Of Wafting Aroma

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It was a dark evening; sky was adorned with thick dark clouds and the earth fragrant in the first rain of the season. As I parked my car, I could see Paula in her usual white dresses, flowing about in the kitchen.

Her kitchen was lit in a bright yellowish light, beautifully contrasting the evening. My senses were all in excitement from the wafting aroma of the Shepherds Pie she was cooking. She is a great cook; whatever she creates from her kitchen is deliciously inspiring and exciting. She had a gracious smile across her face, whenever she cooked. Today, that smile added to the delightfulness of the room that I could see through those large windows of her kitchen.

I don’t know how many seconds flew past me, until I remembered to rush inside to get all freshened up.

Sitting down at the dining table, I poured her some red wine, and bit into the crispy fish fingers she had already set on the table. I was greeted to the heavenly fragrance of jasmines as she came and sat next to me. Her hair was wet from the shower she had, earlier that evening. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and took a sip of the wine. She had already eased into the serene but cloudy evening. Her face let off a glow that expressed a colourful sensuous vibe that accentuated her charm. She sat cross legged, wearing a light blue plain skirt that reached just below her knees and a thin white top that was held by just two knots; one tied around her neck and the other around her waist. It was obvious that she had no bra on. She looked ravishingly delightful; the light from the kitchen lamp coloured her hair in a yellowish red tint. Looking at her, I was reminded of the jasmines that bloomed in the milky shades of the full moon nights, at our native garden from my youth.

Taking her wine glass, she went into the kitchen. My eyes followed her, her smooth inviting bare back exciting me. I walked over to her and stood behind her. Laying my glass next to hers, I held her waist softly and kissed her shoulder. She looked at me and continued cutting the fruits. She took her time cutting the fruits into small identical cube sized ones. I reached behind her back with my left hand and got hold of the knot that held her top at the waist, as I reached to anadolu yakas─▒ escort kiss the right side of her neck. I untied the knot and reached both my hands to her navel. Moving my mouth to the back of her neck, I unhooked the other knot of her top with my teeth. Taking the thin top in my right hand I placed it on the marble kitchen countertop away from the fruits she was cutting.

She closed her eyes, tilted back her head into my shoulders, occasionally to express her delight in what I was doing to her. As I continued to kiss and lick her neck, my hands slowly reached up feeling her soft smooth belly. My hands stopped, just below her breasts. She arched her ass onto my hardness, as I softly held both her breasts in my hands. Her breasts weren’t big nor small, but were of the right size for me, delightfully firm and beautifully shaped. She turned her head back, kissed me on my lips and put a piece of papaya in my mouth. As I chewed in the fruit, she kissed me again, this time with open mouth and tongues meeting, sharing the flavour of the fruit. Sharing it with her, mingled with her saliva the papaya became a heavenly fruit. She went back to cutting the fruits, as my hands slipped down to thighs, slowly hiking her skirt up.

My hands softly caressed her thighs. My tongue travelled through the back of her to her waist, reaching to the top of her skirt. I was kneeling behind her now, both my hands travelling to the sides of her thighs inside her skirt. I kissed her naked back at the waist, just above her top and slowly pushed her skirt up. Exposing her well-shaped ass cheeks to my hungry gaze, she was wearing no panties either. I placed my nose between her ass cheeks and inhaled her aroma in.

She turned around and let me have the glorious view of her shaven pussy. I couldn’t resist licking them, before coming up and placing her on the kitchen countertop. She smiled at me and put her finger into my mouth. I tasted mangoes, papaya and banana from her finger. Her unwashed hands full of the fruit juices reached all over my bare chest. Bending she licked and bit on my small but pronounced nipples delicately. Her right hand reached into my boxers and took my hard dick ata┼čehir escort in her hand. She gently stroked me as I licked her neck. I was back on her and breasts licking and kissing, while she slipped my boxers down to the kitchen floor. I helped myself out of it and pushed it away into the side of the kitchen. As I knelt in front of her between her thighs, she had already removed her skirt. She took her wine glass gulped in some and let it overflow from her mouth on to her breasts and to her stomach. My tongue found her pussy and I was greeted to the taste of wine, she was pouring some wine on to my face and her pussy. I licked the length of her pussy collecting some of the wine in my mouth and stood up to kiss her.

She took a sip of wine from the glass and we kissed passionately while enjoying the spirited taste of the wine from each other’s mouths. Kissing her neck, I went to her left breast, as she poured some wine on them. Softly caressing her right breast with my left hand, I suckled on her left tits, licked and bit them tenderly.

She poured some wine on to her navel, signalling me to move my mouth and tongue there. As I was licking her navel darting my tongue in, she picked up a piece of mango and dipping it in wine. Moving my head away from her with her left hand, she dipped the wine-soaked piece of mango into her wet pussy and rolled it along the length of it. I smiled and opened my mouth for her to put that piece of mango into my mouth. Her fingers lingered a bit more than needed and l sucked on them, while taking the piece of the mango into my mouth.

She was so ready to take things to the next level and took my dick in her hand and guided me into her wet warm pussy. I held her tight to me, staying in her pussy a few seconds without moving. Then I kissed her on her lips and started stroking slowly in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and urged me into her deeper. I picked up the rhythm as she arched her back unto me to give me more access to her.

After some time of kissing and going at it, she stopped me. Then she reached for the bottle of honey and asked me to take my dick out. To my surprise she turned around and asked me to pour ├╝mraniye escort some honey between her ass cheeks. I knew what she wanted. So, without any delay I took the bottle from her hand and poured some just like she asked for. Kissing her both ass cheeks, I stood up and smacked her on her right ass cheeks. She looked back and begged me to slap her harder and on both cheeks. I spanked her other ass cheek and knelt down to lick clean the honey. She squealed as my tongue probed her arsehole. She turned back and poured some more honey on to her arse crack, as I continued to lick her. I removed myself from her ass and smacked both her ass cheeks again. She pushed backward toward me her back, signalling me to continue spanking her.

After some more honey and much probing of her anus with my tongue, I started to slowly push my hard dick into her arsehole. She spread her ass wide and allowed me a rather easy entrance. The honey, my saliva sure did help. It was very warm and tight to be in her like that, a great sensation it was for me. She thrust back into me, wanting me to start moving inside her. I moved my body, pushing my dick inside her arsehole and caught to good rhythm in no time. She urged me to push into her harder. I stroked hard into her and stayed for few seconds in her before pulling out of her. She liked that rhythm and asked me to finish inside her ass.

She had two fingers in her dripping pussy already, as I picked up my speed going in and out of her arsehole. She held on to the kitchen countertop with her left hand and thrust back unto me as she was about to have her orgasm. I was also nearing my time. She let out a cry as I spewed my load in her delicious ass. She turned and smiled at me, as I pulled out of her. She kissed me tenderly and held my face. I kissed her on her forehead and gave those beautiful breasts a good lick and kiss before kneeling down to lick her pussy again. Kissing her pussy hard, I came up and kissed her lips passionately. Sucking her lower lips into my mouth, my tongue searched for hers. We hugged each other tight, our naked sweaty bodies so happy to be in each other’s hands.

Getting our clothes, we walked to the washroom for a refreshing bath together. Dinner was a delight; her shepherds pie was splendid and the fruits added to the flavour feast. Sleep was even long way away as our conversation filled the dim lit dinning space. Rain was still dancing about a slow rhythmic tango of sorts, as we held each other settling ourselves onto our sofa, both of us sipping wine from the same glass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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