Quickie: Sleep with Me Tonight

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All characters over the age of eighteen.


The rain came down in a torrent, lightning filled the night sky and thunder rumbled the old house. Elizabeth Dearborn was in a tizzy and couldn’t sleep, her mind was racing in fear and her body was so tense, she couldn’t relax. It didn’t help that her husband was away on business for the week, four days since she’d had any release except for her toys, but they were not a real substitute for a man.

As thoughts of being fucked by her husband drifted through her mind his face morphed into a series of men she’d had idle fantasies about. Gasping, her eyes flew open when the last had been Eric. The delicious tingle between her legs and her suddenly taut nipples gave her an idea and she jumped out of bed before doubt could creep into her mind.

Letting the cotton pajama bottoms and top fall to the floor, she rummaged through her drawer completely naked. Lightning flashed again and she caught a glimpse of her sexy figure in the mirror: large, round breasts capped by puffy nipples that were stiff at the moment, her smooth, tight tummy and her cute ass her husband loved to grab. Her wavy, auburn hair cascaded around her smooth neck and pretty face. For a split second she wondered if she should bother putting anything on at all, but then she shook her head and continued her search.

A moment later she found what she was looking for and put it on: a cream colored short baby doll nighty that barely covered her neatly trimmed bush. The round cheeks of her ass were only half covered. Pirouetting in the mirror, she smiled devilishly and then left her bedroom and made her way down the hall.

There was light coming from under Eric’s door. Her eighteen year old son wasn’t asleep either it seemed. Without knocking, she opened his door and stepped inside. Eric jumped at the sudden appearance of his mother, tossing something over the far side of the bed. He yanked the sheets up quickly, but it didn’t hide the bulge that made an obvious tent between his legs.

Inwardly Beth smiled, catching him masturbating was a welcome surprise. The look of terror on his face would play into her plan nicely as well.

“Oh darling, is the storm scaring you too?” She said sweetly, her voice full of concern.

“Uh, yeah,” Eric answered with a stutter. “Yeah, the storm’s doing a real number, huh?”

“It sure is,” Beth agreed, using her voice to sound frail. “Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?”

“Okay,” Eric agreed and she beamed a smile at him. She stepped fully into his room so that he could see her in her lingerie. His eyes got big and he swallowed hard. Stealing a glance, she caught the tent in his sheet twitch.

“C’mon baby, hurry up! Come to bed with me.”

Elizabeth grabbed at the sheet and pulled it off of him. Eric lunged for his boxers at his ankles and yanked them up, trying not to flash his mother. She smiled at her handsome son, so toned and full of youthful strength. She pretended not to notice his raging erection, but it was at the center of her mind. The lump of flesh between his legs pressed outward against the boxers presenting such an enticing sight to her that her pussy began to flutter with desire.

“Hurry up!” she demanded, bouncing in impatience, causing her breasts to jiggle beneath the filmy top she wore. Eric swallowed hard again and when he was finally moving towards her she turned around and led the way to her bedroom. She hoped that her son was taking a good look at her ass on full display for his pleasure, so much so that she imagined it was glowing with heat.

As they entered the master suite another flash of lightning filled the sky and a deep crack of thunder startled Elizabeth. With a cry she jumped into her son’s arms, squishing her full breasts into his chest. His arms wrapped around her and he held her close. Beth felt his iron hard cock pressing into her tummy and she flung her arms around him to keep him from pulling away too quickly.

The lightning faded and they were plunged into near darkness, the only sound was of their breathing and the driving rain on the window. She enjoyed the feel of him so close to her, the smell of his skin. She knew that this was not what mothers were supposed to do, but she discarded that notion. Turning herself slowly, holding Eric’s hands about her body, she spun so that her ass was pressed against her son’s stiff cock, nestled between bursa escort her cheeks.

“Here, let’s get in bed,” she said as she bent over at the waist. A part of her hoped that Eric would take the gift she was offering and slide his cock into her wet pussy from behind and give her the fucking they both needed. It was not to be though, Eric was too much of a gentleman, she thought, as he agreed and let her climb into the bed.

Once they were both in bed Elizabeth snuggled up close to her son, pressing her full bosom into his arm and draping one leg over his. Another peal of thunder and he wrapped an arm around her and held her close as her hand stroked his chest.

“Was the storm the only reason you couldn’t sleep?” Elizabeth asked, scissoring her legs slowly to tease her aching pussy.

“Well,” he said slowly, “that was only part of it.”

“Me too!” Beth giggled, pressing her naked mound against his hip. “Why couldn’t you sleep? Besides the storm, that is,” she asked.

“You first,” Eric said with a hard swallow.

“Okay,” she said slowly. Then, in a whisper, “I was horny.” Beth could feel his heart racing in his chest as the words escaped her lips. “Were you horny, Eric?”

Eric didn’t answer aloud, but she felt him nod. With a big grin and wide eyes her own heart fluttered at his admission. She kissed his chest lightly as her hand continued to slide across his smooth skin, down his chest and across his stomach.

“I like the way you smell. So manly.”

“I like the way you smell, mom,” Eric breathed.

