Obsessed with Mom Ch. 03

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For the first couple of months after Dad left, Mom was a mess. She was always crying or depressed. I did my best to comfort her, without trying to make any moves. I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation just yet. If I moved too quickly, it could blow up in my face. The next part of my plan was subtle. I slowly started to take over the “Husband” role. That is, fix things around the house, dealing with insurance issues, organize and take care of bills, ect. Mom let me help because she didn’t wanna deal with all that. And I was more than happy to do it.

Initially, I was hoping Mom would turn to me for her shoulder to cry on, but she spent a lot of time with her sister. But then Aunt Maggie had to leave town to help her own son who was in a serious car accident in Houston. That’s when Mom started coming to me to find comfort. She would ask me if any of this was her fault. I would tell her, “No one forced him to make that decision. He brought this onto himself.” I guess for a while she was trying to convince herself that she drove him into someone else’s arms.

One day I grabbed her and said, “You did everything for him. You sacrificed so much of your own life to make him happy. You gave up your youth to marry him. You gave up going to college to start a family with him. You have NOTHING to apologize for. At this point I started to tear up, “And it KILLS me to see you like this. Because I know what a good woman you are. You don’t deserve to be miserable.”

December arrived, but around here that doesn’t mean a cold winter. Here in Texas, it’s always hot, and things got hotter than ever. After a few more heart to hearts, she started to feel better about herself. She started smiling more and wasn’t crying anymore. I decided to do something to boost her self esteem (and something that would really turn me on also). As a Christmas gift, I took her to her favorite department store and told her to buy clothes that make her feel good about herself. Of course, I what I really meant was clothes that make her look sexy as hell. Naturally, I asked her to try them on for me so I could see what she looked like in them.

The first thing she tried on was a Kimono short sleeve top with hip huggers. She looked sooooo sexy in that. I told her I loved the jeans but the top was a little baggy on her. She should be proud of her body. The next top she tried on was a Gauze Top with spaghetti straps with the jeans. My jaw fell to the floor, but I had to keep it together. Her breasts filled the top beautifully and her ass was sooo tight in those jeans. I told her she looked really great (in my head I wanted to rip them right off her body right then and there). That lit up her face. She was so happy. As she turned back to the dressing room to try on something else, the hanger she was holding dropped. When she bent town to pick it up, I got a perfect view of her whale tail. I got an instant boner. In my head I told myself she did that on purpose to tease me.

She took her time trying on the next thing. Good thing, cause I was trying to loose my hard on. Turns out the reason she was taking longer is cause she was trying on some bras and panties. But of course, I didn’t get to see them. But when she did come out again, she was wearing a dress. It was a black Ruched Low cut dress. I damn adalar escort near lost it. She was absolutely stunning. Her breasts was compressed together to give a beautiful view of her cleavage. I told she may be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; and I wasn’t lying. She kinda rolled her eyes and laughed it off.

At that point I told her I was gonna be in the Men’s Department looking for jeans. I made a bee line for the men’s room, headed right into a stall and started jerking off. I closed my eyes and pictured her body in that tight dress. Within seconds I was spewing all over the place. Before I realized it, in the stall next to me was a gay guy waiting for a cock to suck. I kinda laughed and said, “Sorry man, all done.”

Buying those clothes for her was a great investment cause that night she treated me to dinner where she proudly showed off her new duds. We went to a great restaurant and she dressed the part. I also dressed up to the occasion. I wanted to look great for her. During dinner we talked about the future for her. I told her she needed to move on and build a new life for herself and that I’d always be there to support her. For the first time since Dad left, I could see she was ready to move on. She had a light in her eyes that I had never really seen before. It really warmed my heart to see her so happy now. My feelings for my mother were far beyond lust. I had fallen in love with her.

After dinner, we strolled down the Riverwalk. As we walked along, I took her hand in mine. She rested her head on my shoulder and talked about how beautiful the Riverwalk looked (those who’ve been there at Christmas time know what I mean). Along the way, we spotted a Jazz club (she loves Jazz), so we decided to go in. We had a great time. She was really into the music and after a few drinks we started dancing.

As I held her closely in my arms, I could feel her warm breasts pressed against my chest. As we danced, the music along with the booze were intoxicating. I whispered to her how great she looked tonight. She kinda purred and said, “I feel better than I have in years.” Then she looked at me and said, “And I have you to thank for that.”

I smiled and my heart melted for her as I told her how much I loved her. We kinda locked eyes for a second then she rested her head against my shoulder. I moved my hands up to caress her back and press her closer. As our cheeks rubbed together, we both were caught up in the moment. I kissed her softly on her cheek. And she returned the favor. I kissed her again, but closer to her lips. She moved her head back and started to kiss my cheek but moved to my lips. Without even looking at each other we had the most passionate kiss ever. She slid her tongue in my mouth as I did the same. She pressed me closer to herself as I slid my hands up to her head.

We kissed for what seemed like a lifetime. Then she pulled back and smiled at me and said, “That was great.” I told her that she was great. She smiled and excused herself as she went to the ladies room. That time I waited for her was the longest five minutes of my life. I knew I was about to finally have the woman I’ve desired for so long. The anticipation was agonizing. When she came out, I was expecting for her to want to leave but instead anadolu yakası escort she wanted to have another drink. I said sure, why not. She was even more giddy than before. We ended up closing the place. We got home pretty late and when we walked in the house we were still laughing and having a great time. She asked what time it was and I said 3:00am (the time of sexuality). She threw down her purse and gave me a hug and thanked me for a great night. I told her that I loved her and I’d do anything for her.

