Opportunity for Interlude Ch. 03

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We sat in the nude at Todd’s patio table and ate the pizza we’d ordered. We thought about having Kari flash the pizza delivery guy but decided that we didn’t want to create a reputation for Todd’s address. It turned out that having Kari flash the delivery guy would have been lost on the delivery GIRL that showed up. She was cute and if my wife had been into threesomes, the pizza delivery girl would have been a good candidate. (But I digress.)

The sun had become an orange ball burying itself in the horizon. The air began to cool as the rotation of the earth hid us from the heat of the sun. We sat and talked about the plans we had for the summer. Because we were both teachers, the summer held many possibilities. The only restriction we had was also a result of being teachersÔÇömoney, or the lack thereof.

We talked about going to see her aunt in Florida. We talked about a possible trip to see relatives up north. We’d finished the pizza and had been talking for about 20 minutes, when Kari asked about the sauna.

“Wanna go try the sauna?” she asked. “I’m dying to try it.”

“Ok, let’s try itÔÇöI’ve thought about building one of these at the house. If we like it, maybe I will.”

We walked into the sauna and inhaled the strong scent of cedar. Kari sat down on the bench and lay back, putting her feet up on the bench. My sexy wife watched me as I set the temperature and turned on the heater. When I turned to take my seat, I stood there looking at my wife reclined on the cedar bench. Her natural breasts falling off her chest slightly, her nipples smoothed down flush with the aureoles. Her belly flat and her pubes trimmed to a landing strip just above her cleft.

Even though I’d cum hard twice in the last four hours, watching my sexy wife lying there caused my blood to flow to my manhood in appreciation of her fuckability. She patted the bench beside her below the one she was on and smiled an invitation to sit down by her. The small room with the walls and benches made of the fragrant wood, heated rapidly and soon we were both covered with a sheen of sweat.

I sat with my back against her left hip and Kari stroked my chest absent-mindedly. The dry heat felt good and we stayed there for about 20 minutes before needing to cool down. I stood up and turned around, holding her hand as she descended to the floor. Standing close to me, I saw her boobs slick with sweat and bent to give them a little kiss and each nipple a flick of the tongue. She chuckled and smiled, and we left the halkal─▒ escort sauna for the pool.

I dove in, not wanting to go through the agony of the slow torturous shivering entrance. The pool felt much cooler after our time in the sauna. Kari stepped into the water and goosebumps puckered her skin all over her body. Her two most prominent goosebumps drew her aureoles down to the size of quarters. I laughed and said,

“Why don’t you just jump in and get it over with? Your body will adjust more quickly and you won’t have to endure the shivering.”

“I just can’t,” she said with a pout.

“Ok, suit yourself.”

I swam to the deep end, again reveling in the feel of the water on my naked body as it swirled around me caressing parts normally covered by my swimsuit. I dove to the bottom and swam under water from one side to the other and back. I imagined myself as a pearl diver going to the bottom to find my fortune. Dusk had fallen and the pool light cast rippling light reflected and bent by the waves at the surface. I surfaced and turned right into Kari who was now floating on her back with one of those noodle toys under her shoulders.

I dove beneath her and surfaced again between her legs. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her to me. She wrapped her legs around my middle and I moved my hands to her ass and held her up as I walked around the pool. With her arms spread along the length of the noodle, her tits were given plenty of room to float at the surface bobbing around as the waves washed over them.

Her goosebumps had subsided and her nipples had returned to normal. I slid one hand up over her backside, up her side to her luscious tits. Lighter than the water, they floated being rocked by the waves. I squeezed first one then the other, rolling the nipples lightly between my fingers. My cock was responding to my wife’s hot ass in such close proximity. Partially erect, it nestled between her ass cheeks, and the differences in temperature between Kari’s hot ass above, and the cool water on beneath my cock felt incredible.

I wondered if it would feel as good to her. So I knelt down with the water up to my neck and drew her legs up and rested them on my shoulders as I faced her tight pussy. Eating pussy is my second favorite thing to do in the world and doing it in the water was going to be fun. I pointed my tongue and stuck it out as far as possible, running the tip from the bottom of her taksim escort cleft, which was under water, to her clit just above the water. My dick hardened.

