Rest Area: Nikki

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Rest Area: Nicki

My god it’s really snowing hard I thought. I had pulled into the rest area about 3 hours before and crawled into my nice warm bunk. It was about 11pm now and it looked like about 6 inches had fallen. No sense setting my alarm clock, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere until the road crews got things cleaned up in the morning.

I was just about to close the curtain that separates the cab from the bunk area when I glanced down the line of trucks. What the hell was someone doing walking down the line of trucks. I was the end truck before the exit back to the interstate and the rest rooms were the other direction. I was curious now so I watched the person approach the truck beside me. The figure banged on the door and after a few minutes started trudging toward my truck.

I could see now that it was a tiny girl but what the hell was she dressed in? As she got closer I saw she was wearing thin half boots, short shorts, and a thin satin jacket. She got to my door and banged without looking up. I already had the window down and she jumped when I said hello.

She looked up at me and kept trying to say something but her teeth were chattering so hard nothing was coming out. Jesus H. Christ why do I have to be the one to rescue every stray that comes along? I sighed and reached back for my boots and drug them on. When I opened the door she stepped back, lost her balance and fell in the snow.

I climbed down and tried to help her up but she wasn’t cooperating. I looked into her face and saw blue lips and eyes that were almost closed. Damn she’s almost froze to death. I got her up and wrestled her into the cab. Not the easiest task in the world even if she didn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. I climbed over her and then got her into my bunk. I got her boots off and the blanket over her. I found my spare sleeping bag and got that snugged around her and then turned up the bunk heater.

Her teeth were still chattering but it looked like the shivering was tapering off. I got the coffee pot out and started heating water. About the time the water was hot she started making noises. I sat down on the bunk next to her and checked her ears and cheeks for signs of frostbite. Everything looked good and she suddenly came wide awake.

“Who are you? Where am I? Did you kidnap me?” all came out of her in a rush.

“Take it easy OK? I’m Jake, you’re in my semi and no, this is not a kidnapping” was my reasoned reply.

“What the hell are you doing out in this weather? Especially dressed like you are.” I asked.

She hemmed and hawed a little and without looking up mumbled something that sounded like it had ‘blowjob’ in it.

“You’re a Lot Lizard?” I replied incredulously.

“Umm, I don’t know what that means.”

“It’s a hooker that hangs out in parking lots. Jesus, you act like you’ve never done this.”

“That’s because I never have” was her soft answer.

“What you just decided, hey it’s a slow night I might as well go sell my pussy at the rest area?”

“It was my boyfriend’s idea actually. And I was only going to give blowjobs. I’m still a virgin and want to stay that way.”

“Are you insane? A virgin hooker? If one of these other drivers had taken you in would have been fucked and then thrown out in the snow with no money to show for it. Why the hell would your boyfriend do this to you?” I was quickly going from curious to slightly pissed off.

“Well we ran away from home and were living in a motel and when the money ran out we got kicked out of the motel. Jimmy said this would be an easy way to make money. I really like giving blowjobs so it didn’t bother me to try it but no one wanted one. If you hadn’t saved me I probably would have died out there.”

“The list of questions I have are piling up. First, why did you run away from home? Two, you have a boyfriend but haven’t had sex yet? But you do give him bj’s? Where is he now? What’s your name? How old are you? Let’s start with those and see where that leads us.”

“Well,” she started slowly but got a head of steam up quickly, “my dad tried to make me realize that Jimmy was nothing but a loser and tried to get me away from him. I really loved Jimmy so I told my dad to go to hell. He told me that if I was going to ruin my life I should just leave and get it over with. So late that night Jimmy came and got me. He somehow knew where my dad hid some extra cash and he grabbed $400 and we left. I haven’t let Jimmy screw me because I want to get married first. He kinda forced me to start blowing him but it didn’t take long for me to really get off on taking bahis siteleri a mouthful of cum. My name is Nikki and I turned 18 last month. Jimmy is 22. What else did you ask?”

This all came out so rapidly that it took me a minute to digest and think back on what I had asked her. Oh yeah, “So where is the loser, um, Jimmy now?”

“He’s sitting in the car on the other side of the restroom building.”

“So he just sent you out in a blizzard so you could make some money while he sits in a nice warm car. He wasn’t worried about you at all? He’s either as stupid or as naive as you or he really doesn’t care about what happens to you at all.”

“Right before I almost died out there I had come to the conclusion that if I stayed with him I would be the one supporting us. That is up until the time he found something better and abandoned me somewhere.”

“So what do you want to do?” I asked her quietly.

“What I really want to do is call the folks and ask if I can come back but they will probably say no so that really isn’t an option I guess. I haven’t even finished high school so I guess I’ll try to get a waitress job or maybe Walmart. Find a decent guy eventually, get a life eventually. What I need to do first is get away from Jimmy. Then find a place to sleep tonight.”

