One Freaky Family Fucker

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



I’ve always been freaky. I guess it’s just who I am. A gift, maybe. It’s led me to many fun… and fucked up… sexual conquests. I love rough sex, piss, hard anal, forced sex, impregnation sex, and of course… incest sex.

I come from a very open, sexually liberated… and pretty damn horny… family. Our trailer park is a sleazy, perverted sex pit… and I fucking love it.

Mama raised me and two sisters, Gina and Lisa, by herself. My asshole father split after I was born. I’m 21, my sisters are 22 and 25. I’m also the horniest… and that’s saying something.

My dick is always hard and always ready to please. I think about sex all the time. I fuck all the time. “JAMES… COME IN HERE AND WASH OUR ASS.” Gina yells from the bathroom. She and Lisa like to shower together. It usually ends up a hot threesome with me. Oh yeah. (Big smile).

I walk in the bathroom and watch my sexy sisters wash each other. I’m nude… I like being nude. I start stroking my seven inch cock, as I watch my big titty, slutty sisters rub soap into each other’s curvy bodies. The warm water washes it off. The soap slides slowly off Gina’s 36Ds, as cascading down her body to the tub. Shit, I’m horny!

“Come on in… and bring your dick.” Lisa waves me in.

I step into the tub and get behind Lisa, whose facing Gina. I soap up Lisa’s 34Ds, squeezing and massaging them. I do the same for Gina’s titties. My rock hard dick presses against Lisa’s soft ass, and she takes care of that. Lisa grabs my cock, soaps it, and slides it right up her well used ass.

I fuck my sister’s ass hard and fast, washing her gorgeous, soft tits and Gina’s too. We all kiss, sucking tongues, as I play with both sister’s big natural tits and slam up Lisa’s slutty, ready for business ass. “FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!” Lisa cries out, as my seven inches plows in and out of her booty. I love ass fucking. Both of my sisters love it too, so it’s perfect.

I pull out and piss all over Lisa and Gina’s soapy bodies. They both approve, giggling and sticking out their tongues, trying to catch some.

I fuck Gina’s thick booty too, bending her over, as Lisa crawls under her and eats her pussy. “FUCK MY ASS JAMESSSSSSSSS!!” Gina screams out, loving my hard as steel dick up her ass. Lisa licks my balls and eats Gina’s juicy twat, as my cock plunges deep and hard up my big titty, older sister’s very plowable ass. I slap it and slap it, the warm water beating down on us, steaming up the shower. I cum hard up Gina’s phat booty, smiling as my jizz blasts out of my cock.

I pull out and Lisa latches on to my cum dripping dick, sucking it clean. I hold her head and piss in her mouth. Lisa giggles happily and drinks my piss, looking up at me, tickling my big balls. I suck Gina’s soft melons, alternating between both. She has such tasty tits and I enjoy every fucking second of sucking em. Her hard nipples twitch in my mouth, as I lick em, softly bite em and suck ataşehir escort em as hard as possible.

We all kiss again and take another shower, getting clean, drying each other off… that’s fun as hell. Their hands softly groping me all over, making me grin like a maniac.

“Thanks for the ass fuck baby.” Lisa says, kissing me.

“Any time baby doll. Any fucking time.” We all three smile and make out, getting all touchy feely, titty grabbing and cock stroking.

A little later, mama is making a cake, looking so fucking good… her and the cake. Mama’s brownish red hair and soft, supple curves drive me wild.

“Hey honey. I heard you and your sisters earlier. Sounded like yall got real clean.” Mama’s sweetly smiles at me, knowing everything. I just smile back and nod.

Mama’s so damn sweet. She and I have a very special bond. Mama’s always doing anything she can to make me happy. She’s awesome at it.

I come up to mama and hug her from behind. She smiles and looks back and kisses me. Those sweet lips of mama are something to behold. Mama has the most kissable lips ever. They are so beautiful… and look even better stretched around my seven inches, especially when I’m cumming in her mouth.

