On the Farm

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By the time I had reached the ripe old age of eighteen I had seen dogs making puppies, Cows making caves and horses too. I know what it took two living animals to reproduce. I knew but yet in my mind I had not thought about people doing the same thing. Well not this people any way. Of course at eighteen I heard the other guys talking about which girl would “put out” and which guys had gotten laid. But yet it still had not gotten through my thick hide that I was of an age when these things should have been important to me. Some guys are just slow and I was the leader of that pack.

I did however like to look at one particular young lady in my class. I was in my freshmen class at the local Junior College. She was tall, dark haired, kind of skinny but I could see she had the beginnings of breasts. But I liked her long legs and I liked the way her rump kind of stood out round and prominent. I would even say she was pretty. But I also noticed that none of the other guys talk about her when they talked about the girls that put out… I liked this and some how thought she was saving that little bit of her life for me. Yet it still never occurred to me that what everyone else was doing was learning about life thought sex. I did begin to know what made a girl pretty and I could tell the ones that were pretty and the ones that were not.

I also noticed that most guys liked the girls with the largest breasts. I guess that is why the guys did not talk about Karen Edwards. She did not have large breasts yet, but some how I knew that would change with age. But as I said I knew this but my mind did not dwell on it. But I knew just the same.

My father was killed in an accident just after my eighteenth birthday in early Spring. My mother was of course a very distraught lady. She kept to her room and cried a lot while I went about doing the chores and keeping the place running. The money crops were in and they only needed a little tending until time for harvest. There were chickens to be fed, cows to be milked and hogs to be slopped. Our dog Jake seemed to know that there was something wrong as he followed me around a lot closer than he did other wise.

The day of the funeral Mom and I did not get home until late afternoon. We had been to the church, the grave yard and to my Aunt’s house for dinner where Mom could talk with a few close friends.

One thing I really did not like was getting all dressed up in a suite and tie. But I did and as soon as I got home I stripped down to my shorts and was reaching for my jeans when I head my Mom cry out then I heard her fall to the floor. I ran to her room and found her on the bathroom floor with a bump on her head and very much out of it. She was not out cold but she could not get up by her self.

I know it was not right and I know it was so very wrong of me to look at my Mom with lust in my eyes. That was only part of it I got an erection when I saw her laying naked on the floor. She had just stepped out of the shower when she slipped and fell to the floor hitting her head on the toilet seat on the way down.

I lifted her up in my arms and carried her easily to her bed. Her breasts were firm and solid for a woman of forty eight. Her hair was all matted with blood. Even before covering her up I want to get a wash cloth to clean her up. When I came back to the bed she was laying prostrate with her legs slightly parted so I could see her wet pink inner apart of her vagina. I looked at this with great interest and thought I came from there and my Dad had had his penis in there many times. I also guess that was part of why people love one another because they make love and not just do it like the animals do.

I think this was when I realized that my mother was a beautiful lady and more than a Mom. I saw her for the first time as a truly lovely female and I got the second erection and I knew than why guys really got excited about women and what the two could do to one another. I still was not so sure how two people did “it” but I had a pretty good idea.

I cleaned up my Mom bleeding head and called my Aunt Ruby. She said she would be right over. That would take ten minutes so in the mean times I took a closer look at all my Mom’s body parts. I even touched her most inappropriately. I felt her breasts; I let my finger tips trace a circle around her wet pussy lips as the guys called them. When I rolled her over to wash the back of her head I even spread her cheeks so I could see her tiny back hole. This seemed to excite me too. I had to think about this; all of this… Pulling a sheet up over my Mom when I heard tires screech in the drive way.

Aunt Ruby came up the stairs two at a time. She came into the room and stopped at the sight of my Mom sleeping on the bed.

“What the hell happened?” she asked.

I told her I heard Mom scream and I found her on the floor where she must have slipped coming out of the shower. Aunt Ruby had some ankara escort nurses training and quickly looked mom over and said she did not think Mom was badly hurt just a bump on the head and because of all the pressure she has been under these last few days she was just sleeping it off. I agreed and said we may as well just let her sleep and check on her later. I stood to walk out with Aunt Ruby when I remembered I was also nearly naked and I still had a hard on. I am not a super stud but my shorts were standing well out where it was plan to see I was fully erect.

