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You must be of legal age to read this. Remember, always practice safe sex.

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April was throwing a party. She had finished grad school and was throwing a party for all her friends who had put up with her crazy schedule and temporary insanity through the years. Dave had actually met April while they were in school and they had rapidly become friends. Dave had hoped there would be more but he quickly realized they would never be lovers and had eventually looked on her as a little sister. Naturally, April wanted Dave to be at the party.

Dave didn’t know any of April’s home town friends but did not want to disappoint her by turning down her invitation. He arrived at April’s condo about 30 minutes early. He was hoping to make an appearance and slip away before too many people arrived. He was not a fan of crowded parties. April opened the door and jumped in Dave’s arms.

“I’m so glad you came. Get in here and hang out. Robin and I are still getting things ready.” April often talked about Robin while at school but Dave had never met her childhood friend. In fact, the only picture he had seen was one of them at summer camp. They could not have been more than 12 years old.

Dave followed her to the kitchen and she introduced him to her friend Robin. “Dave, this is my best friend Robin, Robin this is Dave.” Dave nearly went bug-eyed when he saw the girl he heard so much about. The first thing he saw when he came around the corner was the most incredible ass he had ever seen attached to a woman. Wrapped in tight khaki shorts there was nothing left to the imagination. It was perfect. Dave rapidly scanned down her legs to take in the tight thighs and calves. When she turned around from the counter he was just as impressed with the front. Medium sized breasts held in a tight purple top. Light brown hair framing a cute round face and a flat hard belly completed the picture.

She extended her hand “Nice to meet you. April has told me so much about you.” She held onto his hand just a bit longer than necessary as her eyes quickly scanned his body. Dave was not an amazing specimen but he took care of himself. He had a good enough body to get women to go out and a charming personality to get them in bed.

“Robin came over to help me get the food ready.”

Dave pulled his eyes away from Robin’s body. “Since I’m here, why don’t you let me help?”

“OK, why don’t you help Robin finish chopping veggies for the salsa. How about a drink? Robin and I started awhile ago so you better get an order in while I’m still sober enough to make the blender work.”

Dave moved up to the counter next to Robin and picked up a knife to help slice an onion. “Well, since your still in business, how about a margarita?”

“Coming right up.”

The three continued to work and drink as people started to arrive. Robin was easy to talk to and Dave poured the charm on as thickly as he could. People started to arrive and Robin excused herself to go to the bathroom. April walked over to Dave and spoke softly.

“Easy on Robin. She is married and has a kid so leave her alone”

“No way. That is not the ass of a woman who has had a baby. Besides, I haven’t done anything”

“Don’t give me that. I’ve seen you work the ladies before and you’ve got Robin in your sights. Her husband will be here tonight and we don’t want trouble. bahis firmalar─▒ Don’t be a home wrecker at my party. Please?” April gave him a pleading look.

“Alright. I’ll be good.” April smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks. I knew I could count on you.”

However, Robin seemed to have other ideas. The evening continued and more people arrived. Dave often found Robin next to him engaging him in conversation. Twice during the evening she brushed up against him hard enough for Dave to feel the hard cheeks of her ass. Once, he thought he felt her brush his cock with the back of her hand.

Later in the evening, most people had had more than enough to drink and the party was in full swing. Dave saw Robin quietly arguing with a man across the room and then saw him leave with an angry expression on his face. The husband? After he left Robin smoothed back her hair and scanned the room. She made eye contact with Dave and made her way through the crowd to his side. She grabbed his hand and led him down the hall to the spare bedroom. She pulled him in and locked the door behind them. Robin pushed him against the wall and pressed her lips to his. Dave circled her small body with his arms and pulled her close when he felt her tongue push between his lips. His hands slid down her back to cup the globes of her ass.

As far as Dave was concerned, his promise to April was over. This beautiful girl was throwing herself at him and he was not about to tell her no. As the sounds of the party continued, Dave walked her back toward a couch. They fell onto the couch and continued to make out. No words were spoken. Their lips were locked and their tongues continued to spar. Dave slid his hands beneath the bottom of her shirt and caressed her back. No bra strap. His cock swirled lazily in his pants as he continued to explore her body. He circled around to her front. He slid up until his hands were filled with two firm breasts. A perfect hand-full without a hint of sag. Robin moaned into his mouth when he passed his thumbs across her nipples and gently squeezed.

Dave rolled her onto her side and slid his top hand back down to squeeze her rock hard ass. She had the amazing body of an athlete. There wasn’t an ounce of extra fat on her frame. He placed his hand between her thighs and started to feel his way through the leg hole of her shorts. He barely touched the lips of her pussy when she pushed his hand away.

She looked in his eyes and said “No. We can’t do that.”

“Why not? Did I do something wrong?”

“No. Its not you. It’s just…I’m married…we shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be right.”

Dave failed to see the problem considering how far they had come but didn’t want to argue. If he pushed she would walk out the door. He took his hand away from her thighs and pressed his lips to hers again. After a few seconds, she kissed him back and pressed her body against his. He pushed the front of her shirt up and gently squeezed her breasts with his big hand. He kissed his way down her neck and nibbled her collar bone. In one motion he slipped the shirt over her head and latched onto her right nipple with his lips.

“Oh God. No, we shouldn’t do this.” But she pushed her nipple further into his mouth and held the back of his head with her hands. “That feels so good but, it can’t go any further than this.”

Dave ka├žak iddaa continued to worry her nipple with gentle bites and licks. He moved to the other nipple and she continued to squirm in his arms. He licked down onto her abdomen and dipped his tongue into her delicate navel. He gently took the sides of her hips in his hands and placed his face on her crotch, still clothed in the khaki shorts.

