PEI Beach Escape Ch. 01

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The scent of sea air permeates the room as sunlight pours in through the blowing curtain highlighting the exposed small of Veronica’s back and definitive curve of her slightly exposed buttocks.

James takes in the ocean breeze while gazing out at the sea through the open window, recalling all the wonderful experiences they have enjoyed on their east coast journey from Toronto.

The traffic across the city upon departure and the navigational confusion caused by the summer ritual of Montreal roadwork, combined with the mechanical problems with their old Honda Prelude outside Moncton, did not phase them.

They were together, alone, travelling for the first time, and nothing else mattered.

It may have been a last minute adventure but the trip unfolded like it had been planned for months.

A romantic stay at Quebec’s Fairmont Chateau Frontenac followed by a long drive to the coast the next day with stops at a couple of craft brewers, had left them exhausted after driving off the ferry to their final destination in Victoria, PEI about a half hour west of Charlottetown.

Neither of them had visited Prince Edward Island, so it seemed a logical destination for two adventurers now deeply in love.

They didn’t really care where they were headed, as long as they were together, and this off-season AirBnB with an ocean view is idyllic for a September escape to the sea.

James lets out a long contented sigh and looks back to eye her laying beside him. He observes Veronica breathing and her beautiful soft skin exposed beneath her summer nightgown and above the loosely crumpled bed sheets covering her lower female form.

Veronica’s dirty blonde hair dances on the pillow with the warm summer breeze, and James is overwhelmed with the satisfaction of knowing they are safe and sound together, in a setting he could never have imagined in his dreams.

Gazing at her beauty and recalling how much she had turned him on during the drive after visiting Tatamagouche Brewery, had him wanting her more than he ever had before. But he didn’t want to wake her, so he put on some coffee and headed to the beach for a long awaited dip.

The beautiful blue sea was cold, and it really was just a quick in and out and back to the beach cottage where freshly brewed coffee and his slumbering lover await.

James heats the milk and pours the coffee. It’s her favourite ÔÇö Belgian Chocolate, with an added shot of caramel, for she could not take it any other way. He brings the coffees to bed and places Veronica’s on her pine nightstand adorned with a kitschy seashell lamp.

James is feeling a little chilled from the ocean dip and loosens off his towel to join his sleeping beauty beneath the sheets.

Warming his hands around his coffee mug, he watches her sleep as her long tussled hair covers her shoulders and her slender back gives way to beautifully defined hips.

James then places his coffee down and can not resist cosying up behind Veronica, bringing his arm around her waist and slowly bursa escort moving his warmed hand upwards between her heaving breasts.

He squeezes her tight and drinks in her faded scent of Escape and essential oils before lightly kissing her neck.

He whispers in her ear, “Good morning, Veronica,” and she lets out a slight ‘mmmm’ sound.

“Good morning, James. Is that coffee I smell?

“Have you been swimming? Your hair is wet!” she says, as James nods his head and raises his eyebrows.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” asks Veronica.

“You were so tired last night, I thought I would let you sleep. Besides, you looked so incredibly peaceful and I wanted to take a dip so badly. It was quite chilly though, so I got out pretty quick.”

Veronica reaches for her coffee and slurps it a little because it is still piping hot.

“Hey, I don’t normally drink coffee first thing,” she protests. But once she tastes it, a grin graces her beautiful angular face. “It’s Belgian chocolate with caramel? Yum, where did you get this?”

“Oh that’s a secret,” James grins. “Now give me a sip of yours!” It was a little ritual they had enjoyed in the office as it brought them closer to each other’s lips without anyone else knowing.

They had been working together for years and their bond, along with a certain sexual tension blossomed with every day they spent contending with deadlines by each other’s side.

Occasionally, their hands brushed when grabbing for the mouse or transferring a coffee to each other. An arm would be affectionately tapped when trying to make a point and sometimes they would get so close they could breathe each other in.

Sharing the same air space would present a certain satisfaction for both. But it was the subtle, thoughtful and caring work exchanges along with certain glances, or catching each other’s eyes that led to their playful texting and oftentimes deeply emotional virtual relationship.

Veronica puts her cup down and settles back in to a child’s pose with her back to James. He makes her kiss him from behind and tastes the caramel on her sweet lips. Their lips brush lightly and their tongues meet slightly before a passionate kiss. She turns her head back towards the pillow but the intimacy has caused a stir in him that refuses to subside.

James begins to trace his fingers from her exposed shoulder, down her arm to the tips of her fingers before squeezing her hand and forcing his fingers in between hers. She can feel him growing against her upper buttocks as his member radiates heat right up her spine.

He lets go of Veronica’s hand and brushes her belly as he draws his hand up between her beautiful pert breasts. They long for his touch and she is beginning to tingle between her lovely slender thighs.

James grabs her lower breast and feels her dime-sized nipple harden beneath his palm as he squeezes, before leaning over and taking her other already engorged nipple into his mouth.