Aunt Ruby stopped at the door turned back to take one more look at Mom. I saw her eyes follow my body line down to my shorts. She blinked and her mouth opened and she swallowed then she turned red in the face and she looked up at me. I had a shit-eating grim on my face and a guilty look all at the same time.

How can a person be a normal kid one day and the next all hoped up with drug like symptoms just because you saw a naked female body. A really gorgeous body at that. But maybe I was also hopped up because that gorgeous body belonged to my own mother. I know what lust is and I know about incest but they were only words in a book until a few minutes ago. The really strange part about all this is that now all the dirty words I had heard but never used came flooding back into my head and this time I was listening to them and there meaning.

Time seemed to be frozen I was there in the middle of this new world allowing my Aunt to see me as a man and not a kid. I stood there for all of one second but so much was going through my head my head hurt. But so did my erection as it was throbbing and the head was bouncing up and down in my shorts. I thought for a second I was going to ejaculate right there and then. If I had I would have died from embarrassment. I was not far from being that way from just knowing Aunt Ruby had seen me in this condition. She must know I got this way from seeing my mother’s naked body. She must also know I am lusting after my own mother. Thanks God she didn’t see me touching Mom and thank God she can not read my mind. But as she started to smile I thought for a second she was reading my mind and maybe she was.

Aunt Ruby like my mother was also a widow. Her husband had died some six years ago. I thought of this as I stubbornly refused to hide my erection. I want to yell at her and tell her I was a virgin and needed to not be. I wanted to take my erection out and show her I was a man. But I stood there like the kid I was and acted the fool

“Come on let your mother sleep.” Aunt Ruby said in a soft voice as not to awaken mother.

Aunt Ruby did not move to far to the side while holding the door for me to pass. I walked out into the hall and turned to see her again smiling at me.

“Aunt Ruby, It not like that.” I blurted out. “I would never.” I mumbled as I finely tried to hide my erection. I put my hands in front of my crotch and kind of bent over to hide the fact that the hard-on I had now was not because of my mother but because of Aunt Ruby. I had let my eyes roam over her tall slender figure and her some what smaller breast than my Mom’s full round melons.

Aunt Ruby’s smile grew wider and her eyes seemed to brighten and grow fuller and rounder. Her mouth turned up at the corners and she seemed to be transformed into the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I again stood fixed to the floor as if my feet were nailed there. I let my eyes look straight into her eyes. My hands fell away to my sides and I straighten up my shoulders pull them back, my chest pushed out like a military guy.

My vision blurred and Aunt Ruby became Karen Edwards. I saw Karen standing there all slim and naked smiling at me. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her. I wanted to feel her nakedness next to me.

But what happened next was also a blur. Aunt Ruby came into my arms and I kissed her full on the mouth. One hand came up to take a breast in its grip. My other arm went around her shoulders and there we were kissing. I was shaking so bad my knees were about to give out. I never felt her hands reach inside my shorts to take a solid grip on my erection. She moaned and shook almost as bad as I. I believe she knew it was wrong for us to do this but she could not stop her self. I had no thought of right or wrong at all I just wanted to let thing keep going the way they were.

My room was just down the hall and we merged into one moving mass as we hit my bed falling on it still locked together. Though the kisses and groping I managed to get her naked and my shorts came off some where along the line also.

Aunt Ruby was on her back and I was kneeling between her legs. My erection poised waiting for the invitation to enter. She gave me the signal and some how I knew this was the moment and so I pushed down and forward. I lost my virginity in one fraction of a second. I pushed and there I escort ankara was fully engaged in the sweetest warmest most exciting feeling of my young life. Aunt Ruby screamed “Oh, god.’

