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In this story a married woman has sex with a man who’s not her husband. If that’s not your thing, don’t read.


My wife and I were on a walking holiday, a long weekend snatched from a busy life. We’d eaten breakfast early intending to make a good distance before lunch. It had been a dreary winter and the warm sunshine put us in high spirits. Around us the countryside was at its best, heavy with spring growth and the promise of summer. We were walking a line of rolling hills which led to a memorial to some forgotten worthy, a tall obelisk at the highest point. In the early morning we had crossed pastures and woods and had come to open land with gorse and scrubby grass with no shelter from the sun. A stony path lay ahead of us to the monument.

“You could imagine trolls and fairies living in these hills,” said Cynthia admiringly. “I like this place.”

“Plenty of wildlife. I’ve seen a hare and foxes, buzzards and lapwing. Keep your eyes open and we may see an adder on this heathland.”

“A place where anything could happen.”

Cynthia loves the sun and looked especially voluptuous in a tight singlet and shorts. She’s medium height with a fresh, round face, her dark hair tied back severely in a ponytail. I’d not bothered to shave and had covered myself with a wide bush hat to protect my skin.

We both keep fit but were carrying overnight packs and it was a steep climb. Our plan was to take a breather when we got to the monument and decide where to have lunch. As we approached the high point, Cynthia suddenly announced that she wanted to pee. If she’d bothered to think ahead, she could have managed comfortably in the woods behind us. There were few people about but now there was no obvious cover. I told her to wait for me at the monument while I scouted about for a suitable place, maybe among the gorse.

I was delayed because I spotted a distant view of the sea and spent a while working out what part of the coast I was looking at. I unfolded my map and took a few bearings with my compass. Then I caught sight of a roe deer and stood still to watch until it took fright and raced off. Remembering that Cynthia was in a hurry, I was ready to apologise for being so long when I reached the monument. Instead I found her seated on the stone plinth beside a stranger, a tall elderly man with a floppy hat and a crooked blackthorn walking stick. He grinned at me in a friendly way and glanced at Cynthia before speaking.

“Isn’t it a lovely day? I’m Stan. Cynthia and I have been getting to know one another.”

“I’m sorry I got delayed,” I said a little bewildered. Cynthia wasn’t the most sociable of people but it seemed that in the short time I’d taken to get there she and this stranger had made friends. To Cynthia I said, “If you’re still in a hurry, I’ve found a spot.” I pointed.

“That’s okay.” Cynthia was laughing at me. “I’ve done it. I found somewhere close and Stan kept a look out for me to be sure nobody came by.”

I was shocked. She’s coy about things like having a pee in the open. And she’d taken this man into her confidence.

“Why don’t you sit down and enjoy the view,” said Stan. “This is the highest point for forty miles and deserves to be appreciated. Let me offer you something to eat.” From his bag he produced a box with home-made pizza cut into segments.

“No thanks.”

“I will.” Cynthia took a piece and ate with relish. She and Stan were sitting side by side and she was almost learning against him.

“I have some wine too.”

“No thanks.”

The man shrugged and poured some into a tin mug. “Cynthia knows how to enjoy herself. I could show her a few things and she’s keen that I do.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Stan looked at Cynthia and they smiled. Cynthia took a sip of wine from his mug and turned back to me. “Aren’t you curious? Don’t you agree that this place is full of surprises?”

I still didn’t get what they were talking about. I looked hard at Cynthia. She seemed amused by something but gave me no help.

“Sit down and take it easy. We can agree Cynthia’s a delight. A beauty. And, you know, we won’t be very long. Do help yourself to wine.”

“Stan and I hit it off from the first,” explained Cynthia.

“So halkal─▒ escort I gather.”

“And we shouldn’t spoil this opportunity.” Stan drank his wine. “We need a few moments together. Private moments if you see what I’m getting at. We have to make the most of this chance.”

“Bernard won’t mind.”

What were they trying to tell me? Helpless, I turned to Cynthia but she looked at me with pleading eyes. I didn’t know whether she wanted me to save her from a farcical situation or agree to what the man wanted.

“You do know that Cynthia’s my wife?”

“I know.” He shrugged and turned to Cynthia. “Your husband is a good man.”

“He’s bewitched by the wood sprites. Look Bernard, you’ll have to put up with me. Go and watch birds. Or sit down and have a rest. Go to sleep. You must excuse me a moment.”

Turning her back, she stood up, grabbed the waist of her shirt and pulled it over her head in a single movement. Unclasping her bra, she let it drop to the ground. Now she was facing Stan, naked to the waist.

Words don’t capture my astonishment. I’d have been certain that Cynthia was incapable of such a provocative act. Had something happened to unsettle her? Or had she managed to hide an exhibitionist tendency for the whole of our time together?

The stranger and I stared at her breasts. Her dark nipples stood proud and her smooth flesh was marked with the seams of her bra. Confused, I did my best to make it a joke.

“Are you a wood nymph?”

She laughed. “What do you think Stan?”

