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Author’s Note: Hey everyone, I have a new story today. I might end up being extremely busy over the coming weeks or months, as such the amount of time I can spend writing may be limited. On another note, please read and enjoy, don’t forget to drop a comment and rate. Also, if anyone is familiar with my work, they know I love futanari, and believe me… it’s coming, just not here.


I don’t really remember what happened. It was all a blur, first I was driving, talking with my daughter, and then… nothing. When I try to think back to it, all I see is a bright light, but it, I don’t know, felt tainted. Some people say that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, or you see the light of heaven. I can understand where they come from, but this light didn’t remind me of peace and serenity, it wasn’t even remotely similar. I can’t even describe it, but if I had to try, I’d say it was chaotic, yet so calm, like a pond that was both still and disturbed. I remember it fading, and feeling a sudden onslaught of heat as it did so. When the light faded I woke up in a hospital.

Amelia put her pen down, staring at the words she’d written. Her beautiful, yet thin face was scrunched up in a frown, trying to make sense of what she remembered, but finding no answer. From what the doctors had told her, she and her daughter, Holly, had been in a car accident. They told her that the car had been completely totalled, having gone of the side of a road and into a ditch, luckily they had come out of it miraculously unscathed, except Amelia who had been in a coma for several months now. Holly had been staying with a relative in the mean time, but considering how often she visited her mother, the hospital was like a second home now. Despite the amount of time she had spent unconscious, Amelia felt as great as ever.

It was baffling to the medical professionals. Often patients who’ve been in a coma for as long as she had required rehabilitation, usually physical or psychological, yet Amelia felt good as new, with the exception of her weight loss, due to being on a drip for so long. She requested to go home, and to see her daughter, who was in school at the time she woke, but the doctors said they needed to do some tests, and that she should eat something. Not exactly happy, but still somewhat satisfied, Amelia laid back on the surprisingly soft pillows they had provided for her, and waited for some food to be brought to her. After eating and speaking with a few of the doctors, she felt inexplicably tired and fell asleep.

After a week Amelia was more than ready to be out of the hospital. Over that time she had gained a small amount of weight, though not much, but that would come with time, and seen her daughter. To Amelia it was like seeing her after a day or so, but to Holly, it felt like an eternity. The teenager leapt into her mother’s bony arms, hugging her as tightly as she could without damaging her. Holly had tears streaming down her face, smearing her make up, but she couldn’t care less, as she heard the familiar sounds of her mother speaking calm words into her ear. Amelia knew the woman before her was indeed her daughter, but could hardly believe it, as she looked her up and down, noting the changes she’d gone through. Needless to say Holly had become something of a looker in the months Amelia was unconscious.

The teenager had filled out a great deal in a relatively short time. The last time Amelia remembered seeing her, Holly was five foot seven at age sixteen, though her birthday was only a few days away when the accident happened. Now she was at least six foot, and her washboard chest had filled out to C cups, and, though they were clad in a bra, Amelia knew they had a fantastic shape as well. Holly obviously went to the gym regularly as her waist was slim, and her stomach flesh wonderfully taut, while her hips flared out nicely. For the first time since waking up, Amelia felt like she might cry at the time she’d lost, knowing that she’d missed so long of her dear daughter’s life, and that she hadn’t been there to support her or anything that a mother should do. It filled her with sorrow, and, despite her best efforts to keep from crying, a single tear rolled down her cheek. Holly had to leave not long afterwards for homework and at the behest of her mother, who didn’t want her to fall behind on school work just for her sake. Once Holly was out of the door, Amelia laid to sleep.

Amelia woke up the next day. This time she felt somewhat tired, but also well rested as though she’d been in a deep sleep for a long time, though that was technically true. A nurse came in with her breakfast not two minutes after she woke up. Amelia ate while the nurse explained how the day would progress; after she finished, they would have her do some mild physical activity, mainly walking and possibly very light jogging, then x-rays to make sure there was nothing up with her brain, and finally observation, where they would simply keep an eye on her. Depending on her results she might be able to go back home, though she wouldn’t be allowed to drive, and they would forbid her from doing too much physical activity. Amelia nodded in acceptance as she finished bahis firmalar─▒ the last spoonful of the rather nice soup they’d given her. After letting the food go down, she was taken to get a change of clothes.