My natural instincts took over, I pushed down hard and fast then I lifted myself up and quickly pushed down hard again and again. Aunt Ruby was holding her legs with her hands so they were high in the air and spread wide. I had my eyes closed so I only felt what I was doing but I could hear Aunt Ruby screaming over and over again. “Oh, God, Oh, God.” Then she cried out “Fuck me, fuck me hard I am going to cum. Oh, God it has been so long. Fuck me harder you bad boy. Fuck Aunt Ruby.”

She arched her back so quickly I nearly bounced off her. She seemed to shake all over and made sounds like I never heard before. Then I felt the heat and wetness flood around my erection there was so much fluid it splashed out around me as I continued to push into her. I opened my eyes as she yelled “Don’t you cum Aaron. You don’t cum yet you keep hard so you can fuck me again. It has been too long to stop with just once. You keeping fucking me. Do you hear me?”

I heard and I did as she demanded.

However I did slow down and the next time I worked in and out slower and this time we seemed to both feel it more and there was this warm sensation that filled my whole body. I felt every bit of my erection rubbing the sides of her pussy; yes that was the word, yes pussy. I was feeling her pussy become elastic and tighter with every stroke. It seemed the more she become aroused the tighter her pussy became.

I was becoming very roused myself and I knew there was little I could do about it. So I said “”I am going to cum.” This seemed to make her quickly reach her second climax as I could no longer hold back.

I shuttered and felt for the first time my sperm being forced from my body into another body and it felt like nothing I had ever even thought of before. My whole body jerked uncontrollable I felt the sperm shoot out one after another, spurt, spurt, spurt I thought it would never stop. Aunt Ruby joined me and again cried out “Oh, God” and then she fainted. Really she fainted dead out. Boom she was out like a light. She completely relaxed and I was left to finish all by my self. I did, and then I lifted my self up and pulled my cock. Yes I liked that word better than erection any way. I pulled my cock from her with a sucking sound and leaned back on my heels looking down at her gorgeous pussy dripping with the combination of both our fluids. The lips were flame red and parted so I could see the tiny hole from which my cock had been pulled. Just looking down at the pussy aroused me again so my cock jerked alive. I got up and with cum dripping from my cock I walked to my shower.

As I showered Aunt Ruby’s words ran though my head. “Fuck me, Fuck me” I liked the sound of that demand. I wondered if my first attempt at making love was a success or if it just seemed so because Aunt Ruby had not been “fucked” in a long time. I wanted to think I was a natural born lover. But that might be pushing it a little. I laughed at my self as I played with my cock. It was hard as a rock and I knew it was not going to go way any time soon. I liked this feeling and wondered if the short vision of Karen I had was some kind of omen of thing s to cum or it that come. I laughed again.

I was toweling my hair when I came back into the room. I did not see what was going on right away but I did see Aunt Ruby sitting up on the bed with a shocked look on her face. I thought “Oh, shit, now that it is over I am going to catch hell and be blamed for every thing.”

But Aunt Ruby was holding one arm across the breasts and clutching the sheet to her waist with the other. She was not looking at me. She was looking at the door.

Mom was standing at the door still naked herself; “Oh my; now I was in for it.” I thought. There I was naked with a hard on, Aunt Ruby sitting on a rumpled bed showing every sign of being fucked on. Mom was standing there naked with a hand to her mouth and the other pointing at her sister with a finger shaking at her. No words were coming out of my Mother mouth but the sounds were enough to know she was not a happy lady. Then Mom turned to me looking squarely at my cock she shook her head and said in a flat almost soft voice “How could you? You’re just like; you’re just like your father. He would fuck Ruby and then come home and fuck me as if nothing was wrong. It took me many years to find out other wise. So now that he is dead my son is going to take over that chore with this fucking whore.”

So that is why Ruby had been so intent on me fucking her. Hell she was reliving my Dad fucking her and some how getting back at Mom. I thought maybe this “thing” between them may have started long before either one had married.

Aunt Ruby forgot about the sheet and stepped off the bed. Now there were two beautiful ankara escort bayan naked women in my bedroom and I had just fucked one of then. My cock was throbbing like all get out and there was not a thing I could do about it.

