Our Erotic Conference

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The elevator doors chimed as they closed and I slumped back against the rear wall of the small room. I struggled to catch my breath as the the elevator descended to my floor.

“What the fuck just happened?” I spoke the words – actually spoke them out loud to myself.

As the numbers ticked down to the 7th floor, I realized that I was still holding my unbuttoned pants closed with my hands. I fumbled to get myself presentable as the the chime sounded letting me know I had arrived.

I hurried past the two people standing on the other side of the door who gave sidelong glances to my disheveled state. When the door finally clicked closed to my room a few moments later, I rushed to sit on the bed, knees shaking. The crumpled piece of paper I pulled from my pocket with a hastily scribbled time and location promised more than the short, intense elevator ride I’d just had – and that scared me. That brief minute or two had been the most intense, most erotic experience of my life.

I was afraid more might kill me. I rushed to get ready anyway.

Several hours later, I entered the dimly lit auditorium. I was attending a local area conference that explored some niche interests – writing, fiction, technology. I’d been coming to this particular conference since it had started near my home town. A few recurring faces had turned into acquaintances and those acquaintances had in turn evolved into friends.

As if on cue, one of those friends took the panel stage a few feet above the lines of chairs that had audience members slowly settling into them. Dark brown hair, sharp and piercing blue eyes, and a good figure, Elizabeth surveyed the room before she sat down at her panelist seat.

We’d met a few years before when we’d attended a get together for new media and communication hobbyists and had hit it off then. A few years of meeting up at the conference had turned us in to fairly good friends – or as good of friends as two people who live on opposite sides of the country can really be.

She gently tapped the microphone with a finger and when she found the level to her liking, she addressed bursa escort the crowd.

“Everyone’s here for the right panel, right? ‘Eroticism in New Media’? And we’re all over 18?” She nodded to a small murmur from the audience and began her presentation and began her talk.

“New media and new communication methods have given us an unprecedented avenue to connect with other people and truly remove the traditional barriers of distance from our relationships. But are we really taking advantage of all the sexy ways we can use it?”

She talked for nearly an hour about fun and sexy things we could do with technology and the internet. A lot of them were things we’d done through IM and text in the last year or so as our relationship had turned a little more sexual.

Every once in a while, we would lock eyes for a brief moment as she scanned the room talking and I could see the ghost of a smile touch her perfect lips, like she was struggling not to get caught up in the memory that had unconsciously surfaced.

When it came time for questions and answers, a dozen men rushed the microphones set up to ask questions. The last, “What are you doing later?” got a good laugh from the audience and from Elizabeth.

“Oh, I’ve got some plans already, sorry.”

I shivered. I could tell most men in the audience were thinking the same thing as the last guy who’d asked the question, and I knew those plans were with me.

When the room had emptied of everyone except for the half dozen men who stood waiting around the stage, I got out of my seat and casually moved toward the front of the room. Elizabeth hadn’t paused in her conversation, but I did see her eyes flick to me and then back to the man she was speaking with.

Gracefully, she excused herself from the group and made her way over to where I stood.

“Hey, stranger.” She called softly as she approached. “Hear anything you liked?”

I did my best to flash a charming boyish smile, though I’m sure I failed. “Oh, a few things, I guess. Kind of jealous of the person you figured out that presentation with, to be honest.”

She escort bursa grabbed my hand and pulled me to the double doors at the entrance to the auditorium. “Well, he is a pretty fun guy. Kind of wish there was someone else here like him to help work out some of the post-panel tension.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’d be nice. Shame it’s just me and, ” with a quick glance over my shoulder to the guys still standing and talking at the front of the room, ” those five gentlemen back there.”

She laughed. “I’m good, but six guys is a bit much, even for me.” She lead me to the elevator. When we got in, she pushed the 12 for her room and as the doors closed, she was on me again – just like before.

She pressed me up against the wall, pulling my head back down to hers to meet her lips. Our tongues pressed together, teeth playfully bit lips, and our hands roamed everywhere. After six floors of that intensity, she again unbuttoned my pants to try and pull out my dick. She’d run out of time before, but this time we had more than enough.

Her mouth engulfed it as soon as it sprang free and my knees nearly buckled and spilled me to the floor. The elevator chimed the 11th floor and as I realized the doors would open any second, I was paralyzed and wanted to do nothing, couldn’t do anything to stop now.

As the doors opened, there was, thankfully no one looking in as she pulled off of me and I hastily stuffed myself back into my pants. We exited the elevator as another couple turned the corner and strode in. I briefly wondered if they could smell us – how hot it had been in the elevator only moments before. The doors slid closed behind us as we stumbled down the hallway together, a jumble of caressing arms, desperate kisses and awkward travel.

It took three tries for her to get the keycard into the door, though to be honest, I was probably not making it any easier on her. I’d worked one of her breasts free as we’d moved down the hall and was sucking on her nipples, to her encouraging gasps.

When the door swung open, we collapsed into the room. The heat of the escort bursa elevator and the hallway were too great now for us to take our time. That fire had been smoldering since this afternoon and both us of needed the quick release, so no great ceremony was made of removing our clothes.

She moved her head to take my dick in her mouth again, but I caught her first. “No, it’s my turn to taste you.” I buried myself between her legs, kissing up her smooth things until I found what we both wanted me to find.

Slow and rhythmic I kept the pace. She thrust gently up to meet my face in time, letting out little gasps as she did. I glanced up once to see her eyes screwed shut and her mouth sligthly open as she concentrated and I smiled breaking my tempo.

Her eyes snapped open as my rhythm change and those eyes only spoke of a carnal need that would not be denied. She grabbed a handful of my long hair and pulled my head to hers, pressing her lips to mine. Her other hand she placed on the small of my back and she guided me into her.

The first few seconds of being inside her felt like I was melting. I didn’t want to move and spoil the moment, but she’d had other plans. I groaned softly and she pulled away slightly to get me moving. Taking her hint, I withdrew nearly all the way and slowly slid my way forward. Her hands clasped behind my head as I kept my motion steady and regular, enjoying every inch I sank myself into her.

I’d like to think that we both knew it wasn’t going to last very long. The slow buildup since the first elevator ride, her sex panel, and our foreplay in the elevator had us both as aroused as could be. She started to moan and writhe in an entirely new way which started my own orgasm. We came together, both frantically trying to have more and more of the other for the seconds that stretched on into an eternity.

When it was over, we both lay panting, face to face, seeing each other but lost in our own worlds. After a few minutes of laying there, I slid from her and curled up next to her and she snuggled into me.

As our breath slowed, she wiggled her backside against me and said “Okay, let me know when you’re ready to go again, and we can do this properly.”

I didn’t think I’d be able to get hard again so soon, but there was I was in a flash, ready to go again. I didn’t anticipate much sleep tonight.

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