Ricky , Karen Home Alone Ch. 02

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The smell of sex still hung in the air. Ricky and Karen sat nude on the couch, slightly sweaty from the past half hour. The porno still played on mute in the background.

“Well…” Ricky trailed off. He wanted to answer her, but couldn’t figure out how, it seemed.

“Oh come on, you were just inside me. You can’t still be shy…?” Karen asked teasingly.

“No… just, do you really wanna hear this?”

“I do.” She nodded enthusiastically.

Ricky thought for a moment. He wasn’t worried about her thinking badly of him–he did not have that many experiences after all—instead he thought she might laugh at him. Even though they had just screwed on the couch, he could not get over the insecure 18 year old that whispered doubts inside of him.

“I’ve had two girlfriends. I have only done everything with one of them.”

“Everything?” Karen asked, wanting details.

Ricky just looked down. “Sarah, my first girlfriend, would je…play with me…”

“You can say jerk off, silly,” Karen said with a smile. She was getting off on his embarrassment. Ricky didn’t know she found it cute as hell.

Ricky nodded. “She would jerk me off, and let me finger her, but that was it.”

“And Kris, the blonde you introduced me too last Spring? The noisy one?” she laughed.

Ricky smiled in embarrassment. So his Mom and Karen had talked about his love life and his Mother had even heard Kris, who sometimes could not keep quiet when they were going at it. He would have to keep her quiet when they screwed in the house from now on. “We have done it all,” he answered.

Karen looked at him skeptically. She was driving at just one point really, to see what he thought about the act. “In the ass?” she asked.

Ricky arched his eyebrows. He had not been expecting that. “No. I guess we never even thought about that.”

Karen just smiled. Now she had something she could really show him. “Well… maybe later. I need a shower and some food.” She slapped him playfully on the leg and stood in front of him, her pussy inches away from his face. But he was looking away from it and down from her. She asked him what was bothering him, though she knew the answer already.

Ricky looked down, would not meet her gaze. This question was hard to ask. “Karen…was this wrong?”

Karen’s look softened for a moment. She looked out the window for a few seconds before asking. “Did it feel wrong? Dirty…?” she drew the last question out.

Ricky knew the honest answer right away. “It wasn’t dirty. It was hot.”

Karen smiled. “You are right there.” She sat back down next to Ricky. He was not as innocent as she had thought, but he was still was a good guy. He needed some reassurance, like many good guys did. “Ricky, all we did was something physical.”

“That’s all?”

“Do you love me or feel any differently about me now?”

“No. I have always liked you; you’re nice and fun. You’re smokin hot. But I don’t have those feelings for you…” To his mind, Ricky felt wrong telling any woman this, afraid to insult her.

Karen let out a mental sigh of relief. She had only worried about that particular complication as she had thought about seducing her nephew over the last few days. Now that she knew he was not ‘falling’ for her, she could treat this as it was. Great sex and nothing more. “Then what we did was only physical. Are you going to feel weird now?”

Ricky thought for a moment. “Not weird…”

“Then what?”

Quietly he said, “I might not be able to control… my eyes.”

Karen smiled big again, genuinely loving her nephew’s discomfort. She leaned over and laid her hand on his cock, which was still hanging well. “Or this?” she asked.

He could only nod in response as his dick jumped at her touch. In a few seconds it was totally hard again. She pulled and tugged lightly, not moving fast enough to do anything but slowly and lightly pleasure him.

“Well, when your Mom is around, you won’t have a choice. No staring, or…this.” She squeezed his cock, which was mostly hard. “I’ll try to help by not making it too…hard for you,” Karen joked as she stroked.

Ricky smiled; glad she was able to be funny despite the awkward situation.

“Other than that,” Karen continued, “we have what, three weeks? And then it won’t matter?”

By then he would be gone, living on campus at a school more than 2,000 miles away. He nodded.

“Good!” Karen said and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. She gave his hard cock one last squeeze. Even after so many orgasms, a little pre-cum still escaped. She squeezed the drop between her fingers and moved them to her mouth, tasting the liquid like a drop of sauce or batter. “So about that shower…are you gonna make me take it alone?”

“Like hell you will,” Ricky answered.