Amelia hadn’t even thought of the fact that she was only wearing a hospital gown. She thanked the nurse for reminding her and followed until they came to what appeared to be a janitor’s closet, but said ‘spare clothes’ on the front. Inside there were two piles, one comprised of male clothing, and the other female. Before the coma Amelia was quite the looker, with a pair of 34C cups on her chest, a fairly trim waist, though she used to have the tiniest hint of a pot belly, and 36” hips. Now, however, she was just short of appearing anorexic. While her skin magically remained smooth, her body hair not growing despite the months without shaving, she had lost a lot of weight. As such the nurse had her try on several different clothes, taking almost an hour before finding the right outfit that both fit her and she liked. Even though she was painfully aware of her appearance, Amelia still felt as fit as ever.

When the tests began, it was needless to say that the doctors were amazed. She was indeed as healthy as ever, maybe even more so. There were no abnormalities in her brain, and she was keeping solid food down, her bodily functions working as normal. As far as they could tell she was perfectly fit to go home, however, like any scientific mind, they were curious, tried to keep her there, saying they needed blood samples and the like. Amelia only wanted to go home, she told this to them all, but they all replied with ‘we need to do more tests first’. After a while she began to get frustrated.

The next doctor was young, clearly early into his career. He was obviously less callous than the others, and even said how he wished there was something he could do, but he was under orders from his superiors. Amelia kind of liked him, striking up a conversation whenever he came in, however she was desperate to leave.

“Can I leave now?” She asked. Something seemed to cloud her mind then, as later she could barely remember what happened next, only very basic details. The second the last word left her lips, the young doctor froze in place. She looked into his eyes, seeing the spark of life in them dimming as his mind and body became a puppet to her will.

“Bring the boss down here.” With no control, nor memory of the act, Amelia never noticed the husky tone her voice held in those words. The doctor left quickly, but in such a fashion that he wouldn’t draw attention to himself. In minutes the door opened again and the head honcho walked in.

“Is something the mat-” He began but was cut off by Amelia.

“I demand that you clear any data you gained from my tests, replace it with that of an average woman, you will also destroy any of the samples you’ve taken. After that you will make it so I can leave, and you will not remember anything about me, except that I am an ordinary woman. Understand?” The doctors nodded and left to fulfil her orders. The moment they left, Amelia fell back onto the bed, her strength fading and unable to maintain consciousness, she fell back to sleep. When she woke, Amelia was told she could leave and that they had a taxi waiting for her.

Confused that they were suddenly letting her leave, Amelia decided that she didn’t really need to know that much. Watching the town she’d grown up in flash by, she noted several changes, some minor, like an addition to a playground, or substantial like whole new stores or houses. It was somewhat shocking, but at the same time Amelia remained perfectly calm. She’d seen movies, and read books where characters wake up months or years in the future and they start to freak out, but she didn’t feel that here, maybe a bit sad at the loss of a few stores she frequented, but that was all. Upon arriving at her home, mercifully unchanged since she’d last been there, she walked up to the front door, and, out of habit, reached into her pocket for her key, but remembered that it wasn’t there. Letting out a small laugh she knocked on the door of her own home.

Holly answered fairly quickly and her face lit up like fireworks at seeing her mother.

“Hello miss, may I come in?” Amelia asked jokingly.

“Of course you can Mum!” Holly exclaimed laughing and hugging her mother tightly. Stepping inside Amelia noted how little had changed, the welcome mat was the same, the framed pictures of her and her daughter still hanging on the wall, though a new one was at the end, of Holly holding a trophy, apparently for winning an athletic competition. Amelia couldn’t begin to describe the amount of pride and sorrow she felt at seeing that, knowing she’d missed such an important event. Holly saw what she was looking at and simply went to prepare some refreshments.

Walking into the living room Amelia sighed as she sunk into her favourite arm chair. Even though she’d only been conscious for a few days, it felt like an eternity since she had been in her home, and the familiarity of it was wonderfully soothing. Holly came back in with two cups of delightful smelling hot chocolate, this surprised Amelia ka├žak iddaa as the last time she’d seen her daughter, she could hardly get her own cereal. Smiling in appreciation, Amelia took the warm beverage and breathed in the scent, basking in it. Holly sat on the couch opposite her mother, a look of excited worry on her face, no doubt nervous about whether she had made the drink correctly. Amelia noticed this and almost let out a laugh, but she held it in and went to take a small sip without blowing on the hot drink. Just as Holly realised and was about advise against it, her mother took the sip and… nothing happened.