“Well I can take care of the place to sleep tonight. You can stay here with me.” Her face went white and she pulled the blankets up to her chin. “It’s not what you think. What looks like the back wall folds down into a bunk. Pillow and sheets and all that. The only danger to you will be me snoring down here. I have to go in to the restroom. While I’m gone look in the fridge or in that top drawer and find something to eat. You need to heat something use the microwave. The water in the kettle is hot and there is hot chocolate, tea, or coffee there. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I pulled on my jacket, hat and gloves and climbed down into the snow. I opened the side box on the cab and grabbed my load bar. A load bar is a metal rod about 3 feet long with a box on one end and a hardened steel pin on the other. It weighs about 6 pounds or so. We use it to tighten the straps and chains on the loads we haul. Very comforting to have in your hands if you get my drift.

I made my way through almost a foot of snow that looked to be tapering off in intensity. I got to the restroom building and made my way around it to the passenger car side. There were 4 cars there but only one that looked like it belonged to a deadbeat. As I approached I could see only one person slouched down in the seat. I tapped on the glass to wake the guy up. He jerked awake and I motioned him to roll down the glass.

“Excuse me but is your name Jimmy?” I politely asked.

He snarled “Yeah who the fuck are you?”

I replied by jabbing the box end of the load bar into his forehead. This seemed to get his attention so I opened the car door and drug him out into the snow. A well placed swing of my bar yielded a very satisfying crack when it landed on his collar bone. A couple of kicks to the stomach and I had him in what I hoped was a receptive mood to listen to some advice. I dragged him up to a sitting position and leaned him against the car.

“Where are Nikki’s things Jimmy?” He tried pointing to the backseat but that arm wasn’t cooperating very well.

“Pink backpack and the black VS bag” he mumbled.

I retrieved the two items and sat them on the snow. “OK Jimmy I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen now and you just have to listen and nod when I tell you to. You with me so far?”

He looked at me warily but finally nodded. I said “Here we go. You are going to get in your car and drive away. You will never see or talk to Nikki ever again. You will never even go back to the town she lives in. Do you understand everything I just told you?”

His teeth were chattering from sitting in the snow but he nodded and tried to get up. I helped him get in the car and watched as he fishtailed of the lot in the deep snow. I grabbed Nikki’s things and took them inside. I went through her things and found what I was looking for. I went in took care of business and trudged back to my truck.

I climbed in took of my gear and turned into the sleeper. Nikki was still on the bottom bunk with the covers up to her chin.

“I figured you’d be snuggled up in the top bunk sound asleep by now. I had a little talk with Jimmy and got your stuff from the car. He agreed it wasn’t working out and you two should go your separate ways. So he went away.”

She just stared at me then said “He just drove away. canl─▒ bahis siteleri No fuss, no muss, no declarations of undying love, nothing?”

“Look, you dodged a number of bullets with that character and you are way better off without him.”

“Oh I know I am. I am just relieved he’s gone. Suspicious of the ease that it happened. And now I’m really glad I didn’t get in the top bunk.”

“And why is that” I asked.

“Because” she said throwing off the covers and showing me her naked body “I wanted to give you a nice bj for rescuing me and letting me stay here with you.”

My god this tiny little girl had a great body. Nice B cup titties with large hard nipples that just begged to be sucked. Her pussy looked was shaved bare. It was also shining like it was about to start leaking any second.

OK Jake I thought to myself. You are 34 years old. Almost as old as her father. There is no way you are going to take advantage of this little girl after what she’s been through lately. You are also 6-3 and 210 pounds. She is 5 foot and 100 pounds. And a virgin. Think fast, what are you going to say to this girl to let her down easy. I know, use humor.

“You know if you gave me head then I would have to return the favor and we would never get any sleep so we better just go our separate beds now”

“You would lick my pussy? Wouldn’t that be like gross?” she said with a frown on her face.

“What do you mean gross, didn’t loser boy ever go down on you.”

“No he said only lesbians ate pussy and it was perverted.”

“He came in your mouth and you swallowed it but that was somehow OK and not perverted? You said you liked getting a mouthful of cum. Did that feel perverted to you?”

“Well when you say it like that it just shows what a selfish prick of a loser he really was doesn’t it.”

“I can tell you that I enjoy eating pussy and drinking down a woman’s juices. In fact I like pleasuring a woman and making her come almost as much as I like cumming myself. I always enjoy it when I can please a woman with my mouth and fingers.”

“Jake” she said very softly but seriously “would you lick my pussy and show me what it’s like to get that kind of pleasure.”

Oh oh. “I really think you should find a guy more your age to share that with don’t you? You don’t want your first time to be with a guy my age do you?”

“Yes most definitely. Just the way you talk about enjoying it makes my pussy tingle. I can feel my juices leaking out of me. Don’t you want to taste them? Don’t you want to smell me. Coat your tongue with my goodness. I made myself spray once by using my fingers. I bet you could make me spray with that long hot hard tongue of yours. Please lick my tiny little pussy Jake. Make me squirt and then drink it all down.”

All the time she was talking she was moving the pillows and getting her body turned sideways on the bed. By the time she was done talking she had her little butt right on the edge and her legs spread wide. She reached up and pulled until I sank to my knees between her legs.

