Out of Control Ch. 06

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Marcus gazed at her as she slept that sleep only lovers and children seem to be able to do. He still couldn’t believe the things that they had done but what amazed him the most was the fact that she had chosen him to do these things with. That showed complete trust in him and he felt honored, not to mention that he would have killed someone if she’d asked someone else.

He leaned in and kissed her softly on her nose. He felt her nose scrunch beneath his lips and he smiled. If there was one thing he’d learned about his baby, it was that she did not like to be woken up for ANYTHING. But he had a good excuse this time, he thought. If he didn’t, he’d just fuck her in her sleep. Plus he’d taken the time to set the scene while she’d slept and he wanted to get credit for it.

His lips, as if drawn by an invisible string, moved to her lips and it wasn’t long before he felt her lips moving beneath his. Her lips were incredible and always put him in mind of sultry summer nights spent with her pressing those lips against every inch of his flesh. Last night with those big lips wrapped around his cock had been incredible and mind blowing. He had always prided himself on being someone who could last a while, but since he’d met Amie all bets were off.

The first time she’d given him a blowjob he’d known it was all over. The sight of those lips, along with the slight appearance of her small red tongue had been all he could take. He didn’t think he’d lasted more than a few strokes of that tongue and he’d been gone. She’d laughed when he’d apologized and just said that she usually had that kind of affect on men. That hadn’t really made him feel better but he’d laughed along with her.

His lips moved from her lips down the side of her face into the crook of her neck. He breathed deep that smell, the kind of smell that she only seemed to have. It was like sugar and spicy at the same time. He’d asked her once not long after they’d gotten together what perfume she woke. She’d looked at him confused and said she didn’t wear any. He’d discovered later that it was just her smell, that womanly smell that seemed to drive him out of his mind no matter what he was doing. He’d told her it was her sweetness coming through. She’d laughed and told him he’d been out in the sun too long. Now, he opened his mouth on her throat and bit down lightly. Just as he expected, she moaned and arched into him. She never seemed to mind that he liked to bite and leave his mark all over her.

He pulled back to look into her sleep-fuzzy face. He smiled at the look of discontent on her face. She was not a morning person and even though it was only 10:30 at night, she seemed to take offense to the fact that she had been woken.

“Did you have a good nap, baby,” he caroled. He watched as she yawned and he felt her snuggle deeper into the covers. That wasn’t what he wanted but he loved the way her naked body felt against his. Her large breasts were pressed tightly against his rock-hard chest and one of her legs had come alive to run up and down his own. He had settled into her saddle and his hips, without his knowledge, had begun to rock ever so slightly against her.

Marcus watched as her eyes fluttered close from the feeling of his cock rubbing gently against her wet pussy.

As much as he wanted to shove his cock deep into her at the moment, he had other plans. He pulled back and grinned as she groaned. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes, my nap was fine. It would have been better if you’d let me continue it but since I’m awake…” she said pulling her arm from her side to slide it up his chest. Her breathing had quickened and he could see the flush of arousal on her cheeks. He knew that he had to get her out of the bed and away from his naked body if he wanted to do all that he planned.

He pulled back and smiled down at her. “Look around you baby, look at what daddy did for you.”

For the first time since I’d woken up, I glanced around the room. I loved his bedroom and especially liked it now that he’d done some work in there. I peeked around the room and saw hundreds of candles everywhere. I gasped and then looked up at him. He was so happy, he couldn’t keep the look of pleasure off his face.

“What’s this,” I asked huskily, feeling the tears coming into my eyes.

“Well, I got to thinking about what you wanted me to do and I realized that we had forgotten a large part of it. I seem to remember someone wanting me to show her off to people. She wanted someone to see me loving her and fucking her as she screamed. Am I correct?” He quirked an eyebrow at me, knowing the answer already.

“Yes, I did, but we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I said hesitantly. I knew that he was a private man and while I was most of the time, I wanted to have something to show the world that I was with this handsome man. I wanted to show him off, wanted him to use me so that others could see what a good little girl I was. I told him just that. He laughed softly.

“That’s why all the candles escort bostancı are here and why the computer over there is on.” For the first time I noticed the computer equipment in the corner. I could see the monitor was off but the tower was on and so was a small web camera.

