Over The Years Pt. 02: Driving

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Year – mid 1990s

Here’s a story that Millie suggested I share. It happened while I was still married and was the second of two times over many years that my ex-wife exhibited not only a desire for sex but an appetite for it.

The first time was when we were returning home from a cross country trip. It was about 1 am and we were on the road. Out of the blue she is in my lap sucking my cock. She NEVER did this and soon she had taken her clothes off and was begging me to pull over and fuck her. I obliged, she was hot for sex that night and for the life of me I didn’t know why. She was very much the dutiful wife but never initiated sex, it was always me. Well…

I had just returned from a trip back east, had to go to VA for some meetings. The flight landed in San Diego and I walked up the ramp looking for my wife who had driven down to pick me up. I was very surprised when I spotted her.

My wife was a 5 foot 4 inch blonde, never thin but at this time was probably 130 lbs, 34C bra size, wide shoulders, and practically no ass. She was shaped like a swimmer. My wife didn’t like dresses because she thought she didn’t look good in them. So she NEVER wore anything but pants unless the occasion required something more feminine or formal.

There she was in a lovely white and yellow sun dress I had bought her during a trip to Hawaii. It was the type of dress you stepped into and then buttoned in front. Her hair was in a ponytail which went about 4 inches below her shoulders. Her dress wasn’t revealing, a typical full top and a dress that went to just below her knees. She looked wonderful and I told her so when I kissed her hello.

She replied in a bubbly tone and way that was totally alien for her. As we walked she was on my right arm and leaning into me, holding my right hand with both of hers, her purse on her right shoulder. Although odd I was loving it and commented to her about it.

She whispered that she wanted to have sex as soon as we got home. This was a shock. I stopped and she held on to my arm and came around in front of me, raising up on her toes she wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me on the lips, and then leaned to whisper in my ear that she had never wanted to make love so badly and was wet just thinking about it.

I smiled at her and said something like, “sure you are.”

She insisted she was and with that playful banter we started walking again.

After a few minutes she said she needed to use the restroom. This was much more like her; she always seemed to be peeing. She walked into the restroom and I was left to wait as the doting Husband. She reappeared a few minutes later and we began walking again.

She asked if I really didn’t believe she was wet and I told her to stop teasing me. She stopped walking and took her purse off her shoulder and held it open for me to see inside.

Right on top was a pair of panties.

She looked at me and said I should feel them.

I whispered, “You took you panties off?!” and she nodded. I reached in and felt the panties, they were wet. She closed her bag, took my arm again, and started walking. Wondering whether she had simply wet her spare pair of panties (she always carried a spare pair because, as men know, women sometimes leak) I casually rubbed my nose as if it were itching… and smelled my fingers. She wasn’t lying, I could smell her muskiness on my fingers and I told her that I hoped she was still wanting it when we got home because we had a bit of a drive to get home.

When we got to the car it was just getting dusk. I put my bags into the boot and went to open her door. I opened it and before she stepped in she turned to me and kissed me with a deep open mouthed kadıköy escort kiss. Our tongues thrashed about for a few moments and she broke the kiss and said, “God I want you so bad.” By this time I was sporting a very hard cock as well. She then sat down and as she turned to put her legs in she pulled up her dress as she looked up at me. She never shaved, only trimmed herself to keep he hair about an inch long but other than that she was completely natural. Her lovely thighs were topped with blonde hair, she smiled at me and I closed the door. Although I didn’t need the convincing I really appreciated the view.

I walked around and got in, started the car and headed out of the parking lot.

There is a great place to eat not far from the Lindbergh Field and she always loved to go there any time we were in San Diego.

I asked her if we should stop and she thought about it for a minute but said, “no, I want to fuck.” That in it’s self out of character because she didn’t swear either.

Just as we got onto Harbor Drive she slid a bit closer and leaning into me kissed my neck and lay her head on my shoulder. She casually moved her hand to feel my cock in my pants.

