut wanting me to be this brutal with you. You don’t like vanilla? Fine. I’m gonna rock your fucking asshole, you whore!” The screaming sounds I was making were unreal. It sounded like I was being murdered and in a way, I guess my asshole was being murdered. I surrendered to him and succumbed to my role as his fuck toy. I knew that he wasn’t vanilla now. In fact, I was starting to see that he really was the right flavor for me. I had never cum so hard in my life. The orgasms he was giving me were based both in pleasure and in pain. He was hurting me in all the right ways and I felt so restrained, knowing I couldn’t do a thing to stop him.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum in this tight ass! I’m going to cum in you!” Mitch let out a mighty scream that echoed from the empty attic walls before he collapsed on top of me.

“Mitch? Mitch? Honey? I need you to untie me now. I have to pee.”

“Give me just a second! I need to catch my breath.”


He set me free and I left him to clean up his toys so I could run to the bathroom. I went all the way down to the living room to grab my phone first. I texted Tracy immediately.

“He’s not vanilla! He’s rocky road! He just tied me up and fucked me so hard!”

“See I told you,” Tracy texted back. “He probably wants to have a threesome too.”

“With you?”

“If you ever do, please think of me.”

“Isn’t that incestuous because we’ve been friends so long we are practically sisters, Tracy?”

“Don’t be so vanilla, Marie.”

“Okay, now I have to kill you for telling Mitch my secret.”

“Oh come on! You got what you wanted, didn’t you? I did it for you,” Tracy explained.

“No, you did it for you so you could have a threesome with us.”

“Is that bad?” she asked.

“No, Tracy. Thank you. You’re right. I got what I wanted.”

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