Open Relationship

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I picture it like this:

We’ve spent the afternoon together. After acting class we went to manor to grab food. We’ve been talking for a while. I tell you you’re gorgeous a couple of times –never too heavy handedly– and you blush, and flirt back. You look at me more than you usually do, and I can tell you’re feeling a little different. You offer to read my palms, or we have a thumb war or something; some excuse for us to touch each other. You’re wearing a flowy, soft shirt, and I can see your bra when you lean over.

“You wanna have another catch?” I ask you. The sun is bright and your eyes are nearly closed as you reply, smiling:

“Oh my god, yes!”

“I’m gonna grab the gloves,” I tell you. “You wanna come with?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen your room,” you say.

We walk together to my room, quietly, just sort of soaking in each other’s company. I can’t stop looking at your neck. I push open the door to a room I have quite fortunately just cleaned.

“It’s so nice in here! I love that poster,” you say, indicating the blue submarine. I smile, and say nothing, looking for the gloves. “A surprisingly well decorated room for a college boy. Ow.”

“What’s up?” I ask, looking up.

“I did something weird to my shoulders yesterday. Super sore.”

“I know my cue,” I say. I get up and turn you around, so you’re facing away from me. I put my hands on your shoulders and press down. You giggle and then sigh.

“I was that obvious I guess,” you say. “oof”

“Any spots in particular?”

“Nope just, all of it.” There’s a pause. “You’re really good at this. Aleah is way lucky,” you say. I laugh. You add: “Anytime you want this back, you just let me know.” You pause, then: “you’ve got great hands.”

“Thank you. You’ve got great shoulders,” I say.

“Right– when they’re working.” A long moment passes, I breathe on your neck, and I feel you tense up a little. You back into me, slowly, so your whole body is pressed up against me.”

“I like how you smell,” you tell me. You rub your body against mine; you place your hand on me through my jeans. You exhale deeply. You stop abruptly and back away. “Wait, oh shit, what am I doing? You’re… you can’t be doing… I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s okay.” I lean my weight against my bed and it squeaks a little. “It’s totally cool.”

“What?” you say, legitimately taken aback.

“Aleah and I are in a little bit of an open relationship.”

“Seriously?” you say. “Wait what does little bit mean?”

“It means it’s gotta be with someone we both know, and have asked the other about. Like you. I’ve told Aleah I want to get your clothes off.” You blush.

“Are you even serious right now?”


“Ok. In that case please go back to touching me,” you say, moving towards me.

“Can do.”

We start kissing. I put my hands on your hips and pull you close to me. Your body is warm but your hands are cold– you wrap your arms around my neck and start playing with my hair.

I kiss you slowly, teasing you a couple times; your tongue touches the tip of mine gently, and I do the same to you. You bite my lip, hard. Then look at me, almost angrily. I smile.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since freshman year,” I tell you.

“Me too.”

Your breathing intensifies as I start kissing your neck. I can see all of your beauty marks in full detail, lit brightly by the sun beaming in through the window. You let out a small moan and your hand once again finds my cock through my jeans. I move my mouth up and down one side of your neck, and then switch to the other. I do this for a while, my hand on the small of your back, pressing you into me. I go back to kissing your lips a few times before taking your shirt off. I put a hand on both of your tits and start gently playing with them through your bra. Your nipples tickle the inside my palms. You smile in pleasure.

I feel myself get a little bit harder.

“You got me on a good day. This is one of my favorite bras.”

“I like it too.” It’s black, silk, and fits you well. I pull you close to me. I use my left hand to undo your bra strap, while I place my right index and middle finger on your pussy. You’re wearing black leggings, so I can feel that you’re wet. I pull the bra off and throw it on the bed. “Bye, favorite bra.” You laugh. Then eye the window.

“Can we close that?”

“Yup.” I close the window and return to you. I grab you by the waist and swirl my tongue around your left nipple. I place my hand on your right tit and squeeze. You press into me and exhale quickly.