“Yeah? You like my perfume?” She pushed herself up and looked at him, his handsome features coming into full view with a flash of lightning. “Here,” she said as she leaned closer, putting her neck next to his face, “smell it here.”

Eric took a deep breath and groaned in satisfaction.

“Want to know where else I spray it?” She giggled when he nodded vigorously. Shifting her body again, she lowered her cleavage to his face, nearly burying his face between her motherly boobs. “Take a whiff from between mommies titties.”

Once again Eric inhaled deeply and she loved the feel of her boy, now a man, with his face between her girls. Her body was aching with need, but she knew she couldn’t proceed too quickly.

“Eric, were you stroking your cock when I came into your room?” Of course she knew the answer, but the chance to torture her son a little was too much to pass up. His face was still between her tits and she felt him nod. “Ooh you naughty boy!”

Moving back, she stared down at him and then she reached over and turned on the lamp next to the bed. Bathed in the soft, warm light she could see him properly now, but more importantly, he could see her. His eyes were glazed over, like he was in a trance and afraid to wake up.

“What were you looking at when I came in?” Eric gulped, but didn’t respond. “Was it a girly magazine?” After a moment, she nudged him and he reluctantly nodded. “Filled with naked women?” Another nod. Smiling wickedly, she pushed her nighty down so that her breasts were out in the open for him to see.

“Nicer than mine?” she asked with a pouty expression.

“Oh fuck no,” Eric said without thinking. She playfully slapped at his chest for the foul language, but he didn’t react, he was too mesmerized by her full tits.

“Have you ever thought of these while you are stroking your hard cock?” She pressed her tits together and leaned forward once more, pushing them close to his face once more.

“Yes,” Eric winced quietly.

“Want to know something? I’ve thought of this,” Beth leaned back and slid her hand from his inner thigh upward until she stopped with her hand resting lightly on his throbbing cock. “I’ve thought of this,” she gave him a gentle squeeze, “while I’ve fingered myself.”

The feel of his hot, steely shaft in her hand, separated only by the thin cotton of his boxers caused Elizabeth to swoon. Taking his hand, she placed it on her left breast and molded her fingers over his and forced him to squeeze. Quickly Eric used both hands to squeeze and cup his mother’s fabulous tits.

She took a firm grip on his thick shaft and began to stroke him through his boxers, but that wasn’t enough for her and she slipped her hand under the waistband so that she could feel his velvety flesh with her own. After a minute of this she moved forward and kissed her bursa escort bayan son for the first time as his lover.

Her tongue invaded his mouth and she tasted every corner. Eric kissed her back and soon they were making out like horny teenagers. Eric seemed to be let loose and soon he was towering over her and his mouth covered her rose colored nipples and he was sucking on her tits like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh yes baby! Suck my titties!” she encouraged, running her fingers through his hair. She fed him her flesh and felt her pussy quake with each swipe of his tongue. Snaking her hand between their bodies, she pushed his boxers off his hips and then she groped for his cock. His shaft felt like heaven in her hand as she stroked him. Sliding her thumb over the head, she caught the sticky drops of precum as it leaked out the tip.

“Lay down,” she ordered him and he obeyed. Liz gazed down at her son’s cock, so strong and hard, standing up proudly. Her dainty hand looked so small wrapped around his veiny pole. Smearing more of his precum along his shaft, she watched in awe as she stroked him. “I want you to make you cum with my hand.”

Eric only nodded, need etched on his face as he stared up at her. Elizabeth loved the feel of her son’s hard cock in her hand, slipping through her fingers in an erotic ritual.

“Oh so big and thick!” she moaned, pinching a nipple with her free hand. “I can’t wait to see what a big load of cum you have for me! Here let me make this wetter for you.” She let go of his cock for a moment and stuffed her fingers into her overheated cunt and soaked them. When she grabbed his shaft again her fingers were even more slippery than before and now her hand glided over his skin smoothly.

A minute later his body stiffened and then jets of white, sticky semen shot out of his cock. It shot up in the air and some landed on his chest, some on the bed and the rest caught by Liz’s hand and she used that to lubricate her stroking even more.

“That’s it baby, cum for me! Cum for mommy!” she encouraged him as she milked the sweet load out of his cock.

“Oh fuck, mom!” Eric shouted as he came, filling her with a delicious thrill.

“Did you like that baby? Did that make you feel better?” She smothered his mouth with her own again, still holding onto his cock which was still unbelievably hard. Eric returned her kisses, his hands all over her body from her boobs to her ass.

Elizabeth loved the eager way her son devoured her body, reminding her of how sex used to be when she was much younger. She couldn’t wait for him to work up the courage to find her pussy on his own though and guided his hand to her pouting cunt. His groan of pleasure was music to her ears as he began to explore her pussy. His fingers slid over every electricity filled nerve ending, sending waves of pleasure to her brain.

“Oh yes, that’s it baby. Stroke mommy’s kitty, stroke it nice for me and make me purr!” Lifting her hips, she pushed his fingers inside her soaked channel and she moaned with animal desire as he began to finger her steadily. “Oh fuck baby, that’s it! Fuck me with your hand, just like mommy did for you!”

