Rediscovering their Love Ch. 01

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This story is about a couple rediscovering their love which had been diminished because both worked long hours at ungrateful firms which meant their contact with each other reduced. As it reduced, their intimacy reduced till it was barely perfunctory.

Due to a change of ownership, one is helped to see what is wrong and tries to reignite their passion for each other. She explains that in Chapter 3 (if it is written). This chapter and chapter 2 are the start of rediscovering their love.

There is no adultery, no violent sex, no abuse.

Chapter 1

Diane surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. Her blond hair caressed her face and just touched her shoulders. Normally her laughing eyes caught peoples’ attention but tonight she saw it would be her lips. The bright red lipstick attracted attention. It was so out of character for her. Moving her hands towards her face to shift her hair, she was stunned at the effect of the matching red nails which she had had done this afternoon. She hoped Stephen would be pleasantly surprised when he saw them.

As she dropped her gaze to her breasts, she liked that they were still full and perky. Stephen thought they were a good handful and he had big but caring hands. Until quite recently she had disliked her nipples but was slowly coming to see them differently. Her areolas were normally a light pink but darkened considerably when she was aroused. Her nipples or headlights as Stephen calls them, protruded and to make matters worse whenever she became aroused they would grow. He was sure they could grow to more than half an inch long, even three quarters. They were extremely sensitive and he loved to make her orgasm just by playing with them despite her pleading to be fucked. She was not surprised to see they had swollen to what he called her dipped lights just because she was thinking about him playing with them.

Moving her gaze lower, she felt that her stomach, while smooth and still fairly flat, could lose a few pounds, not that he ever complained about it.

She was caught by the look of her vagina or pussy or fanny as Stephen called it depending on how aroused he was and what he was doing to it. She had decided to shave it totally to surprise him so she was seeing it unadorned with hair for the first time since she was twelve. She normally just gave the edges a little trim when they were going on holiday so the hairs wouldn’t stick out the legs of her bikinis. Stephen thought they weren’t bikinis because the two parts almost met like bikinis in the 50’s. Though in truth, as she never trimmed the rest, the amount of pubic hair meant that there was always a large bulge in her pants which is why she seldom went to the pool or beach and certainly not without Stephen.

As she surveyed it, she saw that her outer labia hung down slightly and curiously looked as though they were inviting you in. She could see that they were already a bit puffy. She could feel the moisture building up. She was shocked by how prominent her clit hood was. She opened her legs slightly and her pussy lips seemed to purse as though to kiss someone. Wow! A quick look confirmed her headlights were growing.

Stephen had asked her to try being bare in the past but she couldn’t do it. She hoped he liked it as she was going to ask him to shave it for her every morning of their holiday. Who knows what she would do after they came home.

As the word home came to mind she knew Stephen would be home soon so she had better finish dressing. Their holiday routine was to finish work, come home, shower, and go for a meal before ending up in a local bar for a couple of drinks. She looked at the outfit she had laid on the bed. Could she wear it? Yes – but she had never worn such an outfit outside the home. Could she wear it outside?

She looked at the lingerie. It was the same bold colour as the nail polish on her fingers and toes. The three-quarter cup bra was sheer and she was sure her headlights would shine through it. She had always been self-conscious about them so normally wore bras which contained them when outside. In truth she seldom wore sexy ones for Stephen in the house, especially recently. After a few deep breaths to help her focus, she put the bra on and her headlights were almost at full beam as the material lightly caressed them. She put on the six-strap suspender belt and took great care making sure that the seams of her barely black stockings were straight. Stephen did have a soft spot (well it hardened quite quickly) when she wore them. Not as often as she should she admitted. She pulled on the matching, sheer low-rise bikini knickers. She gasped when she saw how they clasped her pussy. It said, “here I am, fuck me!” She could feel herself moisten further.

