Returning Home Ch. 04

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Please be warned this chapter contains incest as well as group sex, if you are offended by incest I suggest clicking the back browser now. Thanks MV.

As Aimee and Chad broke their embrace, Emily turned and whispered something to James, he shook his head in affirmation and they started to walk slowly towards the hot tub. Disrobing without a word they climbed in to the opposite side of where Chad and Aimee were now sitting.

“Ok, Emily what’s up,” Chad asked with a confused look on his face.

“I am hoping you and James will be in a few minutes,” she told him.

To get things started she moved across the distance between Aimee and herself and kissed Aimee deeply, pulling apart to show the two men in the hot tub how their tongues were dueling with each other as her hands caressed her friends breasts and then traveled southward towards her freshly fucked pussy.

Aimee knew just what her friend had in mind up to a point and was very interested in learning the what else it was Emily had cooked up. Emily kissed her way down to Aimee’s neck and then up to her ear where she whispered her intentions. Aimee was amazed at how in one afternoon her best friend had gone from a virgin to wanting to try numerous things she had always thought taboo and steered clear of.

She whispered back her agreement if Emily would allow it and then kissed her friend again and returned the fondling and fingers dipping into Emily’s pussy. Emily was already wet and prepared now it was just time to include Chad in on her plans. She stepped away from Aimee and looked down seeing her brother’s cock stiff and sticking out of the water she knew he was enjoying the show immensely. Emily quickly reached out tuzla escort and grabbed her brother’s stiff rod and began to stroke it.

“Chad, I want to have a little swapping session here tonight,” she began, “you see earlier tonight James took my virginity and then I ate Aimee out in front of him, the only one of the three of you I have never enjoyed pleasure with is you now.”

“Emily that’s just wrong though,” Chad feigned disgust, “what would mom and dad say if they were still alive?”

“Chad if mom and dad were still alive I wouldn’t have come back home more than likely and none of this would have happened. Nor would I have ever found out that James had written all those letters and that my friends had truly missed me.”

Looking to Aimee and James Chad asked, “Are you two alright with this, I mean Aimee just lost her virginity to me and I reckon James, you are in love with my sister right?”

James told him yes, but he was completely prepared to do a little swapping as well for he knew that with Emily’s consent would be the only way he would ever be with another girl and he was more than willing to try it just once to see if he liked it. The incest part was the hardest for him to get over but he admitted it turned him on to think about Emily fucking her own brother right in front of him as he fucked her best friend.

“Well then where do we begin?” Chad asked.

Emily dropped her head down to Chad’s cock and began to suck on it tasting Aimee’s juices and his mixed cum she devoured him cleaning him completely. She let her tongue run along the ridges of his cockhead as she reached over to slide a finger inside her friend who had yet to move.

Taking this as a cue Aimee tuzla escort bayan slid down from the seat she was on and got behind Emily and right in front of James. Aimee licked her lips as she stared into Chad’s eyes over his sister’s head and then lowered her mouth to Emily’s dripping snatch. She slid her tongue into the wet hole she was so familiar with and as she did she reached up and slid a finger to Emily’s little anus. She wanted to push Emily into overdrive.

James seeing the gaping pussy in front of him ready to be fucked stood up and grabbed Aimee’s hips and pushed his thick cock inside her meeting little resistance. As he began to work his cock in and out of her tight hole he realized that less than twenty-four hours ago he had been a virgin and now he was well on his way to having fucked two different girls in the same night. Aimee’s pussy was nearly as tight as Emily’s but it didn’t have the same intensity as when he had broken through Emily’s virginal barrier and fucked her.

As James slid inside Aimee, she began to lick and tongue fuck her friend faster slipping her index finger deep inside the upturned ass of Emily while she felt stuffed from behind. She stopped only long enough to look up and see Chad watching intently as his sister’s head continued to bob up and down over his manhood.

Chad felt ready as ever to fuck his sister, he wanted to fuck her doggiestyle and watch her eat Aimee’s pussy. Pulling her up he told her this and the waited as Emily directed the group out of the hot tub and onto his large queen sized bed. Once there she slid underneath Aimee and began to eat her pussy as Chad grabbed her legs and spread them and then slid his cock up inside her. It was tight escort tuzla but he managed to get inside her all the way after a few hard thrusts.

Emily felt Chad push into her as her tongue slid over her friend’s clit while she watched the cock of the boy who had taken her virginity slide in and out of Aimee’s pussy. She was getting fucked and watching someone get fucked while she licked a clit, how much wilder could the night get she wondered. Then she felt Aimee’s tongue begin to reciprocate the same attention she was receiving and as they licked each other while they got stuffed full of hard cock they were still able to please each other.

James felt his eruption first and he decided to pull out and shoot all over Aimee’s pussy and down into Emily’s mouth if she would accept it. He pumped Aimee with all the energy he had left and then as he shot off he pulled out spraying both girls as he had planned.

Chad watching this decided he too wanted to do the same thing and he stroked inside his sister until his orgasm streamed through his cock and he pumped his seed into his sister before pulling out and shooting all over her belly and pussy. Aimee not wanting to leave her friend covered in cum began licking and cleaning the cum off her friend with her mouth.

Aimee continued licking Emily and worked her way back to her clit as James and Chad backed away leaving the girls to pleasing each other. Both girls knew just what it took to get the other off and as they slipped fingers in wet holes and licked each other they started to both moan louder and start to cum much to the pleasure of the two men in the room.

As they finished their orgasms and Aimee slid off of Emily, she turned and kissed Emily tasting herself and James’ cum on her friends lips and tongue.

What would the future hold in store for all four involved. Stay tuned to see. Please remember to send feedback and vote. Thanks MV.

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