Eric sucked on her tits as he fingered her, her hips lifting to meet his thrusts and lowering as he pulled out. Elizabeth was on fire and it wasn’t long before she let out a scream of pleasure, her pussy clamping down on his fingers as she came. When he pulled his fingers out of her cunt she grabbed his hand and sucked them clean.

Catching her breath, Elizabeth felt a glow, but she knew she wasn’t done and she guessed neither was her son. Pushing him down on his back, she straddled his chest, facing his feet.

“Now that we’ve done it with our hands, next is our mouths!” she announced.

Immediately Eric’s hands grabbed her ass and pulled her back until her pussy was pressed up against his mouth. His tongue pressed against her wet lips and he was soon french kissing her cunt.

“Oh that’s good, baby. Kiss mommy’s pussy,” she sighed.

Leaning forward, Elizabeth found his rampant cock ready to go. Taking hold of it in her hand she rubbed the head of his cock against her pursed lips, like a lipstick. A large dollop of cum still clung to the tip and she slipped her tongue out to slurp it up. Oh he tasted so wonderful! She felt her pussy quiver at the taste of his seed. Eric was licking her from her clit escort bursa to her little rosebud in a slow, steady fashion, building her desire moment by moment.

Stroking his cock, she rubbed it against her face, loving the smell and feel of him before she opened her mouth and let him enter. Eric groaned with pleasure as she engulfed his shaft in her hot, wet mouth. Her lips pressed against his stalk as she took him deeper and deeper. He stretched her mouth wide open he was so thick, and that made Elizabeth even wetter as she imagined it spreading her pussy.

The sounds of the mother and son 69’ing filled the room. Groans, moans and wet slurps filled the gaps between the rolling thunder. Elizabeth came first, her body quivering and shaking as Eric held her tightly in his grasp, his tongue flicking against her clit while she came. She guided his finger to her rosebud and moaned in a high pitch when he teased her tender anus. As he played with her more, she humped his face harder and harder until she came again.

Eric had not cum yet from her blowjob and she intended to see that he did. Climbing off his body, she spun around and her son lifted himself up on his elbows so that he could see her do her magic. Kneeling between his legs, she straightened up and pressed her full tits together, something she knew men liked to see.

“Mommy wants you to cum in her mouth,” she said in her slutty voice. “After you fuck my tits for a bit.” With that she leaned forward and captured his long, thick cock between her boobs and squished them together. Rocking back and forth, she stroked his cock between her breasts, sucking on the head of his cock as it appeared on the down stroke. She let the saliva in her mouth drip out onto his cock to make the tit fuck slippery.

“Oh god mom, I love fucking your tits!” Eric huffed, his eyes glazed over in lust.

“I love to have my tits fucked, baby. You can fuck my tits anytime you like!” she offered.

“Oh god mom, I’m going to cum soon!”

Elizabeth grabbed his cock and lowered her mouth onto his shaft, taking him deep into her mouth and into her throat. Bracing herself, she pushed forward slowly until she felt his pubic hairs pressed against her stretched lips. Deepthroating her son’s cock, her pussy spasmed as his orgasm burst forth and sent jets of hot semen down to her stomach.

When she felt he was done spurting cum into her mouth, Elizabeth let his cock slip from her lips and she licked and kissed it clean. Her tongue bathed his shaft and she savored the taste of his body. Afterwards she climbed up next to her son on the bed and revelled in the way he caressed her body, planting kisses on her tits and her face.

“You got one more in you?” Elizabeth asked with a wink. She took hold of his cock and stroked him slowly, working him back to hardness.

“Yeah, I think I can manage that,” Eric said with a devious smile.

“Good,” Elizabeth smiled.

With a delightful yelp, Elizabeth was flipped on her back and suddenly her son was between her legs, pushing her knees apart and back towards her chest. Reaching between them, she took hold of his hard, thick cock and aimed it at her gash. They groaned in unison as he slid into her slick cunt slowly. She savored the way he stretched her, splitting her so wickedly.

His broad chest and strong muscles looked so incredibly sexy to her. She cupped her breasts and played with her nipples as he towered over her and worked his cock in and out of her cunt. Eric found his rhythm and soon his pace quickened until he was pounding her pussy fiercely. She felt like a plaything to a giant as he fucked her deeply.

“Oh baby,” she huffed, “you fuck mommy so good! Fuck mommy! Fuck me!” She let go of her breasts and grabbed onto the sheets, trying to hold herself in place as her son fucked the hell out of her. Her tits bounced up and down on her chest in time to his thrusts into her welcoming pussy.

Eric moaned deeply, his cock grew even harder and then he was cumming inside his mother. The feel of his orgasm triggered her own and her pussy clamped down on his shaft, mixing her juices with his inside her well fucked cunt.

When he was done he slipped from her pussy and collapsed next to her on the bed. Elizabeth reached between her legs and felt their mixed fluids seep out of her and she scooped up as much as she could with her cupped hand. Eric snuggled up to her and held her close as he drifted off to sleep.

Elizabeth lay in the afterglow, wondering what new possibilities this had opened up until she drifted off to sleep, her muscles finally relaxed and the storm miles away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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