Peeping Paul Gets Lucky

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( I hadn’t planned on extending this story, but my readers seemed to expect it. So with permission of the requestor, here is part two)

Hey, I’m back! Good to see you again. My wife, Margaret had to go visit her friend in California and help her through some surgery. So she left me here to take care of the girls.

So I’ve been busy watching them and making sure they do everything their mother thinks they should be doing. We all know that means that no boys are aloud in the house while she’s not here.

So the first thing I did was go for a ride to get some fresh air. Then I worked in the flower garden for a couple of hours.

Finally, I heard the first car drive up the driveway. I peeped around the corner of the house and there was Molly’s latest flame in a black leather jacket with chains on it.

I wondered if he used those chains to tie her down while he had his way with her. But I didn’t dare ask him, or he might use one on me.

He looked up and saw me weeding the flowerbeds.

“Hey man, is Molly home?” he asked.

Looking up, like I hadn’t noticed him, I waved and yelled back, “Yeah, I think she’s in the shower or her room.”

He gave mea thumbs up gesture and headed for the front door.

I gave him enough time to find her, wherever she was and then quietly went in the back door and stalked around until I saw them.

She is in the shower, he was leaning in behind the tub and she was telling him to wait until she was clean.

“No, I want to eat you out right now. I love that smooth pussy when it’s wet!” he demanded.

Junior pulled off his tall motorcycle boots and climbed in behind her. As he did so, I saw him unzipping his tight jeans and pull out that long cock of his. He made me jealous he was so big.

I saw him kneel down in front of her and his fingers slipped into her fresh shaven puss.

She moaned loudly while she put on a show in front of the mirror. “Oh yeah baby, lick me good. That’s it, put that long tongue of yours deep in my hot cunt! Oh YEAH! That’s what I want!”

Molly held her breasts in each hand and squeezed them together as he licked her pink pussy. I came all over myself and just let the sticky seed dry in my underwear. Later, I would pull them off and sniff them, remembering the scene.

She climbed from behind the shower curtain and stood in the middle of the bathroom, in front of the mirror. She ran her hands around her full tits and he knelt before her and sucked he clit as her hips rode in and out attacking his face.

Then he picked her off the floor like she was rag doll and carried her unclothed body into the bedroom. They left the door open.

With each downward stork of his long dick into her velvet pussy, I pulled on my own Johnson. But my seed spilled long before his. He lasted long enough for me to get it up one more time. And this time I sprayed across the hallways and had to wipe down the walls.

I quickly, ran to my bedroom and locked the door. I took a shower and masturbated one more time. Then I felt empty. I wanted a woman that would treat me the way the girls treated the boys in their life.

There was a knock on the door and Molly walked in uninvited. “Paul, you need some help, and I’m here to help you!” she declared.

The studs in her nipples stood erect and her smooth shaven cunt was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Her flat belly pulsated with her breathing. She was like a walking sculpture.

“I don’t need any help!” I declared and asked her to get dressed and leave.

“NO! I won’t leave until you let me help you with the stress you have in your life. Believe me, I know what a bitch my mother can be. And when she’s in her moods how she can withhold things to get her way.”

“And escort kartal I know that she withholds sex all of the time. So I’m going to do something for you!”

I became really fearful of what she wanted to do. I stood across the bed from her and she said, “Sit on the side of the bed. No, don’t put your pants back on. I don’t care that you were masturbating. Just come sit on the bed.”

Neverously, I followed her instructions and sat on the edge of the bed. My prick standing was standing erect between my legs. My balls were squeezed tight from not knowing what she planned to do.

Molly knelt before me and spread my legs open wide. She looked me in the eye and then bent and kissed me on the lips. Her pierced tongue slipped into my mouth. It felt strange but was also arousing.

My dick stood up. It had precum dripping already. She lapped at the drops of salty cum with her tongue. Then she opened her mouth wide and sucked in my prick.

A shiver ran through my body. I was shocked and thrilled at the same moment. The warmth of her sexy mouth on my tool drove me crazy. The movement of her studded tongue was the most arousing thing that I had ever felt.

Within minutes my seed spilled out of my cock into her sexy lips. She swallowed all the salty seed. Looked up at me and wiped her lips. Then she bend down and kissed me once again.