Aunt Rub said “Well Elaine, you holy whore yourself, do you not think I knew you were fucking my husband too. Don’t you point your finger at me? If I am a whore so are you.”

Mom yelled back “I did not fuck that sorry ass you were married to until I found out you were fucking my Frank. Bitch”

Ruby yelled “Yes and you were sucking Bobby’s cock while I was dating him. You cock sucker.” Who the fuck was Bobby? I thought.

Mom stood there so mad she could not speak. Then they took a step closer, raised there fists just as I stepped between them. Now I have done some dumb things in my life but that was one of the dumbest. They both turned on me and started hitting me with their fists any where they could. I stood there feeling the blows but not hurting from them as neither one was very strong. Then I took my mother in my arms to hold her from hitting me and she seemed to collapse in my arms. She was crying and I just held her close.

Ruby stopped hitting me and put her arms around me. I took one arm loose from Mom and circled Ruby pulling her in close. There we were three naked people hugging and crying. I kissed my Mom on the cheek first then she looked up at me. I kissed her on he mouth. She did not respond or react in any way at first. Then when I pulled back Ruby kissed me full on the mouth her tongue darting into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and I felt a hand grip my cock. I let my right arm slip down Ruby’s back so my fingers trailed slowly between the crack of her ass.

Mom moved to push Ruby away and this time she smiled up at me just before she kissed me. The grip on my cock grew tighter.

No words were said by any of us. But we moved to the bed. Mom some how got on her back and I came up between her legs. Ruby was on her knees beside us. Ruby said in my ear so softly I was not sure I heard her voice. “Fuck her Aaron fuck your mother. Fuck her Aaron. Fuck her good. Cum in her cunt, cum in your Momma.”

I looked down into my mother eyes and they were completely blank. I did not know what to do. Was this something she wanted as much as I? Was she doing this to get even with Ruby? What should I do? The decision was made in one fell swoop. Ruby pushed on my back and Mom lifted her legs high and wide just like Ruby had when she welcomed me into her.

My cock jerked as I felt the wetness of my mothers’ pussy surround me. My cock passed the outer lips smoothly and there I was deep in my Mother pussy and all of a sudden we were as one. She smiled up at me and I felt my cock swell as I started to cum.

I had not even moved one stroke, not one and I was filling my Mother’s pussy with my sperm. She only smiled and said “That’s okay Aaron.”

I knew it was okay too and I knew there would be other times and I knew that what ever had been boiling up between sisters for thirty years was all gone as well.

I was not a husband. I was not there when they were in high school when this all began. I was just a crazy whim that filled a void for both and would soon fill both again and again. Sometimes when we were all together and some times one at a time. I moved into Moms bed. Mom often invited Ruby to come over for dinner and then the three of us would have a wonderful night of soft sex.

Together they enlighten me about all there was to learn about sex. I found I was wildly excited by oral sex and loved to lick and tongue either or both to a climax as the other watched and waited her turn.

Being young, strong and highly vigorous it was not long before I was fucking Mom two or three times a day. She found new life in herself and would some times drop to her knees and suck me off drinking my sperm and telling me how much she loved doing that. We would often go around the house naked. This made it easy for us to do as we pleased for each other.

This was in my first year of junior college and I soon started dating Karen Edwards. The first time I fucked her was in my room while Mom was gone for the weekend. But Mom and Ruby were both fully knowledgeable of it. I told them all about it and how Karen reacted to her first time.

We three soon worked out a way that would bring Karen into the fold and make this a foursome. But I was falling in love with Karen. So even though no one was jealous of the other I wanted Karen to be more than one of four.

I was about to ask Karen to marry me when I found she was into the other two as much as me. Karen liked to perform oral sex on Mom and Ruby as much as she did me. So I held off on the marriage idea to see just what would happen and where this was going.

After a few months I knew even though I was young and foolish three were two to many for me. So with out telling my harem I set out to find a helper to take some of the pressure off me. This could not be just any one if had to be someone each one would enjoy and accept into the group. So I set out on a quest.

Next “The quest”…

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