One Evening

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As the dinner wound down, the dishes were cleared from the table and the wine glasses refilled; the mood seemed to shift. Whereas before the conversation was light and merry, boisterous at times, they began to whisper to each other, leaning closer and becoming more intimate. The man wore a sharp tuxedo, a black Armani with a matching silk black shirt underneath that made the room’s shadows appear lighter than they really were. His dark brown hair was cropped short, spiked in the popular fashion and his spectacles glinted in the candlelight. His hand traced the rim of the wine glass before taking another draught, a sly grin on his face.

The woman was dressed elegantly in a similarly black dress, with a long slit down the side that came almost to the bottom of her perfectly shaped ass and clung tightly to her bosom, an average 32C. Her dark auburn hair came down nearly to her shoulder blades, but was curled and looked much shorter at that moment. Her white gold and diamond earrings caught the candlelight in just a way to accent their beauty.

Hazel eyes flecked with gold were entrapped by the man across from her as they came together for a brief kiss, lips meeting and sending warmth through their bodies, their tongues met in a temporary embrace, tasting of rich food and wine. He traced his hand down the small of her back, where her dress exposed her delicious flesh and she sighed softly in his mouth, eyes fluttering. His other hand brushed her cheek softly as he gently set his napkin down on the table and took her hand in his to leave.

As he placed the key in the tumbler to unlock the deadbolt to his penthouse apartment, she turned him around and roughly pressed him against the door. She gently ran her hands down his sides as her lips found his, starting gently and slowly becoming rougher and rougher. She sucked on his lip hard and gently scraped his lower lip with her teeth, a taste of things to come. She stepped away, wiping her lips and giving him a look to let him know she was not ready to wait any longer.

He quickly opened the door, not bothering with the light as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her along behind him. He locked the deadbolt and fastened the chain behind them. He pressed her hard against the wall, rubbing himself along her, rough palms gently massaging her lower back despite the ferocity of his kisses. As she moaned long and deep, he pressed his lips even harder against hers, consuming her desire.

Despite being an inch shorter than him, she showed amazing strength and agility. She deftly maneuvered herself to pull his jacket around his waist, with his arms still entangled in the sleeves, and pressing him against the opposite wall, cracking the mirror hanging on the wall behind him. He stood there helplessly looking down into her goddess-like eyes that were lit with a fire he had not seen before this night. She teased him with a playfully gentle kiss, and then hovered with only her breath to tease his lips. As he anticipated her actions and moved forward to kiss her, she moved away abruptly; teasing him with her control. As his lips fervently sought hers, she finally gave in, kissing him so hard he pulled back at her intensity. Her lips quickly found his neck, sucking gently and then nibbling with her teeth. Her tongue tracing trails that sent shivers down his spine.

She finally released him by tugging his jacket the rest of the way off, tossing anadolu yakas─▒ escort it carelessly to one side of the dark entryway. She rested her head against his chest as they both caught their breath for a moment. Her hands roamed across his ass and his across her back. After a few moments, which seemed like delicious hours, she traced a gentle trail down the front of his silk shirt towards his crotch, grabbing his cock roughly with her hands. He inhaled sharply and she kissed him passionately again, sucking the air out of his lungs. He couldn’t help but moan. As she rubbed him like a madwoman for a few moments, his shirt found its way to the floor before she abruptly took her hand away and walked toward the bar in the main foyer.

The moonlight accented her slightly pale skin, making her glow against the background of the windows that looked out on Manhattan. She poured herself a shot of tequila, drinking it quickly before taking an ice cube sexily from the bucket next to the glasses. She ran it over her lips and then walked over to him, pressing him against the wall once more, with shattered glass lying at their feet. She ran the ice cube down his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples, making them stand slightly erect before popping the frozen water into her mouth.

The first kiss on his shoulder was tender. The slightly cool sensation from her lips enhancing the feeling of their touch. The next, near his heart, was rough and he winced slightly from the blood drawn from her bite. This time the sensation of the ice pressed directly on his fresh wound enticed a moan. As she slowly made her way down to his navel, leaving a trail of bite marks and blood welling up, he ran his fingers through her hair before pulling her tightly against his belly button, rubbing his clothed member in her face for a moment. He was done being toyed with.

He placed his hand gently under her chin, pulling her face up toward his, planting kisses on her eyelids and cheeks. He pointedly avoided her lips, seeking her ear lobes instead. As he gently sucked and nibbling them, putting them between his teeth and slowly moving his jaw back and forth, he slowly moved to her neck, biting her and sucking hard on her jugular vein. The ensuing moan sounded like heaven to his ears. In a sudden act of compassion, he kissed her ear gently, sucking the air out of it before moaning gently into her ear as he massaged her breasts roughly.

He bit her shoulder, enticing another moan. Her hands pressed his head harder into her. He bit her again, licking his way down to the strap holding her dress up. He grasped the strap with his teeth and pulled it off of her shoulder, then proceeded to the other side where a similar act followed. He tugged lightly at her dress, exposing her breasts. The combination of her dress and his hands on her upper arms kept her hands tight at her sides. She arched her back lightly, pressing her hardened nipples against him.

He kissed his way down to her collar bone, biting her and teasing with soft kisses, making his way to her breasts. He circled one lightly, avoiding the nipples crying out to be sucked, bit, and rolled, until she couldn’t stand it any longer; writhing in his grasp to try and force his mouth on her puffy areola. He pressed her hard against the wall, reminding her that he was in control now. She relaxed ata┼čehir escort slightly, submitting to his will.

