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This is really all your doing, you know. As I lie here nude, the sweat slowly evaporating from my satiated body, I smile drowsily and recall the course of events that left me sighing with contentment.

I was just sitting on the couch, reading Kipling and relaxing, when I heard someone at the door. I knew it was you: no one else would drop by at 10:35 on a weeknight. That’s the only reason I answered the door in my pajamas: Do you really think I’d let the neighbors see me in that transparent tank and those tiny shorts? Your eyes widened as you saw me…don’t think I didn’t notice the dip your eyes made to stare at the nipples standing straight up to greet you. And don’t think I didn’t see the answering bulge in your khaki’s. We went through the ritual conversation, kissing, and snuggling. My smile grows a little deeper as I remember how your breathing sped up when I bent down in front of you to pick up the umbrella you’d dropped on the floor. My breasts may not be enormous, but you do so appreciate them…

I stretch, and turn over on one side as I remember what else unfolded that night. You were sitting on the couch, kissing me, when you saw the sudden gleam in my eyes and wondered, “Now, what’s on your mind?” I didn’t answer you, I just pushed you back until your head rested against the pillows I had so adroitly placed against the armrest just a moment ago. Still silent, I bent over you and gently nibbled on one earlobe. That always gets you going…and it is one of my favorite tricks. You seem to think that by closing your eyes, you can pretend that my ministrations aren’t sending pulses of electricity to your groin, but you always were terrible at keeping secrets. Especially when it stands up to greet my hand like that. Oh, how I love the moment when I cup your erect member in my hands…your eyes roll up into the back of your head and your breath catches in your throat. You are so much fun to seduce.

You were wearing a button-down shirt, one I remembered from casino siteleri our high-school days. That was the one you wore the night of the spring dance, and I had it off of you just as quickly as I did those five years ago. You protested that since you were lacking a shirt, it was my turn to get topless. Well, faced with such logic, how could I refuse? I let you do the honors, noting the widening of your eyes as the thin fabric peeled off my body. Finally, instead of rosy shadows, you had pink nipples, hardened and ready for your ministrations.

I love it when you tease them hard…You learned very quickly that soft overtures have no effect, and you have no way of knowing how intense the pleasure is when you nibble them with your teeth. It’s moments like that that I wish you’d seduce me more often, instead of the other way around. But tonight, I wanted to seduce you. So I pushed your face off of my chest with no little reluctance, and concentrated on removing your pants. Those were easily disposed of: I stripped your boxers quickly, freeing the throbbing rod lurking within them. I paused for a quick kiss “hello” as I worked the waistband off your ankles. Your gasp made me smile.

Suddenly, and without any warning, I engulfed all of you in my mouth. Normally I play a bit more, but we hadn’t seen each other in weeks and I knew you wanted release fast. I was right, too. It wasn’t very long before your legs started to twitch, and your breathing sped to a ragged tempo, your eyes closed in ecstasy. A moment later, I felt the preliminary twitch in the base of your member, and soon my mouth was filled with your essence as my ears were filled with the sound of your panting. Spurt after spurt landed in my hungry mouth as I sucked every last drop from you. You opened your eyes, still slightly panting, and said,” It’s your turn now.”

I grinned, then stood up and faced away from you. I know how much you enjoy looking at my ass, and I bent over before I pulled canl─▒ casino them off, to show you the wet spot on them. It always makes me so wet to pleasure you. That’s half the fun. I pulled them off, revealing my lack of underwear, and posed seductively.

“Where do you want me?” I asked innocently. You reached out for my hand, pulled me to you, and laid me on the couch with one leg over the back and the other on the floor. Good boy-that way you can take your sweet time pleasing me.

You gently separated my folds with your hands. (I arch my back at the remembered tingle this caused.) You lowered your face between my legs and gently licked me, bottom to top, causing my legs to tremble and my hips to buck wildly. After only a few moments, you started to slow down, and then you looked up with an anxious look on your face.

“I’m sorry…but I had a long day, and I didn’t expect any ‘play’ tonight-I need some sleep. I’m so sorry-I’ll make it up to you tomorrow but I’m just about dead on my…well…knees.” How worried your eyes looked, and how merrily I laughed as I told you not to worry, but to go to sleep.

Poor boy, you must have been totally exhausted to quit like that. My smile returns, a gentle curve that speaks of the love I have for you. Of course, you needed sleep. And as for my needs…

I walked into my bedroom, luxuriating in the feel of cool air on my naked body. I ran fingers through close-cropped auburn hair, then running those fingers down my body. They flowed over my breasts, stopping briefly to twist my nipples, and then slunk downward to graze my thighs. I shivered in delicious anticipation and pulled down the covers. I left them turned down, and fluffed up the pillows under my head. The fun was about to begin.

I took the glass of water that is always at my bedside and dipped my index finger in, making sure it got wet. I drew lazy circles around my breasts, beading extra water on the nipples and shivered once more as the cool ka├žak casino water sent waves of pleasure surging through my breasts straight to my quivering sex. I kept dipping the finger and tracing random curlicues all over my torso, each time moving my finger closer and closer to the patch of curly brown fuzz that covered the mound between my legs. I inched my middle finger to the top of my slit, and ever so slowly slid it in between.

I almost gasped aloud as I felt the shock of pleasure run through me. Still moving slowly, I gently slid the finger down the entire length of the damp divide, pushing it into my moist cavern to lubricate it. I traced it back up, trailing more of my own essence up to the hooded core, and the sweet feel of sliding friction made my legs tremble and my back arch.

Tracing agonizingly slow circles around that tiny node, I moaned as I felt myself moving towards climax. I forced myself to stick to slow circles, occasionally inserting one finger into myself again to slick back up. I stopped, looked around, and grabbed a little-used tube of liquid eyeliner. I positioned it at the entrance to my glistening cave, and shoved it in. I gasped as I felt the smooth hardness enter me, and with one finger I poked it in until I was relatively full. I may be a virgin, but I love the feel of something, even if it is just your finger, inside of me. This new fullness made my breath come in ragged pants, and I knew that it was almost time.

Once more I drew my slick finger over that tiny button, in faster and faster circles as my entire being focused on the pleasure that radiated from between my legs. Faster an faster, as my breath came in pants that soon turned to moaning gasps. Finally, I stood at the very brink, and paused a moment to savor the intense lust in my body, the feverish heat of arousal. Then my fingers slid sweetly over my core, and out of my lips burst, “OH yes….oh, fuck yes…yes…ooh…uhhnn..unnng.” Soon I was incoherent, moaning and gasping and grunting as my hips bucked wildly at air, and my finger flew over my slick sex and my blood sang with my climax. I shuddered once, basking in the afterglow, and there I lie, nude, the sweat slowly evaporating from my satiated body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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