Reformation Ch. 16

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Chapter 16

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Rebecca slowly drifted into consciousness that next morning and her first thoughts were of feeling snug and warm. As her mind became more awake she felt the odd sensation of a body pressed up against her, more specifically the sensation of a nude body pressed up against hers. She glanced around the room to get her bearings but found that she was in strange surroundings and for a fleeting second she panicked. The breath on her shoulder, the arm across her belly and the cock nestled into the crack of her ass reminded her of the night before and where she was. A satisfied smile crossed Rebecca’s lips as she breathed a sigh of relief snuggling into the embrace of her Sir. She was in his arms and in his bed, so all was right with the world, or was it?

Part of her was happy and satisfied to be drawing closer to him; it was something out of a dream. To be able to start a real relationship with her Sir was something that was just a fanciful thought which taunted her even as briefly as a week ago. Her body had ached to feel his touch and to have him inside her again filled a need that this morning she knew that only he could satisfy. Last night had only scratched the surface of the things he could do to her and even that thought brought wetness to her pussy. Rebecca was powerless to resist him, and she knew it, the closer she got the closer she wanted to get. Nothing would satisfy the primal pull of the urge to be one with him, to be his in a real sense: to be his Slave. Deep in her heart, Rebecca knew that she craved his collar and to be owned by her Sir in a real and practical sense. She knew that she wanted to become the newest member of this odd yet loving family which already had started to feel like family to her.

Yet the religious part of Rebecca could never accept the sinful, deviant and immoral aspects of the lifestyle of Owen and his family. While she wanted Owen to have a part in the life of her child, as any father should, she was not sure how much contact was best for the child itself. While Owen was a good man who treated her and her kids well, he was also an incestuous, polygamist, who might very well teach these practices to his children, that was her deepest fear.

Rebecca kept telling herself that she was staying here because she didn’t have any options, that nobody would take her in. This shaky truth is what Rebecca used to placate her religious side to allow herself to stay with Sir just one more day. Rebecca was a woman torn; she wanted both worlds without having to compromise either. One thing was clear that she would either have to reshape her religious beliefs to be with her Sir or suppress her submissive desires and cling religiously to the strict moral code she had always used to guide her.

As good as it felt to be in his arms, the real reason Rebecca was up so early became apparent as her urge to pee tugged on her bladder. With a groan, Rebecca rolled out of bed and with a hard push on the bed struggled to get up and out of the bed. Instinct and modesty won out over convenience and practicality, as Rebecca hastily put on her flannel pyjamas to walk the two feet of corridor to the bathroom.

In her haste Rebecca shut the bathroom door but didn’t ensure it was closed and locked. As Rebecca sat on the toilet she noticed the crack in the bathroom door, and the slit of hallway beyond. Her pee was in full stream now so there was little she could do about it. She was up a little earlier than she usually was and felt grimy, as a result of last night’s activities, and decided to have a shower.

The prospect of a hot shower drew Rebecca’s attention away from the open bathroom door. She had just turned the water on and had begun to adjust the temperature when the door swung open. Rebecca quickly glanced over her shoulder to see Rosina staring at Rebecca in disbelief as she closed the door behind her. Rosina was as nude as the day she was born, with the one exception being her Slave-Collar.

“What are you doing?” Rosina snapped at Rebecca in disbelief as she put her hands on her hips.

“Having a shower?” Rebecca replied in a puzzled tone of voice. “I could ask you the same question,” she said as she pulled the handle and the showerhead sprang to life.

“Alone? In your condition! You could slip and fall, and hurt the baby!” Rosina said as she rushed to the shower to turn the water off.

“I’ll be fine! I have had showers before,” Rebecca said as she stood up and looked at Rosina with a frustrated expression. “I really need a shower!” she added with a sigh as she put her hand on Rosina’s shoulder.

“If you insist on doing this, at least do it properly, I will help you,” Rosina said in an understanding tone of voice.

“What are you, my mother?” Rebecca asked with a sarcastic tone of voice.

“No, I’m your nurse,” Rosina said seriously as she left the bathroom for just a brief moment. “And future Fellow-Slave,” she said as she returned, holding a step-stool. bursa escort “You might say we’re sorta engaged,” she added with a giggle as she put the stool down in the bathtub.

“What?” Rebecca asked with genuine shock in her eyes that she tried to hide.

