Operation Happy Dad Pt. 03

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Everyday I would test out the best amount of Prostaglandin E1 to inject into daddy’s penis. I wanted to know every ounce of information I could get on the exact amounts for hardness and duration of the hard on. I found out 1.5 ml is perfect for a great blow job that goes back down fairly quickly after dad comes.

3 ml to 3.5 ml is a good fuck amount with dad getting one orgasm. We found that 4 ml to 5 ml dad could fuck for an hour with 2 orgasms. Do you know how sore a pussy can get by being pounded for an hour with a huge cock. I walk around like I have a 45 gallon drum between my legs for 2 days afterwards. I think every girl that sees me knows that special walk and smiles to themselves with memories of their own walks of pain. (Mmmm good satisfactory pain)

Dad and I had to experiment with many types of lubes. My natural lubrication was great for one to 10 great orgasms in a span of 20 minutes but I started to get sore by the 30 minute mark. We then used Water based lubes, they worked great for about 10 more minutes and 3 or 4 more orgasms. Anything longer than 40 minutes we had to use silicone lubes or I would get to sore. The silicone was so slippery it didn’t allow the friction to stimulate me and make me come the way I wanted too. So most of the time I took the 15 orgasms dad could give me in 40 minutes with just my natural juices flowing out of me for lube. I was sore as hell for a day or two but it was well worth it. Dad would orgasm between five and ten minute mark, take a couple of minute break , He usually stayed inside of me because that’s what I liked. He would now have to work like hell to come again around 35 to 40 minute mark.

I was like a kid in a candy store with a big beautiful brand new cock to play with. Every time I lowered my body down onto my father’s big beautiful cock, the most wild fantasies would go through my mind. I started to think about all the women that could enjoy my dad and the wonderful tool hanging between his legs. How could I control dad and control the woman that I let have sex with him. Woman can be bitches, when they find a great cock they will want it all to themselves and if they found out about me and dad shit would really hit the fan. All I could come up with is Leverage. If I had leverage on woman I can tell them when and how they can have dads cock at my discretion.

I started to think of situations that I could put my dad into that would expose his cock to more women. I thought of a cheap massage place but ruled that out. Then I thought of a registered massage therapist, that would be hard to pull off. I started looking up all the RMT’s in our area and none met my high standard that I wanted for my dad. I wanted them to be stunningly beautiful, smart and have high values that would make their careers vulnerable to my tempting daddies cock. What the fuck, do you have to be a member of the East German woman’s Shot Put team to be a fucking RMT in this town, holy crap they are hideous.

When I was at school I asked a few of the girls that I know if they knew a good massage therapist. One of the girls older sister Kathy had just graduated massage therapy school. She was very pretty so maybe her older sister was also. I looked her up on Facebook and she was stunningly beautiful. She had just achieved her Diploma so she surly would not want to loose her career before it began. I think shes perfect for dad. I got her number and phoned to explain the ( made up ) situation my dad was in. He was very sore from work and had a lower abdominal strain and some upper leg trouble.

I met Kathy at the local coffee shop for a short meet and greet so she didn’t have to show up at our house and worry about anything funny happening. Kathy agreed to come over at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. Kathy is gorgeous she is 5 ft 10, blonde hair, thin body with pretty big boobs, a nice bubble butt ass and a sharp chiseled face that could be on the cover of any magazine. Christ if I had a cock I would fuck the shit out of her. That thought resonated in my head for some reason. If dad could have fun why couldn’t I. A smile appeared on my face as I contemplated what I could do with all the woman I am going to find for daddy. Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not gay, mainly because I really love cock but I would love to have a beautiful woman at my mercies for what ever I wanted. escort ataşehir That’s it I thought, I’ll be bisexual, it was a decision that came so fast and so easily that I knew it was the right one.

At 9:50 Saturday morning the doorbell rang and I showed Kathy in. I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty, she was truly exquisite, I smiled at her and said “You are so pretty I bet you have to beat the boys back with a broom!”

Kathy Laughed and said “I was thinking the same thing about you. I don’t meet many girls taller than me, you look like a model.”

I smiled my biggest smile ever and just as I was about to reply dad came in and said hi to Kathy. When he was behind her he mouthed the words “holy shit!”

Dad looked over her whole body and he smiled at me with a cocky glint in his eye. We set her massage table up in the middle of the living room. Kathy handed dad a pair of paper underwear that looked like it came from the doctor’s office. As dad got undressed and changed I talked to Kathy about the areas that needed to be worked on. I explained that dads not much of a talker and he probably won’t tell you where it really hurts. She told me she was going to start with his back, work her way around to the front and do his entire body then she would work on the affected areas again for a double area treatment.