Now I was large but not hard, she rubbed my cock and tilted her head back to kiss my neck and drive her tongue hard into the side of my neck. She knew I really liked that. Unzipping my pants she reached in with her right hand and pulled me out. Then reached back into my pants to pull my balls out as well. I told her to hold on as I got onto I-5 and headed north. It was fairly dark now and I decided to tool along at 60 mph. I was unlikely to pass anyone and ensured I stayed behind a truck. She was stroking my cock and kissing my neck as we drove.

This was all I expected because, as I’ve mentioned, she didn’t like oral sex. She said pre-cum tasted bad to her and I knew she gagged easily. Usually the only times she’d ever even come close to giving me a blow job was when she had wine. She’d dip my cock in it and then lick and suck for a few moments and then do it again… Not the greatest of blow jobs but it was what she found acceptable. I’m not the forcible type and would never think of asking a woman to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.

Anyway… quite unexpectedly she leaned over in front of me and licked the tip of my cock. There wasn’t much room between me and the steering wheel so I moved the seat back as far as it would go. We were on cruise control and I could still touch the brake if needed. She had her right hand cupping and fondling my balls, she didn’t move down on my cock but licked around the top and circled the head with her tongue. It felt wonderful. Then she closed her lips around the head and gently tongued my slit… then in one motion slid as far down my cock as she could. Which wasn’t really all that far. He lips were about half way down, it was all she could take without gagging. She moved back up and sucked on just the head for a moment. She began a rhythm like this, licking the head, stroking her mouth up and down and then returning to sucking the head. She was sitting mostly sideways in her seat, bent over me with her left leg curled under her.

I reached over her back and tugged at her dress. It didn’t move but she knew what I was about and shifted a bit. This allowed me to gather her dress up into the middle of her back. She was now naked from the waist down. Her right leg was down toward the passenger side, he left was bent under her and she continued to kiss and lick me. I squeezed her left ass cheek, put my index finger in her ass crack and them moved down toward her pussy. I reached üsküdar escort her asshole and she bit gently on my cock. I lingered at her asshole and pressed my finger against it. She bit harder and I heard a muffled, “uh uh”… in order to not break the mood I continued sliding my finger down. I had to be gentle here because initial entry into her vagina was sometimes painful to her regardless whether she was wet or not. I pressed my finger and it slid in. She raised up on my cock just a bit and shuddered… I stroked a few little strokes.

She began moving up and down my cock more rapidly in time with my finger fucking her. My finger left her vagina and slid across her clit, it was very slick and I gently massaged it. Then began moving back and forth from her pussy to her clit. Every time I penetrated her she would go down deeply on me. The attention she was showing my cock was having its natural effect and I was fully hard and could feel my balls beginning to demand release. On the rare occasion she’d given me a hand job she ensured she had something ready for “clean up.” I told her if she kept it up I’d be cuming soon. While still on my cock, she took her right hand from my balls and reached into her purse which was in front of her seat. She pulled out a towel… it was the same sort of hand towel she kept next to the bed for when we had sex. It was then I realized she’d had this planned all along. She simply didn’t keep hand towels in her purse.

She raised up off my cock long enough to place the towel above my cock covering my clothes, and then returned to those wonderful strokes. I had paused finger fucking her and decided that since she was so wet I’d try two fingers instead of one. During foreplay I’d sometimes try to insert more than one finger and she usually said it hurt. I kept the heel of my hand on her ass and lifted my fingers from her. Then pressing with my two middle fingers I felt her folds open to me and they slid in easily. She didn’t make the slightest move that she noticed, continuing to stroke me. I pushed them in as far as they would go and pulled her toward me. I was getting ready to cum and told her so. She must have felt the twitching in my balls because she raised her head off and began stroking my cock rapidly with her right hand. My balls exploded and I groaned with release. She kept up the stroking as I jerked.

