Paradise Island

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Big Tits

The sun was hot on my back drying my skin from my swim, as I walked back up the sandy beach to our private chalet in my red bikini.

As I got closer I could see you stretched out in a chair on the porch, just in shorts with your chest bare, as I dropped my towel on the steps I could see your eyes were closed and the slow rise and fall of your chest.

I knew you weren’t really asleep but it’s a game we like to play, so coming behind you I lean forward and gently suck on your earlobe my warm breath tickling your neck, my finger nails lightly tracing circles across your chest, my tongue tracing a line from your ear to the base of your neck.

As I look down I start to see your cock growing in your shorts and I giggle shaking cold droplets of water from my damp hair on to your chest, my fingers now toying with your nipples I whisper “I want you”

You growl and grabbing my arms pull me round on to your lap kissing me, your tongue exploring my mouth, your hands tracing a line kad─▒k├Ây escort down my back to my bottom pulling me close. My skin is damp and you can smell the sea. I can feel your cock hard and throbbing against my bottom and my nipples erect against your chest. Your hand wanders to between my legs stroking me softly against my bikini bottoms enjoying the building wetness mixing with the dampness from the sea. Your fingers probing pushing the damp material inside me, your thumb tantalising my aching clit. I gasp and wiggle trying to get you to move inside my bikini needing to feel you touch me but you are in no hurry. You pull the strings on my bikini top letting it slide off and move your lips to my nipples, grazing the buds with your teeth before sucking on them hungrily. As my back arches your fingers push aside my bikini bottoms and you push your fingers deep inside me, my pussy already wet and ├╝sk├╝dar escort ready for your touch. My breathing is ragged as your mouth works tirelessly on my sensitive nipples and your fingers thrust and stretch my sodden pussy. You know I am so close to cumming and with a light flick with your thumb to my clit my orgasm washes over me making me cry out.

As I lay across your lap recovering you stroke from my neck to my thigh sending delicious shivers through my skin. I can feel your cock still pulsing and growing under me. I look at you and you know what I want. I slide off your lap to the floor pushing your legs apart I move between them, tracing my tongue up the inside of your thigh from your knee to the top of your thigh just tracing a line across the edge of your shorts. You undo your shorts and lifting your bottom slightly I slide them down and away. My gaze is drawn to your delicious cock and leaning forward I trail my tongue slowly tuzla escort from the base to the tip, planting a kiss on the tip as I do. As my mouth slides down over your cock you lean back and close your eyes savouring the feel of me feasting on you.

When your cock is nice and wet I turn my attention to your balls licking and sucking them both as I slowly wank you, my hand holding you firm I relish in the feel of you throbbing in my hand. I know you need to cum but I am in no hurry and enjoy teasing you with my tongue listening to your breathing change as your excitement builds slowly. My mouth moves back to your cock, my hands under your bottom tug you further towards me allowing more of your cock to slide deep in my mouth, you gasp as your feel your cock touch the back of my throat and your hand moves to my head, winding your fingers in my still damp hair. I can feel your cock begin to throb and I know you are not far from cumming, as my lips tighten around your shaft, the pressure drawing you and dragging my tongue from base to tip, you moan and thrust up as your cock starts to spurt hot sticky cum in to my eager mouth, my tongue lapping up what has spilled from my overflowing mouth across your balls.

As you recover I move back up to your lap, kissing you sharing our passion and as you pull me close I whisper in your ear, “Shower time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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