Picture This Ch. 04

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When Bill returned we were all in the lounge, Mum reading, Beth and I on our phones. “Modern family life,” he chuckled.

“How was your walk?” Mum asked.

“Great,” he nodded. “It’s cold enough to be bracing but not uncomfortable.”

Mum got up. “Lunch, then?”


They moved over to the kitchen area, and I leaned across to Beth. “Going to give me a hint about your plan?”

She grinned knowingly. “Well, the first thing is, I go to your Mum’s room when you and Dad are both out, I’m looking a little anxious, and she asks me if I’m OK.”

“Right,” I said cautiously. “And then?”

“I explain to her that since my Mum hasn’t been around, I’ve had nobody to talk to about – you know, girl stuff.”

I had to admire Beth’s creativity. “So what do you tell her you need to talk about?”

“I say to her that I’m getting these… feelings, I know it wouldn’t be right to do anything about them with – well, with a boyfriend, but it makes me want to, to…”

“So she nods to let me know she understands. “All girls feel that way, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“She puts her arm around me. “Do you touch yourself when you feel like that?”

“I nod, my cheeks a little pink now, and she smiles. “That’s OK too.”

“I give her my best frustrated look. “But I don’t think it feels the same as it would if…”

“I see her hesitate visibly. “Beth – I don’t know if I should -“

“Then she obviously makes a decision. “There are, well, ways of helping with that. I – I sometimes need that myself,” she admits. “Let me just get something.”

“She goes over to the bedside table, opens the drawer, takes out – well, it’s that thing we saw today. “Beth – this is what a lot of girls, women, use to help them.”

“I pretend to look at it fascinated, like it’s a snake maybe. “Wow.”

“She offers it to me. “Would you like to borrow it? It’s clean, I promise.”

“I take it in my hand hesitantly. “Will you – will you watch me, to see if I’m doing it right?”

“She’s obviously a little shocked, but I think her feeling of responsibility to me wins out over her hesitation. “Well, OK.”

“I unzip my jeans, slip them off, then my panties, then glance at her to make sure it’s OK as I lay down, part my thighs. She smiles reassuringly. “There’s no rush – it might take a little while for you to be ready, and don’t worry if it doesn’t feel quite right the first time.”

“I put it against my entrance, of course she doesn’t know that I’ve been so wet since we started talking. I press on it a little, and just the tip slides inside. I gasp, and stop. “Oh!”

“She leans closer. “Are you OK, Beth?”

“I nod. “It feels… Actually it feels nice.”

“I use my other hand to touch myself, and I can see that she can’t tear herself away from watching now, she must be getting turned on herself. The toy slides in further, and I pull it back a little, then thrust again. “Ohh… that feels good.”

“She can’t help herself, her hand’s moved to her breast and she’s squeezing it, I can hear her breathing change. “Just do whatever feels best, Beth, it’s OK.”

“I use the toy more insistently, my fingers are moving on my nub, and I feel myself getting close to coming. “It feels – something, right inside me, getting more…”

“She nods. “Oh, yes, Beth, let it go, I know it’ll be amazing for you…”

“I tip over the edge, I can’t help moaning, my hips shuddering, pushing the toy in as far as it’ll go, and – and then I spurt, and she moves back a little in surprise, then leans closer despite herself to watch it run down, making a wet patch on the bed. “Goodness, Beth, that’s – well, that doesn’t always happen.”

“I’m relaxing now, and I slide the toy out of me, put it on the bed. “That was amazing – thank you so much…”

She takes a deep breath. “Beth – would you mind if I… if I did the same? I’m sorry – watching you has made me, well…”

“I reach to touch her hand. “Don’t be sorry – you told me it’s natural, right, so of course it’s the same for you.”

“She looks relieved, and a little self-consciously unzips her slacks, pushes them down, her panties too. “You can lose them completely,” I reassure her.

“So she parts her thighs, slides two fingers inside, her other hand urgent on her nub. “I really enjoyed watching you, Beth,” she confesses. “I could almost feel what it was like for you, feeling so full for the first time, just like if Bill – I mean, if someone you really trusted was inside you, both of you being intimate with one another, he’s doing whatever he knows you like the most -“

“I can’t believe how quickly she comes, not really a spurt but a dribble, and she clasps her thighs together round her hands. “Mm…”

Before Beth could imagine the end of her story, Bill returned. “What on earth are you two whispering about?” he asked, grinning. “Come on, lunch is ready.”

When we’d finished eating, I could see Beth hinting to me with her eyes, and I cleared my throat. “Er, Bill?”


