Our Secret Place In The Bush

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Dave was leading the way up a windy section of the track, to clear the way for Claire. This part of the walk wasn’t used very much, as not many people knew the location of the entrance and there were branches blocking the path.

It was a regular event for the couple to be out together now, amongst the fresh air and sounds of birds chirping. The couple had gotten to know each other quite well lately and enjoyed having sex outside as often as possible. They liked to be connected with nature. Claire pinched Dave on the arse.

“How much further it is?” Dave turned around, took her hand in his and gave it a quick kiss.

“The clearing’s just up ahead. It’s not far now.” He let her hand drop and she squeezed his arse between both her hands.

“Good. Watching your arse is making me all wet.” They rounded the next bend, parted some small trees, stepped through and stood side by side in front of the overhang. The clearing was quite small but allowed you to see all the way down the cliff and out to the houses below. “Wow. You can see all of Brisbane from up here.”

“I told you I’d take you somewhere nice.” She turned to look at him and smiled.

“You always do!” She dropped her backpack on the ground and unzipped it pulling out a picnic rug for them to sit on. She spread it out and took off her shoes and socks. “How long have you known about this place?” she asked sitting down. Dave was taking his boots and socks off too.

“A while. I found it a few months back when I was walking on the main track. I saw some people coming out from behind the bushes and head off in the direction of the car park. So, I decided to go and have a look where they came from. I saw the track and kept walking along it until I found this.”

“It’s so beautiful up here! I wonder how many people know about it?”

“Not many. It’s not sign posted, so I was pretty lucky to find it.” He laid on the rug next to Claire and reached out and started stroking her hip through her clothes. She looked down at him and noticed his beautiful eyes watching his finger trail along it’s path. He lifted up her shirt and started kissing her stomach, pulling her pants down gently to reach her soft spot between her hip and her belly button – a bit lower than her hip but higher than the crease of her lap. He knew if he touched her there he could get her to do anything. “I’ve been thinking about taking you here for a long time now.”

“Mmmmm.. that feels nice.” She laid down and closed her eyes as his lips trailed along her soft skin. She felt him undo her pants and slide them down her legs and over her feet, discarding them off to the side. She could feel the sunshine warming her bare legs and the cool breeze trail across her body, following the trail of saliva from Dave’s wet tongue. He licked up her thigh, along the side of her knickers and back up to the little dip in her pelvis where her hip bone stuck out. He kissed her and she squirmed, grabbing his hair in her hands. “That tickles!” she squealed.

Dave smiled up at her and slipped his shirt off. Claire looked at his torso. He had some grey hairs sprouting from his chest but she thought that was sexy. Who wanted some hairless, young, inexperienced guy anyway? It was much better to be with someone who knew what they were doing. He lifted her shirt, up and over her head and started kissing her neck. He trailed his lips down her chest and pulled the material of her bra down, exposing one of her nipples. He took it into his mouth and sucked on it gently.

“You’ve got such great tits.” Dave had seen Claire naked many times before and remembered how perky they were when she was standing up. They pointed upwards, in the shape of a ski jump and were nice and rounded at the bottom. Her nipple was hardening inside his mouth. He could tell when she started to get horny, as they became smaller and stuck out mile when she was aroused. He took off her bra to expose the flesh beneath. Both of her nipples were pointing up towards the sky now.

“Lay between my legs. I want to feel how hard your cock is.” Dave did as he was told and climbed on top of her, supporting his weight with his elbows. He repositioned his cock so it was sitting along the slit of her pussy and thrust his hips forward so he was pushed right up against her clit. He could feel his bare skin pressed up against hers. She was so soft.

She could feel the outline of his thick cock pushed up against her knickers, straining from beneath his pants. “That feels good.” She reached down and grabbed his arse, encouraging him to thrust against her again. It felt good for someone bak─▒rk├Ây escort else to be in control of the situation for a change. She was used to being on top. Calling all the shots. Now she could just lay still and be submissive. It was exciting for her and she was getting wet because of it.

Dave felt Claire tense up underneath him, as his cock pressed up against her clit through their clothes. He heard her take in a sharp breath and thought it was hot seeing how he could affect her in such a way, when she wasn’t even naked yet. He wanted to feel how wet she was and he wanted to taste her tight little pussy. Before he had the chance to though, he felt her legs wrap around his hips, pulling him closer towards her. He took this as a sign that she wanted more. He continued thrusting his hips so his cock rubbed against her and bent down to kiss her neck again.

“Mmmmm.” Claire moaned. She loved being teased like this. She was pretty sure that Dave could make her come if he continued to rub against her like he was. She was lucky enough to be able to have multiple orgasms, so having one straight away wouldn’t affect the rest of their love-making in the slightest. If anything, it would just make her wetter than she already was. She could feel the moisture building up on the inside of the knickers as the satin material rubbed up against her skin.

Dave trailed his lips along Claire’s neck and up towards her chin. She had the softest lips and wanted to feel them against his. He bent his head down towards them and could feel her warm breath against his lips. He paused for a moment, enjoying the sensation. She leaned in to kiss him and he pulled back, teasing her. He kissed her cheekbone and moved back to her lips. She leaned in again and he pulled back again, feeling her breath merge with his.

