Nina’s Story Ch. 04

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It was almost 2.30am when Steele arrived back home at his luxury five bedroom home.

He was still feeling aroused by Nina’s advances and in need of some relief. He moved silently about his beautiful home and avoided turning on any lights so as not to startle her.

After undressing and using the bathroom, he crept into bed and cuddled up to his wife, spooning her. She stirred as he began kissing her bare shoulder and neck. She always slept naked. At first it was just to please her husband, but over time it was just habit and now she preferred to sleep in her natural form.

Steele’s erection was now back as his cock responded to both the closeness of his naked wife and his impure thoughts of what he desired to do to Nina. He began to slowly nudge his hardness into his wife’s body to indicate his intention. His cock was poking into her, giving her no choice but to wake up and carry out her wifely duties.

Not that she considered having sex with her husband to be a duty. In fact she loved to please him in any way he wanted. Although she was a beautiful woman herself, she was still acutely aware of all the women that surrounded her husband on a daily basis and how easy it would be for him to have any of them he so wished.

Of course she knew that he often did stray but she chose not to accuse him for fear of losing him and remained in a permanent state of denial. Confrontation was not something she did well.

“Are you awake honey?” Steele whispered as he continued to prod his wife with his hard cock.

She murmured, “Yes” and she started to turn around to kiss her husband, but he stopped her and pushed her body so that she bent away from him pushing her firm butt cheeks upwards a little.

“Good,” Steele replied amorously as he reached down and grabbed her ass, lifting one cheek up to gain access as he pushed his hard cock into her pussy forcefully. She was not wet so he had to push in hard, making her gasp as it hurt a little.

She bit down on her lower lip to stifle a moan of complaint, knowing full well that soon her moment of discomfort would turn to pleasure. Steele did not disappoint. No sooner had his cock forced itself all the way in, he began to fuck her hard. No foreplay, no slow build up, just hardcore fucking. He loved to take her doggie style; often he would fuck both her holes one after the other in this manner with her bent over in the shape of an L as he gripped her ass firmly while he pounded into her from behind.

Steele was aggressive and wanting to cum hard and fast. He could feel his wife’s cunt was now wet and providing natural lubrication for his cock. Now she was panting and moaning in lust as was he. Steele loved taking his wife like this, loved to dominate her and make her feel that she was his and as he fucked her harder and harder. He imagined that soon he would be fucking dear sweet little Nina in the same fashion and that was enough to trigger his orgasm.

He came with a grunt as he filled up his wife’s pussy with his sperm. He relaxed his grip on her body as his now soft cock slipped from her, and then he lay back on the bed to catch his breath.

Katrina had been so close, if only he had lasted a few more minutes, she thought to herself. But she did not complain, instead she reminded herself of how lucky she was to have a gorgeous rich husband who took care of her and stayed with her even though she was not able to give him everything he desired.

She turned around and whispered “Thank you” in her husband’s ear and then began to kiss down his body to his now flaccid cock and took it in her mouth and sucked it clean. A ritual she knew Steele liked as a way to finish off any sexual activity.

He smiled down at her as she carried out her cock cleaning duty. He was aware that his wife did not cum this time, but he wasn’t really in the mood to be taking his time. He had an urgent need to relieve the sexual tension that being around Nina had caused and his wife complied. That was all there was to it for him.

But he did have good news for Katrina, something that would please her and make her forget that her needs had not been fulfilled.

“I have finally found her honey,” he said softly in his wife’s ear as she climbed back up to cuddle him. “She is perfect for us. Exactly what we have been looking for.”

Katrina looked up, surprised but excited at her husband’s announcement.

“Really? Oh my God, that’s wonderful darling!” she exclaimed, “When can I meet her? How soon can we start?” she asked excitedly.

“Calm down honey,” he replied with a chuckle, “These things take time. There’s forms to fill out, doctors to see, lots of legal stuff. It will be a little while, but I just wanted to tell you the good news. I know how much you want this.”

Katrina beamed at him and then kissed him lovingly.

“Oh I’m so happy. You make me so happy darling. I can hardly wait. I love you so much.” she said with adoration in her eyes.