“How about you show me that route you ataşehir escort walked this morning? I’d quite like to stretch my legs too.”


Beth flashed her eyebrows at me as I pulled on my boots. “Take your time, enjoy the walk,” she chuckled.

Bill and I made our way up the hill towards the woods. “I was hoping to get some time to talk to you,” he ventured.

“Ah, OK,” I managed. “Anything in particular?”

“Just wanted to thank you for taking care of Beth – I know she can be very independent, and she tries to sound like she doesn’t need anything, but deep down I can see that she really appreciates having you around.”

He grinned. “I think she always wanted a big brother.”

“I’ll do my best,” I promised.

We carried on walking mostly in silence, Bill obviously not sure what would engage my interest. Then – “Oh, look – is that a buzzard?” I pointed.

“Definitely. Though there are kites around here, too.”

We discovered that we had a shared interest in birds of prey, and the rest of the walk was filled with conversation about birds we’d seen or places we’d like to visit, wildlife centres.

When we got back to the lodge, there was no sign of Beth or Mum, and Bill put the kettle on. “Cup of tea, that’ll soon bring them.”

True enough, as he was pouring, they reappeared from the master bedroom, and I could see an unmistakeable flush in Beth’s cheeks. So something must have happened, and my curiosity couldn’t wait till after dinner. “Hey, Beth, can I show you something upstairs?”

Beth gave Bill a “Wonder what on earth he’s on about” look, but came with me. As soon as we reached the landing, she threw me a broad grin. “Your Mum is the best.”

“Tell me,” I begged as we reached the bedroom, Beth sprawling on the bed.

“Well,” she began, “it didn’t go quite as we imagined.”

She settled more comfortably. “Well, she was convinced by my ‘I get these feelings’ routine. But then it went – well, a little different.”

“Different how?”

“She asked me if I was a virgin, and I had to admit I wasn’t. I think she was quite surprised at that, she and Bill must have talked about how he’s tried to protect me. But she nodded. “I don’t need to know who, or when. But was he kind to you, were you safe?”

“I tell her yes, definitely, and she looks reassured. “Beth? Can I ask you something else?”

“I say of course she can, but she still hesitates. “Beth – have you ever felt attracted to, um, to girls as well?”

“Of course this isn’t part of my script, so I have to think really fast. But I was pretty sure I already knew where she was going with this, so I nod shyly. “There were a couple of girls at school who, I don’t know, things felt different, I wish – well, I wish I could have kissed them.”

“She nods again. “Are you curious to know what it’d feel like?”

“I can see in her face what’s going to happen – what she hopes is going to happen – next. She’s parted her lips just slightly, I can see the tip of her tongue between them, and she leans a bit closer. I lean over too, and our lips are just a little way apart, I can feel her breathing, I catch the scent of her skin. Then -“

Beth took a deep breath, remembering. “We kissed, a little at first, then more, and our tongues were touching, it felt so good.”

“Wow,” I managed. “I’d never have guessed Mum secretly wanted you.”

“So we break the kiss after a while,” Beth continued, “and I can see she’s a little worried. “Are you OK, Beth? Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I touch her cheek. “It’s fine… It was even better than I’d imagined.”

“She turns to kiss my palm, then – mm – I feel the tip of her tongue against my skin, she darts it between each of my fingers.”

Beth threw me an almost sad look. “I just knew after that we weren’t going to stop until, well, everything.”

“So…” I prompted.

“So I take hold of her hand, I put each of her fingers in turn into my mouth, use my tongue on them. “Like that?”

“She nods. “God, yes, Beth,” and we kiss again. “I’ve always thought your breasts are amazing,” I murmur, and she glances down, lifts an eyebrow slightly.”

“I take the hint, fumbling with the hem of her top until my fingers touch bare skin, then I slide my hand upwards, I blink in surprise, no bra.”

“She chuckles. “Well, we’re on holiday, and -” I see her blush – “Bill likes to be able to get to me, nothing in the way.”

“My fingers keep moving upwards, I’m holding my breath, hardly believing this is happening. I cup her breast, it’s bigger than mine are, so full, her nipple’s hard.”

“She’s lifting her top off so I can see her, mm, her areolae are wide, dark, and I can’t resist, I run my tongue round each nipple. “Oh god, Beth, your mouth on them,” she begs, and her hard nipples are between my lips one after the other.”

“I stop to take off my own top, lose my bra, and she puts her arms around me, pulls me close, I feel her breasts flattening against my chest, the nipples wet -“

Beth made a low kadıköy escort bayan sound of frustration as we heard a knock on the downstairs door. “Sandwiches are ready if you want them,” came Bill’s voice.