“Oh, stop. We can’t do that.” She half-heartedly grabbed his head as her hips continued to gyrate. Dave grabbed the button of her shorts with his teeth and pulled. The shorts parted and the zipper started to descend. He saw a tiny pair of black panties. Dave knew the way they hugged her skin meant her pussy lips were clean shaven. His cock became hard as a steel bar.

Not wanting to attract attention from the others at the party, she spoke in a whisper. “Stop. I can’t fuck you.”

“Please, I want to eat your pussy. It doesn’t have to go farther than that.”

“I don’t know. It’s not right but it’s been so long since my husband…” her voice trailed off. Her body spoke for her she lifted her hips and Dave pulled her shorts and panties down her perfect legs. Dave positioned her ass on the edge of the couch and touched her delicate folds with the tip of his tongue. Robin inhaled sharply and put her legs over Dave’s shoulders and crossed her ankles.

“Oh, God. I forgot how wonderful this is” she hissed.

Dave pushed the flat of his tongue between her pussy lips and licked up her crevice. She was as wet as any woman he had been with. Robin quietly moaned and squealed as Dave continued to work her pussy with his tongue. His moved up until he found her small swollen clit sticking out. Robin’s moaning intensified. He slipped two fingers from his right hand into her pussy and turned his fingers to rub her G-spot.

“Oh, oh, I can’t believe this is happening. This is sooo gooood.”

Dave was way beyond the point of no return. He glanced up and saw her eyes shut tightly as she enjoyed the attention. Kneeling between her legs, he took his free hand and loosened the button on his jeans and worked them down while his mouth stayed on her pussy. He fished his cock out of his briefs. It was so hard he could have driven nails with it.

Robin’s ass continued to move on the edge of the couch. She was very near her orgasm. Dave put his right hand on her clit and continued to work the little organ. He kissed his way up her abdomen and sucked on her breasts. In this position, his cock was at the entrance of her pussy. However, all Robin was aware of was the incredible feelings coming from her clit and breasts. With his free hand her placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and waited. The moisture on the tip of his tool drove him mad with desire. As Robin’s orgasm began, Dave slipped the head of his cock between her wet pussy lips and pushed. Robins eyes flew open wide but it was too late. Dave’s fingers on her clit pushed her over the edge. She came.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh God…ahhhh.”

The way her pussy clamped down on his cock was more than Dave could take. With two thrusts he was in to the hilt and shooting like a fire hose. Dave moaned and filled Robins pussy with come. Her rhythmic contractions worked his tool again and again. Robin wrapped her arms and legs around Dave as his cock continued to expand and contract ka├žak bahis in the midst of her after-come. She could feel the overflow of cum run down between her cheeks onto the cushions of the couch.

As they lay on the couch breathing heavily Robin whispered in Dave’s ear. “You are one sneaky fuck.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Not really. With the way you made me feel I would have fucked you. I’m a big girl, I knew what was going to happen when I brought you back here. However, it did not last nearly long enough. You are just going to have to fuck me again.” She smiled.

“That sounds great but it may be awhile before I am ready to have another go.”

“I think I can help with that” They switched positions and Robin knelt between Dave’s legs after he removed his clothes. She took his limp, wet cock in her little hand and gently moved up and down.

Dave sighed. “That’s a nice start.”

“Oh, it gets better.” Robin took his spent cock in her mouth and pressed her lips all the way to his pubic hair. She massaged his cock with her tongue and his balls with her hands until she felt his tool begin to grow. Dave thought she would pull away as he became hard but she kept his cock entirely in her mouth. The soft sucking made him continue to grow. As his cock hardened it began to move into the back of Robin’s mouth and extend down her throat. He had never experienced a deep throat this way. He groaned as the muscles of her throat massaged his meat. The eroticism of Robin’s incredible blowjob was already starting to have an effect. Dave could feel stirrings deep in his balls.

Robin stood and knelt over Dave’s cock. With one hand she parted her bare pussy lips and with the other she guided his tool to her love hole. Robin took Dave’s entire cock in one motion and leaned into his chest. In this position, she began to grind her clit against his pubic bone and the base of his prick. Her smooth shaven lips felt amazing against his cock. They both moaned in shared ecstasy. After a while Dave moved his hand between them and worried her clit with his fingers.

Robin whispered in his ear. “I want to be on bottom. Give me a good pounding fuck and I’ll come all over you.”

She got off his lap and leaned back on the couch. She spread her legs apart and held open her bare, wet, glistening lips as she watched him position himself between her. He ran his hands up and down her inner thighs as he ravaged her naked body with his eyes. Dave slid into her and immediately found an easy rhythm. Soon, Robin’s breathing increased and she began to moan.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.”

Dave increased the frequency of his thrusts. He alternated between short stabbing motions and long full thrusts.

“Yes, keep going, oh I’m cumming…yeah…”

Robin heard the door open and looked over Dave’s shoulder. She saw April framed in the doorway. Apparently the party had ended while they had been together and April heard the sounds from the other room. April took in the scene just in time to see Dave’s ass tighten as he groaned and put another load of cum deep in April’s pussy.

“Dave, Robin, how could you” she shouted.

They did not even have the energy to get up and act embarrassed. The aftermath of the shared orgasm took their strength. April stood there looking at the two attractive, naked people on her couch. She should see the sticky white cum seep out of Robin’s pussy as Dave’s cock began to soften. She was speechless. Here were her two best friends in each other’s arms.

What happens next? Email me and let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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