I looked at him questionably. “We are going to make love on camera, on a website that I know of. And while you were sleeping, I uploaded those pictures I took of you onto another website. This one is for ex-boyfriends to get revenge on past loves. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You’re going to be rated on how hot you look with all that cum covering that beautiful face of yours.”

I could only nod. I was in shock. I knew that this was a big step for him and while I was happy he’d done it, I wasn’t sure how he felt. But I could tell from the gleam in his eye that he had enjoyed it more than he had thought he would.

As I gazed at the computer, I asked huskily, “So how do you want to do this?”

“I figured we’d just kinda wing it. I don’t want to sit here and plan it. I want you to be into what I’m doing.” I didn’t think that would be a problem but I just nodded.

He lowered his mouth to mine and I kissed him with ever ounce of love I had for him. I felt him slide his hand up under my neck, lifting and giving him a chance to move my mouth the way he wanted. His hand went into my hair, pulling the rubber band from it, allowing my hair to settle on the pillow and around my face. For a few minutes we just kissed. Just as I was being to squirm against him, he pulled back and in fact moved from the bed. He went over to the computer and checked to make sure that every thing was ready.

He turned back to me and told me to get out of the bed using that forceful tone that I love. I couldn’t deny him anything so I slowly pushed the covers back and slipped over the side of the bed toward him. For about 2 seconds I worried about my body and how it looked on camera, but the look in his eyes left me without a doubt just how much he wanted me. Plus the fact that his cock was standing at full attention didn’t leave much of a chance of doubt.

I walked toward him slowly, giving him a chance to see my body in all its glory. I knew that I was no beauty but he made me feel that way. I added a sway to my hips, making them roll lightly and I heard him groan. I smiled and licked my lips, the whole time my eyes running up and down his body.

His nipples were tight little buds and I couldn’t wait to get them between my teeth. He flexed his arm muscles drawing my attention to his tattoo on his left peck. It was a circular tattoo with barbwire around the outside. I had asked him once what it meant and he’d told me that he’d gotten it after a girlfriend had broken up with him. I’d traced that tattoo numerous times with my tongue and loved the feel of his flesh underneath my tongue. He shivered every time I did and couldn’t explain why when I’d questioned him about.

I felt my long hair swinging behind me, tickling the top of my ass. I knew my breasts were bouncing as I moved and while at one time I would have worried about that, now I didn’t care. He loved every part of my body and his eyes told him he loved the show even more now.

I stopped in front of him and smiled up at him. I leaned up on tippy toes to kiss him on the chin. I felt his arms go around me and settle lightly on the top of my ass, just beneath my hair. I pressed my hot naked body against his and heard him growl lightly under his breath. I couldn’t help but move my breast slowly up and down against his chest and as I did, he jerked me up until my feet were barely touching the floor.

He turned our bodies and I looked up at him in question. He tilted his head toward the computer and I remember with a rush that we were on film. The level of arousal shot up by ten.

“Are you by chance enjoying this, Daddy, knowing that people, men and women, are out in cyber space watching us?” I asked huskily.

“MMMHmmmm, I especially like knowing that they can see but they can’t touch. That makes it even better don’t you think?”

I laughed. “I’m aware that you don’t want other people to touch me. But don’t you think it would be so hot to watch me suck someone else’s cock, watch him shove his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth until I gagged on it?”

His face grew thunderous. There I go again tugging on that tail, I thought, suddenly afraid he was angry. However his next words settled it all.

“These are mine,” he said fiercely, his large hands filling with my big tits, massaging them. “If you need to suck a cock, mine is ready for you anytime. I thought I proved that to you earlier. If you need something here,” his right hand left my breast and slide down to snuggle between my thighs, “I’ve got the cock for that too. YOU ARE MINE. I don’t want anyone else touching this. YOUR BODY IS MY BODY.”

I could only nod shakily as his fingers began to glide through my pussy hair to caress my clit ümraniye escort softly. I felt my hips roll on their own accord and he laughed softly. “Your mind might not know it yet, but my body understands.”

