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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres. All characters are of legal age.

The next day, Angie was like a different person. For the first time, she left her bed unmade and her clothes strewn around the bedroom that the girls shared. She was a no-show after school, when Janette and she had always met to go home. She didn’t answer when Janette texted her phone.

Dinner was usually around 6:30 pm, but Angie didn’t appear for that either, as had been scheduled. Nor did she respond to Matt’s texting and calling. First annoyed and then concerned, he and Janette were finishing dinner, after which he was planning to call Justine, when Angie sauntered in and sat down without a word of explanation or apology, pouring herself a hefty glass of wine and drinking greedily. She was wearing a slutty outfit: a skintight halter top and shorts. Her face was sullen and pouty, buried under way too much makeup. Her hair and makeup were disheveled. She looked like a low-class tramp.

Janette said exasperatedly, “What happened? Are you okay? Where have you been?”

Angie took her sweet time answering. “Nothing. I went to the mall.”

“Why didn’t you answer my texts and calls – or Daddy’s?”

Angie shrugged nonchalantly. “Didn’t feel like it.”

“Do you want some dinner?” Matt asked. She ignored him.

“Who did you go to the mall with?” Janette asked.

“Those two guys you don’t like.”

“Oh my God! Mike and Frank?” Janette was upset. “Daddy, those two are sleazy lowlifes! Angie, how could you?” Angie ignored Janette’s question.

“Did you do anything with them?”

“None of your business,” Angie said, rudely and dismissively.

“That may be true, but it’s my business,” Matt said. “I know those boys and I don’t want either of you two around them. Did you go down on those jerks?”

“Gross!” Janette muttered, thinking about the two obnoxious boys.

Angie drank more wine, ignoring Matt’s question. “I asked you if you gave head to these guys?” he repeated.

“And what if I did?” she asked, staring insolently and directly challenging his authority. “What are you gonna do about it?” she sneered.

Matt watched, realizing full well that Angie was doing everything in her power to be punished. Well, she’d done a superb job and he’d be pleased to accommodate her. He watched her face closely when he said, “That’s enough. You’ve earned yourself a well-deserved punishment. Janette, take Angie into the living room and prepare her for discipline on the ottoman.” Angie tried to hide it, but he could see the sudden excitement in her eyes.

Pleased with her dad’s decision, Janette stood, roughly dragged Angie to her feet, pulled her friend’s arms behind her back, and marched her BFF into the living room. Matt cleared the dishes and prepared an after-dinner drink for himself. When he entered the living room five minutes later, Janette had stripped off Angie’s halter, shorts, bra and panties. The young senior was kneeling nude on the oversized, black leather ottoman, her wrists bound behind her, her knees opened by a spreader bar and tied to the feet of the ottoman, wearing a slave collar.

Janette had been busy. Laid out on the coffee table within her view were an anal dildo, a vibe, five clamps, chains, weights, several velcro strips of varying lengths and widths, a ball gag, a penis gag, a quirt, a tawse, a crop and two floggers.

Angie, clearly excited, looked gorgeous, even with her wild hair and heavy make-up. Her willful, obnoxious attitude was gone.

Matt spooled a black cord around the beam above her, attached the cord to a D-ring in the rear of her collar, and pulled till the bad girl’s head and torso were raised up and above the ottoman, her luscious tits hanging free. Matt looked at Janette. “Use the ball gag and then clamp her tits.” While his daughter fastened the gag and its straps, he cinched wide velcro straps around the base of the teen slut’s big breasts. Angie swooned. She wasn’t sharing his attention with Janette. Finally, she was the main deal. When Janette added nipple clamps and Matt worked the modestly sized and well lubed anal dildo into taksim grup yapan escort her exquisite anal ring, Angie gurgled into her mouth gag.

“Let’s warm her up. Start with the flogger on her ass – and don’t hold back.” Eagerly, Janette lit into her friend’s beautiful ass as Matt applied the second flogger to Angie’s tits, avoiding her aureoles and nipples, and mons. Once the bound teen’s ass and tits were a livid red, her sleek skin glistening with perspiration, her arousal rising, Matt said, “Now switch to the quirt and work your way from her ass down.”

Janette was even more enthusiastic with permission to strike Angie’s slit. As she smacked the quirt into Angie’s ass cheeks, Matt whacked the girl’s reddened tits with the crop. Angie was almost hyperventilating with excitement. When Matt’s daughter reached Angie’s pussy lips, already opened by the spreader bar between her knees, he focused on the large aureola and prominent nipples. The moment Matt slapped her clit with the crop in his right hand while walloping her nipples with the taws in his left hand, Angie reached a shattering cum.

Father and daughter stopped. Matt stood behind the girl, dropped trou, and shoved his dick between the swollen labia. As soon his cock was embedded, Angie came again, her hot ass bucking underneath him, yelling obscenities that neither Matt nor Angie had ever heard her utter. While Matt pumped away at a steady pace, Janette alternately slapped and licked the teen’s tits as she fingered the girl’s clit. Angie had her third great cum, Matt deposited his load inside her, and the scene was finished.

