Office Fun

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My eyes were fixed on the glass as I slowly slid my finger into my mouth and sucked it. I was almost hypnotized, I had waited, wanted this for so long, too long. My mind had played out the scenario time after time, now that it was about to happen would it live up to my wild thoughts?

I slid my finger from my lips and closed my eyes as I slowly dragged the wet tip along the edge of the desk, its cold, hardness sending a shiver through my body, don’t be late lover, please, I want this and I want it now.

I’d come ready, simple white blouse, black skirt, not fitted but a nice loose flowing one, stockings, 4 inch heels, black thong with matching bra. This was to be kept simple, no fluff or lace needed, this was about me and you and that one thing that I had wanted for so long. The door opened, my eyes stayed closed, I kept my back to you, I heard the door close, the lock did not click, I smiled.

You coughed to bring me round and I turned and blushed as if you could see my thoughts, we smiled said ‘hello’ then you sat and lent back in your chair, I sat on the edge of mine, my legs crossed, my skirt falling from my leg, I slid my hand along it and made sure it was up far enough so that you could see the top of my stocking. You shifted in your seat, I knew your cock had twitched, should I do a Sharon Stone? no this was going to be so much more than a quick show of my pussy tease.

We talked about nothing, just words, we knew each other well, we just passed the time of day, this meeting nothing more than a catch up with who was doing what and what needed to be done. Time passed, my pussy getting wetter and wetter at the thought of what I was about to do. Would you be shocked? would you leave? would you make my fantasy real, I giggled, this was not the time to giggle and you asked why.

I stood up and walked slowly around the desk, my fingers skimming over the glass as you watched and slowly moved your chair back. Sitting, my arse resting just on the very edge of the desk, I looked down at you, you smiled, a glint flashing through your eyes as your eyes fixed onto my fingers as they flicked button after button open on my blouse. As I lent forward to kiss you your hands slid up over my thighs, stopping to rub to discover that I had stockings on, then up over my arse, gently digging your fingers into the soft flesh, pulling me towards you and kissing me hard.

I pulled back, you grabbed at my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders, fumbling, almost like a first date, until it was off and in a heap in on the floor. I lifted my skirt so that my bare arse was pressed onto the cold glass as I sat, I gasped as its coldness sent shivers through me once more. I lent slowly back, lifting my legs and placing my feet on either side of your chair, my heels catching your thighs, making you close your legs, how uncomfortable are you I thought, your rock hard cock wanting release, needing room yet crushed between your legs.

I pushed my hands down and lifted up so that I could move backwards, my skirt now ruffled up, showing you my thong, the tops of my stockings digging into my thighs. Then I lifted my legs up, making you duck as I swung them round and under myself until I was knelt on your desk. My tits still cradled in my bra as I lent forward, reached out and pulled you close, my nails digging into your chest through your shirt, hearing you suck in air through your teeth. I wanted to ask how much you wanted to grab my hands and throw me back and just fuck me, but this was my game, just this once, my turn to be in charge, and you were going to beg.

I kissed you, you kissed me, you were panting, our tongues pushing past each other, deep into our mouths, exploring, tasting, a long wet kiss until I pulled my lips from ka├žak iddaa yours and letting my tongue slide up your face until I reached your ear then I whispered ‘get under the desk ‘. ‘Pardon ‘ you said very indignantly and I just whispered back ‘you heard me right, do it, now’.

You stood, your hard cock pushing your trousers out right in front of my face, so I leant and kissed the outline of your cock, tiny little kisses up and down the shaft, knowing full well that my hot breath was making you feel uncomfortable, knowing you wanted to slide it into my mouth, bury it deep in my throat, make me gag on your cock, as you brought your hands up about to hold my face I moved back and just smiled at you.

You sank slowly down, I could see the inquisitive look on your face as you slid under the desk, shuffling about until you were on your back, hands under your head, a grin on your face as if to say oKay what next. I looked down, my heart thumping so hard as I slowly opened my legs wide, my skirt now down forming a curtain around them, you looking up, seeing my thong covered pussy. I blew you a kiss as I moved my right hand down the waistband of my skirt and slow began to tease my fingers up and down the inside of each of my thighs.