Marcus pulled back from me and kissed me lightly on the lips. He moved from in front of me to stand behind me, his front to my back. He pressed himself fully against me and I could only moan as his cock brushed the crack of my ass. It never ceased to amaze me how hard he got for me and this was no different.

He whispered into my ear. “Look at the camera, baby, show them how much you like what Daddy’s doing to you.”

I rushed to do what he said and wiggled against him, letting him know how much I was enjoying this. His arm moved around my side to move my hair off my neck and then down my hips to slither between my thighs. I moaned and pressed back against him. My eyes drifted close as his fingers combed through my pussy hair. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth and bit lightly as Marcus’s lips found the crook of my neck. He brushed his lips once, twice against the skin behind my ear and then gently bit down on my ear lobe.

I moaned loudly and arched into him. I could begin to feel my arousal leaving my cunt and moving slowly down my thigh. He’d been so surprised by how wet I began. I had been afraid he would think I was weird or something but he’d loved it. Said he never had to worry if I was faking it or not. Like I could even think when I was near him, much less carry on theatrics.

The hand not between my legs slid up my side to play with my 40DD breast and as his fingers tickled my nipple, I began to breath faster. I couldn’t stop my hips from moving back upon him more and more. I could feel the precum on him and I loved it.

“Think about all this guys out there, jerking their cock while they look at you rubbing your ass against Daddy’s cock. They are so jealous of me right now, cause I get to touch you, get to slide my fingers into this pussy…just…like…this.” I screamed lightly as two of his fingers slid into me. My body arched into his, pressing his cock deeper into my back. “They all want to see you cum all over Daddy’s hand, baby. They want to see this little slut come. Can you do that for Daddy?”

I knew that was a rhetorical question cause we both knew that I didn’t have much longer before I’d be flooding his hand with my sticky honey. His thumb circled my nipple and pulled lightly. I’d never known how sensitive my breasts were until I met him. When I’d been with myself, I didn’t do much but play with my clit but with him, my breasts had become a main event.

Suddenly without warning, he stopped and moved around to me. He kneeled before me and looked up at me. “Can I suck your nipples baby?”

I nodded, unable to speak if I’d wanted to. He smiled up at me and leaned into kiss me on the lips. His tongue entered my mouth and played with mine for a few minutes until I felt I wasn’t able to breath. He pulled back and moved his hand under my left breast so he could see the nipple clearly. Watching me the whole time, he leaned in and kissed my nipple lightly at first, just letting his lips tenderly settle on my skin before moving back to kiss another part of my breast. He did this countless times until I begged him to suck me. He grinned and finally settled his lips around my nipple.

I moaned and arched my neck back, my lip between my teeth once again. His other hand wasn’t still though and was playing with my other breast before it moved down to my cunt. Once again his fingers began that age-old motion that everyone knows. That with the suction of his mouth on my breast was amazing. I could feel the flesh around my nipple becoming wet. I could also feel the wetness coming faster and faster amid my thighs and I knew I was going to come. I told him so and instead of stopping like I thought he would, his efforts doubled.

I felt a third finger enter my body and begin to fuck me faster and faster. But it was the flicker of his thumb on my clit that sent me over the edge. As I began to cum, I felt his teeth surround my nipple, biting me so sweetly.

If it hadn’t been for his fingers in me, I would have collapsed to my knees. His mouth left my breast and he pulled back from me, never taken his fingers from me though. He slowly stood up and smiled down at me. I gazed at him sleepily, and could only smile as he lowered his mouth to kiss me. He allowed his fingers to move slowly inside me, gently pulling my climax from me and allowing me to settle down. I laid my head against his chest, kissing the flesh there.

“How was that?”


He laughed softly and told me not to go to sleep. He picked me up and moved me to the bed. He lay on his back and motioned for me to straddle him. I did so slowly, my hips settling on his thighs. This was not a position that I got to use much. It wasn’t that Marcus didn’t want to do it, it was just my orgasms were stronger underneath him. So we tended to kartal escort bayan use that one.

His hand went around my neck and he pulled me down until I lying on top of him fully. My lips like always found his and attached themselves like a suction cup. I could feel his lips curve beneath mine and I knew he was smiling. I pulled back from him and asked him what was so funny.