“Well, I heard you and Master last night. What I mean to say is that you seem to be fitting into the family so well that it only seems to be a matter of time before Master will Collar you too!” Rosina said as she adjusted the water to the right temperature, bending over as she did so.

Rebecca’s head was swimming from the developments of the last few minutes. The thought of her kneeling down before Sir, having him claim her and place his collar around her neck made Rebecca’s heart flutter. The delightful curves of the nude Rebecca, bent over before her brought her back to reality, only to drink in her flowing, feminine curves with a hungry eye. Rebecca chastised herself for looking at the young woman in such a light, yet the truth was that there was only nine years difference in their ages.

“Isn’t that wonderful?” Rosina asked as she looked over her shoulder with a sparkle in her eye.

“Yes, wonderful,” Rebecca said while openly staring at Rosina’s shapely ass.

“Then you’ll finally be a real part of the family!” she said as she turned around and stood before Rebecca. “C’mon, time to lose this thing. I’m surprised that Karen still had it! I swear she doesn’t get rid of anything!” Rosina said as she tugged on Rebecca’s flannel pyjamas.

“I . . .” Rebecca replied with a most worried and self-conscious look on her face as she clutched her garment tightly.

“I am a nurse and it’s just us girls,” Rosina said in a reassuring tone of voice. “Besides, I’m nude too,” she said with a chipper tone as she bounced once to draw attention to herself.

With a frustrated sigh Rebecca grasped the garment and lifted it over her head and placed it on the bathroom counter. The uncomfortable look Rebecca gave Rosina let her know that she wasn’t at all comfortable with the situation. The reassuring smile on Rosina’s face tried to convey that Rebecca had nothing to be self-conscious about. As Rosina put Rebecca’s arm around her shoulder and helped her to the bathtub Rebecca felt breast press up against breast. The soft feel of womanly flesh pressed up against her own excited her in ways that she wished didn’t. When Rebecca was fully seated on the stool, she reached for the soap, to begin washing herself. Rebecca blushed and turned away as Rosina stood up and retrieved the movable showerhead from its position up high.

Rosina sat down, straddling the edge of the tub, flipped a switch and the water shot out of the movable showerhead she held in her hand. Rosina moved the gentle spray of water slowly over Rebecca’s body, making sure not to get her face or hair wet. Once she was fully wet, Rebecca started to lather herself up, she was uneasy by the attention Rosina was giving her. Rebecca noticed the intense gaze that Rosina was giving her pregnant gut, finally she had to speak up in order to break the tension.

“Haven’t you seen a pregnant woman nude before?” Rebecca asked with a curious tone of voice as she reached up and started to lather her far arm, in an attempt to slyly cover her breasts up.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to stare . . . it’s just that . . . well, you’re not just any pregnant woman, you are carrying Master’s child!” Rosina said with a tone of wonder as she looked intently into Rebecca’s eyes.

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t,” Rebecca grumbled under her breath.

“And I wish I could,” Rosina said with a growl of envy as she looked down.

“What?” Rebecca asked in curious shock, it wasn’t until she reached out and touched Rosina’s hand that the younger woman looked up. “You do? You want your brother’s child?” she asked with astonished wonder as the two women looked intently into each other’s eyes.

“I have been a Slave of Master’s for four, almost five years now! I stopped thinking of him as my brother a very long time ago! He is my husband and my Master, so why wouldn’t I want to bear him a child?” Rosina replied in a curt and slightly hurt tone of voice.

“Well, I . . .” Rebecca stammered for some sort of appropriate reply.

“What did you think, that we were all just kidding about? Having fun? Playing about until eventually we would get serious and find a man of our own?” Rosina said in a confident and stern tone of voice as she looked deep into Rebecca’s eyes, silently demanding an answer.

“I never gave it much thought, it is all so new to me, and I must admit a bit unsettling,” Rebecca replied in an unsure tone of voice as she wore an uncomfortable expression.

“This is it for me . . . for all of us! I can’t think of living any other way, I love my husband and my wives! More than anything I want children!” Rosina added with a passionate tone of voice before she bowed her head and sighed. “Since I can’t have Master’s children myself, bursa escort bayan I will have to be satisfied with the ones others bear him,” Rosina said in a sad tone of voice, looking down while she talked.