“I hope you enjoyed that daddy dear!” she licked my face then walked back to her room, where motorcycle boy awaited. I peeked down the hall and he was standing in the doorway stoking his long dick.

He had watched her seduce me, just like I watched him seduce her.

When they were really into fucking, I slunk down the hallway, still naked and as they fucked, I yanked my own chain.

Then I heard the front door open and I hurried back to my bedroom before I was caught nude in the hallway.

“Paul, I’m home,” called Chelse. “You got anything good to eat?”

Standing at the door of my room, still naked, I shook my dick and softly said, to myself, yeah baby, you can eat this. Cum squirted all over my hand.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes Chelse.” I called from where I was.

I heard her coming down the hall and quickly closed my door.

I heard her door open and then close again. I quickly dressed and knocked on her door.

She answered it in only a bra and bikini panties. It was all I could do to keep little Chester down.

“Hey Paul! I sure am hungry, what’s for dinner tonight?” “I was thinking of fixing a roast, but I got busy in the garden and it’s too late now. What do you say we call out for pizza or chicken?”

“Sounds great to me,” she smiled and pinched my cheek.

“Good, I’ll go call now; which do you prefer?”

“Well, the guys are coming over around seven, so a few pizzas would probably be best, don’t you think?” she informed me.

“Sure, what do you want on them?”

“Oh, maybe three pepperoni and two Hawaiian with extra pineapple.” she said and started stripping off her clothes as if I wasn’t even there.

“Okay, I’ll call it in,” I said, as she turned and started taking off her school uniform and headed for the shower.

The door was left ajar. She stood in front of the mirror and studied her pretty breasts and squeezed the full nipples. Then she touched her furry pussy and climbed into the steaming water.

I went to my bedroom to make the call on dinner and yanked my hard cock until its seed overflowed on my hand. Unconsciously, I licked the salty cum off my hand then ran in and washed my mouth out with mouthwash.

These girls were driving me crazy! I didn’t know what I was doing half of the time.

The doorbell rang and Chelse called, “I’ll get it!” and ran maltepe escort through the house dripping water on the carpet. She opened the door and three boys licked their lips like she was dinner.

I knew she was dessert.

“My dad’s calling for pizza, I’ll be out in a few, after I’ve finished my shower. Go on in the room.”

The boys tramped into her bedroom and made themselves at home. Chelse sauntered into the bathroom and started shaving her furry muff in front of the mirror.

When she finished her manicure, she came to my room, opened the door and said, “Do you like it? Doesn’t it look nicer? It sure feels nicer!”

“Yes, sweetie, it looks very nice; why did you finally shave it?”

“Because the guys like a smooth pussy. Don’t you?” “Well, I don’t think about those things so much as your friends, Chelse.” I lied.

“I just wanted your input. Do you think I should grow it back?”

“Do you like it smooth?” I asked her trying to keep my prick from pushing through my jeans.

She came closer to me and took my hand. She guided it to the freshly shaven skin and moved it between her legs. “Don’t you think it’s sexy?”

Blushing and erect, I answered her honestly, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And yes it’s very sexy.”

“You wanna be the first to lick it?”

I nearly had a heart attack and my cock stood tall. ” I don’t think you want me to do that, sweetheart.”

“Oh, yes I do. Just taste it and see if it taste better than pussy hair! I know you know what pussy hair tastes like cause mom will never shave her fur!”

I giggled with her and agreed with her assessment.

“So, taste it for me! Then I’ll taste you!”

A proposition I couldn’t turn down. I knelt before her. She splayed her legs wide. I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and tentatively licked at the prettiest shaved pussy that I had ever seen.

With my face on her cunt, she pushed her full pussy lips into my mouth. My dick exploded and spewed seed all over her leg.

“Ewwwwwww! I didn’t mean for that to happen!”

“Sorry sweetie… I’m an old man and get excited easily. You know your mom don’t give me much of that stuff. But I thank you for the lick.”

“I’m gonna shower again now!” she turned and climbed into the shower.

I watched as she spread her new shaven pussy lips and my dick got hard once again. I ran into my bathroom and masturbated two times before I felt the relief.

The pizzas came and the kids devoured them within a half an hour. Then they retired to their bedrooms to do the things I wanted to do to my stepdaughters.

I stood in the middle of the hallway and looked from one to the other. Their doors conveniently left ajar.