Karen stood and held her hands out to him. He took them and stood as well, his hard cock brushing against her stomach. She reached down to grab him. Without a word she turned around and led him by the cock out of the room. bursa escort

Ricky loved his Mother’s shower. Part of the master bathroom off her bedroom, it was a tall and spacious area with no tub and three shower heads extending from the walls that made the experience all the more luxurious. The glass doors were slightly faded to make them just see through. Ricky liked it so much he tried to shower in here whenever his Mom was gone or distracted.

Now, he found himself in love with the little room even more. His aunt stood in front of him, enjoying the water with her backside turned to him. He watched as the beads of water flowed down her back to run along her perfect ass. He reached out to touch and stroke her rounded heart shaped cheeks.

She moaned and leaned into his hand as he cupped and caressed her. She even spread her legs a little to allow his hand to sneak farther up and caress her pussy from behind.

She turned around to face him, moving his hands up to just above her hips. “Slow down buddy. I am going first.”

She reached over and grabbed a bottle of his mother’s liquid bath soap. She positioned him with his back against the wall and poured a large dollop into her hands.

Ricky did not have much hair except for on his arms and legs, and at first he wondered how Karen was going to lather the liquid soap. He used bar soap in his own bathroom and never bothered with a sponge or cloth.

She quickly rubbed the soap together in her hands and then went for the hairiest spot on his body to get it lathered. He gasped a little as she worked and rubbed her hands in just his pubic hair, getting the bubbles going. The sensation of her lightly tugging on his hairs woke his cock up for the umpteenth time.

Then Karen gathered the suds and washed him, starting with his head. She lightly and playfully took her time washing Ricky all over the front of his body. When she reached his cock Ricky thought she would take her time, but instead she just lightly washed his erection and balls before moving down to his legs. He wondered what was going on when she ordered, “Turn around.”

Ricky did as commanded and turned his chest to the shower wall. Karen started soaping up his back and slowly worked her way down to his buttocks. This time Ricky thought she would move past the area quickly, but again he was wrong.

She slowly worked her straightened hand along the crack of his ass, seemingly scratching, rubbing and caressing all at the same time. She was cleaning him very thoroughly. She probed and pushed a little at his hole, but not too hard.

Ricky had never had this done to him before. The strongest sensation–like goosebumps mixed with an orgasm all at once–spread throughout his body and actually made him weak in the knees.

Karen giggled a little inside as he drooped in pleasure against the wall. She had guessed correctly this would be totally new to him. So many men shied away from anal pleasure, even when there was no penetration. She found herself surprised and slightly proud that he was relaxing and going with it. Even better, he seemed to really like it. She decided to be brave at that moment, to take it to the next step. She washed him clean of the soap and actually left the shower. For a moment, Ricky panicked, thinking she had now had true doubts about this.

Before he could full out panic, Karen reentered the shower carrying a bottle of unscented baby oil, his mother’s favorite part of the shower. Ricky had never known this of course, but Karen always knew Lisa had a bottle of this around.

Karen turned the shower heads to point away from them for the moment. Karen poured the oil into her hands, quite a lot of it, Ricky thought. She put her hands in the same shape as before, but this time used them to spread the baby oil all over his ass and balls.

Ricky did not know what to think when Karen finally bent down and spread his ass cheeks wide. He just felt too damn good. Just her fingers and hand had been enough to make him squirm three times over inside. Ricky vaguely knew what could be coming and he suddenly did not know how he would react if she stuck a finger up his ass. He prepared a little mentally, but for the third time he was wrong in his assumptions.

Ricky would never be happier to be wrong in his whole life, he thought later.

A soft and wet object touched his sensitive area, curving up and down his clean as a whistle ass crack. The sensation was overwhelming and like nothing he had ever felt before. He turned his head to look a little and saw his aunt on her knees with her face buried in his ass. She was licking him! A porn fan, Ricky had seen this before but thought it was a little to gross to ask Kris to try, and he did not know how he felt about performing the act himself.

Now he knew. It was singularly the greatest sexual sensation he had ever felt.

Ricky moaned loudly as Karen moved one hand around to stroke his cock, the closed fist squeezing between his flesh and the wall. She then moved her tongue bursa escort bayan all the way forward so it was just parting the folds of his anus. She moved it back and forward, licking in and out of her nephew’s tight little hole.