There was a tense moment as Rebecca wondered what she could say to ease Rosina’s pain. It astounded Rebecca how deeply Rosina loved Sir, and how badly she wanted to have his children herself. While they may have changed the way the look at and perceive each other, biologically they were still brother and sister. Anyone could see that it was too risky for Owen and Rosina to attempt to have children. A part of Rebecca understood how important it could be to a woman to have children of her own and felt for what Rosina was going through.

“Touch this one then,” Rebecca said as she placed the bar of soap in Rosina’s hand.

Rosina looked up with a puzzled expression on her face before she looked down at the soap and over to Rebecca’s gut. With a grateful smile she brought the showerhead up again and wet Rebecca’s whole torso before lowering it once again. Without taking her eyes off Rebecca’s gut she brought the soap up and gently touched the pregnant woman’s skin with both her bare hand and the hand holding the soap. The soap hand led the trail and the bare hand just traveled slickly over the skin with the gentlest of touches. Rosina leaned in and focussed all her attention on the task at hand, and it wasn’t merely washing Rebecca. With slow and deliberate movements Rosina moved her hands around Rebecca’s body, seemingly captivated by the swollen pregnant gut.

Rebecca was amazed at how excited and heated the soft touch of another woman could bring her. By the time Rosina’s hands wandered up to Rebecca’s breasts it was obvious to both women that this was more than a mere wash. As the soapy hands swirled and moved around the large breasts of the pregnant woman, a moan escaped Rebecca’s lips, betraying her calm facade. Rosina had leaned in so much that her face was a foot a way from Rebecca’s bosom when her eyes darted up to Rebecca’s face and noted the embarrassed expression which lived there.

“They’re lovely and positively huge! Have they always been so big?” Rosina asked as she lightly cupped both breasts and lifted them.

“I usually am a D cup but lately the seem to keep growing, I’m sure I’ll be an E cup by the time baby gets here,” Rebecca chuckled as she tried not to look overly concerned or excited about the woman who was now quite obviously playing with her breasts.

“You’re lucky, I was always small. Finally Master allowed me to get my breasts boosted up to the C cup they are now,” Rosina said as she thrust out her chest to display them for Rebecca.

“They’re lovely,” Rebecca said and as strange as it seemed to her at the time, both women compared breasts, as they said nothing for a moment.

“I wanted them bigger, a D cup at least but Master said that it would look silly on my little frame,” Rosina said as she looked at her own breasts.

“I think perhaps he’s right. I think they’re lovely,” Rebecca said with a hunger in her voice as she stared openly at Rosina’s breasts.

Much to her shock, Rosina’s breasts rose up and got larger, filling her vision. Rebecca gaze didn’t waver as she Rosina’s breasts were brought right up to her face, now inches from her lips. Instinct took over as Rebecca licked her lips and stared intently at the left nipple, which moved closer, seemingly able read her thoughts and deepest desires.

“Do you think so?” Rosina asked in the husky voice of a horny woman.

“Yes, I . . .” was all that Rebecca was able to say before that nipple was shoved unceremoniously into her open mouth.

Rebecca knew this shouldn’t be happening and even more so that she shouldn’t want it to happen. Both things were true and Rebecca moaned her approval as she sucked on the nipple and try as she might she could not deny that she wanted to! With desire and passion that she never knew was there, Rebecca opened her mouth and started to tongue around the nipple, exploring the greater breast area. Drawing on the skill and expertise from the countless times she had sucked on breasts before, Rebecca kissed and made love to Rosina’s breasts. For the first time in as long as she could remember she was orally pleasing a woman and she wanted to, it was her choice, and she chose to do it!

Rosina ran her hands over Rebecca’s hair, smoothing it down, gently stroking the woman, wanting to let her appreciation be known. Rosina was cooing and moaning her approval as the older woman sucked on breasts with surprising skill. Rebecca lifted her hands up and caressed Rosina here again, her hands knew just where and how to touch Rosina to elicit pleasure. There was only so much Rosina could take before she had to reciprocate.

Without warning, Rosina grasped Rebecca’s head and planted a passionate kiss which heated both women up. The kiss quickly involved tongues and both women pawed and caressed each other escort bursa openly while their tongues danced with each other. The excuse of a playful kiss or innocent exploring quickly vanished as the passion increased. Rosina broke the kiss as she started to kiss her way down Rebecca’s body.