To Amelia it was just the right temperature, as though it had been cooled just enough. But Holly was fully aware that it was freshly made, and hot enough to burn easily, however her mother drunk it as though it were a chilled soft drink or something. Amelia noticed her expression and asked what was wrong, but Holly just brushed it off, saying that she was glad her mother seemed to like it. Amelia knew something was wrong, but let it drop, not wanting to sour the mood, instead she asked about school, sports, boys. Holly answered them all calmly with the exception of the last one, which she blushed heavily and looked down, saying that she hadn’t been in a relationship for some time. When Amelia asked why, her daughter attempted to change the subject. Her mother allowed it but remained somewhat worried.

They sat together in semi awkward silence until the front door opened and a voice called out.

“Holly! I’m home!” Amelia instantly recognised that voice, it belonged to her younger sister.

“Hey Wendy! In here!” Holly purposefully left out the fact that her mother was here, wanting to surprise her aunt.

“How was your… day?” She asked, pausing midway as she saw her sister sitting in the living room. It was the first time she had seen her in almost a year, her work keeping her from visiting the hospital, but she had never stopped worrying over her sibling’s condition, barely keeping her calm thanks to her niece’s constant updates. Amelia stood up, a small smile on her face.

“How have you been sis?” Wendy dropped her bag and silently walked, or rather stumbled forward, until Amelia was in arms reach, at which point she charged forward, wrapping her painfully thin sibling in her arms, as she let out a cry of absolute joy.

“Oh god I’ve missed you!” Amelia felt tears on both her face and shoulder as her sister buried her head there, letting out all of her emotion and regret at not being able to see Amelia for so long. Once everything had calmed down, Wendy joined Holly on the couch, wiping away the last of her tears.

“So,” Amelia began, “What’s new?”

The two sisters launched into conversation as Wendy told Amelia about how her work had become a living misery for her. She explained that her old boss quit and the new one was a real tight ass, the kind that doesn’t let anyone slack off for more than a second, hence why she was unable to visit for so long.

“Get this, her excuse was that I could see you when I had some time off, and what happens? No bloody time off! She’s after me I tell you.” The sisters laughed it off, but Amelia could tell Wendy was on the verge of snapping any day now.

“You should just quit if it’s so bad.”

“I can’t, at least not yet. All the other labels aren’t hiring, but I’ve got an interview lined up so we’ll see how that goes.” Amelia smiled, knowing that her sister worked in the music industry, marketing tours, new albums etc.

“Well, I’ll be here now, so if you need to talk, just let me know.” Wendy smiled appreciatively and nodded. The two talked into the late hours, until they felt sleep clawing at their willpower.

“I’ll take the guest room tonight.” Wendy said, when Amelia was about to protest, she added, “I don’t mind really, and you should sleep in your own bed tonight, get some real rest.” Amelia simply smiled in appreciation before heading upstairs with her sister. Sleep came thankfully fast that night.

Dreams on the other hand were another matter entirely. While she couldn’t remember clearly, all she knew was that they were restless, the kind that make people move around, or wake up spontaneously. Amelia did never, even though she thought them to be extremely energetic, to the point where she was amazed she slept at all. Coming down the stairs she saw Holly and Wendy in the living room, eating a bowl of cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Amelia couldn’t help but smile at the sight, remembering how she and Holly had done the same thing time and time again. Going into the kitchen, she was relieved to find that everything was still in the same places, as such she found the cereal ‘Count Chocula’, her and Holly’s favourite, with ease. After pouring her cereal and getting some orange juice, she joined the two. When she walked in they looked up and smiled at her, though their eyes said that they still barely believed that she was back. Slipping down into her chair the family ate in silence.

Despite being the last to join Amelia had finished her breakfast first. Her daughter and sister looked at her in amazement as she went back ka├žak bahis to the kitchen, only to return with a second helping.

“Better slow down sis, we might run out.” Wendy said jokingly. Amelia let out a small laugh.