“Thanks, Dad,” Beth called. She took a deep breath. “I’ll have to finish telling you later.”

We went down, and I couldn’t help looking thoughtfully at Mum, trying to catch any hint of the passionate encounter she and Beth had obviously had. She looked relaxed, but apart from that there was no hint, and for a split second I wondered if everything Beth had told me was just another of the amazing fantasies I’d enjoyed her spinning for us.

But then I caught the glance Mum and Beth exchanged – if I’d been between them, I swear I’d have spontaneously combusted – and I was certain Beth had been telling the truth.

We munched on sandwiches, biscuits, then as usual Mum was the first to fight back a yawn. “Come on, Bill, let’s get an early night – we can be up bright and early, you can finally show me those woods you’ve been on about.”

They disappeared into the bedroom, and I glanced at Beth. “Want to see what they get up to?”

She shook her head. “What I want is to finish telling you what happened this afternoon, then have you give me the one thing that a woman can’t, hard and fast.”

I didn’t need any more persuasion, following her upstairs. In no time at all we were undressed, and Beth snuggled against me as we settled into her bed. “So where were we?” she teased.

“You’re both half-naked and you can’t keep your hands off each other,” I prompted.

“So,” Beth began, “she smiles at me. “Your turn…” And I hardly breathe as she bends to kiss my nipples, then suckles them.”

Beth grinned. “You do it really well, but it felt different. Then she runs her hand up my thigh, presses against me through my jeans. “Want to lose these?”

“We both finish undressing apart from our panties, and again her fingers are pressing into me. “I’m glad I’ve made you wet.”

“I reach out to her, touch her in the same place. “You too.”

“She chuckles. “Of course.”

“We just touch each other for a while, taking it in turns to please each other’s breasts, until I hear her moan softly. “Beth, let me…”

“She draws my panties down, and I open for her, she buries her mouth in me, then – oh god – slides a finger inside me, crooks it a little to find that special place.”

Beth parted her thighs, an obvious invitation, and I moved my hand down, entered her with one finger, trying to recreate what she was describing. “Mm,” she nodded, “that’s it.”

She continued her narrative. “Her tongue’s so soft, but she knows exactly how to move it to get me close to my climax in no time at all. My fingers are tangling in her hair, and I moan as she slows down a little. “No, please, now…”

“I feel her smile, but her tongue starts to flicker again, and I tip over the edge, of course I spurt, and she deliberately uses her tongue to catch as much as she can, swallows…”

Beth flexed against my hand. “Mm, Tim, will you use your mouth there while I tell you how it ended?”

I slid down, my tongue on her, somehow more aroused myself from knowing how and by who Beth had already been pleasured there only a short time ago. Beth resumed her account, “So I’m that soaking mess I like so much, but I know I want to return the favour, so I glance at the bed, and she lies back, opens for me.”

Beth shivered with pleasure. “Now I know why you like using your mouth on me so much, she’s soft, and so wet, and that musky taste, and my fingers getting all slippery pushing into her, and she’s moaning, I can’t help myself, I just let my tongue go wild, and in no time at all she’s -“

Beth cried out, a spurt of warmth spilling onto my lips, then somehow managed to speak – “She’s coming so hard, her wetness tightening on my fingers, her thighs clasping me, until finally she falls back, she’s breathing so quickly, and I move up, hold her…”

She took a deep breath, stroking my hair. “Wow…”

She shifted onto her knees. “Mm, Tim, now for that one thing…?”

I moved behind her, slid smoothly into her, started to thrust. “Oh yes -” she gasped. “I think she’d enjoy you doing that to her as well -“

The unexpected twist to Beth’s fantasy was all I needed to tip me over the edge, and I thrust hard once, again, and yielded to the irresistible pressure, spurting deep into her while Beth gave a quiet moan of satisfaction…


Early light was just creeping into the room when Beth stirred. “Morning, lover.”

I kissed her softly. “Morning yourself.”

I grinned at her. “Wonder if today can possibly hold anything as surprising as yesterday.”

She flashed her eyebrows at me. “Maybe it’s your turn to come up with a plan.”

I chuckled. “I think yours is the best so far – I just have to tweak it a little.”

“So how?” queried Beth, propping herself on one elbow.

“Well, I find Mum when she’s alone, I give her the worried look, say I need escort maltepe her advice.”

Beth snorted. “Your Mum’s pretty smart – won’t she be at least a little suspicious, both of us within two days?”