Just then she heard Stephen enter the house. She shouted to him, “Stephen, I’m getting dressed, use the main bathroom shower and I’ll see you in the living room when you are ready. ka├žak iddaa I want to surprise you!” Her heart was pounding so hard she barely heard his reply but he never came in. If he had, she would probably have fucked him senseless. She hadn’t felt this aroused in ages. He wouldn’t have been given an option to refuse though with this outfit the need would have been mutual.

She put on the dark green satin dress which had a ‘V’ shaped neck which showed a reasonable amount of cleavage. Again, this was far more than she would normally show and certainly not outside the home. It came down to slightly below mid-thigh, covering the stockings but she knew if she wasn’t careful someone could get a surprise. She put in her earrings and added a pendant necklace which stopped just beyond the start of her cleavage. Both were presents from Stephen which matched her dress. She slipped on her black heels and picked up her clutch bag. With one last look in the mirror, she walked down to the living room to await Stephen.

As she waited for him she needed a drink but knew she couldn’t, she didn’t want to appear that she needed a drink to carry this off. She had a lot to explain to him, -tomorrow, -and she didn’t want him to start off with the wrong impression.

When Stephen came into the room she watched him carefully. His face registered shock, his eyes were out on stalks and his jaw dropped wide open. He studied her face and then looked down at her breasts. The pendant drew his attention to her cleavage. Her headlights were well past dipped. He appeared to be having trouble comprehending what he was seeing. She saw that whatever his mind was contemplating, his not so little man was eager to join the party.

Before he could say anything, Diane went up him and kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss. It was something which had been missing recently, sharing their passion for each other. She took a step back and looked him straight in the eye.

“Stephen, I have not had an affair, I have never had an affair and I have no intention of ever having an affair. I love you and only you. I know what you are seeing is a shock, hopefully a good one and I need to explain everything which has brought this about. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. Just know I love you.” She kissed him passionately again, grinding her body into his.

Stephen could feel her headlights trying to bore into his chest. He could see the tell-tale bumps from her suspenders. While he tried to reconcile what had happened to his staid, conservative wife, his other self was becoming extremely aroused. When they broke apart, Diane saw just how aroused he was.

“I can’t go out like this I’ll need a few minutes to calm down.”

Diane smiled and kneeled down in front of him. She unbuttoned his trousers and pulled those with his pants down. His penis was standing at attention. When she looked up at Stephen his face was a picture. If his expression on first seeing her was shock then now it was totally flabbergasted. She had seldom performed fellatio on him and even less being the one initiating that first step to it.

She hoped she could do it for him.

She began using little, gentle kisses all along the length of his penis down to his balls. She kissed them but couldn’t get further because of his trousers. She managed to get him to pull his leg out of them and began once more to kiss and caress his cock but this time continued to his arse where she rimmed him. A first for her. She could hear his breathing deepening and felt his knees bending. She repeated her actions as she came back to the beginning. This time, she put him in her mouth, using her tongue to caress the head, ridges and veins. As she did, her eyes never left his. She took a deep breath and swallowed his length into her throat. If she could have she would have smiled as she was delighted that she never gagged, her practice had paid off.

Stephen was mesmerised. Diane had never shown any enthusiasm to give him a blow job. At most she might take an inch or two into her mouth but this was beyond anything she had ever done before. The bright red lipstick, again new, just captured the look as her lips went back and forth along his penis. The red nails of her hand caressing his penis as it appeared from her mouth seemed unreal. He was aware of her other hand caressing his balls but was unprepared for the finger entering his bum and finding his ‘P’ spot. He very soon felt himself racing towards coming. He told her yet she still just looked up at him with love in her eyes. She sucked even harder and her finger created more pressure. His hips flexed but she held him firmly to her. There was to be no escape.

“Oh! I’m coming!” he said a number of times, each time with more power as his climax built up. Just as he began to come, she drove his penis down her throat, her face against his pubic bones. He seemed to come for ages, his knees were so weak, he almost fell over. Once ka├žak bahis done, he didn’t know what to say. His face was ‘glaikit’. He was dumbfounded.