I took a breath to tell her no and I didn’t inhale air I inhaled the scent of a hot willing women. And I was lost. With almost no thought or effort my tongue started to trace her outer lips. She was wet and tasted even better than she smelled. I made a couple of trips up and down her lips while listening to her moan softly. I then split her open with my tongue and went exploring. This brought on moans and sighs that were gradually increasing in volume. After about 5 minutes of this she was squirming around and moaning. Then I moved up to her clit and instead of licking it I sucked it into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it. It was rodeo time and there was no way I could keep a hold of that clit for 8 seconds. She bucked and let loose with “MOTHERFUCKING HELL I’M IN LOVE” and “That bastard Jake, he knew how good it feels to have a mouth on you and the miserable shit denied me this. I FUCKING LOVE IT.”

She finally calmed down enough that her ass sank back into the mattress. “OK now that I know what to expect do that to my clit again. I am going to come in about 10 seconds and I want you to put a finger in my pussy and I will spray all over your face. Wait, take off your shirt first so I don’t soak it.”

I was glad I took my shirt off. Her cute little ass lifted off the bed and she squirted so much it went over my face and shoulders and was running down my back. She calmed down to just a few pussy spasms and hip twitches then looked between her spread legs and giggled.

“I am not even going to apologize for that. I never knew I could canl─▒ bahis feel that good from someone else touching me. Fuck a cock must feel really, really good. I can imagine it thrusting and throbbing inside me.” she panted.

Licking her pussy was an entirely different thing than taking her virginity. To get her thinking in a different direction I put my tongue to work on her sweet pussy. Mind you this was not a hardship. She had the tastiest, juiciest, best smelling pussy I had ever had been lucky enough to have.

She pulled her knees up and held them apart so I could get in deeper. This tilted her pelvis up and let me see her pale pink anus. By god that was as cute as the rest of her. I couldn’t resist giving her asshole a nice lick. This set her off again, her little ass bouncing around on my tongue.

“Oh my holy hell! Isn’t that gross? No of course not. If it was you wouldn’t do it. OH MY LORD! Please, please can you put your tongue in me, pretty please.” she was babbling and I loved it.

I chuckled to myself and innocently asked “Where would you like me to put my hot stiff tongue you sweet little girl.”

“Oh fuck Jake you know exactly where I want that tongue. Up my tiny virgin ass. Lick it, suck it, stick it inside me. Ream me out and then stick a finger in there, in my butt, my ass. You do that and I will drown you in my girl spray.”

I leaned in and got busy worshiping that sweet ass. Her hips lifted even further in the air, I looked up and she had her ankles locked together behind her head. She was looking down trying to see my tongue in her ass but her eyes kept rolling back in her head. After a few minutes of this I ran my forefinger through the juices leaking out of her pussy and slowly eased it up her ass. The further it went in the louder her moans got. Just as I got my finger fully embedded she let loose with a fire hose of spray that completely drenched me. So much came out for such a long time I had to back away so I could take a breath.

I slowly eased my finger out of her tight ass and just marveled at the amount of fluid that she had covered me in. I looked up at Nikki and she had her eyes closed with a huge smile on her face. Her pussy, legs, and stomach were all twitching at different times trying to come back down to earth. I reached up and unlocked her ankles and slowly brought her legs down flat. I leaned in and scooped her up turning her so I could get on the bed and hold her. She climbed right up on my chest and still trembling wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Just let me rest for a minute and I will take care of that hard cock of yours. I can feel it poking my stomach” she grinned up at me.

“Just rest and recover don’t sweat it. You did great. That was one of the most delightful experiences of my life.” I softly kissed the top of her head and reached for the blankets to cover us.

I woke up from a dream about being held down and not being able to move. I discovered it was Nikki still sleeping peacefully on my chest. I wondered if I should regret the things I had done with her last night. I decided the only thing I had done is show a young woman how good sex could be. I had not taken her virginity, I had not deposited any fluids in or on her, hell I hadn’t even taken my pants off. So nope no guilt feelings. I looked at my watch and saw it was 7:30 and time to get going. I brought my hands up and gently rubbed Nikki’s back.

She slowly came awake and tried to snuggle even further into my chest. She suddenly jerked her head up and looked out the bed curtains.

“My hell it’s light out. Oh my god I never helped you out last night. I feel terrible. Let me do you now” she said as she sat up on my stomach.

I just smiled and said “No we’re good. In fact you need to get off my bladder and let me go inside.”

She pouted but slid down alongside me. I got up and pulled off my still damp jeans and underwear and got into fresh clothes. I grabbed my shaving kit and told her I would got first then she could. She nodded her OK and I put my jacket on and went in.

When I came back she was dressed in a little more appropriate clothes for the weather. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and climbed down and started toward the building. I fired up my rig and started my pretrip inspection. As soon as Nikki disappeared in the building I grabbed her stuff, did a quick search to make sure I had everything of hers and headed for the rest area building. When I stepped into the lobby I saw a middle aged couple and Nikki hugging each other and crying. I quietly put her stuff on a bench and slipped back outside. It seems the phone call I had made the night before was paying off.

I climbed into my rig and pulled out onto the interstate with a smile on my face, a happy memory, and as usual for us road warriors, a little regret.

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