Officer Friendly Ch. 02

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I was driving down A-1-A when I looked in my rear view and saw the blue lights behind me.

“Damn it!” I whispered to myself. It was still dark out and no one was around.

Officer Friendly: Good Morning

Blueangel; good morning

Officer friendly: How are you?

Blueangel; good and yourself?

Officer friendly: HARD again

blueangel; mmmmmmmm

Officer friendly: I want to fuck your ass get out of the car.”

Blueangel; “Here? What if someone comes by? I asked scared to be caught.

He became angry. “Get out of the car!” he yelled.

My heart and head were racing now and when I stepped out of the car I was breathless, standing before me was this magnificent officer, but this time he was dressed in his uniform with a black leather mask covering his face and head. His eyes penetrated through the opening of the mask.

“Go to the back of the car,” he told me as I walked briskly to the back knowing his eyes watched my full ass in my bahis ┼čirketleri black short skirt.

I felt him behind me, and then I felt leather gloves on my skin and the mask against the side of my neck as his gloved hands groped my body finding my breast and twisting them slightly under the bra. His left hand moved in between my shoulder blades pushing me forward and I felt him pulling my skirt up as he rubbed my ass and I felt my black lace thongs being ripped off of me.

He yelled at me as he slapped my ass. “I am going to thrust it deep in you! Is this what you want, is it? Tell me now!” He yelled slapping my ass again.

I was shaking inside and yet excited too at the same time feeling his hands run over my full ass cheeks. I felt him bite my left cheek.

“Mmmmmm mmmmm yes, yes it is what I want.” I told him feeling his hand push me farther down on the truck of the car so hard my breast felt as if they were becoming part of it.

I felt him spreading my bahis firmalar─▒ ass cheeks apart and place a finger in my ass. I felt myself becoming wet from his touch and then I felt two more fingers explore the inside of my ass. A soft moan escaped from my lips. Then what I had been yearning for his hard erect cock was at the opening of my ass.

“There you are, all ready for Me.” he said rubbing his cock with his hand. “Are you ready bitch?” he asked me.

“Yes sir I am ready.” I said heavily as my breath was becoming rasp.

When he entered my ass we moaned and I heard him talking to me.

“My cock is deep in your ass!” he said grinding me harder and deeper.

My fingers found my clit all wet and swollen. I could actually feel it throb deep with in. He was fucking me so hard and then he took it out and placed three fingers in my hot juicy pussy and placed his cock back in my ass and then I felt it the orgasm was building to huge explosion.

“Ahhhhh fuck ka├žak bahis siteleri me sir, please fuck me!” I yelled out from the desires that were driving me wild.

My ass was grinding just as hard as his cock was thrusting deep inside of me and we exploded! We exploded into an orgasm of magnitude that sent shivers through our bodies it was so explosive. We finally caught our breath and he watched for a second as I straightened out my clothes and collecting the ripped thongs off the ground.

I watched as he slowly fixed his own clothes and removed his mask which made his brown eyes sparkled with innocence about them. I couldn’t help the feeling of warmth that consumed me as I looked at him. He had that ability about him to make me melt with just one look. I loved pleasing him and was so glad I had met him that fateful day online. I can’t figure out the hold he has on me, but he is my fantasy everyday that I awaken.

“What’s for breakfast?” he asked smacking me on my ass.

“I guess what ever your making me huh?” I told him pinching his cheek smiling and getting back into my little white neon. I waved to him as I began to drive home where we would start our day like any other normal couple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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