“I’m just really hungry.” She explained, though she wasn’t quite sure why, even with the lack of solids she’d had, she hadn’t been this hungry when in the hospital, and they didn’t even feed her that much. Maybe it was because she was in a familiar environment and with family, Amelia thought and decided that was probably it, though something in the back of her conscious wasn’t so sure. Brushing it off for the time being, she asked if there were any plans today. Wendy and Holly looked at each other then back Amelia,

“Well, we were gonna go see a movie after work, but… maybe we should stay here, y’know, let you recover.” Amelia understood why they thought she’d need to, considering her current physical stature, however she wanted normalcy.

“Oh don’t worry about me, if anything happens it’s just a quick 911 call.” She told them, trying to assure the two that she was perfectly fine to go to a movie. They looked at each other again, this time with worry in their eyes.

“Mum, you’ve only just come home, and you’ve been in a coma for a long time.” Her daughter said, and Amelia could clearly see the worry in her face; she’d lost her mother once, she didn’t want that again. Amelia consented to their wishes.

Since it was a Saturday, Wendy had to go to work meaning Holly and Amelia had the house to themselves. Amelia went about the house, acting as she would normally do, though she constantly felt her daughter’s eyes on her. Amelia assumed she was just keeping an eye out in case something happened, though that was unlikely, since she felt perfectly fine. However, as the day went on she began to feel somewhat feverish, but she wouldn’t let it show, not wanting to worry her daughter any further. Just after 1PM, Holly must’ve felt confident enough in her mother’s condition go to her room and finish up whatever homework needed to be done. When she was certain Holly wouldn’t be leaving her room anytime soon, Amelia went to her own, where she laid down and panted. She suddenly felt like her skin were burning, but the sensation was odd. She’d suffered from fevers intense enough that it felt like her skin would start peeling, and, while this heat was definitely on par with that, she felt… aroused, rather than burning alive. As she laid there she could feel her nipples hardening.

The urge to touch herself came suddenly, and with enough ferocity to put a lion to shame. The only thing keeping her from doing so, was her fear of what was happening, but even then her fear was receding as she felt a distinct moistness build in her crotch.

“Oh, fuck it.” She gasped and gave in to the desires of her body, practically tearing her somewhat loose top off, in an effort to properly tease her bullet like nipples. Before that however, she needed to let loose the flood her pussy was swiftly becoming, this time actually ripping her sweatpants off, along with her panties, sighing in relief and pleasure as the comparatively cool air hit her labia. Taking a second to catch her breath, her hands assaulted her own body, as though controlled by a stranger, one shooting to her tits, pinching the rock hard peak, while the other caressed her drooling cunt, occasionally sinking a fingertip into its folds. Amelia was taken completely unaware as a sudden orgasm rocked her.

Even as she suppressed her cry of pleasure, her hands never ceased their ministrations, prolonging her orgasm. To her increased shock, she felt her pussy juices actually squirting from her, spraying a full three feet in front of her, and showing no signs of slowing, even as she sent two fingers inside, quickly finding her g-spot, which simply served make her climax all the more intense as it continued. Amelia began to pump her fingers now, using her thumb to lightly brush her engorged clit, sending small and sudden spikes of pleasure through her cumming form. She added a third finger, letting out a small moan at the sensation of stretching her cunt, while her other hand kneading her breast, occasionally pinching her tit, the mixture of pain and pleasure adding to the unending bliss. Before long Amelia was struggling to hold onto her consciousness, while also trying to stop herself from screaming in bliss.

After what could have been hours of orgasm, Amelia felt herself slowly descending from the cloud of bliss. After it had faded, she laid there, barely twitching, her body practically wrecked from the impossibly long orgasm. Once she could bring herself to move, she sat up, her eyes floating to her en suite, with its floor to ceiling mirror. Wanting to see how she looked, and what she would have to fix up to be presentable, she walked to it, her legs shaking slightly. Once in front of the mirror, she was prepared for the worst, but it still surprised her. Amelia was covered in sweat, creating a rather sexy sheen, while her pussy still continued to drip its juices, the sound of each drop landing on the floor amplified by the stunned silence. What surprised her most though was the amazing… glow she had. She didn’t look haggard, rather she looked healthy as can be, as though the intense orgasm had invigorated her. Shrugging it off she went back to survey the rest of the damage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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