Password to Pleasure

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Elliot Richards is Vice President of Technical Support for Hawthorne Industries. He was in the office of the Vice President of Finance, Gary Peters. They were discussing computer security issues.

“Elliot we do have a major confidentiality problem,” Gary said.

“The Head of security checked all office computers and found no breach. So, if an outsider is accessing data it is not from any of our office computers,” Elliot replied.

“Then the information is being accessed at the officer level,” Gary replied.

“With the President’s authorization I can monitor the officers’ home business computers if he thinks it is necessary. Given the sensitivity of privacy verses security, I would personally conduct the monitoring activities,” Elliot told him.

Two days later Elliot had authorization. The President instructed him to personally find the security breach. It was to be his primary assignment. From his office desktop computer Elliot began systematically and secretly accessing the home computer of the officers.

To begin his monitoring, he would routinely run a series of file searches to identify and list all of the business files that had been accessed at home. He was surprised to find file GFD2006 was constantly being updated on Gary Peters’ computer. To investigate, he tried to open the file. It was password protected. It was clearly a company file name so he ran a special administrative program which would enable him to unlock the file. Minutes later the program dinged. He hit the open file icon to find out why General Financial Data for 2006 was constantly being accessed and changed. What popped up on the screen was not what he was looking for:

Gretchen’s Fantasies & Diary 2006

It was a personal file. Immediately he closed it. However, he couldn’t help but smile. He had only recently met Gretchen. Elliot judged her to be in her mid-thirties. Gary is 43 and Elliot is 29. Elliot recalled how she waltzed into the office, the perfect picture of wealth, beauty and social grace. His inadvertent discovery seemed to contradict her proper lady appearance. His curiosity grew. He wondered. What sort of entries would a wealthy socially connected married woman make in such a journal?

He resisted his growing urge to find out. However, he did allow himself to go back into his program and pull up the password it used to open her file. Password: BADGIRL popped up on his screen. His curiosity kept growing. Elliot wondered if his meeting Gretchen had been included in her diary. What did she really think of him? His curiosity was winning. Elliot decided to take a look. He opened Gretchen’s diary and scrolled to the day he met her. Elliot started reading:


I had to take the Jag in for an oil change today. It seems like any time I have an unusual outing it can cause my suppressed erotic juices to flow. Today was a perfect case in point. I just knew from the moment I woke up that today was going to be one of those days. I had a sixth sense that today I might end up chronicling an illicit forbidden fantasy.

All be it futilely, I made an attempt to prevent my erotic imagination from surfacing. I figured my best defense would be offense. Attempting to keep my imagination in check I decided to be as sexually daring with Gary as he will ever allow. So when he was about to leave for work I struck. I followed him out of the kitchen and into the marble entry. He reached for the door and gave me a customary peck on the cheek. I launched my attack.

Sensually, I dropped my robe and bursa escort dropped onto my knees. Swiftly unzipping his pants I pulled out his velvety soft cock. Crouched naked between his legs, seductively, I slipped Gary’s pliable prick into my mouth and sucked feverishly. Immediately, I could feel his dick swelling. It felt and tasted especially good. I was lucky. Gary didn’t stop me. My day was starting well.

So, I proceeded to act like a hundred dollar whore. I pumped his swelling shaft with one hand. I caressed his dangling seeds with my other, and I sucked on his hardened head. I kept attending to and savoring his delighted dick until I felt his manhood twitching and throbbing on my tongue.

I pulled back and pressed my lips tightly together. Then gradually I pushed forward forcing his prick to pry my squeezing lips apart. Persistently, I slipped more of his cock past my locked lips. Determined, I attempted to work every inch into my molten mouth. My lips descended to the foot of his mountain. Immediately, it sent Gary over the peak. His dick began jerking uncontrollably.

His starchy semen started flying. Quickly I pulled my head back several inches. I needed to taste his spewing seed. Fortunately, most of his squirting cum landed on my tongue. Like a tramp addicted to lust, I moaned my approval. Once fully drained, Gary nervously pulled his spent dick out and stepped back.

