Open Wide

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This story grew from a conversation/fantasy I had with loveisafetish, and one we both agreed was pretty hot. I figured I’d turn it into a full on story to share with all of you, and here it is.

Check her out. She’s really awesome.


I knelt in the corner, watching my Mistress finish her latest photoshoot. Unable to do anything but stare at her beauty and think of all the things I would never have.

She looks amazing. Black leather corset pulled tight so her magnificent breasts could poke out, taunting me, teasing me. Silken panties already damp from her wetness, my eyes drawn to the spot and my mouth watering at the sight of it. And the ball gag, tied between her pretty red lips.

Such a sight to behold.

Slowly, she removed the gag, shiny with a mix of her spit and her lipstick. A veritable work of art. With a wicked grin, she makes her way over to me and, without a word, shoves the gag in my mouth and clicks it shut.

“Enjoy the taste,” she whispers, and I do as I’m told. The mix of her saliva and lipstick enters my mouth, one of the finest things I’ve ever tasted. Anything that comes from her is a blessing to maltepe escort be appreciated.

As I drink it all down, she points to the floor, and my eyes follow until I’m staring at her pretty pink-painted toes. The sight of them makes me drool, and soon my saliva is mixing in with hers until they and the traces of her lipstick are one and the same.

I watch one foot rise and fall, followed by the other. Watch the straps of the leather harness slide up her legs until she snaps them into place.

Only then does she tell me to look up.

There it is, right in front of me. The purple rubber cock standing at attention and pointing at my mouth.

Her favorite strap-on, and the one she plans to fuck me with.

I groan, torn between the humiliation and discomfort coming my way as well as the desire and joy that only comes from giving into her.

“Good boys suck cock,” she reminds me with a smirk, “And you’ve been such a bad boy lately. It’s time you remember who’s in charge.”

Slowly, she removes the ball gag, and I take a moment to breathe before she replaces it with the rubber cock, sliding the tip between my waiting lips.

For escort maltepe a second I gag, but she doesn’t stop. She rams it in and out of my mouth, and I can do nothing but kneel there and take it.

I love every minute of it.

She moans from above me, her thrusts only adding to her wetness. She loves fucking me like this, and I love making her happy.

And so does my cock.

With each thrust, it grows, leaking precum on the floor. She smiles as I groan, a mix of pleasure and pain. Perfection.

The thrusts increase, fucking my face like a jackhammer. I feel the rubber glide over my tongue and lick it every chance I get. She used it on herself recently, and I can still taste her.

After a few minutes, she slows down, then bends over so her red lips are so close I can feel her hot breath on my ear. “Stroke it for me.”

My hands drop down and grab hold of my erect cock, and I quickly start to stroke in time with her thrusts. Up and down and in and out, fucking my hand while she fucks my mouth.

I can smell her pussy, hot and wet from her shoot as well as this, aching from the fun she’s having with me. Her scent fills maltepe escort bayan up my nose as her cock fills up my mouth, and my dick gets even harder with each passing second. She’s using me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She never lets up her assault, and neither do I. Both of us on edge and ready to burst. My Mistress lasts longer than I could ever hope to, and with one final stroke, my cock explodes in my hands, shooting streams of hot, white cum all over my fingers and her pretty feet.

My hands let go and drop to my sides as my cock dribbles out a few more drops, and she slides her cock out of my mouth with a warm smile. Then, she points to the floor once more, this time to the mess I’ve made.

“Looks like there’s one more thing for me to stick in your mouth, eh slave?”

I open wide and take each of her feet, sucking every perfect pink-painted toe and licking every drop of my cum off of them. I try to take it slow, to enjoy the taste of her, but she pulls them away the moment she’s satisfied, leaving me aching for more.

Gazing up, I watch as she runs the ball gag over her soaking panties, letting it glisten once more with her juices. Then, she gently slips in between my lips again, offering me another taste. “Until tomorrow then, slave,” my Mistress says as she blows me a kiss and leaves the room.

I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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