On My Knees For You

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As I took a deep breath and your hands lifted my top from my breasts, I saw me sitting on your desk in the trailer office with you standing in front of me. Your hands under my shirt as we kissed and my hands were down your unzipped pants. The heat of that motion burned me from the center of my soul. My knees parted in my short skirt as your body pressed against me and your hips moved between my knees. I pulled my lips from yours and kissed your cheek, your neck, behind your ear, then ran the tip of my tongue along the edge of your ear, nibbling your earlobe as I breathed you in. You are so hot and dusty, and that combined with the heat of your need and intensity are intoxicating. My hands move up your strong chest to the neck of your shirt, pulling the top open as I kiss down your neck to the top of your chest.

The noise from the job outside and the dusty light through the windows create our own world in this room. You have left to door open ever so slightly, just to tease me and make me have to keep my own pleasure a secret that only you will hear with your body. You know how to make me squirm inside to the point of crying out in ecstasy. You smile as you touch my nipples, hearing the soft stuffed moans from my mouth as I kiss your skin.

With my lips halkal─▒ escort kissing your nipples as I feel under your shirt, I raise my big brown eyes to look at you , laughter sparking in my pleading eyes. I know what you are trying to do. This little game of ours always has a fun end. Some days you win and I can no longer control the cries inside. Some days I win and manage to spray my juice on your cock or tongue with only the silent screams of pleasure from my pussy escaping.

My hands go to your hips pushing you back slightly as I slide off the desk and down your body to my knees. I reach behind you and pull your chair to you so you can relax all but one part of your working body. And although I love each muscle of your body, the way they move and tense when you make love to me, the way I see the need in you reflected in their firmness, there is only one muscle I want hard and firm right now. As you sit, I pull your pants just enough to allow to please you. I rest back on my heels and lean forward while my hands take you and surround you. Each time I lay my face next to your swelling prick, I have to catch my breath. My hands look so tiny next to you, and each time I worry of taksim escort being able to do for you the way you want. But as I breath, my hot breath brushing the tip of your head, you sigh quietly and I feel your blood pump faster to bring you up to meet my lips.

I feel you rest your weight back in the chair as your eyes close and you touch my cheek as I softly kiss your cock. Soft, feather kisses from the tip to your perfect balls, and back up the beautiful vein under. Your fingers touch my lips and I take my tongue and run it up your finger to the end and then slowly, firmly suck your finger into my mouth. As you draw your finger from my lips I look up at you again. You look down into my eyes as my wet lips rest against your hardness. My fingers still stroking the length of you and caressing your balls. These loving eyes show no hint of the laughter of a moment ago, instead replaced by a white fire as I lick my lips and turn again to the task at hand.

You stroke my hair and face as I move on you, taking a little more of your rod with each gentle pull back. Each time you touch my face as I suck you, you feel the stifled moans from me through your prick, moving you both the smile and treat me with another swallow of clear ┼či┼čli escort hot juice.

Your balls begin to tighten, and I start to suck with more fervor and strength. You open your eyes and watch me as I hungrily devour you, all the while rubbing my wet cunt against my heels, as you have told me to. You hear me swallow again and again, never releasing you from my mouth. As You start to shoot your cum into my mouth, I take the full length of you and extend my tongue to touch your throbbing balls. I swallow one then two spurts of cream, then pull back and press your cumming cock against my exposed breasts. I sigh release as the heat covers my aching nipples. I relax against your legs , helping you pull your pants back in place and licking you clean.

As I am licking the last drops from your body, the phone rings and you lean forward to answer it. I slide backward, under the desk as you move your chair forward to write something down and have this call. You smile as you close your legs around me, effectively trapping me under the desk, out of sight of anyone who might look in. I lift up my little ass and you slide your foot between my legs. I lean forward on that leg, grinding my hot little pussy up against you, and resting my chin on my hands over your knee.

I don’t know how long this call will last, or even if you are going to let me out once it is done. But really I don’t care. Down in the small space, in the darkness, “trapped” with the smells of you and me together, is not a bad place to be.

And on my knees for you is where I like to be anyway.

On My Knees for You.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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