He rewarded her compliance by flicking first one, then the other, nipple gently with his tongue before sucking hard and teasing her with a grazing of his teeth. She moaned loudly, her knees nearly buckling at finally receiving the pleasure she so desperately needed. He released his grip on her arms and turned her around, pressing her breasts hard against the cold wall and ground himself against her ass before pulling both arms behind her back. He tweaked them just enough to keep a constant pressure that would allow him to lead her anywhere.

He directed her toward the bedroom, where he roughly tossed her on the bed; they had played this game many times. She remained where she landed, not moving except to breathe. He took a cuff from one of the bed posts and fastened her right wrist, then moved to the other side where he restrained the right one, pulling the buckles tight. He left her legs free for now; he wouldn’t restrain them unless she refused to cooperate. He slowly pulled her tight dress the rest of the way down from her body, kissing where the material left her skin and nibbling lightly whenever he saw a piece of flesh he particularly enjoyed.. She hadn’t worn any undergarments that evening, as was his wont.

He tossed the dress casually to one side, and then discarded his pants and boxers next to them. As he climbed back on the bed, he straddled her chest, rubbing his hard prick on either side of her face before pressing it against her lips. She resisted at first. She knew of his guilty pleasures, and feigning resistance always turned him on. He pressed harder against her lips and she complied, letting him enter her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his head, sucking lightly and feeling his head press against the back of her throat. She couldn’t help but moan. He pulled back slightly before pressing forward again, slowly fucking her face at whatever pace he desired. She looked up at him with desire, letting him know that she would do whatever it took to please him.

He pulled free from her mouth, a string of saliva connecting the tip of his penis on her lower lip. She looked up at him again, missing the taste of his prick on her tongue. He moved down her chest, leaving a trail of pre-cum and saliva over her breasts and stomach. He kept moving down until he reached her navel, licking it softly, kissing his way toward her warm cunt. He kissed either side of her inner thigh, biting small pieces of skin to make her twitch. Her thighs closed in around his head, urging him forward into her warmth.

He sat up abruptly and slapped her inner thighs roughly, making her try and cross her legs and her face flush. He shook his head before restraining her legs, pulling the ropes taut until her legs were spread before him, leaving her totally exposed. He then moved back to her pussy, breathing heavily upon it. His fingers ran up and down her thighs, coming right to the edge of her clit and lips, but never touching them. Abruptly he sucked on her clit hard, flicking it with his tongue and causing her to arch her back and pull on her restraints.

As her moan broke the silence of the bedroom, he took two fingers and pushed roughly inside of her, making a ‘come here’ motion to rub against her g-spot, while continuing his merciless ├╝mraniye escort attack on her clitoris. She fought desperately against her restraints to press her mound harder against his face; to feel even more pressure and have him deeper inside of him. Her body could only react to the pleasure as she felt her orgasm rising in her body. He sensed that she was close and abruptly broke off his assault, only massaging the insides of her vagina with a slow back and forth motion. She whimpered and begged him desperately to let her cum.

He moved forward on the bed, taking his penis and pressing it against her entrance, sliding it up and down her entire slit, taking the head and slapping it against her clit. She moaned again, twitching at every flick of his head until she thought she would burst. He pressed hard at her entrance and she felt him slide home as she bucked wildly with her orgasm, rubbing her clit as hard as she could against his pelvic bone, trying to take even more his seven and a half inches inside of her. She cried out into the night, and he leaned forward to draw her moans and whimpers with kisses, his tongue swirling inside of her mouth, wrestling her tongue down; he could taste his sweet tang from his earlier face fucking.

He began a slow pace of fucking her and she could only look at him through misty eyes and flushed cheeks as she didn’t think the pleasure could get any more intense. His hands roamed over her body at will, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her stomach; eventually they found themselves wrapped around her chest as he increased his pace and the force of his thrusts. This beautiful nymph below him was committed to him and he wanted to have every ragged breath from her; to consume her entire body and soul. She began squeezing her cunt around him, trying to force every millimeter of him inside of her, milking his cock and trying to please him. His thrusts became more frenzied as he fucked her harder and harder, his gentle kisses on her neck becoming bites of lust, drawing blood and moans from his partner.

He reached up and released her hands, which instantly wrapped around his back, her nails drawing fresh wounds from his back, her eyes locked on his as they gave in to their passions. She pressed him close to her bosom and he bit her breasts hard, sucking on the wound after and tasting blood. She only moaned louder, begging him to fuck her harder, to have more of him, to be his slave for ever. He reached down and squeezed her ass hard, pulling it against him as he thrust forward, giving him even more force every time he pressed into her.

Their breath became ragged gasps as the relentless fucking continued, she cried out again as another orgasm tore through her body, nails digging hard into his back and blood running down his spine; sweat covered their bodies and he thrust home once more, erupting into an orgasm of his own. His cum sprayed deep into her love canal and he pulled her tight against him as many spurts filled her up, she continued to buck against him, rubbing her clit hard against him and sucking every last drop she could out of him. They collapsed on the bed, labored breath the only sounds filling the room. His cock twitched inside of her randomly and she continued to squeeze it with her cunt.

He sat up slowly, as if in a daze, and released her legs, which she promptly wrapped around him. They rolled over on their side and she kissed his lips tenderly, lovingly. She pulled away from his embrace and released her grip from around him, pulling his penis from her, cum dripping slowly down her leg; she moved down to suck on his cock, cleaning him. They then climbed underneath the silk sheets, wrapped themselves in a loving embrace and drifted into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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