I cover your tits in my spit. I lick them with bursa escort my flat tongue. I alternate between biting and blowing on your nipples; I feel them get harder in my mouth, all the while using my right hand to rub small circles around your clit. I grab you by the hips and help you onto the bed, onto the soft green blanket that feels like heaven against bare skin. You lie back on the bed and take the rubber band out of your hair, so your ponytail comes undone and flows out over the pillow. I get a whiff of your shampoo– something nice with strawberry.

“Take your shirt off, already,” you say, half-laughing. You shoot the rubber band at me.

“Yes ma’am.” I say, unable to hold back a smile as the rubber band catches me on the shoulder. I take off my polo and throw it at you.

“Hey!” you say, giggling.

I run my hands up and down your torso, reveling in how fit you are. You hum contentedly. You’ve got the makings of a six-pack– not in an insane Jillian Michaels type of way, but it’s clear you’ve spent a lot of time running. You’re stomach, shoulders, and tits are all the same even, coppery tan, and your skin is incredibly soft.

I easily take off your leggings. You help me by raising your legs. You give me a look that is as much of a challenge as it is an invitation. Silk black panties. Out of nowhere you grab my index finger and wrap your lips around it. You suck it ferociously and don’t break eye contact. The inside of your mouth is hot and feels like heaven; I start fantasizing that you’re giving me head. I imagine this was the idea. You pause, having caught on.

“In a couple minutes this isn’t gonna be your finger.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I can’t believe I just said that.” You spit on my middle finger and deepthroat it.

“I didn’t mind it,” I say. I have a bit of trouble getting these words out. Accepting the futility of more talk, I pinch your nipples with my free hand. You nod in acknowledgment and smile with your eyes. I pull my fingers away from you and kiss down your stomach. Your whole body is quivering by the time I’m halfway to your pussy.

I grab hold of your hips and press you into the bed. I bite the top of your panties and pull a little. I glance up to see you looking down at me with intensity. The sound of your breathing fills the room and you grab a fistful of my curly brown hair. I can’t help but smiling at the fierce look in your eye. I want to remind you to have fun so I playfully nip your inner thigh, then your shoulder, then your neck.

“You hungry or something?” You ask, giggling.

“Forgot to have lunch,” I tell you and you give me that dazzling smile. I move back down your stomach and drip spit all over your panties. I brush my lips over your pussy, and lick it a few times through your underwear; big, slow, ice cream cone licks– I get moans as an answer/ I soak my fingers of my right hand then press lightly into your clit and make circles.

Not moving my hand, I move up to lie on my side and kiss your face. Now we’re really French kissing. You’re gasping with pleasure into my mouth as I make smaller and smaller circles around your clit. Your panties are getting so wet that they’re bunching together and I’m starting to feel your bare pussy lips on my fingertips. Your mouth tastes like orange and I like it.

Somehow, through all this, you’ve managed– I was focused on other things– to unzip my jeans and pull my cock out of my boxer briefs. I feel a jolt of pleasure as you start jerking me off, fast.

“Oh shit,” I say, leaning away. I shift onto my back and now you’re to the side of my, leaning the weight of your beautiful, naked body into my shoulder, and hip. “Didn’t even feel you unzip my pants.”

“Yeah? Pretty good, right?” You smirk. “You’ve got a nice cock.” You spit all over my hand and, not breaking eye contact, deep throat my left index and middle finger. The combined pleasure of you sucking my finger and jerking me off is indescribable. I can tell, in the moment you first start it, that you could get me to come that way. But we’ve got a long way to go.

Growing impatient, I grab your head and shove it downwards. You take me in your mouth and my cock hits the back of your throat instantly. You seem unperturbed.

“Told you,” you say, coming up for air. Your eyes water ever so slightly.


“That’s nothing.”

“That’s nothing, huh? That felt like something.”

“Yeah. I kind of have a thing.”

I look at you quizzically. You’re lazily moving your hand up and down my cock. “Like a throatfucking thing.”

“Are you serious?”

You laugh and deepthroat me vigorously, never breaking bursa escort bayan eye contact. I can hardly breathe. You suck just tightly enough so that I feel everything nice and smooth.

“Any other things I should know about?” I ask.