Once Matt pulled out, he wiped his cock on Angie’s ass, held up her lolling head and asked, “Are you ever going to do that again? Not respond to our texts and calls and worry us? Dress like a whore in public? Give head to two teen creeps? Walk in late for dinner?”

When Angie took a long moment to respond, Matt understood that he’d asked the wrong series of questions. “You’re a hot sub and a fine fuck. But let me put it this way: if you pull any of this stuff again, you won’t be permitted to stay here for a month. You’ll be grounded at your mother’s apartment, and won’t be permitted to cum at all. Got it?”

Angie nodded. Her strategy had worked well – at least this once. Matt detached the cord from her collar and she slumped forward, her abused tits crashing into the ottoman. As Matt and Janette saw his thick jizz dribbling out of her cunt lips, they could also see the dreamy smile on her sweat-drenched face.

~ ~ ~

Two weeks later, Janette and Angie were sitting properly in the living room, waiting for Matt and Justine, a bottle of expensive champagne in a bucket on the coffee table. The week before, he’d told them that Justine and Angie would be moving in with them full-time. The girls were delighted for a variety of reasons. Matt explained that it would take a while to work out the kinks, but he was confident that the new arrangement would be great for them all. The girls asked a few questions and the session was over much earlier and easier than Matt had anticipated.

Now, Matt and Justine walked in, smiling. She was wearing a tall, black slave collar, the supple leather at least four inches high, with D-rings on all four sides. The four of them had a discussion that went well, so Matt opened the bottle, poured full glasses, and they toasted to the new plan. Justine was to move in that weekend. The delicious champagne quickly affected the girls and Justine; all three were flushed and high. The air was charged with desire.

Matt started the scene he’d planned. He told Justine to kneel on the large ottoman. She had no idea of the upcoming scenario. “Get up and take off your tops and skirts,” he said to the girls. Once they were standing in their demi bras and barely there boyshorts, he said, “Come over and kiss Justine as a token of welcoming her into the household.”

The girls rose from the sofa and stood above the MILF. Angie bent over and kissed her mother on the lips while Janette unbuttoned the sub’s sheer blouse and pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms. Without being aware of what she was doing, the horny teen grabbed the short hair at the rear of her mother’s head and pulled back, so Justine’s face was turned up even more, along taksim masöz escort with her throat and upper chest, in a more exposed and vulnerable posture.

Justine was in a dazed state, having never imagined that this official welcoming into the household would turn into a ritual of hurting (and pleasuring) her.

Angie thrust her tongue into Justine’s mouth, which the kneeling sub mother dutifully accepted. Janette lifted the slut mother’s tits off her shelf bra and, while kneading the breast flesh, licked the throbbing nipples.

Matt ordered his daughter to remove his girlfriend’s skirt. Justine wasn’t wearing panties, just thigh-highs. Janette spread the hot woman’s thighs very wide and turned to Matt for the next step. “Have you ever heard of nipple whipping?”

Janette shook her head, her mouth slightly agape at the question. “It’s quite stimulating,” Matt added, “especially with nipples like Justine’s. They’re not only begging to be clamped and chained, they’re also crying out for stretching and whipping. Go get the small pointer and the nipple stretcher.”

While Janette ran to retrieve the 12-inch pointer, used in overhead presentations, and a standard hanger with two sliding clamps for hanging a skirt, Matt wound a long black strip tightly around the household sub’s tits, eliciting multiple grunts from Justine. When Janette had returned with the two items, Matt explained. “Binding her tits not only makes the nipples swell and be a bigger target, the binding also stabilizes her tit flesh, so they don’t jiggle so much.”

He had modified the hanger so it was attached to a rod that extended out from a sub’s solar plexus. He pulled and twisted on Justine’s thick nipples, attached a hanger clamp to each, and pulled the hanger along the rod so the hanger moved further away from Justine’s chest. She hissed in pain as her abused nipples enlarged by 1 ½ inches.

“Now watch.” Aiming carefully, Matt sliced the tip of the pointer into the first elongated nipple stalk. “Thwack!” The pointer sliced into the midpoint of the nipple, the thick rubbery flesh absorbing the harsh impact, pulling the bulbous nub at the end away from the metal claws of the clamp. Justine emitted a long groan.

Matt struck again and again, varying the placement so the pointer struck the sides and bottom of the nipple, before starting in on the other modified nipple.

“Kneel on the floor,” he said to Justine. Gingerly, she moved from the ottoman to the carpet. “Angie, lube one of these anal dildos and put it in your mother’s ass.”

Angie picked up a small dildo and bottle of lube. “No, that one’s too small. That’s the size that you and Janette are wearing as part of your training. Use the big one.” Angie hefted the large dildo, wondering how such a big toy could fit up her mother’s ass. “Don’t worry, she’s an anal slut, it’s fine.”

Janette pulled down on the D-ring at the front of Justine’s collar till her haunches stuck up in the air. Angie was surprised that she was able to work the thick long dildo into her mother’s ass quickly and easily. Justine, now sweating heavily from pain and arousal, grunted deliriously. It was obvious that the addition of the anal intruder had made her even more turned on.