I knew he had to get to the office. Quickly he zipped himself. Gary cracked the door open and slipped out. He was on his way to work. That left me home alone naked, kneeling and horny.

Not moving, I savored the stolen moment and continued. His hot cum was cooling on my tongue. I hurried to unleash my undeniable desire. Anxiously, my hand found my moist mound. Diligently, my fingers probed my pitifully pouting pussy. Swiftly, I made my fingertips circle my clamoring clitoris. Thankfully, my pleasure built rapidly. My release would soon be at hand. Gratefully, my craving cunt exploded. My liquid lust flowed over my fingers and down onto my thighs. In celebration, I tipped my head back and swallowed. Shamelessly, I finished my morning cock tail. I had executed my plan perfectly. I hoped that this proactive erotic release would enable me to suppress any illicit imaginings that I might encounter during the day.

In his hurry to leave Gary took the spare set of keys that I needed. I would have to stop at his office and pick them up, so I had to shorten my usually long sensual shower. Quickly I got dressed and left the house. Another Vice President was in Gary’s office when I got there. Gary introduced me to Elliot Richards.

Elliot is tall, strong, years younger, and a good looking professional. I was surprised to catch him looking me over. Thankfully, he didn’t see me as an old neutered woman. No, there was definitely a sparkle in his dark blue eyes. I am convinced my reflection in his eyes was one of a temptation. I saw him staring at my breasts. His erotic reaction resulted in me responding in kind.

Fortunately, I think I managed to conceal my erotic awakening during our brief meeting. Quickly, I retrieved the keys, left the building and got back to my Jag. Once I was back in the plush privacy of my mobile retreat, intense illicit thoughts bombarded me. My earlier enjoyable cock sucking and climax were to no avail. It was a futile effort to fight my forbidden yearnings. My suppressed imagination wouldn’t be denied. Sitting in the car, I let myself experience the most vivid and unbelievable erotic escort bursa fantasy. I shall title it ‘Meeting Elliot’.

I fantasized that Elliot saw the sexual excitement in my eyes just as I saw lust for a married woman in his. Preventing a problem he turned and left the room before Gary noticed our mutual physical attraction. Casually but quickly I grabbed the keys from Gary and followed Elliot. I had almost caught up to him when he turned and went into his office. Without thinking, I simply walked in behind him and shut the door. Hearing the door close, he turned and looked. I froze not knowing what to do or say. For a long moment we just stared at each other.

Then I spoke the only words we shared during our entire encounter. I told him ‘I am extremely pleased to meet you Mr. Richards. However, it would be a real pleasure, if Mr. Richards were to introduce me to Elliot.’ Silently, he cautiously stepped towards me. I could see his eyes trying to read my eyes.

Still staring at Elliot I felt his powerful strong hands. He placed them on my bare shoulders. I didn’t resist. I didn’t initiate. I didn’t move. I just kept looking into his eyes and prayed that he could read my intense erotic hunger. I wanted him to eradicate the illicit lust lurking within me. Silently, I stood willing Elliot to decisively deflower me. Unsure of his response each moment felt like an eternity.

Elliot’s hands lifted off my shoulders. His eyes focused on mine. Anxiously, I swallowed, and wondered. Mystically, his fingers tips landed, touching down on the smooth material right over my needy nipples. Whimsically, his fingers began rubbing on my pure silk blouse. Immediately, the tips of my softness grew magically hard and taunt. Elliot smiled at my instant erotic awakening and my condoning silence.

He realized I was ripe for the picking. His firm hands cupped me. He began caressing my aching breasts. A coy smile slipped onto my face as I stood enjoying the sweet sensation of his dangerous and forbidden feel.

Elliot unzipped and impatiently pulled my silk blouse off my shoulders and arms. He draped it around my waist. His intoxicating eyes were sparkling as he casually slid my bra straps off my shoulders. Then his blue eyes grew darker. His youthful smile disappeared. Roughly, Elliot yanked down my black satin bra, abruptly exposing my naughty nipples.

My lips were quivering and parched as I anticipated his next move. I wet them with my silent tongue. A devilish grin surfaced on Elliot’s face. Firmly, his hands grabbed onto my turned-on tits. Elliot broke off our erotic stare by leaning forward and kissing my softness and sucking my heated hardness into his mauling mouth.