“Ohhhhhh…” Claire moaned again. This was fucking hot! She could feel Dave’s breath on her lips, cheeks, chin and neck. She wanted him to kiss her but he wouldn’t. She felt his lips softly skim across hers and she wanted him so badly now.

Claire looked so beautiful with her eyes closed, mouth open, waiting for him to kiss her. He had kept her waiting long enough and brushed his lips against hers again, this time closing in on her mouth. He could feel her tongue softly brushing up against his and got so turned on that he started kissing her more passionately. She returned his need by grabbing the back of his head and pulling him closer, to get a better taste of him. He wanted to see her come.

He sat up, pulling her with him. He crossed his legs and wrapped her around his body. With her still in his embrace and sitting on him, he started thrusting his hard cock against her pussy and continued kissing her passionately while doing so. He grabbed her arse with both hands as he thrusted and trailed one of his fingers down the seam of her knickers. He slid his finger underneath the material and found the opening of her pussy. He slid his finger inside and started moving it in and out while continuing to rub her clit against his cock.

Claire felt Dave’s finger slide into her pussy and she gasped, as it took her breath away. She could feel his finger getting wetter as he slid it further inside her. Her clit rubbed against the soft material of her knickers and the rough material of Dave’s pants. She moaned as his finger slid in and out of her pussy quite quickly now. She could feel the orgasm rising inside her, until it burst out of her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!!!” she gasped for air as she came all over Dave’s finger. “Mmmmm… That feels good.” She moaned as he continued to finger her while her orgasm subsided. She looked down at him and giggled nervously. “I want to make you come too.” She climbed off Dave’s lap, her legs weak and shaking slightly. “Lay down.” She instructed, finally taking charge. He did as he was told and she unzipped his pants and set his cock free. She pushed his pants down to his knees and circled his thick shaft in her small hand. She started stroking it up and down, slowing when she got to the head. She bent over and took the tip of him in her mouth. She continued stroking his shaft and on each downward stroke took him further down into her throat.

“I want you to sit on my face so I can taste you too.” He grabbed her, quickly taking off her knickers and positioned her so her legs were spread above his face and her pussy was on his mouth.

“Fuck!” Claire cried out with pleasure when he stuck his tongue inside her pussy. He wanted to taste her after her orgasm. He stuck his tongue deeper inside her be┼čikta┼č escort and felt her tight arse pushed up against the tip of his nose. She tasted so good. He licked her all the way from the front of her clit to the back of her arse, pleased to see her clench even tighter when he ran his tongue over her little brown hole. He flicked his tongue backwards and forwards over her arse and she squealed with pleasure!

“Fuck me!” Claire had Dave’s cock deep inside her mouth when she felt the tingling sensation of his tongue on her arse and had to pull it out and sit upright. She felt her arse cheeks being spread wide as his tongue quickly flicked over her opening. “Ohhhh! That feels good!!!” she cried out. He slipped the tip of his tongue inside her slowly. “Fuuuuuuccckkkk!!!” Her first reaction was to clench her arse, but she relaxed and felt his tongue slide in a bit deeper. She had never felt anything like it before! She wanted to come again.

Dave held Claire’s arse cheeks wide as he slowly slid his tongue inside her arse. He felt her clench slightly as he continued to push his way inside her. She was so tight. He reached around and started flicking one of his fingers across her clit quickly to get her even more aroused. He was so hard right now. He wished he could see her face as she came again, so he could see how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her. Claire was so wet. He could feel her pussy juices covering his chin.

As Dave’s fingers flicked over the surface of her clit and his tongue pushed it’s way into her arse, Claire could feel her next orgasm sitting on the surface of her entire body. Every inch of her skin tingled. She felt the waves hit until she exploded again.

“Yes, yes, YES! OH GOD!!!” she screamed as she pushed back onto Dave’s face. After a few seconds of ecstasy, she clenched her arse and forced his tongue out of her. She couldn’t stop her legs from shaking as she climbed off his face. She sat down on the rug beside him, breathless. She looked down at him. “You really know what you’re doing don’t you?” she giggled.

“I just like making you come.” He pulled her down on the rug so they were laying side by side. He pushed his pants off the end of his legs and laid there naked, with her in his arms while she caught her breath. She ran her fingers through his chest hair as she regained control of her body. She reached down and grabbed his cock again. She thought it was even harder than the last time she held it in her mouth. She started stroking it again. She kissed his chest. She loved being this close to him. She liked the way he smelt.

Claire continued stroking Dave’s cock with her hand as she lay in his arms. She thought she heard something in the bushes behind them and turned around to see what it was. She could hear people talking.

“There’s someone coming!” she said, her eyes wide with alarm, as she grabbed the rug and tried to wrap it around them, desperate to cover their nakedness. Dave reached for his pants and placed them over his throbbing cock and turned around to see if he could see anyone heading in their direction. He noticed something red moving in the distance and pointed.

“There.” He whispered. Claire looked in the direction of his finger.

“I can see them.” She whispered back. They both waited to see if the people were coming closer.