We stayed hugging for a few seconds and I moaned softly as she pressed her body to mine. She whispered to me, “This is nice.” Then I kissed her softly on her neck. She brought her head back and kissed me softly but briefly on my lips. We looked into each others eyes and embraced in another passionate kiss. But this time it was more sensual. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she massaged it with her lips. My hands found their way down to her ass as I slowly caressed her cheeks.

To say I had a boner is a massive understatement. My hands pushed her closer to my body and my engorged cock rubbed up against her. She grinded her body against mine and my cock twitched. Her hands were all over my body. They started on my chest, and then moved to my back and down to my ass. Our kissing was now more intense; to the point where she lost her breathe. When she pulled away, she started kissing and licking my neck. I was so turned on I thought I would cream my pants. But I should incredible restraint. Then she whispered in my ear the words I had waited for years to hear:

“I want you to make love to me.”

I said, “There’s nothing in the world I would want more than to make love to you.”

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. On the way, I drank up her beauty and found myself dizzy with disbelief that this was actually happening. When we got to her bed, she kicked off her shoes and turned to kiss me again. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it off me and started rubbing my chest. I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands for the first time. I felt a great sensation rush through my hands all the way through my body. I had wanted to touch these for so long. I undid her dress and pulled it over her body. My mother stood in front of my now wearing only her panties, which were the Brazilian cut ones. My hands were now all over her tits. I kept telling her how much I loved her. I never called her Mom during this, because I thought if she heard that it might snap her out of her passionate state, and stop what we were doing.

She reached for my belt and undid my pants. I kicked off my shoes and pushed my pants off. She reached into my boxer briefs and grabbed my cock. That touch alone almost sent me over the edge. She started stroking me and I pulled off my underwear. I could hear the slickness from all the precum on my cock that she used to stroke me. She reached down to take off her panties, but I stopped her and said, “Let me do it.”

I went down to a knee and caressed her thighs with my hands as I put a finger on each side of her panties. My mouth was inches from her pussy and I could smell that familiar scent of her juices that I had smelled from her panties. I VERY slowly pulled them down as I caressed her legs ataköy escort the entire time. I was soaking it all in.

Now we were both completely naked. I looked up at her and she was squeezing her tits. Without getting up I pushed her down on the bed and spread her legs with my hands. I was gonna savor every second of this. I started licking up her legs. When I got to her pussy, I thought I was gonna faint. She was so wet. I licked up her juices and it felt like my tongue was on fire. I licked all around her lips and sucked on them. Then I licked her clit and she started to moan heavily. I looked up and she was squeezing both her tits and then started sucking on one of them. That was soooo hot.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. She let out a squeal and started squirming. I licked up to her clit then suck it inside her again. I was licking her like a madman. Within minutes, she was squirting in my mouth while letting out a loud scream. I made my mother cum with my mouth and I licked up all of it. Now she was in a sexual frenzy. She pulled me up and kissed me hard, tasting her own juices.

Then she said, “I wanna suck your cock baby. Let me taste that cock of yours.”

Her mouth was on my cock just like that and I was in fucking heaven. Her mouth felt softer than anything I’ve ever felt before.

“Oh shit, that feels sooo good. Please don’t stop. I think I’m gonna cum.”

Then she stopped and squeezed the base of my cock.

“No”, she said almost breathless, “not yet.” Then she laid back on the bed and I climbed on top. She reached for my cock and put it inside her. Yes, this was the feeling I wanted for years. To have my cock inside my mother, the woman I love. I thrust my cock in her slowly and let out a whimper. Then I started to fuck her slowly. I loved the way she moaned. Kinda like a purring and moaning together. She reached down to my ass and pushed me deeper inside her pussy.

Now I was fucking her in great rhythm. I reached down to suck on her tits. She looked so good as her tits were bounced while I fucked her. She kept moaning and saying, “Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me baby. You feel soooo good inside me.” That’s all I could take. With one final thrust, I shot the biggest load I’ve ever shot before. I felt like it lasted for hours. I screamed as I came deep inside my mother’s pussy. As I shot the last of my cum inside her, I reached down to kiss her deeply.

I stayed lying there for 10 minutes with my cock still inside her. We kissed for a while and I finally pulled out. I could actually feel the heat leave as I exited her pussy. The intensity of this was so much that we both passed out.

I woke up the next morning and she wasn’t in bed. In fact, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I walked into the kitchen and saw she had left a note for me on the table. The note read:


I’m sorry I left this morning without telling you, but I had to clear my head. Last night was very special to me. It was exactly what I needed in my life right now. But you should know that it can never happen again between us. I didn’t mean to lead you on like that. I love you with all my heart and soul, but it’s just wrong. You’re my son and I’m your mother. We can’t have these feeling between us. So, let’s just call last night a one time fling. If you wanna talk about this, I’ll be home around 3:00pm. I’m so sorry.

Love Mom.

There’s no way I could leave it at that. It’s not a fling. I’m deeply in love with her. And now we’ve shared the most intimate night together, there’s no going back. Three O’clock. That’s a long time to wait.

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