“Your breasts are bewitching. More than a man could hope for.”

Turning back to me, she said “That’s better. My bra was itching.”

“You’re making a shameless exhibition.”

“Stan likes my breasts and up here it’s perfectly natural.”

Stan grabbed her arm and pulled her to him so that she was resting on his knee.

“Your husband’s confused. We’d better show him what we mean.”

His hand touched her breast and she didn’t stop him. It was as if I wasn’t there. He bent his head and kissed her nipple. Then he kissed her mouth before returning to her breast, a nipple between his lips. She was smiling dreamily, glancing at me and stroking Stan’s face and hair and bending to kiss him.

After a bit, his hand was on her thigh. Then his fingers were pulling at her belt clasp. Instead of pushing his hand away, she laughed.

“You want me to take off my shorts?” She didn’t look at me and both their hands worked at the buckle. Then she stood up and slipped down her shorts exposing white panties. “What do think?” She paraded about in front of Stan. Then in front of me she hooked them down and kicked them away.

“I hope you approve. That’s more like a wood nymph.”

She returned to Stan and he stroked her thigh and ran his fingers up her leg to her belly. My mind froze. Cynthia was absorbed in what she was doing and showed no shyness or modesty. Now she sat on his knee, their hands pulling at clothes and caressing one another. There was no conceivable explanation for Cynthia suddenly wanting this. And there was no question that she wanted it.

“I’m a bit sweaty from walking all morning.” That was for Stan.

“Don’t mind that. You smell like a field of hay.” He was nuzzling her cheek and kissing her lips.

“You’re so strong.”

Her hand caressed Stan’s shoulder. Far more shocking was to see it slide down his chest to rest on the bulge at his groin. She rubbed him and stared into his eyes. His fingers slid between her thighs.

“I see what you mean by needing a few private moments,” I said but neither of them took any notice.

Cynthia jerked and flushed before she relaxed again. He’d eased a finger into her sex. She closed her eyes and squirmed on him, spreading her legs to show that two of his fingers were knuckle deep. Eyes open, she saw me watching.

“My voyeur husband thinks I’m a whore. He can’t take his eyes off me.” She thrust her hips against his hand and spread her legs wider, smiling at me and taunting me with her debauchery. Reaching down, she unzipped Stan’s fly.

Stan looked up too. “Excuse me friend but you can see how it is. She’s taksim escort loving it.”

I was embarrassed. “I’d better keep an eye out or you’ll be arrested.”

I wandered a few yards but halted and couldn’t stop myself looking back. Cynthia stood up, her back to me. She was naked apart from her walking shoes – a body so familiar yet I saw it for the first time. Against Stan she looked small and fragile. His hands were on her buttocks and he pulled her against him, his face between her breasts. He kissed and fondled her breasts and belly, legs and sex.

I guessed her hand must be on his cock. He stood up and kicked off his trousers. His cock was sticking out from under his shirt. She’d unfastened the buttons of the shirt so that she could kiss his chest. Her lips ran down his chest and belly until she was crouched at his feet, carelessly exposing her sex to me. A hand went round his cock then she reached forward and put her mouth over the tip. Slowly she pressed against him and took it all in her mouth. I thought her unenthusiastic about oral sex but she slid her lips up and down his cock. Lifting her head, she smiled at me. Stan put his hand was in her hair, putting her back to work, and now he thrust firmly against her, pushing her back on her heels. I watched his cock pumping between her lips.

I knew she was having a good time. When she was ready, she stepped back and sat on the grass, leaning back on her hands, legs spread in front of her. Stan followed, his cock now at a jaunty angle. First, he knelt beside her and she took his cock in her mouth once more. His hand was on her thigh, then on her sex. She spread her legs. Both looked in my direction as he crouched beside her and pushed her so that she rolled onto her back on the grass.

There was a pause as they kissed, her hand round his cock. He caressed her sex before climbing on top of her. Her knees fell apart and there was some fumbling adjustment as they found a comfortable position. Then he angled his cock with his hand and sank onto her.

I ached to see her slight frame take on so much. She was hidden almost completely by his body, her face beneath his shoulder turned to the side, eyes closed, mouth open. I watched his hips rise and fall, her knees jerking, feet kicking in the air. This went on and on. Now she was smiling at me. Then she began to grunt and moan. Once or twice she cried out. His arms held her tight and he was moving faster. She began to wail as if in pain. Abruptly he froze and she cried aloud. Then he moved more slowly, easing them down until finally they lay still, kissing one another.

He rolled away and sat watching as she picked herself up. Grass, grit and dust were stuck to her arms and back. The imprint of the ground was across her buttocks. Her breasts and belly were red from the friction caused by his clothing. I waited for him to straighten his clothes before I came back. Cynthia remained proudly naked.

“Are you done?” I asked briskly.

Stan shook my hand. “You have a wonderful wife. I wish I could do that every day of the week.” I could think of nothing to say and he added, “Don’t be hard on us. She wanted some fun and I’m a widower. I don’t get much chance of pussy and that did us both good.”

