Pervert Ch. 02

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It had been 4 months since Joanne and I had had sex, 4 months since I had cum inside of my cousin’s pussy. We hadn’t really talked about it, but she was going to be in town again, and I knew it had to be addressed. I called her.

“Joanne,” I said, “It’s me.”

“Oh god,” she said, “I know.”

“Look,” I said, “we’re going to be staying together again. If we don’t, people will get suspicious. Let’s just move past what happened, and start with a fresh slate.”

“Agreed,” she said, “It was a mistake. We’re cousins. What we did was wrong. Cousins don’t fuck each other.”

“They don’t,” I agreed.

“You can still jerk off to me,” Joanne assured.

“Woah,” I protested, “That’s how we got into trouble last time.”

“No, we got into trouble because I thought you stole my panties. This time, I’ll just give you a few pairs. escort kartal That should do the trick.”

“y-you… You want me to cum into your panties?”


I couldn’t wait for Joanne to visit.

Joanne gave me a pair of frilly pink cotton panties and a silky green g-string. “oh my god, Jo,” I gasped, “are you serious?”

“Yeah; blow your load in these, instead of me. I want those back when I leave, by the way.”

Joanne had mellowed quite a bit in the intervening months, and I took full advantage, wrapping her underwear around my cock and making her panties stiff with semen as she walked about. By the 2nd week, she started going topless. I asked her about it and she just said “You’re already spunking my thong, and I know you’ve seen my tits, so who cares?”

Finally it was time for Joanne to go. maltepe escort I gave her pink panties a send-off to remember, stroking myself, thinking about cumming in my cousin’s pussy until I unloaded into her panties. I walked up to her as she was packing, holding the drenched undergarment.

“oh, right,” she said, snatching the pair from my hands. She made to stuff them into a gym bag, but stopped, looked at me, and smelled them.

“Wow,” she said, “you really went to town on these.”

“Thinking of you,” I mumbled.

Joanne laughed and put the cum-stained panties in her pocket.

“You know, it really wasn’t all that bad, in the grand scheme of things. You just came too quick. Your dick is nice and big, you just need a little practice.”

I was speechless. “Joanne,” I stammered, “Do you mean, that is…”

“Look, pendik escort bayan I know what I said last time, but I was ignoring the fact that it felt so good.”. She slid her hand down my pants and slowly began massaging my penis, still tender after cumming into Joanne’s panties.

“Joanne,” I warned, “you’re so hot, I don’t know when I’m going to blow.”

“that’s okay,” she said, “I like surprises.”

Her mouth was not like anything I had ever felt before. Her warmth slobbered up and down my shaft. Her tongue carressed my head, and after a few minutes, I asked my cousin if I could cum in her mouth.

But she wanted to get fucked.

Guiding my rod and spreading her lips, she forced me to enter her. I started fondling her tits and whispered in her ear: “i’m going to cum inside you again,” trying to be smooth, but I was overconfident. For the second time I ejaculated into Joanne’s vagina.

“Oh my GOD, AGAIN?!” she screeched, pulling away from me, cum stcking to her leg, but this time she smiled.

“i’ll see you at Christmas, and DON’T cum in me next time! I’m your COUSIN!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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