She had lots more questions to ask, but knew not to ├╝sk├╝dar escort press and to be patient. It had already been over a year, so waiting a little bit longer wasn’t so bad. Katrina knew from experience never to ask her husband too many questions or demand details. She had a feeling her husband didn’t do all his business transactions completely legally and figured this arrangement would probably not be totally ‘by the book’ either, but she wasn’t prepared to ruin everything by prying.

Steele had already set his plan in motion to make sure Nina gave him exactly what he wanted and he was a patient man. He smiled to himself as he drifted off to sleep, pleased with how things were proceeding. Soon he would have everything he wanted and his wife would be contented too.

The next morning an excited Nina arrived at the studio to start her first day as a paid actress on the set of ‘Vital Signs’ as nurse Amanda.

She was hoping to see Mr. Steele first thing and talk to him but as soon as she arrived the receptionist took her to wardrobe and make-up and she was then introduced to all the other stars of the show as well as all the production crew. There were so many people that she had trouble remembering all their names. There really was only one name she wanted to remember and she didn’t even know what it was yet.

Of course she knew she could just ask someone else that worked there, but she wanted to ask Mr. Steele himself.

Nina had no idea how hectic her first day was going to be. It was almost lunch time and she hadn’t even so much as seen Mr. Steele, let alone talked to him.

Finally they stopped filming for lunch break and Nina went looking for the man of her dreams.

His receptionist told her Mr. Steele was in a meeting in his office and couldn’t be disturbed. A disappointed Nina went back to the dressing rooms, stopping to grab a sandwich from the food table on the way.

As she ate, the girl that played another nurse whose name Nina couldn’t remember, started chatting with her. There’s always one, thought Nina as the girl gossiped about practically everyone in the building.

“So, what’s the story with Mr. Steele?” inquired Nina, thinking this would be a good time to find out if there is any gossip about him also.

“Oh yeah. He’s so hot huh. Man I wish I could get some of that,” she answered with a sigh.

“So has he dated many of the actresses?” asked Nina.

“Dated? No I wouldn’t call it that,” she replied with a giggle.

“Oh? What do you mean?” asked Nina, a little concerned.

“Well, the lucky ones get taken out to dinner and then up to his penthouse apartment,” she said with envy in her voice.

“And the unlucky ones?” pried Nina.

“Well not exactly unlucky. They still get to got to see the penthouse apartment, just didn’t get a meal first!” she said with a chuckle.

“Oh,” said Nina, disappointed to learn that her Mr. Right was just a womanizer. Although it puzzled her as to why he didn’t seem interested in sex even when she practically threw herself at him.

“But what about the ones that got taken out to dinner but not to the penthouse apartment?” Nina asked, trying to understand Mr. Steele’s actions.

“Oh that wouldn’t happen. That never happens cos that would be a date,” she replied.

Nina was just about to ask more questions but then she spotted Mr. Steele talking to one of the cameramen, so she excused herself and walked over to him.

“Hello Mr. Steele,” greeted Nina as she approached him. “It’s good to see you again,” she said, interrupting his conversation with the cameraman.

“Hi Nina,” Steel replied, “Sorry, can’t talk now. I’m kind of busy.”

He barely glanced at her, his body language dismissing her completely. Nina was confused and hurt as she stood there for a moment, feeling herself blush in embarrassment.

She turned and went back towards the dressing rooms, then as she felt her emotions building up, rushed to the ladies restroom and cried. She felt so crushed. Steele was so cold towards her. She contemplated just walking out and never seeing him again but realised that she may never get an opportunity like this again, so she pulled herself together, dried off her tears, blew her nose and took a deep breath as she went back to work.

Nina made up her mind to put all her energy in to her new job and not to let what happened get to her.

She worked hard the rest of the day. Mr. Steele did speak to her, but only as an employer, giving her and the other actor’s instructions and direction. He didn’t treat her any different than anyone else in the building.

By the end of the day Nina felt exhausted. She had worked hard and was beginning to feel like one of the team, had even remembered a few of her fellow actors names.

She was just on her way home, when Mr. Steele’s receptionist called out to and ran up meet her as Nina paused in the doorway.

“Mr Steele said to give you this,” she announced tuzla escort as she handed Nina a note.