“Not funny. I’m just happy, that’s all. You know what else would make me even happier though?”

I had a good idea cause it was stabbing me in the pelvis right that second but I played dumb. “What?”

“You riding my cock until I cum inside you.”

I moved my hips against him. “You mean, this cock?”

He groaned and his hips moved from my face to my hips. “Yes, that cock.”

I smiled down at him, tossing my hair back from my face. One of the bad things about long hair is that it gets in the way when you’re on top. I tucked some of it behind my ear and made a move to leave the bed.

“Hey, where you going?” he asked roughly.

“I’m gonna go find something to pull my hair back with.”

“No you are not. I want it down so I feel it glide across my chest as you slide that cunt of mine down on my cock. Now get to work, little girl.” His hands moved behind his head and I got the idea that he was going to make me do all the work.

I quickly did what I was told. I skimmed my hand between our bodies until I latched onto his cock. He groaned as I slid my hand up and down from tip to end. I smiled down at him.

“Sure you want me torturing you, Daddy?”

He chuckled, the sound rusty with arousal. “Is that what you’re doing? I thought it was the other way around.” That said, his hand found my hips and jerked me down on his cock. We both moaned as our bodies smashed together harshly. I could feel every inch of him in me and the feeling was tremendous. I could feel tears prickling my eyes and I look down at him. His eyes were squeezed shut.

“Are you ok?” I asked, afraid I was squashing him.

He moaned loudly. “I’m trying to keep from filling you full of cum so soon. You are so fucking tight,” he gritted his teeth on the last word.

I felt him grip my hips in his hands and slowly begin to move my ass up and down on him. I loved it when he went slowly but I didn’t want to be guided tonight. This was my chance to show him how much I loved him. I slowly sat up all the way on him. I looked down at him and slid my hands up and down his chest, allowing my blunt nails to click his nipples lightly. I felt his cock jump inside me.

“Daddy,” I whispered as I began to raise myself up from him.

He didn’t answer for a second so I repeated myself. Finally he said, “hmmm?” without opening his eyes.

“Daddy, are you thinking about those people watching me?’

He opened his eyes. I think he’d forgotten about the camera at that second until I said something. “I was thinking about how fucking hot your cunt is on my cock, baby. I didn’t give that camera a second thought.”

“I can’t get it off my mind. I’m imagining all those cocks, hard and ready to cover me in cum just like you did earlier. You were right when you called me a cumslut, Daddy.” I wiggled my hips against him, knowing he loved it.

He didn’t answer for a second, his breath having left him. “You looked so beautiful with my cum dripping off your chin, little slut. Daddy loves seeing his cunt just like that. You’re his little cumslut.”

I moaned as I remember how much he enjoyed covering me with cum. “But Daddy, you know what else I was thinking about?” I lowered myself down on his cock and immediately rose again.


“I was thinking about all those women out there that are dreaming about being right where I am. Wishing that they were here on top of you. Wishing that your cock were shoved deep inside them. Playing with their pussies as they watch me fuck you.”

His eyes popped open. I don’t think until that minute he’d thought about the women who were out there. The excitement was tangible in his eyes and I knew I’d hit a nerve. Seemed Daddy liked being watched too. I chuckled. “Not that they would get to touch but I mean, I don’t mind them looking. Plusss,” I said as I slid down him again, this time faster and harder, “I think a certain someone likes having them look at him also. Don’t you?”

He smirked. “Yeah maybe I do.”

I slammed down on him. “Well they can’t have you. YOU ARE MINE,” I said using his words against him. “This cock is mine, to use anyway I want. And no one gets that privilege but me.”

I could hear our bodies slamming together down and I arched my back, allowing my hair to trail up and down his body. The affect was instant. He grabbed my hips and smashed our bodies together over and over again. One of his hands found its way in between my legs and he started to play with my clit. I didn’t even get a warning. One minute I was riding him, the next I was cumming all over his cock.

I cried out as I felt my cunt contract on him. I felt him follow me over the edge and I groaned. I loved it when he filled me with his spunk. It always sent me higher and this time was no different. I rode him until I had every inch of cum out of each of us and then I collapsed onto his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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