“Um… I have a neck thing too.”

“I somehow knew that.”

“Of course you did. I feel like you just know.”

“Know what?”

“Things. You just know how to do things.”

“I’m glad I exude that,” I say, laughing a little. Pop. I gasp. You’re doing that thing where you shove my head into your cheek and pull it out. Pop. Pop.

“I like doing that,” you tell me.

“I can tell.” I grab your head and dig my fingers into your hair. I don’t apply any force.

“Show me,” you say.

“Show you what?” Your hands working fast, you pull my pants off as we talk. I help you pull them off my ankles, unable to break eye contact.

“Show me how you want me to suck your dick. Use your hands, grab my hair.” I Grab hold of your softer than soft hair and move your quivering red lips toward my cock. There’s no rush here. I move you all the way up and down nice and slow. The tight warmth your mouth, the feeling of you breathing around me as you come up for air is incredible. I take my hands off and sit up; you look at me expectantly. “I wasn’t quite done,” you say. I smile and say okay. Then I shove your lips back toward my cock and throatfuck you noisily. This goes on for a little while. Neither of us seems particularly impatient to do anything else.

I rotate so I’m reclined against the wall– I want to see your whole body, all of its curves and marks. You get on all fours to my left and start jerking me off and sucking me at the same time. You’ve got that rotating wrist thing covered. I don’t know what to look at. I’m overwhelmed by the arch of your back, by the way your lips change shape as they move down the length of my shaft, by the small beauty mark on your left cheek, by the unexplainable sexiness to the angle of your feet, diagonal and pointing towards my window, like a dancer’s point but not quite. I grab hold of your hair and breathe out on the word fuck. You laugh.

“What?” I say.

“Nothing.” You slap my cock against your tongue as you look around thoughtfully. Your eyes squint up in that fucking adorable way as you say:

“I don’t know you’re just really hot. I like getting you off.”

“My god, say that again,” I say. You laugh.

“I like getting you off, Eli. I’ve always thought you were really cool.” The tone of your voice as you say my name is like a mouthful of good chocolate. But like, sex chocolate.

I can’t wait to get you off I think. Then I tell you.

“You already are.”

Then you start using two hands on me, and I throw my head back in arousal. I wet my fingers and reach out you to finger you through your panties. You’re jaw falls open in a wide-mouthed smile. I make circles around your clit. You breathe heavily in ecstasy and you make that kind of face like you can’t believe how good you feel. You don’t stop jerking me off but you look at me right in the eyes and lean in to tell me: “I can’t wait for you to fuck me.” Without thinking I grab your neck and use it to command your body belly-up onto the bed. I do so in one swift motion, and when it’s over I’m looking down at you.

“Fuck yeah that was smooth,” you say, a bit out of breath. I lean in and kiss your lips. Then your neck, then your shoulders, then I rain spit onto your tits and bite your nipples hard. I take them in my palms, watching you body-roll in pleasure and thinking of what I’ve heard about smaller tits being more sensitive. I blow cool air on your nipples and feel them harden with my tongue. I keep my palms on your tits and kiss down your stomach. I don’t stop when I get to your pussy– I open my mouth wide and lick your cunt through your underwear . I stick my fingertips into the sides of your panties, and start pulling them down. You raise your hips and your legs. You’ve got your ‘I’m so turned on I’m pissed off’ face on again. To tease you, I pull off your panties as slowly as possible, savoring in how the glide over your clean-shaven legs. With an elegant flick, I toss them to the floor. Your pussy lips are quivering, and soaked. I spit on them, then return to kissing your neck.

“Uhh. Tease.” you manage, your eyes closed. I lean my weight to your left and use my right hand to keep fingering you. I move my face so it’s an inch away from yours and you can feel my hot breath. You open your eyes and watch my lips, biting yours in the meanwhile. Then you grab my head and pull me towards you, your tongue on mine almost immediately. bursa bayan escort Your other hand finds my cock again. You say the word yes about six times in rapid fire. I bite your ear. Then whisper:

“I’m gonna put some Chet Faker on.”

“Mmm good choice.”