“I love you so much mama.” I tell her, my arms around her waist.

“Awwwwww. I love you too honey. I love you so very much sweetheart.” Mama looks at me with those gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes. I run my hands up her thin, orange and white blouse and fondle her absolutely beautiful breasts. I cup em, softly squeezing them. I pinch her nipples thorough her blouse and bra, rolling them between my fingers.

“Mama’s getting fucked.” I tell her, pulling her hands behind her back. Mama’s kinky, just like me, so she happily goes along with my idea.

I pull a cord out of my pants and tie mama’s hands behind her back. I take an extra sock out of my other pocket and tie it around her mouth. Mama fake struggles. I bend her onto the kitchen counter and yank her jeans down. Mama and I do rape fantasies all the time. She really gets off on it. “What do we have here? A sweet mama pussy waiting to get fucked. Mama fake screams into the sock and shakes, pretending to try and get away.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” Mama screams into the sock, fake crying. God, she gets me hard. I pull my dick out and grind on her sweet as honey, smooth as silk, mature ass.

“Ready to take your son’s dick up your ass mama?” I tease her, grinding all over that sweet ass.

“NOOOOOOOO… DON’T DO ITTTTTTTTTT!!” Mama plays along beautifully, fake crying, laying her beautiful head on the counter.

I… SLAM MY SEVEN INCHES OF PURE COCK FURY UP MAMA’S ASS! She screams out, her eyes rolling back in her head. Mama loves rough sex. I pound her fucking ass so fucking hard, the force slamming her against the counter.

I fuck mama’s ass faster and faster, my cock plowing insanely fucking fast up her tight ass. God, it feels so fucking good. My cock is throbbing so damn hard.

Mama moans and fake cries, selling the role kadıköy escort play, but also enjoying the brutal ass pounding. Mama squirts, her cream splashing me and the floor. It spurs me on. I slam harder and harder up mama’s ass. Mama trembles with sexual arousal, grinding her ass on me.

I smile so big, laying on mama, my beer belly pressing her down into the counter. I just fuck that beautiful ass as fucking fast as I can. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!” Mama screams into the sock, squirting again. Her juices fly everywhere and I keep ass plowing her even harder.

My eyes roll back and I CUM deep and hard up mama’s wrecked ass. Lay on her and breath easy, as my cock pumps my thick, gooey seed into my sexy mother’s well plowed booty. I kiss mama’s cheek. She smiles around the sock.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, so good honey… so, so good.” Mama so happily says, moaning in sheer pleasure from my “forced” taking of her. I pull my cock out and take the sock off of mama’s mouth. She kneels down and greedily attacks my cock, sucking it so damn good.

Mama bobs on my now, half hard cock. I fuck her mouth, as she smiles so sweet up at me. She deep throats me, licking my hairy balls with my whole cock down her throat.

Mama’s saliva spills out everywhere. I fuck her face fast… then faster… then even faster… and even fucking faster.

Mama sucks my invading dick and licks all around it, as it pummel her mouth. “YEAHHHHHHHH!!” I shout out, cumming so fucking hard into my mothers mouth and throat. Mama swallows my whole load, drop after drop, not missing one.

“So delicious sweetie pie. Mmmmmmmm. I think it’ll make a real nice icing for my cake. You got another load in you baby?” Mama asks, winking up at me.

“Hell yeah mama.” I grin.

I untie mama’s hands and she jerks me off, holding the mixing bowl in front of my dick. Mama licks my fat head, looking and smiling up at me the whole time.

Mama jerks my cock so damn fast, her hand’s a blur. Mama kisses my cock head over and over, licking my piss slit, lapping up my slimy, salty precum.

“FUCKKKKKKK!!” I blurt out, as I blast my load of creamy jizz hard into the mixing bowl. Mama jerks my dick fast, pumping out every last drop. When I’m done cumming, mama mixes it with the sugar and other ingredients. She licks the spoon. “Mmmmmmmm… so darn yummy.” Mama loves my cum.