Daddy laid on the massage table face down and let Kathy massage his entire body. After she was done the back I secretly phoned Dads cell phone to make it ring. “Danni can you get my phone for me it might be work?” I got up and got Dad’s phone. I informed dad that it was work and he needed to take the call. Dad took his phone and walked into the study and I followed him in, the second he shut the door I bent over and injected his penis with go go juice as we were now calling it. I backtracked out the door and informed Kathy that I have to go to a meeting in town. I collected up my stuff put it up in my room grabbed my purse I’m headed for the door. Dad came back and laid on his back on the table.

Kathy started to work on his lower abdominal muscles and the inside of his left leg just like I told her to do. Within a few minutes the paper underwear that dad was wearing was stretched up to the breaking point. Kathy just ignored it and kept working the muscles. Dad apologized profusely and actually got a red face. The paper finally ripped and dad’s large cock stuck straight up in the air. Kathy laughed at the situation and so did Dad, “well I suppose we don’t need these anymore!” and Kathy ripped both sides of the papered underwear and removed them. Kathy was massaging both of dads inner thighs and his lower abdominal muscles. “Is this painful for you Mr. Thomas?” Said Kathy, leering at Dads cock.

“Yes it’s getting to be uncomfortable.” replied dad.

Kathy smiled and said “I might be able to fix this for you.” Dad just smiled closed his eyes and waited. Kathy must have had some training in penis massage because she was amazing, up and down the shaft she went with strong knowing hands that went on for quite a long time finally she could see that dad was arching his back getting ready to have an orgasm. Right at the last minute Dad opened his eyes and said “suck it, suck it now, please!” Kathy had never had any plans of sucking is cock but for some reason she bent over and put it in her mouth just as dad blew his load in her mouth and down her throat. Kathy choked a bit, swallowed a bit and then choked a little bit more. Kathy raised up with a big smile on her face looking right at dad. Dad turn his head sideways and looked over at me standing by the door and said “Oh my God Danni!”

Kathy whipped around and look straight at me with my phone recording everything. “My meeting got cancelled so I came home again and look what I found!” Dad did a great job of acting surprised, Kathy could not stop apologizing. I walked over to Dad’s wallet, brought out $150. “Dad go upstairs and have a shower please, I want to talk to Kathy.” Kathy looked at me, biting her bottom lip and a sad fearful look on her face.

“I’m a little surprised at what happened here today, I thought you were supposed to be a professional massage therapist.”

“I am I am, I don’t know what happened, I’m so sorry please don’t show that video to anyone or Ill lose my license and my career!”

“Well kadıköy escort bayan I know what happened, when I came home, you were giving my dad a fucking BLOWJOB!” I screamed. Kathy started crying and I let her stew in it for a few minutes to make my point hit home. “Kathy I know my dad is not getting much sex these days since my mom died and I’m actually thrilled that you are helping him out. What is your schedule for next week?” Kathy was not prepared for what I had just told her and she had not figured out what the hell I was talking about. Finally she clued in to the situation and was thrilled I was giving her a way to keep her career hopes alive. She explained that she works until 5 p.m. everyday at a clinic that she rents a table from.

I told her that dad gets off of work at 5, comes home has a shower and has dinner. “He should be ready for another massage by 7:30 p.m. Let’s say Wednesday night and Kathy I expect you to dress a little sexually provocative for dad, not slutty, but sexy. I know that dad hasn’t had any sex for a long time and I appreciate what you are going to do for dad!” Kathy smiled thru teary eyes but didn’t say anything. “Kathy if you treat dad good I’ll keep this video a secret I promise!” We stared into each others eyes and I smiled at her, she smiled back and knew everything was going to be alright. Kathy packed up her folding table and supplies and I helped her to the her car. I decided at the last second before she drove away to give her a warning. I leaned into the car window and whispered in her ear, “I saw that my dad is very well hung, I’m not sure how big of cock you can take but you might want to practice up with a large dildo, because you better not disappoint dad on Wednesday or you will not like the consequences!”

I told dad the just of our conversation, giving him the pleasant version

(no threats or Blackmail) and that she will be here on Wednesday night at 7:30 for another massage. On Wednesday night after dinner Kathy knocked on our door. She was wearing a mini skirt and the halter top. I was happy with how she dressed because I knew what was coming. This time we put some spare blankets on dad’s bed. I helped Kathy get ready and Dad came and sat on the bed. I turned on the hidden video camera as I was recording and watching the whole thing live. As I was leaving I ask Kathy to step out into the Hall with me. I smiled, bent down in front of her reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, I said “you won’t be needing these. Now you understand Kathy that I only have one job for you, make my dad happy.”

Kathy walk back into the room and closed the door behind her, I took Kathy’s panties put them up to my nose and smelt how hot and moist they were. I retreated back to my room, my computer monitor was on and the whole show was in front of me. She massaged dad for about a half an hour when Dad said do you mind if I go to the bathroom for a second. I got up and raced to the bathroom before Dad got here, and when he entered I quickly gave him his go go shot, I flush the toilet just to make it look good and dad walked back into his bedroom closing the door.

