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My first encounter with Steve was on the phone. His wife, a friend of mine from work, thought he might be interested in my studies of sexual asphyxia. He had already encountered the rare deviance as a cop at the scene of accidental deaths. At the time they were thought to be suicides. All of a sudden I found myself having a discussion of strange sexual practices with someone I’d never met.

But, that’s how it is with Steve. Sexuality dominated his lifestyle in the early 70s, and although he’s less physical with it now, he still studies it, and our conversations at some point always touch on sex, whether it be some bizarre weirdness or more common sensual passions.

Steve’s varied experience in sexual matters gave me some comfort when I found myself being attracted to another woman. I had always dated men and enjoyed some time in the bed with a few of them, never thinking I could love a woman. That is until I met Janice and discovered that she was a lesbian, and that she turned me on.

Somehow I knew Steve was the one person who would understand, and of course he did, telling me to “go for it.” He told me about a five year relationship he had with a man, and that he considered himself bi-sexual, even though he hasn’t had sex with a man for years.

So, I went for it. Janice and I became lovers, lived together for several years, moved to another city, had major fights about her seeing other women, and here I am, alone again.

Alone, except for tonight. Steve was passing through town on vacation and is spending the night. It was good to see him again, having dinner, talking all evening, catching up on old times. But now, for some sleep.

We’re sharing my bed, but we’ve done this before when Janice and I were still a number. It’s nice having a friend lying beside me in bed again, and even though we’re just sharing the bed to sleep, I have to admit there is a tingle of excitement running through me. I wonder if Steve felt it.

Though istanbul escort he normally sleeps nude, tonight he’s wearing shorts, probably in deference to my own T-shirt and shorts. I felt I should maintain some propriety when sleeping with my best friend’s husband.

I was tired earlier, but now I’m lying here in the dark, very conscious of Steve’s presence next to me. His forearm is next to my shoulder and I can feel the warmth and a tickling of hairs. It’s sort of exciting sleeping with a man who is just a friend. The potential is there for sex, which creates a certain tension as we share the bed as pals. I suppose we could both be women or both be men and it would be the same. I wonder what it would be like with Steve? It’s been years since I’ve made love with a man.

He’s rolled over and his arm is across my chest and one knee is bent across my legs. Could probably prod him and make him roll the other way, but the closeness feels kind of nice right now. I’ll just lay my arm across his, slide next to his bare chest and enjoy this intimacy.

How many years since I’ve been this close to a man? They’ve got their own smell. Either never noticed or forgot that a man smells different. Won’t be able to lie here thinking I’m in Janice’s arms, not with the hair and the smell. I can also feel his erection pushing against my leg.

I know it’s just a sleep erection, but the thought of it is still exciting. I’ll just slide my hand down and touch it. I can feel its firmness through the cotton shorts that it’s straining against. The cloth is sliding up and I can feel the smooth head against my fingers.

Steve is thrusting his hips forward and the soft head of his penis is pushing against my leg. He must still be asleep, but ever so slowly his hips are moving as I fondle his swollen cock which is completely sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. Gliding my finger avc─▒lar escort tips over the smooth contour of the head, tracing the crest and then onto the soft loose skin covering the hard shaft, I can feel the winding veins on top and push against them, feeling their resilient roll under my finger.

Sleepily enjoying this exploration of my pals sex organs, I’m suddenly aware that I shouldn’t be doing this. What if he wakes up? Do I just say, “Oh Steve, I thought I’d molest you in your sleep?” Would he be upset, or would he like to get it on? Am I ready to get it on with my best friends husband? God, what a soap opera!

Steve’s hand gently caresses mine and it feels so natural that I almost forgot that I’m holding his penis in that hand. When the awareness sinks in, my heart gives a leap. Am I caught, is he awake? He’s made no further moves – no protest. Maybe he’s still asleep, or is he being passive?

Fuck it, I’m going for it. I untie the drawstring, his shorts loosen and easily slide down his legs. Steve still hasn’t protested or indicated he’s awake, but has rolled onto his back while I’m removing his shorts. His dick is now pointing up and my face is right next to it. Holding the shaft in my hand, I rub my lips over the smooth shiny head, darting my tongue along the groove on the underside. Steve’s hand touches the back of my head. Guess I finally got his attention.

I’ve moved up beside him, pushing my hand against his chest and twirling the hairs there. His hand is on my breast, first squeezing me through the T-shirt, then sliding under it to caress my nipple. We’re doing it. The T-shirt is off over my head, and his mouth is toying with my nipples, sending chills around my chest and back. His large hand is inside my shorts, covering my mons and vulva, just teasingly caressing the outside. As I pull the shorts off, one finger slips between my lips and glides into my wet vagina while resting ┼čirinevler escort on my clit. His size makes him so different than a woman, and yet he knows just where to touch me like Janice did.

My hand is on his firm cock, sliding up and down the loose skin of the shaft, occassionally gliding fingertips over the head, which is now slippery with fluid. Steve leans up and licks a straight line down my abdomen, stopping to circle my navel with his tongue before continuing. His lips are nibbling at my pubes, and I can hear him deeply breathing in the smell of my sweaty lips. Now his face is on my vulva, tongue moving back and forth, parting hairs and lips till it strikes the hood of my clit, making my insides jump. While pushing two fingers in and out of my vagina, he’s sucking my clit in and out of his lips, over and over, until in my excitement I squeeze his head between my thighs and scream an orgasmic “Janice!” Oh, sorry Steve, I’m sure you understand.

Pulling his head from my pussy, I kiss him to the smell of my own juices, then roll him onto his back and sit up straddling his rod easing myself down on this hard seeping organ and guiding it into my equally wet hole. After all these years it still feels good sliding in, filling me. Steve is quite wide and I can feel the pressure of him rubbing the walls of my vagina as I push up and down with his thrusts. In and out we pump repeatedly, faster and more furious until we both come. With moans of orgasm, my muscles squeeze against his cock while his hands grip tightly to my butt.

Exhausted, laying back down beside Steve, I drift off to sleep still thinking about what has happened. That was good, and I have to admit I still like making it with men. I know we shouldn’t have done it, and I feel a little evil for it, but fucking Steve was so much fun.

The sun is filtering through the trees and the room is starting to glow. Steve is lying next to me, his arm draped across my chest, pressing against my breast through my T-shirt. His knee is bent across my legs and I can feel his morning hard pushing against me through his shorts. My own shorts, a little moist in the crotch, are still on as I slide from under the weighty embrace of my pal sleeping beside me. As I go start the coffee I wonder if I should ever tell Steve about my dream?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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