Oiled, Wet and Wanting

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Big Tits

You receive an envelope with an address, a key and a note to tell you to be there at 7pm. You arrive a hotel, proceed to the room and let yourself in. It is a large room that is empty of furniture except for a large bed in the middle of room with a small table beside it. On the table is a few bottles of water and several bottles of other liquid in plastic squeeze bottles. The room is lit with candles and there is a beautiful aroma in the air. There is another note on the bed telling you to get undressed and get comfortable on the bed. You are lying on the bed naked, your hand casually playing with your dick but you don’t wish to get to excited.

Suddenly music starts playing, a sultry jazz tune as I enter the room. You can smell my perfume, and you can smell my pussy as I stand in front of you . I am dress in white blouse, a short black skirt , black stockings and 5 inch black pumps. I start dancing for you, as I slowly undo the button on my blouse exposing the tops of my creamy breasts and black bra with red lace as my shirt falls to the floor, I turn around and undo my skirt and let fall to floor. I stand and slowly bend over so you can see my black panties and my black stockings, I stand up and gyrate my hips as I hook my fingers in my panties and slide them down my body. I bend over again so you can see my creamy ass and part my legs so you cans see my dripping wet pussy and my rosebud. I turn back to you and lift one leg at time so I can roll off my stockings and kick off bahis siteleri my shoes. You hand is stroking your cock and it getting hard and beads of precum are collecting on the head. I bend down and kiss you hard, my tongue tracing your lips and thrusting deep in your mouth and step back. I love the smile that is on your face.

I move to the small table and pick up on the squeeze bottles. I tell you lie down in the middle of the bed on your back. I move so I am kneeling beside you, and turn the bottle over and soon you can feel warm scented oil pouring over your body. I pour it over your chest, your stomach , over your cock and your legs. You gasp when and hits you and you love the feeling of the warm oil running over your skin. I put down the bottle and massage the oil into you. I start with your chest, my hands moving in circles as I can feel your muscles under my hands and love how pale I look against your dark skin. I move down to your flat stomach and hear your intake of breath as I move down lower but I skip over your cock at the moment and run my hands down your muscular legs. I love the sent of the oil and how my hands can glide over your body. I move back up and cup your balls in my hand lightly squeezing them before I take your hard cock in my hand and slick oil up and down it. The sound of my hand wet with oil as long with the feeling of it sliding up and down your shaft is turning you on. I stop because I don’t want you to cum yet. I look down and love the way your skin canl─▒ bahis siteleri is so shiny and hard your cock is jutted out from your body glistening.

I grab the bottle of oil again and slowly pour it over my large breast. I let it run down them before I collect the oil in my hands and rub on my breasts and pull on my nipples. My breasts are wet with the oil and my nipples are standing straight out begging you for attention. You tell me that it your turn and tell me to lie down on the bed on my stomach. You pour the oil all over my back and ass, your hands soon following the same path. Your hands part my ass cheeks as you drip oil in my ass and I feel your thumb running over and over it in circles. I feel you lying down on me, your body sliding over and over mine as your rub against me. Your cock is rubbing between my ass cheeks and the tip of it is entering me. It feels so erotic and so naughty. I am grinding up against you and grinding against the bed trying to get so action on my clit. I am slick with oil and drenched with my creamy juices.

I roll over to look at you. You are kneeling beside me and your cock is so hard, and looks like it is ready to explode. I tell you lie on your stomach and let me rub your back. I want us to slow down a bit and make tonight last. I let the oil slowly drip down your back and your ass. My hand firmly massage it into your beautiful skin. I stroke your ass and let the oil drip down your ass and your balls. I love to hear you moan canl─▒ bahis and watch as you rub yourself against the sheets. I lie down on starting at your legs and move up your body. My breast and hard nipples massaging you. When I am covering your body with my own. I whisper in your ear how much I need your cock in me, how much I love how your body looks dripping in oil and how wet and horny you have made me tonight. I want you fuck me hard and I want you to fill my pussy with a huge load of your cum. You push up from the bed and make me fall to the side of you. I know that you have been teased enough.

You wrap your huge dick in your hands and tell me to finger fuck my pussy because you want me to be pulsating when you put your dick in me. The room is filled with sound of my wet pussy and the sound of your stroking your oiled covered cock. It doesn’t take me long to bring myself to a an orgasm, as I scream out your name as I cum. In a moment you are shoving your cock deep inside me, my wetness and pulsating cunt pulls you deep in me as your lean forward to kiss me hard. You pull back and put my legs on your shoulders. So you can fuck me deep and hard; pounding in me over and over. Your tanned skin contrasting against my creamy body as you look down and watch your cock enter my pussy. You grab my legs and pull me hard against you as shoot a huge load of cream in my pussy. You pull out and shoot the rest over my stomach as my hand moves down to collect it and drip over my clit. I stroke myself to another orgasm as I reach deep in me to feel how much you filled up my tight pussy with your hot delicious cum.

You smile at me and ask me there is shower in this place. I wonder what might happen in there?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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