Oh, Captain!

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Mary Devon looked up from where she was dutifully scrubbing the deck alongside the rest of the Scallywag’s crew. Up on the poop deck, legs apart to keep him steady was Captain Sebastian Brigham.

Mary couldn’t help looking when he stood there, overseeing his vessel. He was dark; dark hair, dark eyes, dark moods. He had a violent intensity when the crow’s nest had pointed out a sail on the horizon that made Mary’s insides quiver. He was vicious to the merchants they caught, honorable to the prisoners they occasionally took onboard, and very fair to the crew.

Of course his well muscled body, toned from climbing the rigging and fighting at the head of his boarding party, didn’t hurt her obsession.

He was even quite nice to her, complimenting her work and commending her bravery in battle. The only problem was, he didn’t know she was… well… a she.

Mary had gone to sea at a young age when she still looked like any other cabin boy. As she had grown, she kept her blonde hair cut short and enough dirt on her face to mask her softer features. But these days, her curves were hard to hide. She had to bind her not-insignificant breasts with strips of cloth; she’d already killed a man in port for prying too deeply.

That night she resolved to be done with secrecy. She swung out of her hammock and to the deck silently. She padded on bare feet between the hammocks of the snoring, swaying crew towards the captain’s cabin at the back of the Scallywag. The door was unlocked so she slipped inside looking around.

She’d never been inside this room. It was roomy for the inside of a ship; large windows across the stern gave it an open feeling, despite the low ceiling. A table was balanced on the backs of two cannons strapped to the back wall and charts were laid all over it. To one side was a cot and a closet and the other had a small door for the captain’s head.

There was no one in the cabin other than her. The Captain must be on deck. Mary tip-toed over to the cot and gingerly climbed in it. Unlike her own sleeping area it wasn’t a hammock, it swayed with the ship. To her halkal─▒ escort surprise it was still warm, the Captain must have just left.

Pulling the blankets around her, breathing in his musk she could imagine Sebastian there, his tanned skin warm to the touch. She felt impossibly warm and her hand snuck down into her breeches and Mary began to stroke herself. She could imagine him holding her down, his hard and very male body above her. She mewled in pleasure as she rubbed her palm into her clit, fingers teasing her slit.

“Oh, Captain” Mary moaned, putting fist to her mouth, legs pressing closed around her hand. “I wish you knew I was a woman.”

“I do” he replied.

“Oh, Captain” Mary moaned, “I knew you…” Her eyes flew open. Above her stood the captain, he was only wearing his pants, tied loosely around his waist. Even in the dark she could see the pale scar of an old cutlass wound across his right shoulder against his tan skin. She stared at him. He seemed to loom over her, all too real. His brown eyes seemed black and they burned into her.

Mary became very aware of herself, the heat still burning between her legs, the wrap around her breasts unwound partially, releasing her soft round breasts, and her need for the captain.

“I saw you kill that man” he spoke calmly, as if he hadn’t caught her in his bed. “I heard him accuse you of being a woman, just before you skewered him.”

He reached down, slowly and calmly to the tie of his pants and tugged it apart, letting them fall to the floor. Mary was given a generous view of his semi erect cock. Sebastian cupped it in one hand and began stroking it slowly as he advanced.

Mary let out a sound, half gasp, half moan. She stared, mouth partially open as he leaned over her. His free hand slipped behind her head and pulled her upwards. He pressed his lips against hers. His lips were hot and his tongue lashed out like a licking flame. Mary shuddered, she couldn’t concentrate enough to still touch herself.

The Captain broke away taksim escort and pulled her head further, down towards his now fully erect member. Mary gladly opened her mouth and wrapped her tongue around his head. She licked and stroked it and his moan of pleasure turned her on, stronger than before. She felt her slit flood with juices and she ground her legs together, kicking the blankets aside as she did.

He continued to pull her head towards him and she took more and more of his cock into her mouth, she felt it push into the back of her throat and she began to gag. Tears stung her eyes a little even while sucking as hard as she could. She could almost take it no longer when he released her and she fell back on the bed gasping.

By now her chest wrap had fallen completely away and her breasts were out in the open, the swollen nipples hard and perky. The Captain climbed into the tiny cot on top of her and yanked at her breeches. Already loose they came away quickly. He murmured in appreciation as he used his hand to rub his massive dick against her. As it touched her clit Mary squirmed in pleasure. She could barely speak she was so turned on, wordlessly cooing for more.

Mary bucked her hips against his, hoping to get what she wanted but Sebastian made her wait. It seemed an age before she felt the broad head of his penis begin to push against her lips. She was so wet it slipped inside easily, but to Mary it seemed impossibly big.

“Oh! It won’t fit!” she gasped.

“It will.” The Captain said matter-of-factly.

Mary wrapped her legs around his in panic as he continued to slide into her. Finally he stopped and Mary felt more full than she ever had before. She grabbed his shoulders and stared up at him with wide eyes. He was holding himself up on his hands. He looked down at her and smiled. He carefully slipped his hand under her neck and around her shoulder, lifting her up slightly as he began to pull out again. Then without warning he began fucking her.

He was merciless, pumping away. It was hard and fast and he held her close so ┼či┼čli escort she soon was impossibly warm. He ground against her and filled her up over and over again. She couldn’t tell if she screamed, losing herself in the sensation. She thought she might have sunk her nails into his back as she rolled her eyes in ecstasy.

Just as she felt the pressure mounting in her loins he stopped. The captain pulled out and sat up. Mary mewled questioningly, her brain still too befuddled to form words.

“Get up” the Captain commanded.

Already very used to following his orders Mary shakily climbed out of the cot. Her legs were weak and she wobbled as she stood. Sebastian sprawled in the bed, his erect cock pointing at the ceiling. He arranged himself and then beckoned her over. Mary was confused for a moment before she realized he wanted her to ride him.

She straddled him, wondering if she still had the strength to mount him. She reached underneath her and moved his dick into position, it still felt huge against her. Letting out a long low moan she let her weight push her pussy down his shaft. She had nearly filled her self when the Captain bucked beneath her impatiently thrusting all the way. The sudden mix of pain and pleasure took Mary by surprise and she fell forwards clutch at Sebastian’s chest.

Without waiting for her to recover Sebastian began to pump his hips up and down. He grabbed the back of her neck and cupped her face in the crook of his neck. All she could do was gasp and keep herself on her knees as he pumped in and out of her. She tried desperately to match his pace and soon she was glistening with sweat and panting into his warm shoulder.

She could hold it no longer. As he thrust into her again and again she spasmed, the muscles in her groin clenching and unclenching, her eyes rolling back and her mouth opening in a hot breathed scream. The pressure must have pushed the captain over the edge as well, he grabbed her buttocks hard and thrust into her with one last movement, his dick twitching inside her as a hot stream of cum filled her insides.

Mary fell sideways, weak and numb still twitching with pleasure, scared to move her legs in case it stimulated her sensitive clit. The Captain propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at her.

“What is your real name?” he asked quietly.

Mary gasped for breath. She needed to reply to him. “Mary” she finally managed.

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