When I was finished she licked the top of my cock and then began gathering up her towel wiping me. As she moved her ass backed up a little and I kept my two fingers inside her and wouldn’t let her move away. She laughed and asked me if I liked it. I told her it was wonderful but I wasn’t going to let her go. She replied, “who’s asking you to?” She twisted toward me and I lost contact with her pussy as her right hip turned. She positioned herself over the center console so she was laying with her head in my lap with my semi-soft cock next to her left ear. She was holding it against her head with her left hand. Her right foot was on the seat with her right knee against back of her seat… her left foot was also on the seat, her leg bent at the knee. She pulled up her skirt and smiled at me. The glow of the lights in the car really accentuated the scene. Passing car lights would illuminate the interior for a moment, the rest of the time she was bathed in blue light. I stroked her cheek and gently traced her lips with my thumb. She opened her mouth and licked it, my hand stroked her neck and I moved my hand up under her dress and bra to cup her left breast. Her nipples were sensitive when she was aroused but like her clit couldn’t take much attention before it felt painful to her. I cupped her breast and felt her tuzla escort erect nipple on my palm.

I have to again mention how completely and totally out of character this was for my wife. But, being the smart guy I didn’t complain.

Withdrawing my hand I began unbuttoning her top… fumbling a bit with one hand. She didn’t move at all to help but lay still smiling at me. I unbuttoned her down the the top of the dress and moved the sides apart until her breasts were exposed with only the bra covering them. Grasping her bra in the middle I pulled it up off of her breasts. One thing I could say for my wife was that even after a few kids her tits were great. I massaged first the left and then the right, lingering on each nipple. Her nipples were hard and erect for her, which was only ¼ inch or so. I love the feeling of flesh and slid my hand down across her belly and then back up to her breasts. I saw her wince a bit and knew that was enough attention for her tits for the moment and moved my right hand further south.

I lightly passed over her pussy to feel her right thigh and brought my hand slowly up between her legs to drag my index finger between her lips and over her clit. She was wetter than I had every felt before. Leaving the palm of my hand on her mound I used her juices to very gently manipulate her clit. Her clit was very sensitive and she sometimes complained I was too rough, even when I was being as gentle as I could. As I very slowly circled her clit she began moving her hips with me. Another thing she never did. She relaxed more and closed her eyes moving her hips with my finger and breathing deeper. Her hair was wet with juices and I slid my hand down so my palm was over her clit. I could feel her clit under my palm and she said quietly, “just like that.” As I keep my palm moving I was tracing her vaginal opening with the tip of my finger… then I slowly, but in one motion, inserted my finger into her as far as I could. Her reaction was to reach down with her right hand, putting her hand over mine. Keeping my finger in her she began to grind against my hand moving my hand as she wanted. I could tell she was close to cuming and I left her to do as she wanted.

I had never seen her like this. Ya, I’ve said that a couple times but if you had known her you’d also think, “who is this woman and what did she do with my wife?” She didn’t even masturbate, we had talked about it once and she felt it was dirty, same way she felt about oral sex.

She took hold of my right wrist with right hand and began fucking my finger. She was grinding against my hand and in the motion I managed to get two fingers into her, my two middle ones, and curled them up a bit toward the fabled g-spot. No confirmation of a g-spot but she continued grinding on my hand and soon began lifting her ass out of the seat with her legs. She let go of her dress with her left hand and moved it up to her left breast. She squeezed it gently and then slid it under her dress top to cup her right breast. I could see her struggle a bit as she squeezed her hand under her bra to get to her nipple. Then she began to cum… she held my hand firmly against her but very still… sucked in her breath, made her little squeak she does, and jerked a couple time against my hand. After a few moments had passed she put her right hand over my hand which was still between her legs with my two fingers inside her. She moved my hand around in little circles as she came down off her excitement.

She remained laying in my lap looking up at me for a while as we drove on. Eventually she sat up and put her dress back together and settled into her seat. I asked, “what got into you today?”. She replied by sliding closer to me and kissing me again saying, “I just felt sexy today.”. The rest of the drive home was quiet with me trying to think of what happened so I could repeat it. Alas, nothing came to mind other than my being gone. I thought maybe she had a lover that got her all worked up but quickly disregarded that idea as foolish.

Never did find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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