Diane slowly got up, very pleased with herself. She had done something she had never done before. She took him aback by kissing him passionately. “I’ll redo my lipstick but we need to get going or we’ll miss our reservation.”

Stephen was still speechless. Who had taken over his wife?

When she returned, he had managed to dress. His thoughts were still scrambled.

Diane could see he was confused. She just said, “Everything I do, I do because I love you. I want you to know that. I’ll explain tomorrow. Just enjoy this evening, it’s only the start of our holiday.” Her tone suggesting that this passion would continue through the holiday.

As they walked the short distance to the restaurant, Stephen was trying to comprehend the change in his wife. Any onlooker though would just have seen his baffled face. They would also see Diane’s headlights which were on full beam. The satin gently caressing her breasts as she walked along, hand in hand with Stephen. Her face was one of joy, great satisfaction. She could not believe, not only what she had done but how she had enjoyed the feelings it generated. The tops of her legs were wet with her secretions. Her body had never felt this way before. Her brain had never been a party to this sort of behaviour always saying how wrong it was.

She was enjoying being in the limelight. She didn’t care if someone saw her breasts or stocking tops. She was in charge. She was in control – just!

As they were being seated, Diane was aware of the glances and some stares at her. The men looked on in awe, some jaws dropping and their partners reminding them who they were with. Some of the women had the look Diane had often witnessed in herself. The one that said I wish I was confident enough to do that. There were several who looked like their god should strike her down dead. She ignored them after smiling sweetly at them.

During the meal, the staff were very attentive, more so than normal. Stephen was able to hold a conversation but his eyes kept dropping to view her breasts and headlights which were on full beam. She had never displayed any cleavage whilst out before. The pendant just accentuated her swelling breasts. To see the valley between her breasts was as big a turn on as her headlights. He saw a number of the customers licking their lips when they glanced at them. He had always wanted her to dress like this when out with him. The experience was far better than his fantasy. To his amazement, he found himself immensely turned on. The other customers were envious of him.

During their conversation, Diane told him that they were going shopping in the morning — together. He hated shopping but as he tried to say no, she looked at him, down to her headlights and back to him, with a wicked smile on her red painted lips. He almost came then. She said she needed his help and he would enjoy it, as her tongue caressed her lips. He found himself agreeing.

After they finished the first course, the staff asked if they wished their desserts served then or to wait a few minutes. To Diane’s own surprise, she told them to wait a few minutes as she needed to powder her nose. Stephen saw the surprise on her face and realised that she was winging this evening. She had planned to seduce him, that had worked but the rest she was making up as she went along. Intriguing!

Diane set off through the restaurant towards the toilets. She was aware of people watching her, the wry smiles, some openly lustful. She swayed her behind more suggestively, knowing her suspender bumps would be more visible. Her headlights were standing proud. She found a previously unknown exhilaration in the effect she was having.

When she completed her toilet, she was surprised at just how wet her knickers were. She dried herself and as she was about to replace them, a thought came to her. One of Stephen’s little fantasies.

As she walked back to their table Stephen saw Diane’s look of confidence, her delight in being watched. Her headlights had been joined by the fog lights as they were bigger than he could ever remember seeing them. The halogen bulbs replaced by powerful zenon ones. His own penis was fighting the constraints of his trousers. He suspected a number of the men nearby had a similar problem.

She had re-applied her lipstick and came up to him and gave him a long, deeply passionate kiss. As she went to sit down, she put something in his pocket drawing her hand over his penis as she withdrew it. It jumped, wanting out. He took a few breaths to control himself. His hand found its way to his pocket, to reorder himself and found something, small and wet.

Diane was watching his face and the look of astonishment on it when he worked out what was in his pocket was priceless. She smiled her sexy smile and hoped he wouldn’t illegal bahis have a heart attack as he was breathing a bit quick. Whatever she was doing was working on him as even he was blushing.

