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True story…for the most part

I used to work at a video store across the street from where I used to live. It was a part-time second job that I had taken because my full-time day job pays for shit. It was a slow store, but the customers were awesome as well as the staff; and we had just hired a new girl, Susan, for Thursday nights and Saturday mornings and since I was the closing manager on Thursdays, it was just Susan and I.

Sitting behind the counter, Susan on a folding chair and I on the return cart, we spent the better part of the night watching movies.

“Is it always this slow?” Susan asked as I was changing tapes.

“No.” I replied. “This actually qualifies as busy this time of year.”

Susan was incredulous, “But we’ve only had, like, five people come in!”

“I know! I was hoping we’d get a lot of people so you could get used to using the computer.”

I put in ‘Blazing Saddles’ and sat back down on my cart. When Susan saw what was playing, she nearly had a heart attack.

“You can’t be serious!”

“I never am.” I smiled at her.

“Scott lets you play this stuff?”

I almost laughed. “Of COURSE he doesn’t! But you don’t see anyone here to complain about it, do you?”

Susan conceded the point and we watched the movie. Around 8pm, Susan’s cell rang and after a few seconds of yapping, Susan told me that her friend Rachel had just gotten off of work and would it be okay if she came up to hang out at the store pretty please with sugar on top. How could I say no? Susan squeaked her excitement and ended her call. Not ten seconds later, I hear from the back door of the store:


I looked at Susan, “Damn, your friend is fast as hell!”

Rachel poked her head in, “I work next door.”

“Well that’s convenient!” I said as I lit a cigarette on my way out the door.

“Shouldn’t someone be in there?” Susan asked, exhaling a plume of smoke.

I nodded, making no move to go back in.

Rachel and I smiled at each other at the naivety of our companion, and that was the first time I actually saw her. Rachel was an intensely beautiful girl: 19; shoulder-length, razor-straight, jet-black hair; 32D-28-36 frame; naturally pale skin with light makeup tastefully done; electric blue eyes; a wide mouth and full lips; long, graceful neck; delicate fingers; and arms and legs that gave away the fact that she works out regularly. She was dressed in typical Goth summer-wear: black spaghetti-strap tank top, black cargo pants that were entirely too big and black boots.

I was hooked instantly.

While I was admiring all of what Rachel had to offer, she was returning the favor. At 18 I was 6′ 4″; a muscular 215lb; short, light-brown hair; my skin slightly bronzed from what summer sun I could get. As far as attire was concerned, I was Rachel’s complete opposite. I had a solid-white fitted ball cap on backwards; a white button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up past my elbows, completely unbuttoned, revealing my white a-shirt underneath; white jean shorts; and white sneakers.

Flashing a wickedly flirtatious smile, Rachel was first to speak, “You know, you look like a god dressed all in white like that.”

I smiled a warm smile and took a step closer to Rachel, “If I’m a god all in white, you must be my dark angel all in black.”

I extinguished my cigarette in the ashtray, took Rachel’s hand (she offered no resistance) and kissed it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rachel.” I smiled again, squeezed her hand, smiled at Susan and turned to head back into the store.

I heard some excited whispering as I entered the store and as I reached the counter, both Susan and Rachel had come in and were giggling and whispering as they made their way to the counter.

“You guys want some candy or something?” I asked.

They both declined, claiming that they were broke.

“You know it’s funny, I don’t recall asking if you guys wanted to BUY candy. I just asked if you wanted some.”

Rachel cocked her eyebrow, “Are you buying?” My god she was sexy!

I walked in front of the candy racks, grabbed a Hershey bar, opened it, broke off a piece and offered it to Rachel. “No.”

Rachel closed her eyes and opened her mouth and allowed me to feed the chocolate to her. It struck me as very erotic and I had to grab control of myself before my already semi-erect cock started drawing attention.

Both of the girls got themselves some candy and we sat down to watch another movie. This time, I let Susan pick and after several minutes of reassuring her that if a complaint was made about a movie selection, I would take the blame for it, we started watching ‘Sin City’. I had never seen it before. It was pretty good. The two customers that came in during the movie were impressed with the movie selection and one of them even sat and watched it with us for a little bit.

After the movie ended, Rachel started criticizing Jessica Alba’s dancing in the movie. I looked at her, “So you’re a dancer?”

Rachel canl─▒ bahis rolled her eyes at me. “Anyone can do this,” and she performed the dance exactly. “She just wasn’t feeling it, I could tell.”