I gave a shrug. “Even if she is, we already know she’s – um, way more open about things than I’d ever have thought.”

“True,” Beth acknowledged. “And let’s be blunt, this is her chance to get twice as much of what she likes as she does now.”

She grinned. “And from a hot younger guy too, maybe you have a bit more stamina than Bill.”

It was my turn to snort in disbelief. “From what I’ve seen, he can give me a run for my money. Anyway, it’s not really twice as much, is it?”

Beth looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

I shook my head. “Well, unless yesterday was a one-off, she can indulge with you when you both feel like it.”

I saw Beth shiver with anticipation. “Mm, true. And if your plan succeeds, we can maybe mix it up even more.”

“I – goodness, Beth, I’d not thought of that.”

I took a deep breath. “Anyway, one thing at a time. Let’s keep an eye out for my chance.”


We got ready, went down for breakfast. “Dad,” Beth smiled sweetly over her toast, “can we go out for a walk this morning?”

He glanced at Mum. “Is that OK? I know you wanted to see the woods.”

She nodded. “It’s fine, Bill – I can get a head start on the roast, and you and I can go out after lunch.”

A few minutes later the door closed behind Beth and her father, and Mum turned to me. “Are you OK, Tim? I know this has all been a bit sudden for you, and having Beth and Bill around all the time…”

As I opened my mouth to speak, all my carefully-rehearsed words evaporated, and all I was left with was the truth. “Mum, there’s something I need to tell you.”

She nodded, waiting for me to go on, and in that moment I realised just how much she loved me, how much I could trust her. I took a deep breath, and began. “Mum – Beth and I – well, we’re together.”

Despite her obvious determination not to be shocked by whatever I was going to reveal, her eyes widened. “So when she said she wasn’t – that he’d been kind – that was… you?”

I nodded, and a split second later her cheeks flamed scarlet. “She – she must have told you about yesterday -“

I interrupted gently. “Mum, it’s all right -“

The look she gave me was one of utter vulnerability. “Tim, if we’re going to talk any more, I think you should use my name.”

“OK… Sarah.” Saying it felt peculiar, but something changed in that moment, the woman facing me seeming almost like a stranger recently met, attractive even if a little older, looking at me with love and concern…

Her expression turned anxious. “God, Tim, what must you think of me? Just remarried, and I can’t even keep my hands off my own stepdaughter, never mind my son’s girlfriend.”

She covered her face with her hands, and I couldn’t help myself, getting to my feet, putting my arms around her, drawing her hands away. “Sarah, it’s OK.”

I hesitated. “It’s not as if Beth and I have any moral high ground to look down from.”

She nodded slowly. “Thanks, Tim.”

“Can I tell you the rest?” I asked.

Another nod. “Anything.”

“Well… Beth and I planned this so I could talk to you… could find out if you and I…”

I stumbled to a halt, watching her expression. A bewildering range of emotions chased across her face, finally returning to the utter vulnerability of a few moments earlier. “Tim, I love you. You know – well, I don’t think I have any secrets any more. If you and I find that bed is somewhere we want to show we love one another, who’s to say otherwise?”

I nodded. “And I know Beth won’t have a problem with that.”

I held back on the next thing it would have been obvious to ask, deciding that it was up to her what and when – if anything – she discussed with Bill. “So…”

I leaned slowly towards her, watching her eyes. My lips touched hers, and I felt her breathe in deeply, then respond, deepening our kiss, fingers tangling in my hair –

Footsteps outside, the door handle turning, and we hastily pulled apart, Sarah (Mum again, at least for the time being, I reminded myself) smoothing her skirt before sitting. “Hi, you two. How was the walk?”

“Fine,” nodded Bill. “We saw that buzzard again, Tim.”

I could see Beth trying to work out what if anything had happened, and I gave her the most reassuring smile I could manage. “I just need to pop upstairs,” Beth ventured, her eyes beckoning me.

“Think my phone needs charging,” I blurted the first thing that came into my head, following her.

When we reached the landing, Beth looked at me with a curious smile. “So tell me.”

I took a deep breath. “Beth, I love you.”

Her eyes widened. “Tim – god, Tim, I love you too. But -“

“I told Mum about us.”

She caught her lower lip between her teeth. “Was she OK?”

“She felt guilty about you and her at first. But then I told her the reason you’d gone out with your Dad was so I could find out if she and I -“

Beth leaned against the stair rail, looking a little dazed. “Wow. That was a bit of a gamble.”

“Not really. I know she loves me, and – well, basically she said that could include – what we were hoping for.”

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