The desserts came and they continued their conversation about their holiday plans. Diane told him he would have a job each day to perform but thought he was very suited for it and would enjoy it. Despite him trying to find out, she just said he would learn tomorrow.

Tomorrow seemed the in word, he just hoped tomorrow would actually come. A bit like himself and soon.

As they left their seats, he allowed her to walk closely in front of him. This would help cover his erection. He noticed the back of her dress looked a bit wet. He could see her smiling in the mirrors as they walked through the restaurant. Many took the opportunity to take one last look at this sexy goddess.

As they came to the park for the short walk to their local bar, as there was no one else around he held her close to him and allowed his hand to caress her right breast. Her headlight was on full beam. She just snuggled closer into him. This was a totally new experience for Stephen. Diane never liked displays of affection in public but here she was, complicit in it.

Diane was experiencing thoughts she had never had before. She needed ‘fucked’ and now. She had thought she could wait until they had a drink and gone home, even thought to suggest they just went home but what she had experienced in the restaurant and especially Stephen’s reaction meant she was extremely horny. She needed ‘fucked’ now!

She didn’t know how Stephen would react but he had suggested some of the things she had done tonight, and fucking outside was one of his fantasies. He just didn’t know it was about to happen.

Stephen could feel her headlight getting even bigger, the other one digging into his side. He felt her breathing becoming fast and shallow. He thought they may skip the bar and just get home as he wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her before the real Diane returned.

He was just about to suggest that when Diane pulled them into a copse of trees. The shrubbery hid them from view. She turned to him, kissed him fervently and told him to fuck her. She was just about to come but she wanted him inside her. Her hands were at his trousers, urgently pushing them down. Her lips tried to get through to the back of his skull such was the pressure she put into her kiss. His hands meantime had not been idle despite his mind still being in shock. One was grabbing and roughly massaging her right breast, tweaking her nipple which felt enormous. The other had raised her dress. As his hand moved from the smooth stocking over the welt onto her flesh, he could feel how wet she was. No wonder the dress was wet at the back. As his mind cleared he realised something was missing. That was when his hand collided with her pussy which was grinding into him. There seemed to be no hair and that was definitely not Diane.

He didn’t have much longer to think about it as he felt his erection being shoved into her pussy. Immediately, she was humping him for all she was worth. He was aware of the tree trunk at his back as she forced him backwards. The branches and leaves were bouncing about in time with the rhythm set by Diane. He could feel her clit run up and down his penis. She was being very vocal, very unlike her. Her pussy felt on fire as he lost his own control and rammed into her. He had tried to be gentle but she demanded he fuck her hard. Driving her clit against him, she told him she was coming.

“Oh, fuck, fuck me, I’m going to come, come with me!”

Normally he could control himself but he too was in the same state of arousal. He was fucking her for all he was worth and realised that he too was about to come.

“I’m coming!” was all he said before their climaxes took them both about the same time. Her fanny rippled in aftershocks for ages after she came keeping his penis inside her, still almost hard. Eventually they came back down and caught their breath.

“Wow,” Stephen said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I love you.”

“Likewise, I would never had thought tonight was possible. I’m happy I did this for you, well for both of us. I hope you don’t think I’m a slut for trying to make some of your fantasies real. I love you Stephen with all my heart.”

After a long cuddle, normal Diane took over. Using tissues from her bag, she cleaned herself and wiped down Stephen. She deposited them in the bin on the way out of the park. She apologised to Stephen when she asked for her knickers back as she needed them to protect her dress. He didn’t tell her it was too late for that!

“Do you want to go home or to the bar?” asked Stephen whilst wondering what his own answer would be.

“Let’s go to the bar for a quick one,” she said before laughing when she realised what she had said. Stephen laughed as well. Anyone watching them would think they had shared a joke not a lot of bodily fluids. He thought anyone watching the tree would have known they had had a quick one.

(the evening continues in chapter 2)

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