Ricky lasted another 60 seconds before he shot his 6th load of the day against the wall and into Karen’s pumping fist. Karen increased the pace of her licking and stroking as she felt him start to convulse uncontrollably. She even felt one of his feet slip on the floor and instinctively pushed him against the wall so he could keep his balance. The little shove even intensified his orgasm.

He kept his position against the wall for a moment to recover. His entire body tingled, and he had never felt that before, even after the most intense of sessions with Kris. The jet of cum had felt like three orgasms rolled into one. Ricky had never known the sheer physical force of sex could be so intense.

He turned to face his aunt, who was looking at him expectantly.

“Well?” Karen asked, laying her hand on Ricky’s chest, feeling his heart race. “I can feel that…” she said, biting her lip, pleased with herself that she had given him such a good experience.

“Oh my god,” was all Ricky could think to say. Even that came out breathless.

Karen laughed out loud. “I knew you would like that. The first time you get your salad tossed is always a special occasion. Now, every time, you’ll think of me. That’s a nice butt you got there, nephew.”

Ricky knew she was right. He would always think about this. “Is it your turn?” he asked.

She only bit her lip in anticipation as he grabbed the soap. He lathered the bubbles in her pubic hair, as she had done to him. Smiling, he washed her shoulders and chest, marveling at the large C breasts as they folded and slipped in his hands. Karen enjoyed the act; the proof was her slightly dark nipples hardening to their full length. Once the soap was rinsed off, Ricky spent a few glorious seconds sucking and licking those amazing breasts that more than filled his hands.

He finished her front, purposely only lightly washing and touching her pussy, just as she had teased him. Once he had spent a few extra seconds working on her feet (which she loved!) he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to turn around after she tried to hold still a little just to tease him.

She leaned into the wall as he washed her back and crack, making sure it was as clean as could be. After he covered his hands in baby oil, he repeated her earlier hand movements, this time to get Karen lubricated to the max.

She moaned as he spread her cheeks and gasped when he pressed the tip of his tongue against her hole and moved it in a wide circle. He then backed out, just to start her with a tease. He then copied her movements and moved his fingers everywhere along the inside of her thighs from behind. Ricky was alternately dipping his fingers in to her soaking pussy as he got that low. She bent her waist and flexed into his fingers as she writhed against the shower wall.

Then he leaned forward, extending his tongue once again. He traced the crack of her ass–which when clean tasted like nothing at all, he noticed–with his tongue. Up and down he moved, teasing the very edges of her hole every time he passed. He noticed Karen was tensing a bit, eagerly waiting for the moment he would get right down to it.

Ricky finally gave in and began to lick and spread the clean little hole with his tongue. Karen moaned for a long moment once he finally stopped teasing her. He noticed one of her hands moved in front of her body to massage her clit as he moved his tongue around her most sensitive hole.

He continued like this and only pulled himself back right as he felt her about to lose it. Before she could ask him why he was stopping he pressed against her with his finger. Slowly, he began to push and probe against her ass, trying to see how hard it would be to insert is index finger.

Karen felt what was about to happen and almost lost control right then and there. Her nephew was amazing with his tongue and now had seemingly read her mind, knowing she wanted her ass filled and not just teased. She wanted his cock but knew he was likely spent and would settle for his fingers.

He slipped his index finger in halfway. Karen twitched just a little as the digit hit home.

“Is this ok, Karen?” Ricky asked without moving his finger. One of his pornos was titled ‘Assgasm’ and it had been very thorough in how to work-work-work that butt. He knew he had to start gently. Unless Karen turned out to be a freak, that was.

“No, don’t stop! Get to two…” she moaned.

He knew she meant two fingers. He worked his index finger in and out more than 20 slow and steady times before he finally let his middle finger join the fun. There was resistance at first and Karen tensed slightly, but Ricky did not stop. Soon he had both fingers inserted to the hilt, working them in and out of her ass. He slowly moved the fingers of his other escort bursa hand, three of them, inside her pussy, filling her completely.

Karen moaned and groaned loudly. Ricky could see her forearm moving faster and faster as she worked her clitoris. He felt her entire body tense as she started to shake, her orgasm no longer able to contain itself. When she lost full control he stopped his fingers, letting them remain inside her.