“So you think you could do it better?”

Rachel stepped up to me and put a hand on my chest, her perfume intoxicating me, “I *know* I could do it better.”

I could feel my temperature rising. A quick glance at Susan showed that it was blatantly obvious to everyone so I didn’t try to hide it. I looked back at Rachel, her cheeks were flushing too. I decided to go for broke.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Prove it.”

‘Here goes nothing!’ I thought.

“Alright Sammy Skeptical!” she said, “When and where?”

I pointed at the office in the back, “Right now, let’s go.”

Once inside, I took a seat in the chair and Rachel stood in the center of the room. Rachel looked me dead in the eye, “Are you ready?”

“Do you want some music?”

Rachel had closed her eyes and was slowly rocking her head back-and-forth, “Not necessary.” And she began to dance, her eyes still closed. Rachel ran her hands from her mid-thighs up her stomach, lightly over her ample breasts, up the back of her neck and into her hair which she held up on top of her head while swiveling her hips at a slow and sexy pace slowly turning her back to me. I was completely mesmerized by her firm ass rhythmically gyrating mere inches from my face. Rachel dropped one of her hands and spanked herself, “You like this ass, baby?” Her voice betraying her lust as she continued to dance, Rachel slapped her ass several more times for me before whipping around to face me.

What I didn’t notice when Rachel had her back to me was that she had lowered her straps of her top and when she turned around, Rachel dropped her top revealing her perfect, perky, D-cup breasts. Her areolas were perfect circles and her erect nipples stood proudly ┬ż of an inch tall. It was all I could do to not take her right there. Rachel’s face had a look of pure erotic enjoyment as she swayed and shook, giving me my first-ever lap dance.

Rachel turned her back to me again, hooked her thumbs in her pants and bent at the waist, dropping her over-sized cargo pants on the floor and showing off her amazing ass, luscious thighs and intoxicating perfume of her aroused sex. Rachel promptly sat down on me and grinded against me in reverse-cowgirl style.

Rachel lay against me and purred in my ear, “Ooh! You’re so big!”

Rachel got off of my lap, turned around and kneeled in between my legs. She unzipped my shorts and freed my throbbing pole of flesh from the confines of my shorts and all 8.5 inches stood proudly in front of her.

“I can barely wrap my hand around it!” Rachel gushed.

Rachel straddled me in the chair and ground her panty-covered pussy against my exposed cock. The black satiny material enabled her to glide the length of my member. I grabbed Rachel’s ass in both hands and ground her onto me even harder as I sucked one of her rubbery nipples into my mouth and then the other. I could feel Rachel’s wetness seep through her panties and soak my cock and it was driving me crazy.

“You’ve got me so hot!” I growled. “I’m gonna come.”

“Is that big, fat cock of yours gonna come for me baby?”

“Oh yeah, *uh* after I come, I’m going to make you come so hard you’re going to pass out!”

“I’d like to see that.”

After several more VERY vigorous strokes, I came all over the both of us. My a-shirt was completely soaked over my stomach and Rachel’s panties were equally covered.

I quickly stood up and placed Rachel on the edge of the desk, pulling her ass to the very edge. One of the best things about working in this particular video store was that some of the porn production companies would send toys as promotion items with their movies. Earlier that day we received a ‘Magic Bullet’ with the new Hustler series of videos. I removed Rachel’s panties and inhaled her aroma one more time before diving in and giving her clitoris and womanhood a thorough tongue-lashing. Rachel was wet when I began, but her juices REALLY started to flow as I flicked my tongue across her clit and nibbled and sucked on it as I inserted one, then two fingers into her dripping snatch. Every time I felt Rachel getting close, I would bring her just to the point of no return and then bring her back down. Rachel was squeezing her breasts and sucking on her own nipples as I worshipped her vagina. Every time I brought her back down from an impending orgasm, she would moan out loud almost begging me for release. “Soon.” I assured her. That’s when I brought out the magic bullet. First I used it at the top of her lips, slowly working down to her throbbing clit. When I first touched it to her, Rachel almost jumped off of the desk. When the bullet reached her clit, Rachel had a complete spasm, but still no orgasm. I slowly spun the bullet around the inner lips of her opening, driving Rachel to the brink of insanity, and then I stopped. Rachel actually started to cry. bahis siteleri As soon as I stopped, however, I lifted her legs way up exposing her puckered anus to me. Before Rachel could register what I was doing, I had inserted the bullet half-way into her opening, leaving enough of the device for me to shake it back and forth vigorously in addition to its rapid vibrations at the same time as I stuck my tongue deep into her unprepared ass. Rachel exploded into a well-deserved and long-overdue orgasm. She screamed, she mewled, she started speaking in different languages, she finally ejaculated all over the desk and promptly passed out.