Veronica lets out a quiet moan and bursa escort bayan that’s all James needs to continue further, rolling Veronica onto her back as she reaches for his neck to pull him in for another heated kissing interlude.

His member is fully hardened and pulsing against her thigh as he holds both of her perfect tits in his hands and kisses between them before giving each of her nipples his full attention.

Veronica begins to part her legs and then proceeds to move one of her super soft feet to his now extremely sensitive penis, gently caressing the head and shaft and tickling his balls, while her hardened nipples are being tongued and nibbled.

She senses her flower becoming increasingly wet and knows she is hungry for attention.

“I want you to taste me now,” whispers Veronica in a breathy voice. “My girl is hungry and needs your full attention,” she pleads.

Veronica pushes James off her belly and onto his back before rolling onto him, then spreading her legs over his torso so he is powerless looking up at her beautiful face and bouncy breasts.

Veronica stares into his eyes and begins to shimmy up his body as her freshly waxed pussy moves within inches of his face.

She bites her lip, looking down at his excited eyes and knowing he will soon be pleasuring her with his tongue. Veronica quickly bends, her hair brushing his face, her hand holding his jaw before kissing him passionately then abruptly positioning her glistening lady flower above his mouth.

He sees her looking down briefly before her gorgeous orchid fills his whole line of sight, shimmering before him.

She lowers herself slowly to his awaiting tongue as he inhales her womanhood deeply. Her gorgeous smooth lips are inches from his nose and she lifts his head to bury her wet pussy fully into his face.

He tastes her for only the second time but it’s still like the first experience. Her sweet and salty musk overwhelms him. It’s intoxicating as he begins to run his tongue up and down the inside of her silky soft labia. Veronica begins to moan a little as James’ tongue is tracing out the letters of ‘I Love You” around her swelling clit.

With his tongue rigid and ready, Veronica rubs up and down against it, grinding against James’ face like he’s her personal sex toy, and he is loving every minute of it, especially the sounds she is making when his tongue makes direct contact with her most sensitive bud.

As her lady juices begin to flow, Veronica reaches back with one hand on James’ other thigh while her other hand is pulling up and down on his now pulsating cock.

She dips her fingers into her now sopping wet pussy and places her hand back on his long engorged dick to smear her juices all over his man parts.

James continues to go to work on Veronica’s beautiful pussy and sensitive clit with an incredible view as she leans back moving her other hand from his shaft to squeeze her breast.

As the sounds of the surf roll in, she continues bursa bayan escort to take charge, slowly flipping around to be face down in a 69 position. Veronica leans forward and her hair tickles his thighs and balls while she is giving him an incredible view of her gorgeous heart-shaped buttocks.

Veronica goes down on him with unbridled enthusiasm, kissing his long, thick shaft and silky soft balls before running her tongue around the mushroom-shaped head and taking in his veiny pulsing cock fully to the hilt.

Coming up for air she teases the underside with her tongue as his legs begin to squirm and he grabs for her hips to move her soaked pussy back to his awaiting mouth.

They please each other until she gushes uncontrollably all over his face and pillow, whereupon he excitedly laps up her pungent juices. His hair and chest are drenched and she collapses forward briefly before moving her hips downward.

“I want to feel you inside me more than any one thing right now,” moans Veronica as she begins to insert his penis, cowgirl style. She is grinding her sopping wet cunt back and forth as he watches his thick head continually disappearing within her and she groans every time she takes his cock deeply within her.

Pulling up slightly she begins to fuck him harder, pounding against his balls and rubbing his now extremely swollen head against her sensitive g-spot with every insertion.

He watches her fuck him, his thick cock going in and expanding her inner pussy lips with every thrust. Her juices are creamy and trickling down his shaft and he is having a difficult time resisting release.

So he pulls out quickly and exits the bed to come around and face her from the foot. The view of the ocean is spectacular as he pushes her back onto the bed and opens her legs wide, pushing them both back to render her fully exposed.

James bends down and tastes her sex, licking her hard from side to side, pulling her silky hood back and then flicking rapidly and lightly. He can tell she needs him inside again so he jerks up and penetrates her. Thrusting rapidly he sees the ecstasy on her face and pushes right against her to entwine their tongues.

She can taste herself and finds it is putting her over the top but she wants to finish in control and tells him she wants to fuck him again now. She is feeling so very dirty and loving it!

Once on top again, Veronica takes charge pushing his swollen cock deep inside her, and rubbing her clit for him to watch, before leaning back and grabbing her gorgeous tits.

She tells him to fuck her harder, faster as his hands clench the top of her thighs. James can tell she is about to come, and as her squelching sounds increase with his thrusts, he begins to gush inside her with an intense pulsing movement, releasing all of his hot creamy cum deep within her.

She feels the warmth and increased juices begin to seep out as he slowly removes his fully satisfied manhood from within her whispering eye.

They both purr and collapse into each other’s arms, cuddling and kissing each other, tasting their salty sex sweat.

Afterwards, he washes her off in the outside shower as they wave to the planes flying overhead. The lovers go back inside and get dressed before planning for a day of exploring the island.

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