I looked down, seeing that twinkle in your eyes as you watched my fingers, your tongue flicking over your lips, but something was wrong, I could not see enough so pulling my hand up out of my skirt I reached behind, unzipped it, lifted it up over my head and flung it to one side, much better I thought to myself, now back to my game.

Left hand sliding down, fingers brushing over my thong, pushing against it feeling how wet I was, not wet enough yet. Then my right hand, both between my legs, opening them so wide, my thong stretched over my mound, the heels of my shoes pressing little dimples into my arse cheeks. Watching you watching me, the tip of your cock glinting through the glass covered in pre cum, your fingers teasing up and slowly down.

Hooking the fingers from my left hand under my thong I pulled it to one side, showing you my pussy, my lips still together hiding that sweet wet haven that you want to see, feel, taste, fuck, I giggled as your hand moved faster up and down your cock, cum lover, cum if you must but you will have to wait for mine, its not yours to have, yet. Pressing my index finger hard against my clit I began to move my hips from side to side, circling them, moving my finger matching the rhythm.

I added my thumb and began to rub around my clit, pinching it, squeezing it, almost wanking it, I smiled looking down at you as you said ‘ yes baby wank for me’. Felling my sweet little bug grow between my fingers, I relaxed even more, my legs getting wider, almost painful, my heels now digging into me, knowing my arse would be red from their marks, not caring. Then I slapped my clit, slapped it for you, I gasped each time my fingers made contact, stinging me, making it throb, over and over again, rub then slap, slap then rub, harder, harder harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Then I stopped.

Sighing, letting the tingle spread from my clit, through my pussy then down my legs up through my stomach, my tits, every part of my body, all at once. I stared down at you, you had cum, I had been so lost in the waves flooding through my body I had not noticed, was I too much for you? Your cum splattered onto the glass under me, I pressed my fingers onto the glass as I moved back, bending, my arse stuck in the air as I licked the glass, lapping at it like a cat with a bowl of cream yet tasting nothing. You shifted as if to get up and out and I growled at you, telling you to stay where you were, I was not finished yet. The look on your face, lover I wish I had a camera, you looked as though you ka├žak bahis hated me as you barked back what a bitch I was and how you would make me pay later, yes yes my love, in time, but this is my time now, I answered.

Moving back so that I was once again knelt up, legs splayed wide open, I flicked my shoes off, the heels having made my cheeks sore from the metal tips rubbing over my arse, you would kiss them better, I smiled to myself, as I slid my tongue over the heel of one shoe then dragged it down my chin. Gently I slid it down my body, if this had been another day I may have teased my nipples, drawn delicate circles around one then the other, but not today.

I gasped as I pressed the length of the heel against my pussy lips, it was so cold, the round back of the shoe pressed just so that it was against my tingling clit, unable to stand it pressing harder, the stinging still pulsing through my clit. I held the shoe tight as I sank lower, the length pushing between my lips, the heel crushing my clit, the tip resting just against my tight sweet arse hole. I wanted to drink in the look on your face, you look so happy baby, is this how a good little slut should act? I have no doubt you will tell me every thought as you fuck me deep and hard for making you suffer like this.

The heel slipped so easily between my wet lips, I held my lips open with my other hand so that you could see how wet I was, sliding it up and down, just as you do with your cock, teasing me, spreading my juices from my clit to my arse hole, each time stopping, pressing the tip harder against my arse. Over and over again, coating myself and the heel in my juices, then I stopped and kneeling once more, my elbows keeping me up, I sucked on that heel. You watched as I sucked it like your cock, pushing it into my open mouth, my tongue flicking over it, licking, sucking my juices from it until it was clean. You lent up and pressed your lips against the glass, I moved the heel over them, I know you could taste me, soon, my love soon.

Throwing the shoe across the room I plunged two fingers into my pussy, thrusting them deep and hard, then out, rubbing my juices along my slit, pressing one finger against my arse, more juice, pressing harder, then in, in, letting my finger slide deep into my arse, then out, into my cunt. Faster, another finger, two in my cunt, opening them up inside me so that you can look up, look into my cunt lover, see my juices, watch them drip from me. Reading your mind, slipping them out and pressing them against my arse, watching your face, seeing you holding your breath, your eyes pushing them into me, as I sank them in. I finger fucked my arse for you, making it ready, pushing my hips down, trying to get them deeper, then out, back into my cunt. Again and again, dipping, coating, fingering, opening, rubbing, my fingers moving slow then fast until I could take no more and watching you wank your cock I came, my cunt pumping my cum from me as your cock pumped your cum from your balls once more.

