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I love to procrastinate by masturbating. It means I have extra motivation to make the trip to orgasm longer and harder, because I’m avoiding whatever I’m really supposed to be doing. So today when I felt my nipples straining against my clothes, I couldn’t resist casually brushing my hands over them. They instantly responded to my touch, sending darts of pleasure all over my body. I knew that the tax return was going to have to wait until I’d fulfilled my needs.

I lean back in my chair and rub my breasts with both hands. I pinch my nipples through my shirt, and I press my thighs tightly together to stimulate my clit. I lift my arms up and remove two layers of clothing, leaving my breasts covered by a lacy, sheer bra. The cool air instantly causes them to firm up even more. My eager hands grope at them, squeezing, twisting and tweaking my nipples until they ache with pleasure.

While one hand continues to tease my breasts, I allow the other to slide under the waistband of my jeans. The tight fabric forces my hand down directly between my swollen pussy lips. I ease my legs apart a little to allow me to feel how wet I have gotten. My panties are nearly soaked through, I am so wet. I glide my hand out from inside and scrape my fingers over the seam in my jeans. The seam runs directly to my hard clit, sending pleasure with every bakırköy escort flick of my fingers. I spread my legs as wide as I can, gripping the sides of the chair with my thighs. My pussy pushes up even tighter against the seam and I grind my hips up and down while I clutch my breasts tightly with both hands.

I unzip my jeans very slowly and let my fingers graze lightly over my engorged pussy. I wriggle them off and stuff my hand greedily and desperately into my panties. I’m so sticky and my pussy eagerly draws my two fingers in. I push them in deep and pull them towards me. My palm mashes up against my clit and I let out a low groan as my fingers curl inside. I push my hips forward to meet my fingers as they massage that sweet g-spot. I’m very tempted to finger myself to a hot orgasm, but I know it’ll be better if I make myself wait. I reluctantly slip my two fingers out and stand up from my chair letting my panties fall to the floor. I then unclasp my bra and free my beautiful, bouncy breasts.

I press my warm body up against the cold wall, my nipples harden again and I feel my juices work their way down my thighs. I support my body with my left arm, as I mash my chest further against the wall. My right hand catches some of my runaway juice and I cup my hand over my pussy, avcılar escort allowing my middle finger to push in between my outer lips and lightly stroke the very swollen and sticky inner ones. I need the wall even more now. It props me up as my finger slides back and forth, making me even hornier as it touches my clit whilst flicking up into my palm. I feel another round of juice drip into my palm and I invite my index finger to the party. The two digits work hard, stroking upwards faster and faster. I’m finding it difficult to stand now, my legs are weakening. I grip at the wall and let my hips buck the back of my hand into it. I have to slow the pace again as I know I can make myself cum so much harder. I let my fingers lightly caress my lips again, avoiding my hard little clit.

I’m having so much fun procrastinating. I am so hot and all I need to make this finger fucking better is a nice hard dildo pumping in and out of my tight pussy. I pull myself away from the wall and sit on the edge of my bed and open the bedside table. There is an assortment of toys that I enjoy using frequently. I take my favourite 8 inch dildo and lie back on my bed. My hips thrust up in anticipation. I slide the cool member against my slit, warming it up for a little while. My free hand clutches at my büyükmece escort breasts, desperate to hold onto something. I trace the wet dildo up and down my thighs now and I tease around my pussy. I spread my legs wide and I push my hips up and down impatiently as I press the hardness against my lips. I slowly start to push the first inch in and out. My pussy tries to suck it all the way in, but I resist.

I let go of my breasts and drag my hand down my body to join the other in giving my pussy a workout. I moan softly as my hands work together. One hand is pushing the dildo in and out softly while the other massages my clit. My pussy is dripping wet and the hard rod is sliding with ease. I pull and push it faster, deeper and harder. I bring my pussy up to meet my hand with every thrust. Oh it feels so fucking good. I can’t last long like this. I pump it harder and harder whilst letting my other hand trace around the hood of my clit.

I need to come now, more than ever. I roll over onto my stomach and let the wet dildo slip out. I grip my pussy with three fingers and pull, mash and grind into my clit. I muffle my deep groans as I start to cum. My hips are grinding deeper and deeper into my hand as my orgasm takes over my body. I finger my hot pussy faster and faster as wave after wave of pleasure hits me. My whole body is shaking and my pussy strongly pulsates, releasing more juices onto my tired fingers. I pick up the dildo and can only manage to glide it lightly over my clit a few times before it sends me over the edge again.

As my body calms down, I continue to play with my swollen lips hoping to delay that tax return just a little longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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