Susan had locked up and gone home for the night before we started. I went about the closing ritual for the store and returned to the office to wake up my dark angel. Rachel had regained her consciousness and her senses, but was still completely naked on the desk. I stood next to her and smoothed her hair.

Rachel smiled sleepily, “Hello god.”

“Hello dark angel.” I replied, “C’mon, I’ll take you home.”

Rachel dug her hand into my pocket and pulled me closer, “No! I’m not done with you yet!”

I smiled and kissed her forehead. “I’m taking you to MY home. This,” I waved my hand over her magnificent body, “was just an appetizer.” I flashed a wicked smile.

Rachel was up and dressed in a matter of seconds and three minutes later, I was opening the door to my apartment. I flicked on the light and invited her in. It was a humble one bedroom apartment, a TV on a table with a couch, a small kitchenette, some throw rugs and a few nature scenes on the walls. The only exciting about my apartment was my four-post bed. Rachel’s eyes lit up like a child’s at Christmas when she saw it. We were next to the bed facing it and I was standing behind her, my hands on her hips.

I nuzzled Rachel’s neck, issuing a pleased sigh from her seductive lips. I lightly ran my fingertips up the sides of her ribs, a gentle circle around her areolas through her tank top, and down the back of her arms eliciting a shiver. I slowly raised her arms above her head and again softly ran my fingertips down the insides of her arms. As my fingers passed her elbows, Rachel lowered her hands to caress the back of my head as I continued my fingertips’ journey to the hem of her shirt. Once there I put my hands under Rachel’s shirt and caressed her flat belly up to her very ample bosom which I squeezed and alternately pinched her nipples. I stopped nuzzling the side of Rachel’s neck so I could completely remove her tank altogether. Rachel turned around and kissed me passionately as I tossed her shirt to the floor. Rachel ran her hands up my taught stomach and muscular chest, sliding her hands under my top shirt and slid it off over my shoulders. As my shirt fell to the floor, Rachel started ripping my a-shirt down the front. I helped and threw the tattered remains to the floor as Rachel licked each of my nipples in turn while dragging her nails across my stomach leaving bright red lines in the wake of her jet-back nails. I took her lovely face in my hands, looked deep into those hypnotizing eyes and dove at her neck, nibbling and sucking at her jugular. Rachel gasped audibly, gripped the waist of my shorts and threw me onto my bed. I went to unbutton my shorts and she slapped my hands away. I reached for her but she backed away, flashing another mischievous smile. Rachel removed her boots, pants and thong and jumped onto the bed standing over me. She moved to the left head post and took one of my ties I had hanging on it.

“I just had the BEST idea.” Rachel said, her seductive smile growing ever-wider.

Rachel then straddled my face and as I began sucking her prominent clit, she took my right hand and tied it up against one of the posts, moaning and grunting her appreciation of my oral ministrations. Rachel stood up, grabbed another tie, sat back down on my face and tied my left hand to the other post. I snaked my tongue up into her dripping snatch and tongue-fucked her until she came, flooding my mouth with her juices. I swallowed all she had to offer me and was looking for more when she rolled off of me.

Rachel stood up from the bed and looked around my room on shaky legs. I tested my restraints and found that if I REALLY needed to break them I could so I relaxed and enjoyed the show. Rachel found a tall, unscented candle on one of the bedside tables.

“Very nice,” she commented, “Lighter?”

“It’s in my left pocket.” I said moving my leg.

Rachel reached into my deep pocket and teasingly fondled my balls before fishing out my lighter and lighting the candle and putting it back on the table. Rachel then sashayed over to the wall switch and turned off the main light, casting the room in shadow from the soft light of the candle next to the bed. Rachel got on all fours and crawled over to the bed and climbed up next to me. Rachel laid her head on my chest and caressed my left cheek, my neck, my chest, down my stomach and under the waist of my shorts and stroked my painfully erect cock which was straining bahis ┼čirketleri against my shorts and threatening to burst the seams.