I moved my hands to her ass and she did the splits “Chinese style” in front of my face. I pointed my tongue and extended it to tongue-fuck her hole. She sighed and it lengthened into a moan as I pressed my mouth against her pussy, spearing her with my tongue. She appeared to be enjoying my attentions and I strengthened the assault by slowly inserting the middle finger of my right hand into her ass to the first knuckle. She grunted but didn’t complain as I slid it out and back in a few times slowly burying it all the way into her dark tunnel.

Meanwhile, my tongue was making a contrast with the cooler water on her clit. I’d suck it in then lift off to allow the water to wash over it. I could see her pussy lips extended pink and puffy just below the surface of the water and my cock took over my mind. I stood back up with Kari’s heels resting on my shoulders and plunged my rigid tool into her waiting box.

“Ohh, that feels good. Fuck me, baby. I love the feel of your hot cock in my pussy” she said.

The water and her pussy did the contrast in temperature thing again as I fucked her weightless body in the pool. I slowly pulled out until just the head of my cock was inside her, then quickly rammed it back into her balls deep. She grunted or moaned with each deep penetration. My cock was as hard as I ever remember it being. The pool light backlighted my wife’s naked body and created a silhouette of our joining. There was still enough light to see her tits rocking back and forth floating above her chest. I slid in and out of her easily for several minutes just enjoying the sensations of the water and her warm body.

Kari laid in the water supported by the noodle with her head back and a steady moan of pleasure emanating from her throat. My balls began to tighten and my climax was imminent. I wanted to put it off as long as possible so I slid out of that gorgeous shaved pussy and down into the water with her knees resting on my shoulders again and my mouth on her cunt. Kari moaned for a bit when I came out of her but responded positively when my tongue made contact with her clit.

By now the sun had completely set and the breeze had picked up a bit. The hot afternoon and warm dusk gave way to a cooler, breezy evening. Kari began to get goosebumps above the water and we both were ┼či┼čli escort starting to get a bit wrinkled. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the steps and ran with her back to the sauna.

When we’d shut the door, we stood holding our naked bodies to each other still dripping from the pool. She trying to get warm, me wanting to feel her tits bare against my chest and to feel my cock nestled between her legs rubbing against her wet pussy lips. As the water began to evaporate and Kari began to warm, we began to kiss, first gently, then more urgently as if we were building to the grand finale of the fireworks show.

I backed her into the low bench and as she sat down, I knelt between her legs and kissed my way down her neck nibbling and sucking as I went. When I got to the top of her chest, my hands slid up her rib cage to cup her gorgeous tits, one lovely orb in each hand. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it while gently pinching the tip in my teeth. Kari moaned and gripping my head with both hands moved my mouth to her other breast for me to give it equal attention.

Her legs were spreading and relaxingÔÇöshe was squirming in pleasure. I brought my hand down to her smooth pussy and softly rubbed her lips as I continued to pleasure her breasts with my mouth. Her legs shot wide and her hands on my head pushed me down as she wrapped her legs around my neck, pulling me into her hot moist center. I ate her. I nibbled her outer lips, pulled her inner lips gently with my teeth and licked her slit from bottom to top. I flicked my tongue side-to-side on her clit and her back arched as her climax approached.

Her hands came off the sides of my head to grasp both breasts and pinch her nipples. I started stroking my cock to get it ready to plunge into her spasming cunt. My other hand was rubbing her perineum and anus. Her legs began to shake and her stomach muscles were pulsing. I raised up and stuffed my rampant cock into her pussy in one go as she squirted again all over my crotch. I hammered in and out of her soaking cunt quickly building to the point of no return. My dick was tingling as Kari said,

“Cum on me, let me see your hot cum”

Her words in my ears pushed me over the edge. I just barely got my dick out of her pussy as the first shot of sticky cum arched over her pussy to land on her sweaty belly. It felt like my insides were being forced through my dick as I stroked my dick coaxing out three more jets of the white sticky fluid. My cum coated her mound and pooled in her belly button. We were both sweating from the exertion of the sex and the heat of the sauna. I looked at my wife’s face and slid my spent cock back in her as I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I love you, sweetie.”

We cleaned up and drove home holding hands, smiling the whole way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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