The showerhead was brought into play as the younger woman wet down, and caressed the slick breasts of her new lover. With one hand she would guide the water-spray and with the other she would run her hand over the recently wetted skin. The soft and smooth movements silently attested to Rosina’s equally skilled hand at pleasing a woman. When the soap lather was removed from Rebecca’s belly, Rosina put she showerhead down and brought her lips to Rebecca’s breasts.

Rebecca stared in disbelief, her mind drunk with desire and passion as the younger Rosina wrapped her lips around Rebecca’s large nipple. It felt heavenly and terrifying at the same time and Rebecca could not stop watching Rosina who took her time exploring Rebecca’s large breasts. With closed eyes Rosina kissed and traced aimless patterns around the large breasts, caressing with her hand, the breast her mouth was not in contact with at the time.

Rosina had just begun to lick and explore Rosina’s pregnant belly with her hands and lips when there was a loud banging at the door. The noise quickly brought both women back to reality, and at the time Rosina continued to lick Rebecca’s “outie” bellybutton.

“Don’t use all the hot water!” Veronica shouted as she pounded on the door.

“Sorry, I’ll be out in a bit!” Rebecca replied in an embarrassed tone of voice.

“We’d better finish up,” Rosina said as she stood up and wet Rebecca’s hair.

In less than a minute, both women were wrapped up in towels and exiting the bathroom. The raised eyebrow of Veronica elicited an explanation from either of the soggy women.

“She was going to shower by herself, so I decided to help bathe her properly and safely,” Rosina said in a calm and unembarrassed tone of voice.

“Sure,” Veronica said, while looking at the embarrassed expression on Rebecca’s face while she walked into the bathroom.

The sizzling sound of breakfast cooking made it obvious that breakfast was well underway. Rebecca started to walk towards the living room, in order to get some clothes and get ready for the day when Rosina stopped her.

“Aren’t you going to wake up, Master?” Rosina asked Rebecca as she lightly grasped her arm.

“Okay, Rebecca replied and was about to knock loudly on the door when Rosina stopped her.

“NO! . . . properly,” Rosina said with a naughty smile on her face.

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked Rosina with a curious tone of voice.

“You saw what I was doing last Sunday,” Rosina replied with a wink and a giggle.

“Every morning?” Rebecca replied with a look of shock and wonder.

“It’s sort of a tradition around this place that whoever’s night it was the night before gets to wake him up with a blowjob,” Rosina replied with a hint of an excited tone of voice, raising her eyebrows a few times. “Want some help?” Rosina asked in a naughty tone of voice.

Rebecca wasn’t sure if it was the charming way Rosina spoke or the fact that the two of them had just had sex, or her smouldering hormones or the fact that the sex had been interrupted. Whatever the reason, Rebecca nodded, openly inviting another woman into the bed of her man, her Sir in the intent of sharing him sexually. Her moral side was shocked into silence at the moment, but Rebecca was sure that it would make its feelings known later. For now she thought nothing more of the moral implications as the door closed behind the two women.

Owen was still, asleep on the bed and now he was sleeping on his back, almost as if his subconscious was expecting the morning fellatio. Rosina and Rebecca looked at each other and giggled as they dropped their towels, almost at the same time. Rosina pulled the covers back, revealing not only the whole of Owen’s nude form but the bed as well. Rebecca moved towards the bed and kneeled down on it on her side, with her shoulders twisted so she could reach her Sir’s cock without too much trouble. Rosina laid down on the bed on the other side of Rebecca and the two women looked at it for a moment before Rosina reached for it.

Holding it up straight she wrapped her lips around her Master’s cock and swallowed the whole, flaccid member. After a few bobs on Owen’s stiffening cock she let it out of her mouth and pointed it towards Rebecca. Rebecca took the cue and began to slowly swallow her Sir’s cock under the watchful eye of anther woman, with whom she had just had sex with. That thought alone was hot but when Rosina’s tongue joined hers in licking the length of Owen’s shaft, Rebecca was even more excited than before. Rebecca and Rosina closed their eyes as they French-kissed each other and the head of Owen’s cock at the same time.

“Ride it!” Rosina said with a sparkle of excitement and lust in her eye.

“What?” Rebecca replied with an equal spark of excitement living in her own eye.

“I would love to watch you ride him!” Rosina replied with an urging tone of voice.

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