Slumping on to the desk, my hand still between my legs, my pussy muscles twitching, making my legs shudder, that warm after cum glow radiating through my body, the tops of my thighs aching from being held open so wide for so long. I slowly moved and slipped off the desk, standing, looking down at you, I smiled. I lifted my cum covered hand from between my legs and held it in front of my face, twisting is slowly, grinning at my cum glistening on my fingers. I looked at the glass, tiny droplets of my cum were I had played, I reached out and drew my fingertips from one to the other, making a pattern on the desk before smearing my fingers through it. You lifted yourself up, I watched as you pressed your tongue against the glass, just as I had done illegal bahis with your cum. As your tongue flattened against it, I wrote my name in my cum the bent and let my tongue follow the line made by my finger. My tongue lapped, licked, through my name then back and forth until I had cleaned every drop from that desk, leaving you nothing, not that you could get it from under the glass.

You grunted as you slid out from underneath and before I could steady myself from stepping back you grabbed me, you wound your fingers through my hair as you pushed me forward, the cold glass making me gasp as my tits crushed against it. You pushed my face hard, roughly down then pinning me there you slapped my arse, slap after slap making me whimper as the heel marks began to tingle in the middle of your hand marks. Harder, too hard, I began to beg, please, no more, you carried on, telling me what a cunt I was, a whore, a slut for making you wait, telling me with each slap that I was yours, for you to use, not for me to tease you, screaming at me to say sorry. Your fingers then digging into the soft cheeks of my arse, pulling them open, pushing me down, kicking my legs closed, standing so that no matter how much I moved, I could not open them.

I could feel your thumbs, pressing either side of my arse, stretching my tight little star, making it sting, then your tongue, licking from my clit to my arse, teasing in and out of my cunt, lapping my juices them spitting them onto my arse, knowing it was opening for you. Then you moved your hands and I felt your thighs pressing against mine, then your cock, hard and throbbing in your hand as you slapped it up against my clit, I moaned, telling you I wanted you in me, telling you to fuck me like the cheap whore that I am, fuck me, make me your whore. Then you stopped.

You grabbed my hair again and turned me, I looked at you, I pleaded with you to fuck me, I begged you, you bastard, yet you just pushed me down. WHY? you had made my arse so wet, so ready for your cock to use, I wanted to feel your cock deep in my arse, wanted to take me from that pain to that pleasure as you fucked me deeper and deeper, I wanted your cum in my arse, I wanted to feel it ooze from me, yet no matter how much I pushed back your strong arms pushed me to my knees. You looked down, your wet cock in your hand, the tip coated in my cum and your cum, then you slapped it against my lips, you held my head and wiped it over my mouth.

I flicked my tongue out, you slapped it over and over, then pressed your cock hard against my mouth, forcing it past my lips, over my tongue and deep into my throat. I gagged, my tummy convulsing with the reflex. I tried to move back but you held my face tight, tears welled up in my eyes as I looked up at you, then you began. You fucked my mouth, pulling your cock almost out then thrusting it so hard back into my throat, each thrust accompanied by a word, “bitch”, “whore”, “cunt”, “slut”, “slag”, anything you could think of, making me know you did not like to be teased. My lips wrapped around your cock and wanked you as you fucked my mouth, your balls slapping under my chin, my nose pressing into your stomach.

As your breath began to shorten you suddenly pulled your cock from my mouth, a long string of spit connecting the two and as I looked up at you, you wiped it all over my face then wanked your cock hard until your hot, thick cum splattered all over me. I blinked, a large glob or your cum trickling slowly down my cheek, another dripping from my chin, yet another in my hair, then you rubbed your cock, mixing your cum and my spit into a creamy lather covering my face. You sank down into your chair as I licked around my lips, using my fingers to push your cum into my mouth, your cock still twitching in your hand, the last drop of cum oozing from its tip and as I slowly got to my feet, I looked at you, bent, licked the drop from your cock then whispered, “how long until your ready again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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