Mama takes the cake out and mixes the icing. She iced the cake, blowing me kisses. Lisa and Gina cum in and realize what mama and I have been doing. “Come try the cake ladies. Your sweet brother helped ice it.” Mama winks at them. They immediately know what she means.

Mama, Gina and Lisa all try the cake. “Mmmmm… so good.” Lisa comments, blowing me a big kiss, licking her sexy, sperm glossed lips.

“Love it… as always.” Gina says, looking at me and smacking her lips.

“Yeah… my son can sure ice a cake. That’s for sure.” Mama winks at me, smiling so sweet.

Later in the evening, aunt Christy is over… and riding my cock on my bed. Aunt Christy has bostancı escort one of the nicest and most fuckable pairs of titties you’ll ever see. I’m squeezing em silly, as Christy rides me, reverse cowgirl, my dick up her ass and not one, but two bananas in her pussy.

“FUCK MY ASS JAMES… OH MY GOD… FUCK IT GOOD BABY!!” Christy loves anal sex… we all do.

Lisa come in. “Well, well… I’m just in time for the fun.” Lisa throws off her bathrobe and jumps on my bed, eating the bananas in aunt Christy’s mature pussy. They’re softened and warm and Lisa is enjoying them.

“Mmmmmmmm… yummy.” Lisa says, eating out Christy’s cunt and licking my big, sweaty balls. Christy bounces intensely and happily on my rock hard seven inches of cock fury, her warm, Hershey highway providing a comfy, cock friendly path, eating up my dick.

My hands are firmly locked onto aunty Christy’s soft, hanging melons, rubbing the tips of her rubbery nipples, as I fondle those awesomely gorgeous, natural breasts.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSS… FUCK MY ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!” Aunt Christy yells out, squirting all over Lisa, laps it up with a slutty smile.

Once Lisa finishes eating both bananas out of Christy’s pussy, she reaches over and grabs the chocolate sauce, squeezing it, pouting it all over my aunt’s soaked labia and my big, sweaty balls. Lisa leans over and licks Christy and I totally clean, making sure to clean every inch of our chocolate sauce covered genitalia, getting chocolate sauce all over her face.

Lisa and Christy kiss, as I pump my sticky seed up my aunt’s tight ass. I immediately start pissing in Christy’s ass, after I cum in it. The warm piss splashes out, covering my balls and soaking the sheets.

Lisa moves down and pulls my pissing cock out of our aunt’s smooth, mature ass, sucking it, voraciously drinking my piss. Lisa sucks out every fucking drop of piss in me and gets piss splattered in the face by aunt Christy. Lisa opens her mouth and gets Christy’s piss in there, as well as mine. She gulps down both loads of piss, excitedly.

Aunt Christy leans back on me and we kiss, while Lisa happily drinks our piss, licking and sucking us both dry.

Christy, Lisa, Gina and mom all suck me off at the same time, sharing my creamy cum load. Christy tries mom’s cum cake and loves it. I ass bang Christy and mom while Gina pisses in Lisa’s mouth. I line all four ladies up and go down the line, filling their sweet pussies with beer and sucking it all out of all of em.

We all four spend the weekend fucking, sucking, eating and drinking. Gina does double anal with mom and I. Mom fucks my big titty sister’s ass with her huge strap on.

Mom rides me while Gina drinks beer out of her ass and Lisa drinks it out of hers… and Christy drinks it out of hers. Fuck, it’s fun. A beer up the ass drinking daisy chain.

Mom tosses my salad, rimming my ass with her sweet tongue, while Gina, Lisa and Christy all fuck my cock with their big, natural titties. I cum on all thee sets of tits. They lick each others titties clean while I grin oh so happily.

I spend an hour sucking… and drinking… the milk outta mama’s titties. Lisa sucks me off the whole time and she and Christy swap my cum.

That’s me. That’s my life. Hey, I’m… One Freaky Family Fucker.

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