It read ‘Pick you up for dinner at 8pm. Wear something blue’ and it was signed by Mr. Steele.

Nina was so tired and she was mad at him for practically ignoring her all day and now he expected that she would just go out again with him.

She was fuming and grumbling under her breath as she walked outside looking for a cab to take her home. Once inside the cabby asked for the directions and she gave him her address.

“Wait. Sorry I don’t want to go home yet. Can you take me to La Poshe?” asked Nina as she suddenly changed her mind and decided she wanted to see Mr. Steele again. So instead the cabbie took her to her favourite designer fashion store so she could find a new blue dress. Nina was pretty sure that when Mr. Steele said dinner, it never meant McDonalds and so she would need to be dressed formal again.

Mr. Steele’s driver arrived right on time as expected and Nina went downstairs to meet him in his limo. She looked stunning in her new electric blue satin dress. Steele looked her up and down approvingly as she approached, although Nina did not notice that as the windows of the limo were tinted.

The driver opened the door for Nina and she looked inside to see Mr. Steele smiling at her.

“You look wonderful Nina,” he complimented as she sat next to him.

Nina had planned to demand answers immediately from Mr. Steele to explain his behaviour earlier that day, but seeing him looking so dashing and his smile making her heart melt, she decided it could wait. Then Steele turned on his charm and once more took Nina’s hand and kissed it gently while peering at her with his piercing blue eyes. It was hard for her to stay mad at him.

Steele took her to another fancy restaurant where he wined and dined her and worked his magic on her again.

Nina had a little too much wine, but in fact that made her a bit braver. The alcohol made her feel bold, so while sitting at their table sipping at her expensive wine, she felt the time was right for some questions.

“Do you realise that I don’t even know your name?” inquired Nina, with a bit of a slur and a giggle due to the alcohol.

“Really? Hmm no I wasn’t aware of that Nina. How interesting,” he answered whimsically.

“So? Are you going to tell me or what?” demanded Nina, somewhat impatiently.

Steele laughed. “Of course I am. You are funny when you’re drunk.”

“I not drunk!” insisted Nina, slamming her fist on the table and almost falling off her chair.

He laughed again. “Well I’m afraid it isn’t anything interesting or exciting. My name is David. David Steele. Pleased to meet you my beautiful princess,” he said as he stood up to steady Nina on her chair and bowed in front of her, then took her hand and kissed it again.

Nina blushed as the other restaurant patrons near by stared at them as Steele knelt beside Nina as if he was proposing, still holding her hand in his.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too David,” Nina said with a smile.

“Now will you please explain why you totally ignored me today at work?” she asked defiantly.

“Ah well, work is work and at work I’m still Mr. Steele. This is not work,” he replied with a grin.

“Oh so when we are at work, I have to call you Mr. Steele but when we are dating I can call you David? We are dating aren’t we?” asked a confused Nina.

“Yes and yes. You have to understand Nina that I can’t show favouritism at work and there is enough gossip going on there already. Id like to keep our relationship private.” answered Steele.

“Yes I did notice. And alot of it seems to be about you,” agreed Nina, “And when exactly were you planning on taking me to see your penthouse apartment hmm?”

“Oh you heard about that did you? Hmm those girls do love to gossip. Well I guess since you already know about the apartment, you will know what I took those girls there for. I use that place for one night stands. I work hard and I need to release some tension sometimes. Those girls keep throwing themselves at me, so now and then I catch one.” Steele confessed with a chuckle.

“And what about me? Don’t you want me?” asked Nina, feeling rejected.

“Oh of course I do. You are my princess. I want you more than I have ever wanted any of those other girls. It’s just you’re special. Very special to me and I don’t want to put you in the same category as those others. I want more than just one night with you.” said Steele with so much sincerity in his voice anyone would have fallen for it.

Nina did. She practically melted in her chair as she stared longingly into his deep blue eyes.

Steele saw her reaction, read her body language and got up from his kneeling position, took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately.

Nina’s body reacted instantly. Heat rushed through her. She momentarily forgot she was in a public place and kissed him back hard, expressing pendik escort her desire.

Her face was flushed a deep red when he pulled back and smiled at her. Partly from embarrassment as she realised strangers were staring at them and partly from sexual desire. She wanted this man more than she ever thought possible.