When she was still again he slipped them out slowly. They were clean (he had not known what to expect) and only a little greasy from the baby oil. He stood and leaned against his Karen’s back, his half erect cock resting lightly at the top of her ass crack.

“So how was that?” Ricky asked lightly.

“Can’t you tell? Feel.” Karen reached her hand around and grabbed Ricky’s hand. She pulled it around her and laid it against her heart. Ricky could feel the organ pounding like a sledgehammer as her breath tried to keep up with it.

“I guess it was good.”

“You can say that again.” Now Karen turned to face her nephew. “Now have to clean again,” she traced his chest with a finger. They redirected the water and rinsed each other off with only their hands so their skin absorbed some of the rich oil. Finally, Karen said sweetly, “I need some lady time in the bathroom. Why don’t get you get dressed and make us a snack?”

Ricky’s stomach rumbled at the mention of food. He had not realized how hungry he was. “Sure, what do you want?”

“Popcorn with butter and honey!” she said excitedly. It was a favorite of their family, and even Ricky made it well despite his lack of general talent in the kitchen.

His mouth watered. “Your right, that sounds good.”

Karen smiled. “Keep the honey handy. Later tonight, we’ll have desert and have to wash off again.”

Once he dried and dressed, Ricky made the popcorn. The kernels were tossing in the butter and honey when he heard the shower turn off. Once the food was ready, he moved into the living room, putting the popcorn on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Once he sat, he realized how truly exhausted he was. His eyes immediately began to droop and his body relaxed deeply into the soft fabric of the couch.

Ricky was close to sleep before the sound of the phone awoke him. He answered and talked to his Mom for a few minutes. She was having an ok trip and would be home the morning after next. She told him to mind his aunt—he laughed when he really thought about that—and promised they would do something fun the night she got back.

She asked him about Karen, and he for a moment lost his voice. What would she think if she knew? Would she never look at him the same again?

“She is getting out of the shower. We went swimming.” Ricky did not often lie to his Mom, but this one came easily enough. They had been swimming, only earlier than he intimated.

When he hung up, he felt Karen standing behind him in the doorway to the kitchen. Without turning around he said, “Mom says hi. Hopes you are feeling better.”

“How could I not be?” Karen said from behind him. She quickly moved to sit next to him. It was hot, and she was only wearing the bikini bottom and a tank top with no bra. Ricky himself had only put on a pair of gym shorts and a plain white t-shirt.

“Ready for the movie?” Ricky asked.

“You bet, hand me that and let’s see if you make it as good as your Mom,” Karen said as she pointed at the popcorn. She took a giant sticky handful and ate all but one piece. “Yummm,” she said hungrily, her sweet tooth not satisfied quite yet. Grinning, she laid back a little, popping the last piece of popcorn into her belly button. She then looked at Ricky and raised her eyebrows luridly.

Ricky took the hint and bent over, wrapping his lips around her belly button and lightly sucking the popcorn into his mouth. She flinched a little at the sensation. He leaned in to lift her shirt higher and she pushed him back softly.

“Later. We gotta rest up. Besides, I want to watch this movie,” she explained, “or at least all of it until it gets boring.”

Ricky just shrugged and sat back. He was still horny, amazingly, but he could wait. A full day and two more nights remained during which he could to do whatever he wanted with—and to—Karen.

It was about 3:30 pm and a little more than two thirds through the movie when Karen’s phone rang. She looked at the cell and frowned. Ricky knew it was her dickhead husband, the guy he had once called Uncle. She looked at him knowingly before she left the room with the phone. Ricky paused the DVD and went to stand outside for a moment while she got the unpleasantness over.

He couldn’t help but fantasize about fucking her everywhere in the backyard. The diving board, the cool water and even the dirty and dusty shed were not off limits in his mind. His cock bulged in his pants.

Then he heard the back door open and Lisa was looking at him, disappointment plain on her face.

“He wants to get some more of his stuff from the house. I owe him that, at least. I have to go.”

Ricky was disappointed. He had wanted to start pleasing her as soon as the phone call was over so she would forget having to even talk to him. “Want me to come with?” he offered.

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