My computer is in a cooperative mood, for once, so it takes me only fifteen or so seconds to put on the song “Talk is Cheap”

You do a little bed wiggle dance as you sing along. I jump back on the bed, eye-fucking you like crazy. I kiss your stomach, tits, hips, and legs throughout the whole first verse. I kiss/lick down your leg until I get to your inner thigh, and your breathing is almost at the rate of hyperventilation. Then I back off.

“One quick thing,” I say, hopping off the bed.

“Uhh oh my god, you fucking tease,” you tell me. I run to the closet and grab a scarf.

“Lean your head forward,” I tell you. My voice sounds smoothly commanding.

“Yes sir,” you say, as the first chorus comes to a close. I tie the scarf around your head. I kiss in circles around the perimeter of your lips. You’re squeaking in delighted anticipation.

“I want to make you feel good,” I whisper in your ear. I kiss down your stomach once more. Then, using all my strength, I flip you over onto your hands and knees and bury my face in your cunt.

“FUCK!” you yell, and press into my face. You muster up a surprising amount of strength for someone of your size; I have to work to hold my ground as you grind into me. No real order or patterns at first. I just move my tongue everywhere in pussyland, straying out to your asscheeks and back. Spit dribbles down you onto the bedsheets, and my cock pulses rock hard beneath the action.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes.” You reach back a hand and run it through my curls.

“I want you to tell me if there’s something I should do.”

“Just,” you gasp. “Everything you’re doing. More of that.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I briefly stop to look at your body some more, then I do the following:

1.Lick your outer lips

2.Lick your inner lips

3.Write the alphabet with my tongue– uppercase, lowercase, cursive, the a few roman numerals, and messages, such as:


5.Flip you over onto your back

6.Move in smaller and smaller circles around your clit, then begin flicking my tongue up and down it until…

“Holy shit Eli.”


“Holy shit Eli I’m gonna come.”

“Come for me, gorgeous,” I tell you.

“This feels so fucking good,” you say. “Don’t stop.” You arch your head forward and look me dead in the eyes. “Eli, I’m coming.” I growl in satisfaction as your hips gyrate and you scream your head off.

Through all this, I continue moving my tongue up and down. I’m not sure if you’re the kind of girl that can get multiple orgasms but I figure hey why not find out.

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask, as your hips begin to slow.

“mmm mmm” you shake your head. You want more.

“You think you can come again?”

“I don’t kn–” but I’ve already gone back to flicking your clit. And you’ve already gone back to speechlessness, to uncontrollable panting. I dip my tongue deep inside you and get a fresh layer of warm pussy juice. My face is pretty much soaked at this point. Your hands are in my curls again and something about this feeling sends me momentarily back to when I first met you and knew, immediately, that I had a crush on you. Perhaps, in that moment, I was already imagining your little tan fingers digging into my locks.

“No one’s ever made me feel like this before,” you say a little hoarsely. I feel a rush of familiarity at these words since Aleah says them a lot. But a bonus rush because you have a different, and perhaps more extensive sexual history then her.

“I’m gonna. Jesus Christ I’m gonna come again.”

I just nod and keep on keepin’ on. Your screams are even louder this time and as I revel in the sensation of your hard clit sketching across my tongue in a moment of climactic artistry, I briefly wonder if my neighbors can tell you’re not Aleah from your moans. I wait until you’ve stopped gyrating before giving you one last ice cream lick and retreating a few inches.

I smile at you then move up to the front of the bed and lie down next to you. You kiss my shoulder and look at me seemingly a little awestruck.

“I didn’t even know that was possible,” you say.

“It’s called a serial multiple.”

“Alright, whatever you say.” You pause. “Oh my God I’m about to fuck you so hard. You fucking champ. You deserve every second of what’s about to happen. Holy shit.” You roll over on top of me, kiss me fiercely, lick down my stomach letting your hair tickle me, suck my cock once, twice, three times in languid ecstasy before plopping your ass down just below my balls. You jerk me off lazily and press my shaft into your soaking pussy lips.

“Uhh,” you say, grinding into me.

“You said it.”

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