Janette looked at her dad for instruction. “Lick her till she cums.” Janette pulled on the rear of Justine’s collar so the plugged beauty’s torso was upright again.

Angie looked at Matt for direction as well. “Slap them,” he said, nodding at Justine’s tits.

As Janette traced her tongue along the opened beauty’s clit and slit, Angie abused Justine’s bound tits, slapping, twisting and pulling the beautiful 34Cs that were still encased inside the black strips. “Get on your back on the floor, beneath her, and put your fingers inside her,” Matt added to his daughter. Janette scrambled into position. Angie, her panties pulled aside from her shaved slit, was pumping two fingers into her own pussy. Matt kneeled above both of them, Janette’s legs inside his and Justine’s outside. Still licking and sucking, the obedient daughter pushed three fingers into the MILF’s hole. Justine gasped, the hanger swaying above her nipples.

Matt positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and fucked her. With her clit well licked, her tits being stimulated by her daughter, taksim otele gelen escort her Dom’s cock in her cunt while a dildo was stuffing her ass, Justine was delirious with pleasure.

“Now pull out the dildo from her ass, lube your fingers, and do the same you did in her cunt,” he told Janette, “but this time up her ass.” Janette and Angie looked at each other, both skeptically. Janette lubed her fingers heavily, but three fingers at once? Dubiously, she shoved all three into Justine’s dusky ring and was surprised at how well the sub mother took them. Justine immediately rocketed into a cum. “What an anal slut!” Janette thought.

Justine had been wetting her own middle finger with her pussy juice. Now she pushed the drenched digit past Matt’s sphincter. Not anticipating a finger stimulating his prostate, he bellowed, fucked her even harder and deeper, and pulled out, flooding Justine’s belly and mound with gouts of gushing spunk. Two thick streams fell off her groin and splatted onto Janette’s upturned face, who was still lying beneath Matt and Justine.

~ ~ ~

Leaving the women to recover and remove Justine’s tit strips and nipple-stretching hanger, Matt rose to his feet and sat heavily in a chair, sipping his drink contentedly and thinking about the plan that Janette and he had hatched months ago. It had taken time, but Janette had found a perfect friend in the pretty, sexy and docile Angie. The clothing, make-up and hairstyle makeover of Angie had gone perfectly, as had her initiation and training into their household practices, or lifestyle. She was a natural sub slut with a high tolerance to pain and a voracious appetite for sex; these qualities seemed to run in her family.

Angie jumped onto Janette’s supine form and avidly licked Matt’s jizz off Janette’s face and neck, forcefully humping her friend till the two girls were slapping each other’s tits, rolling around the floor and squealing. After grinding their clits into each other, they quickly came.

Justine was stupefied to realize that she was now the slave of all three. Mentally, she reeled with the cringing humiliation of being submissive to two teen girls. And as she knew from the time that Angie had whipped her in the living room at their apartment, teens could be so cruel.

Once the girls had boyfriends, would Matt make her service all the boys as well? She imagined two big young cocks and how frequently they could cum. For example, would Matt teach the boys how to be Doms? Would he tell the teen males that they could fuck her ass? For sure, that was one skill where the girls couldn’t match her. Matt would probably make her have a triple penetration from himself and the two boyfriends. Would the girls resent her hot sex with the boys and be even more severe and merciless with punishments?

No matter how successfully the seduction and training of Angie had gone, Matt and Janette had never imagined that Angie’s stunning mother, the town’s hottest MILF, would be brought into their lives, let alone that she would be a deeply submissive cum, pain and anal slut who craved discipline, punishment and humiliation.

Justine raised her eyes from the two panting girls and looked at Matt, her eyes filled with gratitude for her handsome and strict new Master. She’d been amazed that her father had liked Matt so much and approved of Matt’s firm hand with her.

Matt looked at her sensational skin and complexion, her toned arms, stomach and thighs, her hefty tits, her bulging nipples and clit, and her very pretty, sensuous face. He’d never had a sub as incredibly hot, as pretty and as open any and all of his techniques. And a sub who would submit to her own daughter, a daughter who was basically a sub as well, but capable of being a Domme to her mother, and almost as pretty, sensuous and hot?

Matt nodded at Justine’s belly and she scooped up the gooey cum which coated her. As she moved her coated fingers from her mons to her open mouth, the sponge dripped onto her tits, neck and chin. Soon her lips, swollen from her daughter’s hard kisses, were covered with the white gunk.

Long greasy smears now covered her lower torso. Once she’d scooped up as much cum as she could, she looked questioningly at Matt for his next order, unaware that gobs of cum were now shining on her cheeks and pert nose.

His new sub looked so beautiful, especially with the two nude girls lying sprawled and dozing near her feet, that Matt grinned. He stood and attached a leash to the gorgeous MILF’s collar. He leaned over to attach the teeth of imposing clamps to her dark, distended nipples. “Welcome to the family.”

Next: The MILF services her father’s wealthy business associate.

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