Dad asked for Kathy to come up on the bed and sit on his legs while she massage his chest. Dad was lying on his back his cock still very limp and put his hands on both of her legs. He started to massage them on the sides while she massaged him, every few minutes he pulled her forward towards his large growing cock. Kathy could see dad’s cock start to come alive and secretly she helped move herself forward towards that massive cock. When Kathy’s pussy hit the base of dad’s cock her head went back and you can see the pleasure on her face, she started to rock her hips rubbing her clit against his large Pole. Dad just sat back and enjoyed the show. Kathy was so horny she was dripping. Dad could feel the warm liquid start to pool where his balls and legs met.

I heard dad say “Kathy sit up on your knees!” Kathy look my dad in the eyes and knew exactly what that meant. She sat up on her knees as high as she could go and still dads cock was too tall. She put both hands on dad’s chest and pushed her pussy higher in the air. One hand went behind her and guided dad In to her lovely tight pussy. I watched her bounce up and down on dad’s hard cock head for a couple of minutes escort bostancı before lowering herself a bit more. I decided to take my phone, press the record button and go stand in daddy’s doorway.

Its funny that Kathy never even saw me open the door she never opened up her eyes to see me standing there. Her whole world revolved around shoving my dad’s big thick cock deep into her vagina nothing else mattered. I could see the concentration on her face as she took more and more of dads cock inside of her. A couple of times she winced in pain when she took to much, after a few minutes she got into a flowing rhythm of 2 bounces to the bottom and then 2 flicks of her hips while she was down at the bottom. After about the 10 th, time she did this I could see her orgasm coming, it was beautiful to watch. All of her muscles tensed up, her eyes squashed shut, her chin pointed at the ceiling and all her neck muscles were throbbing.

Kathy started to convulse and twitch, she was pinching both nipples as she bounced herself into an amazing orgasm. It was such a wonderful sight I couldn’t help but curl 2 fingers into my soaking hot pussy and bring myself off.

Kathy laid down straight backwards with my dad’s cock still buried inside of her. Dad had to sit up quickly or his cock was going to break. After a minute or two I said that looked amazing, Kathy was too exhausted to do anything more than turn her head, look at me and smile. She did see the camera in my hand recording everything but I don’t think she cared. I looked at dad and said “Daddy why don’t you stick a pillow under her ass and give her a real good fucking!” As dad started to plow into her I took off my little dress, then took my panties off , I walked over to the bed and lowered myself down on the Kathy’s face. She was quite surprised at first and again when I grabbed her hair on both sides of her head and pulled her mouth to my pussy I leaned over and spoke these words into her here ear. “I own you now, your ass is mine anytime I want it or anytime dad wants it do you understand me!”

Kathy mumbled out a “yes!”

“Good girl, now eat my pussy until I come on your face.

I had to tell her what to do and how to do it, she wasn’t very good at eating pussy yet but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from coming. Dad was really starting to bang into her and he was fucking up my rhythm to an orgasm. Her tongue kept missing my clit because of the pounding she was getting.

“Suck my hole, suck it now!” I yelled at Kathy. Kathy put her tongue back in her mouth and started to suck my hole. “Put your tongue in me!” I yelled. I reach down and started strumming my clit as hard and fast as I could. I could hear dad behind me grunting like a elephant. “I’m going to come I screamed!” as I shot liquid all over Kathy’s face and head. “Don’t you stop bitch, you don’t stop until I tell you to!” I yelled at Kathy.

Kathy started to tremble and I could feel the orgasm building up in her, dad yelled “I’m coming now, I’m coming now!” as Kathy started bucking below my pussy, I mashed it into her face to prolong my own orgasm. What a bitch I am I thought with a smile. Kathy started to shake violently her face was wacking my pussy like a drum stick, I could hear her screaming with pauses every time her face mashed into my pussy. Dad was still pounding into her to finish up his orgasm with a bunch of mighty thrusts. Kathy was shaking violently, I thought she was having a seizure or something. I jumped off of her face and turned around. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was squirting everywhere, It was bouncing off dads stomach and shooting in every direction like a fucking water hose. I didn’t want to clean up a big fucking mess so I did what anyone would do, I stuck my hand down there and rubbed her clit as fast as I could . Kathy hit the ceiling, dad tumbled over backwards and I had to hold onto a pussy that was jumping 3 feet in the air.

I don’t know if you call that a mega orgasm or Olympian orgasm with seizures and a 2 1/4 twist, but the Russian judge gave her a perfect fucking 10. Dads eyes finished rolling around in his head and he looked at me and said “What the fuck was that, she fucking near threw me through the ceiling!”

I lifted up Kathy’s body, slid underneath her and held her in my arms, I’m not sure why but I placed her head between my breasts and stroked her hair with soft loving care. That’s where she was when she woke up about 5 minutes later, all she did was snuggle into my body and started sucking on my nipple. Oh my god I think I’m in love I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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