“I think they’re on the main track, heading in the other direction.” He looked at Claire. She turned to him and giggled.

“Well in that case… give me those pants.” She grabbed his pants and flung them aside. His cock was still hard and she bent over and took it into her mouth.

“Ohhh…” Dave moaned as he felt Claire’s mouth close around him again. It felt so good to be inside her like this. He laid back down and felt the breeze caress his chest hair as his dick was being sucked by a beautiful woman. She was sliding her mouth over the tip of his cock while cupping his balls in her hands. Fuck this felt good. He edged up onto his elbows so he could watch her head slide up and down his shaft. She positioned herself between his open legs and took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked on it gently while stroking his cock.

She looked up at him as she was sucking and he stared into her eyes intensely. She released his scrotum and took his cock back into her mouth. She slid her lips up and down slowly pausing when she reached the tip. He tasted salty. She looked down and saw the pre-come that was pooling there. She touched her tongue to it and wiggled it back and forth. She pushed her tongue down into beylikd├╝z├╝ escort the opening of his cock gently and licked up all the liquid, licking her lips as she did so. Then she licked the entire shaft from his balls all the way up to the tip, staring him in the eyes as she went. Dave was still watching, mesmerized, as she did this.

“I want you to sit on my cock. Now!” He ordered. Claire obeyed and climbed on top of him, straddling his hips with her legs. She reached down and grabbed his cock, making it stand to attention. She positioned it at the opening of her pussy and just as she was going to insert it, he thrust his hips forward impatiently. She moved her body away from him as a warning. He teased her before, when she wanted him to kiss her. Now it was her turn to tease him.

“Ah-uh!” she looked down at him. She could see the irritation in his face.

“Claire, I want you.” Dave grabbed her hips and tried pulling her back down onto him.

“Not yet.” She moved his hands away and grabbed his cock again. She directed it towards her clit and moved it gently over the tip, trailing it backwards and forwards over her slit.

“Fuck!” He could feel the wetness on the tip of his cock and just wanted to be inside her. “Come on. Please?” he begged. He reached up for her and grabbed her by the back of the neck, bringing her head down towards his. He kissed her gently. “Please?” He looked her in the eyes. He knew he could get her to do anything that he wanted to, by doing this. She just couldn’t bring herself to say no to his eyes.

She looked down at him. His eyes pleaded with her. She gave in and inserted his cock into her pussy. Damn eyes. They got her every time.

He felt the wetness of her pussy engulf his cock as he slid inside her. She clenched her muscles and he felt the walls of her pussy wrap around him even tighter. He ran his hands over her tits, stomach and hips as she slid up and down the full length of his cock, slowing when she got to the tip and then speeding up as she slid down his shaft. She banged her clit into the base of his dick. Gasping for breath each time she did so. She started moving faster each time, still slowing at the tip so he could feel the most sensitive part of himself slide in and out of her opening without actually falling out.

Claire banged her clit on Dave hard as she came down and stopped to grind herself against him for a while. She could feel him deep inside her now. The tip of his cock circled her cervix as she rotated her hips in a wide circle. He was so deep. She felt him run his hands over her hips encouraging her to keep moving.

“Holy Fuck, that feels good. Whatever you’re doing – don’t stop!”

“Ohhh…” she moaned, feeling him nestled deep inside her. Her clit was pressed up against the base of his cock and becoming engorged with all the pressure.

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that.” Dave grabbed Claire’s hips tighter and pulled her even closer to him. “Yeah. Keep going!” He helped her to circle her hips around as he felt himself grind against her. “Oh Fuck!” he groaned letting his load spurt inside her.

“Ahhhhhhh YES!!!!” Claire screamed out as she came at the same time. She felt her clit become very sensitive like it always did when she came hard. She stopped moving her hips and pulled away a touch, to give it some room to breathe. She looked down at Dave. He had a look of relief on his face and smiled up at her. “Feel better now?” she asked cheekily.

“Much.” He sat up and pulled her head down to his so he could kiss her again. “Fucking awesome!” he smiled looking out over the city below. Claire turned around to see what he was looking at. She saw that the sun had begun setting and the sky was filled with an amazing pink colour.

“Me or the sunset?” she teased. Dave looked back at her.

“Both.” He reached up and kissed her again. “But mainly you.” She smiled.

“Lets get out of here before it gets too dark to see.” Claire was worried that they wouldn’t be able to see the track on the way back out if the sun set too rapidly. They pulled away from each other and started getting dressed.

“Or… we could stay here for the night?” Claire turned to see Dave pulling out an extra blanket from his backpack as well as some candles and 2 prepacked dinners. “I brought supplies. I thought you might like to sleep out under the stars with me tonight?” Claire stopped putting her socks on and crawled back over to Dave.

“Sounds awesome.” She curled up to him, after he lit the candles and snuggled up to his side. He put his arm around her as the lights of Brisbane started coming on, one by one. They both stared up at the stars above them.

“Me or the supplies?” Dave joked.

“You, of course.” She turned and kissed him again and thought to herself how lucky she was to have a man like this, who wanted her as much as she wanted him.

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