Stand in the hall way in my bathrobe with nothing on underneath; I stroked my cock with each downward stork of the young men’s pricks into my stepdaughter’s cunts.

I had to wash my hands repeatedly and masturbating was not relieving my desires. Finely, I retired to my room, the sex was too exhausting to for me.

I jerked off three times and finally fell asleep.

The next morning the boys were gone and the girls were running around in almost nothing. I swear they conspire to drive me insane!

Later in the afternoon Chelse came into my room and sat on the bed. “What ya doing?”

“Just cleaning up. Why?”

“I wanted to thank you for your advice last night!”

I looked at her funny.

“You know, about this,” she spread her robe open to reveal her smooth shaven cunt.

My dick shot up.

“Oh look at that little fella, where’d he come from?”

She knelled before me and took my dick in her hand and licked its head, tasting the precum as it dripped off.

I pendik escort bayan had to catch my breath as her lips first covered my acorn head. And when she sucked me into her mouth…. well I just couldn’t control what he did.

She sucked me deep and hard and within minutes my seed spit down her throat. My body shivered from the experience.

Chelse wasn’t the least bit upset. She licked her lips and I watched her smile. “You’re real salty! Your cum is real thick!”

“I guess that comes with old age, sweetheart.”

She smiled. “Will you fuck me? I bet you can do better than those boys. Most of the times they squirt before they can even get it in.”

Embarrassed, I said, “I don’t think that we should be talking like this.”

“I don’t want to talk, I want to fuck!” she said boldly.

“No you don’t you need to save that pretty pink pussy for the right man and have babies with him.” I explained.

“That’s so old fashioned, Paul! You need to get into the new generation!”

“I’m old enough and I’ve been having sex since I was sixteen, I’d like to be with a man who can really give me a great orgasm. Not just a little tingle. Please! I want to feel like a woman!” she begged.

“I won’t do that!” I protested it was all I could do to get those words out of my mouth and keep my prick in check.

Chelse struggled to keep calm. Then she pushed me onto the bed and pulled my dick out of my shorts. “I already sucked this, now I want it in my cunt! Fuck me now! Or I’ll tell mom that you did it and you know what she’ll do. She’ll get your house and throw you out!”

“You know I’ll do it! Take off your shorts!” she demanded.

Just then, Molly strolled into the room.

“Oh good, we’re finally going to have the family fuck fest! I’m ready!”

“Well I’m not!” I protested and couldn’t believe I was saying no to what I knew had to be the sweetest pussies in this house.

“We promise we won’t tell mom, if you eat us out and then fuck us! We know that those boys don’t know what they’re doing.”

I took a deep breath and prayed I wouldn’t have a heart attack. “Okay… But what happens here stays here!” I felt so weak and so fantastic at the same time. I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex with my stepdaughters.

They stripped me of my clothes and Molly sucked my hard cock into her mouth. The stud in there drove my prick crazy. It was such a strange and wonderful sensation. I blew in her mouth at least two times.

Chelse sat on my face as Molly sucked my dick. Her nectar was like honey; I knew it had to be sweeter than any sugar I had ever tasted. I wanted to suck that sweetness until I died.

I exploded in Molly’s studded mouth and the feeling was so extraordinary that I thought my heart would explode. All that exploded was my seed deep in her throat. She exchanged places with Chelse and she slid her now smooth pussy over my dick and bounced up and down.

I tried hard to keep my seed inside of me. I didn’t want any little Paul’s coming from either of these little vixens.

I was in heaven. I wanted to keep them and send their mother to live in California forever. But I knew that she would be home in two weeks.

The girls gave up their inexperienced boys for the next two weeks.

When their mother called to say that she was staying another month because her friend was having marital problems. I told her to take as much time as she needed. “We’re all doing fine here.”

“Paul, you’re so sweet and understanding! Thank you honey! Tell the kids hello for me!”

I winked at the girls who were taking turns licking my cock and they smiled and gave me thumbs up signal.

“Yeah, baby, I’ll do that! Take your time; we’re surviving. We miss you too!”

I hung up the phone and Molly pressed her sweet pussy in my face and my tongue was blissful.

Chelse sucked my balls and stroked my dick and when my thick cum rose to the head she covered it with her pretty mouth and shared my seed with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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