“I would really like to see your apartment now,” she whispered in his ear.

Steele smiled in agreement and helped her out of her seat so they could leave.

As he was paying the bill he was still smiling, feeling quite satisfied with how everything was going according to his plan. Nina was so easy to manipulate.

They arrived at the apartment complex twenty minutes later. It was a long elevator ride up to the penthouse suite. Nina made good use of the time and was finding the wine accompanied with her desire for her boss was making her feel extra horny.

She wanted to find out if he would taste better than Rick and Bert. She was pretty sure he would, but really wanted to find out.

Steele leaned up against the back wall of the elevator and closed his eyes for a moment, just thinking about what how he would go about the next step of his plan.

When he opened his eyes he glanced down to see Nina on her knees at his feet, about to unzip him.

“Nina! What are you doing?” he exclaimed in shock.

“I want to taste you mmm” she replied with lust.

“Nina! Don’t be silly. We will be in my apartment in a few minutes. Can’t you wait? Someone might see us.”

“Yes I know,” she said with a giggle, “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Steele had many kinks and fetishes that he had not yet shared with Nina and even his wife only knew about some of them. Getting a blow job in an elevator by a beautiful woman was definitely on his list of things that would turn him on. In fact sex in public places in general was a turn on as well as being watched during sex, so the whole ‘getting caught’ idea was also a button pusher.

It wasn’t part of his plan to have sex with Nina just yet. He wanted to tease her and groom her a bit longer. But even his will power was not able to resist this horny bitch at his feet begging for his cock in her mouth.

He put his plan and his brain on hold for a moment and unzipped. His huge nine inch cock sprung free, happy to be let out of its confinement.

Nina’s eyes grew wide with glee and she pounced on it with vigour. It was too big to get it all in her mouth at once but she hungrily sucked on as much as she could manage. Steele’s cock was thick as well as long. He was smoothly shaven and circumcised. Nina loved sucked on his big purple mushroom head. She sucked and slurped up as much of his delicious precum as she could.

Both Nina and Steele were moaning in pleasure and Nina could feel her wetness increasing.

Then the elevator stopped and the doors opened at the top floor.

They both quickly looked to see if anyone was outside the doors waiting for the lift. Steele sighed in relief to see no one was there.

Nina was actually a bit disappointed and she moaned a little protest when Steele put his cock back away and zipped up. It was actually a little difficult getting his cock back in as he was hard as a rock.

“Come on Nina. This is my place.” said Steele and he took her hand and dragged her from out of the elevator.

Nina followed and when he opened his door, she gasped. The place was huge, must have been almost the entire top floor of the complex. And it was beautiful. That was to be expected and didn’t really surprise her; just the size of the place was a little overwhelming.

“Wow this is fantastic Mr. St… David,” said Nina, correcting herself.

“This is where you live huh?”

“Actually no. I live downtown in a house. This is just my apartment. It’s kind of where I like to go if I need to unwind. My sanctuary you might say,” Steele replied.

Steele gave Nina the tour. It had two bedrooms. The guest room was quite large with a king size bed but the master bedroom was huge. Almost as big as the whole of Nina’s place. It had a super king size bed with lace curtains all around it. There was a 50 inch plasma TV on the wall and a walk in wardrobe that was big enough to fit a queen size bed in.

Nina was in awe of this room and then Steele showed her the bathroom. Nina gasped at the sheer size of it as well as the beauty of this elegant room.

In the centre of the room as a sunken spa bath that could comfortably fit ten or so people. It had two steps that you could walk down into it. Behind it taking up the entire back wall was a large open walk in shower with a shower head at both ends and another one in the middle. Everything was white. White tiles that were so clean it looked like no one ever used this room, white fluffy towels hanging on stainless steel rails. A huge white vase holding the only thing in this room what wasn’t white, a beautiful vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers.

Of course the toilet too was white as was the vanity unit apart from its stainless steel handles.

The room was simply stunning and Steele smiled as he watched Nina’s reaction to it.

“Wow! Oh my God! This has to be the most gorgeous bathroom I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed Nina.

Steele grinned and led her down the two steps into the empty spa bath.

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