“But she’s my wife.”

“She’s still your wife. Be nice to her.”

He walked away to the monument to pick up his pack. Cynthia got to her feet.

“That was good. Stan’s a great lover and it’s fun to fuck outside in the sun. He made me come so many times.”

“Better get dressed before you attract more hopefuls.”

She laughed. “You hope? I suppose you think I’m a slut. It was just mindless sex. Great sex.”

I collected her scattered clothes. “Will you get dressed?”

“In a while. This is a special place and it feels good. Nudity is fine. Tell me what you think. Was I really bad?”

“Worse than bad. What were you thinking?”

She laughed. “I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think at all. It seemed the right thing to do and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve spent my whole life trying to do the right thing. This time I decided, why not do what you feel like doing? And I wanted to fuck Stan. He’s a nice guy and I enjoyed it. I’d be a hypocrite ┼či┼čli escort to pretend I wished it hadn’t happened. I’m not repentant at all. Half an hour on a hilltop can’t change the world.”

“Okay, so you enjoyed it. But right there in front of me? It’s not easy watching your wife fuck a stranger. You’d forgotten about me entirely.”

“I knew you were there. I’d not do anything behind your back. In any case, you could have waited somewhere else. When you didn’t go away, I thought maybe you enjoyed watching.”

“It was shock. I never thought you’d behave like that.”

“Neither did I. Okay, I admit I was hard on you but I thought you’d understand. Maybe we’ve learned something. It only happened with Stan because there was no planning. It’s a spontaneous thing – the right person, the hilltop, the right moment. Fate. How could I resist?”

“I wish you’d put on some clothes.”

She gave me a curious look. “Are you embarrassed or does my nudity excite you?”

I wasn’t embarrassed, just anxious. I glanced round wildly and Stan had gone. Cynthia naked and fucked was too much for me. Moments later, she was on her back again and I was on top of her, balls deep and pounding away in fear that someone would disturb us. She was hot and sweaty and she was so wet and stretched I could barely feel her sex. All the same, I took only minutes to come.

We lay in the grass looking up at the sky. By making love to her I’d as good as told her that all was forgiven. It was okay to fuck around.

“Well it’s over. Let’s forget it ever happened. What about getting some lunch?”

Her body was filthy from lying in the dust. There was my fresh deposit on her leg as well as dried semen. When she caught me looking, she laughed.

“We can’t sit in a pub and have lunch with me looking like a slut. I don’t want to embarrass you.”

She’d had wine and pizza and probably wasn’t hungry but I’d had nothing. She pulled on her top but no bra. When her shorts were on, there was still a shiny mark visible down her thigh. She examined it but made no attempt to rub it off.

We continued our walk without lunch, lost in our own thoughts. Mine never progressed much beyond the incredulous: “Did my wife really just fuck a stranger in front of me?”

I’ve no idea what she was thinking but there was no evidence of regret or shame. That evening when we’d reached our hotel and she’d bathed, we sat in the bar with a drink.

“Stan gave me his phone number. But he’s not local you’ll be pleased to hear.”

“You’ll go and find him?”

She shrugged. “I don’t think so but who knows? You’re a worrier. I just do.”

“I thought you said what you did was fun because it was spontaneous.”

“You’re right. Stan’s a nice man and I’d like to see him again but it wouldn’t be the same. I’ll keep him for the hilltops.”

“You think it’s okay if it’s spontaneous. Even though you’re married to me.”

“I was in the mood and it happened.”

I pointed along the bar to a man seated at the window. “So what about that guy? Are you going over to introduce yourself?”

She laughed and choked on her drink.

“Get real. That guy’s a creep. Don’t imagine I go round trying to get laid. In any case, two cocks in one day is a lot for me and I’m sore. So sorry lover boy, no sex tonight. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many men I fancy and you’re one of them. We’ve had a good day. Beautiful views and good exercise. Let’s remember that.”

“And strange cock. We can’t pretend it never happened.”

Was it a one-off or would she repeat what happened? I realised I had no way of knowing.

“What shall we do tomorrow? If the weather holds, we could make for the coast and sunbathe on the beach.”

“We didn’t bring swimming costumes.”

“I’m sure we’ll get by. We’ll have a lazy day and I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

“You’ll not be sore tomorrow.”

She laughed. “I see how you’re thinking. You hope there might be some dumb hunk in speedos with a jet ski he can impress me with and a beach hut he can lure me into. In your dreams. I don’t need much of what happened today. So relax, I’ll keep my knickers on. Sun and sand and a good lunch to make up for all this walking.”

“I wasn’t thinking that. And don’t pin the happy voyeur label on me. That kind of life is far too dramatic. All I mean was that if we have a nice hotel, we could spend some lazy time in bed.”

“Smart move. You plan to keep me well fucked. Well, it could be I’ve picked up some new ideas to try out. Let’s do it.”

“It’s a date.”


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