Paige Ch. 14

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ch 14 : Takin’ Megan?

The next weeks were very hectic. On the day before the estate sale, Paige ran out to get more packing boxes and I was making a little lunch. She had only been gone for a couple minutes and Megan was at the door. She let herself in, as she always did. She was becoming a fixture around the house. She made herself right at home.

Megan walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter next to me. “Hi there, Handsome,” she said. She was a relentless flirt. It really pissed Paige off at first, but she was getting used to it. When Paige wasn’t around I couldn’t hep but reciprocate sometimes.

“Hello yourself, Gorgeous,” I answered.

“What ‘ya making there?”

“Ham and cheese sandwich. Are ya hungry?”

“I’m always hungry…if you know what I mean.”

Without looking up, I said, “You are such a dirty li’l girl.”

“You have no idea Mister.”

I shot her a sideways glance, shook my head and chuckled.

Megan moved a little closer, leaned toward me and whispered, “Feed me.”

I raised my sandwich and offered it to her. Megan took a small bite and looked me in the eye as she slowly and seductively chewed it. There was a small drop on mayonnaise on the corner of her mouth. I wiped it off with the tip of my finger. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her mouth. She licked the mayo off and sucked my finger into her mouth. Our eyes remain locked.

Megan took a drink of my beer and said, “Thank you.”

Still looking into her eyes, I replied, “No, thank YOU.” I had worked hard at avoiding escort bostancı such a situation. I tried not to be alone with her. I had tried not to stare at her or flirt with her when Paige was around. That was the first time we had been alone with Paige out of the house. I knew that I could resist temptation for only so long.

“Some how, I’m not quite satisfied,” Megan sad and bit her lower lip. She touched my cheek and move a little closer to me. I should have pulled away but I didn’t. “Have you changed you mind yet?”

“No, I haven’t.”

Megan feigned a pout and whimpered, “Aww, you wouldn’t regret it. I promise.”

Nearly every day, I almost caved in and told Paige that Megan could come along with us. Ever time I steeled my resolve and held firm. As tempting as it might have been to travel across the country with those two beautiful girls, it would have spelled trouble for sure. I knew that I would regret it one way or another.

Megan stroked my cheek with her finger and moved closer still. I stood my ground, our eyes still locked. I felt my heart rate increase and a stirring in my trousers as she slid her hand around to the back of my neck.

I laid my hand on her waist and pulled her the last few inches toward me. “Mmmm,” she moaned. With our bodies touching and our eyes fixed in that longing gaze, came the inevitable kiss. It started soft and tender and escalated quickly. With in seconds we were hungrily and passionately trying to devour each other’s mouths.

After kissing deeply for only a minute, Megan broke our ümraniye escort kiss and pulled back far enough to run her hands up and down my chest. I took her firm young breast in my hand and squeezed. She whimpered and began to unfasten my pants.

I massaged and kneaded her breast as she proceeded to unzip and lower my trousers. She took my throbbing manhood in her hand and moaned again. “Mmmm, yes,” she whispered . Soon she was on her knees before me, my cock just inches from her face. “Yes! Oh yes,” she repeated.

Megan kissed the crown and swirled her tongue around it, licking off the precum that had oozed out. She wrapped her lips around my cock and took the first couple of inches. She sucked voraciously, then took all of my cock into her mouth. It was wonderful. Paige wasn’t able to do that yet. It had been so long since a woman had given me such a treatment that I nearly exploded. I wanted so badly to cum in her beautiful mouth, but I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Megan’s head was bobbing as her soft, smooth lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. I realized how badly I had wanted her all along. The thought of every other woman abandoned me. There was no Paige at that moment, no Sarah. No other woman had ever existed and this was the first head job ever. It was amazing. I felt it building deep inside me; what promised to be an historic eruption. I knew that I was going to spew streams of my hot cum into Megan’s pretty mouth and she was going to love it.

That’s when we heard Paige’s car turn onto the street. The window kartal escort bayan was open and Paige’s bug had an unmistakable sound. Megan and I just froze for a second. She rose and looked me in the eye. As she stroked my saliva slicked dick, she whispered, “This ain’t over, Mister.”

“Hell no,” I answered.

“And by the way, you’re delicious.”

Megan moved away, toward the fridge as I pulled up and fastened my pants. She took a can of soda pop from the shelf, stepped back to the counter, picked up my sandwich and tore it in two. She threw the larger part away and raised the rest to my mouth. I took a bite. She put the remainder back on my plate, put the plate on the table and ordered me to sit. She then poured part of my beer and some of her soda down the drain. She set the beer beside the plate and sat at the other end of the table. I had a mouth full of sandwich and Megan was taking a sip of her soda as Paige came in with an arm load of empty cartons.

“There she is,” Megan said, “Thought I heard you pull up. Need a hand?”

Paige replied, “Sure,” to which Megan and I both stood.

“Finish your delicious lunch, Handsome. We got this.” Megan winked at me and the girls went out to Paige’s car.

As I took the last bite of my sandwich it occurred to me what Megan had done in that last minute. She had set a scene, complete with a nearly finished sandwich and two almost drunk beverages. It would appear that she had been drinking her Coke and sitting with me as I ate my lunch, waiting for Paige to return.

I knew then what a clever and diabolical little wench we were dealing with. There was no way that she could come along with Paige and me. I knew too that I needed to steer clear of her. I heard the girls burst into laughter outside and it almost scared me to think what they might be laughing about.

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