His torrid tantalizing touch had my breasts on fire. Uncontrollably, my hands went to the back of his head. Greatly aroused, I held and twisted his hair between my fingers as he feasted on my feminine flesh. Slowly, he was guiding me, stepping me backwards towards his large mahogany desk. Elliot suckled my softness and further incited my physical craving all the way.

Once he had me against the hard wood, he laid me back. Quickly, Elliot flipped my skirt up around my waist. He grabbed my thong and pulled it down and off. Effortlessly, his pants dropped. His young powerful cock pressed up against me. Decisively, Elliot spread my supple thighs. My clothes were bunched around my waist but I could clearly see his rock hard manhood. It was poised at my entrance. I looked back up into his steely eyes. We resumed our erotic escort bursa stare.

Elliot lunged forward burying his powerful prick in me. Anxiously, his massive manhood started pumping my insides. I could see raw power burning in his eyes. Masterfully, he read the desires of my inflamed flesh. My liquid lust coated and covered his hardness. My body was a blazing inferno of ignited eroticism. Without thought or hesitation, he took me. He took me hard. Confidently, he turned me into a wench. Emphatically, he made me his secret bitch.

Sounds of erotic pleasure were escaping me. Elliot placed his hand over my mouth and muffled my mournful moaning when my body began erupting and writhing wildly. Over and over I bathed his piercing manhood with my warm wet satisfaction. Realizing his hammering hardness had pleased me perfectly, a wily smile crossed Elliot’s face.

Proud of his powerful performance, Elliot continued to stake claim on my lust laden flesh. Amazingly, he pumped harder. He extracted my prurient pleasures like a raging bull dog. His flaying fervor and stabbing stamina were persistent. I saw his desire staring me in the eyes. I could hear his urgency beating against me. Deep inside I felt his primal needs thrashing within me. My body was both capturing and providing pure erotic pleasure.

Finally, he started burrowing his cock deep inside me. Elliot closed his eyes. Tightly, he held my hips. I arched up and ground my torso against him, ready for his raging rod to release its load. Purposely, my cunt clamped down on his thick throbbing shaft. His lethal weapon exploded. Deliberately, I squeezed and milked the last drops of desire from his delighted dick. Unbelievably, we had drained each others animalistic needs. Astonishingly, afterwards we kept staring into each others eyes. For what ever reason, we never spoke.

Amazingly, Elliot helped me straighten up my dangling disheveled clothes. Granting himself a final forbidden caress, he pulled my bra up and sensually slipped my spoken for breasts back inside. Next he lifted and zipped my blouse back into place. Then he stepped back and reached down to pull up his pants.

Immediately, I jumped to return the favor. He stopped and let me grab hold of his shorts. Elliot’s satisfied softening cock was inches from my face and covered with my creamy cum. I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward and licked my illicit lust off of his cock before pulling up his shorts. Taking hold of the tops of his pants I stood back up in front of him. My skirt fell back into place. As he finished fastening his pants, I picked my panties up off the floor.

Elliot held out his hand for them. I handed him my thong. He smiled, folded them up, and slipped them inside his coat pocket. I cracked open the door and peaked out. No one was around. So, quickly I slipped out of his office.

‘Meeting Elliot’ is the most illicit, sensually detailed, and daring fantasy to date. The sweet taste of the forbidden fruit was an epicurean delight. Even recording this fantasy turned out to be doubly orgasmic.

Once my fantasy had run its course I proceeded to the service station to get my oil changed. The service manager indicated that my Jag was a quart low of oil and that I may need to start checking my oil level more frequently. I will have to make a note to do that….

Elliot stopped reading. He clicked on the mouse and shut the file. He did not know how he would react, the next time he saw Mrs. Peters. The stylistic content of her diary was permanently etched in his mind. Elliot was surprised at what he had discovered and shocked at his personal reaction. Contrary to procedures and better judgment, he highlighted the file and sent a copy of it to his home computer. His curiosity about Gretchen was yet to be satisfied.

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