“Are we ready to come out and play?”

I gently thrust in her hand to let her know that I was and Rachel again got on all fours and kissed down my chest and stomach, biting each of my nipples while doing so causing me to take sharp inhales of breath each time. The lower Rachel went on me, the more she turned on the spot, until she was finally at my waist and had to straddle my face. I immediately started lapping at her luscious lips as she undid the button and fly on my shorts with her teeth, panting heavily into my groin. I lifted my hips to help her push my remaining clothes off and as my boxers passed my cock; it sprung up and slapped Rachel in the jaw. Rachel laughed and gagged herself trying to swallow my dick, but didn’t stop sucking me off until we both came together, drenching each other’s face in come.

I was still hard and Rachel was still wet, so Rachel turned and lowered herself onto my massive member. It took Rachel about a minute, but she finally bottomed out on my girth. Rachel sat on my cock, playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples, diddling her clit, scratching her nails up her thighs, and all over my torso.

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked as she moved her hips in a slow circle with my cock buried inside of her.

“I’m in heaven.” I panted.

Rachel leaned forward until she was resting her large breasts on my chest and looking me directly in the eye. Then, she started moving her flaming-hot pussy slowly up and down my engorged cock. “So Jeff… do you like to play?”

I kind of new what she was talking about, but I wanted to be sure before I answered the wrong question. “What did you have in mind?”

Rachel sat back up, but this time she had the ‘Magic Bullet’ from earlier. She used it on her clit as she rode me up and down at a leisurely pace. I could feel the vibrations from it as well as her walls contracting around me because of it. The feeling was amazing. “Do you have any more toys?”

I indicated the table with the candle, “I have a few in there.”

Rachel hopped off of me and the bed to look in the drawer. “Oh my, aren’t you kinky?” She gasped, “Cock ring…” after a minute or so, she managed to get it on. “Anal beads…” she threw them on the bed next to me. “Don’t worry, they’re for me”, she smiled. “Flavored, warming lotions; more vibes; a feather tickler… You’re a bonafied freak!” Rachel hopped back on the bed, turned her back to me and straddled my face, “Eat my ass, freak.” She said as she squirted one of the lotions on my ringed cock and jacked me off until it felt like my prick was on fired and then she started to suck me off again. “I LOVE cherry!” She moaned in between humming and gagging on my cock.

Once she sucked all of the gel off of my cock, Rachel crawled down my body and stuffed my cock into her pussy in reverse cowgirl, leaned forward and began inserting the anal beads. I could feel each one go in through the thin layer between her pussy and her ass. Once they were all in, Rachel rode me roughly through two powerful orgasms and their aftershocks screaming, moaning and grunting all the way. I almost broke the ties because I just wanted to pick her up and fuck her stupid, but I refrained. ‘I’ll let her have a little more fun first.’

Once Rachel regained her senses from her vigorous fucking of me, she swept her hair off her face and looked at me with an exhausted, but satisfied smile. “How we doing back there?”

“I’m just getting started.” I growled, “I can’t feel my arms or my dick, but I am so close to breaking these restraints and fucking like a woman should be fucked.”

“Oh really?” Rachel purred, “Well in that case, you better take these out then.” Rachel then backed up to me and offered me her ass. I took the end of the beads in my teeth and watched as Rachel slowly crawled away, jumping every time one of the beads popped out. When the strand had completely left her bowels, Rachel took it from me and dropped it on the floor. Then, the most wicked grin graced her porcelain features.

Rachel grabbed the candle from the bed table and climbed back into bed and then she worked my pulsing cock into her ass, her ass was still pretty loose from the beads so it went a little easier for her. I was a little nervous because I knew what she was about to do and wasn’t looking forward to it.

“I want to see if you can actually break out of those ties,” Rachel panted as she started bouncing her ass on my cock. “Until tonight I’ve shitty sex, but this is the best fucking I’ve gotten and if you think you can do it any better, I’m going to make you work for it.”

Rachel tipped the candle a little and a few drops of wax landed on my chest. It hurt, but only for a second. “And you call ME a freak?” I smiled at her. She responded by slamming her ass harder on to my cock, spilling more of the wax all over my chest and stomach. I pulled at my restraints as hard as I could, tearing the ties from the posts. The noise and my sudden movement startled her into a mini orgasm. I let her ride it out and then I roughly grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. Rachel yelped and had another orgasm.

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