Nice and Neat Upon Her Seat

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“Nice and neat upon her seat, with sensible shoes upon her feet…” Thus went the chant inside Gavin’s head. His inner voice played out this rhyme nearly every day as he watched the woman now seated diagonally across from him. Every day that he chose to ride the bus home from campus he’d enter an almost filled bus. There was always only one vacant seat; the frontmost seat nearest the door. Most people avoided it because whoever sat there would feel the full force of the heat or cold (seasonally dependent) as the doors opened and closed at each stop. Gavin didn’t mind, his felt that that option was better than the alternative of walking the several miles from campus all the way back to his apartment.

“Silent reader on the bus, she dare not make a single fuss…” The rhyme continued. This woman seated across from him was named Brigitte. Or at least that what he assumed her name to be based on the large leather bookmark she used to mark her reading pauses. The bookmark looked as if it was originally part of a wide leather strap and the name seemed to be branded or other wise burned into the flesh of the leather. In all, it seemed far more animalistic than every other thing about this woman. Gavin would have probably called her Plain Jane had he not seen the bookmark. The branded leather was pretty much the only interesting thing about her. Well…almost.

The thing that interested Gavin the most was… ‘the smile.’ See everyday she would exit the bus one stop before Gavin’s stop and every day she would slide her hand down the safety rail whilst exiting the bus. And everyday she’d allow her hand to slide ever so slowly across Gavin’s hand, which he’d leave there purely for this act of contact. And every day when this happened she’d look at him and smile.

There was something about this smile that made Gavin’s head twitch on the inside. As if he were getting a subliminal message but in a language he didn’t really speak but had studied once in elementary school. He almost knew the message, but couldn’t decipher it completely.

Everyday he’d watcher her exit the bus and smile and as the bus pulled away, he’d yell at himself for not following her off the bus. Every day…except for today. Today when she brushed his hand and smiled, he made his decision. Just as the bus was about to pull away he stood and asked Rufus, the driver, to stop. He got off just in time to see her round a corner. He followed; not particularly hiding, but not being obvious either. Just following. Or as he’d heard in a movie once, he was going to “fly casual.”

The movement of her walk showed Gavin that there was some spark to her. She moved as if she knew every inch of her body and while it was very well covered, he began for the first time to wonder what it would look like…uncovered.

Another corner rounded. Her large bag of books and other sundries was strapped onto her shoulder and hanging beneath her right arm.

Another corner rounded. Even though he was not terribly far from the streets where he had exited the bus, Gavin’s focus had been so upon the woman that, were he to break his trance, he’d istanbul escort be utterly lost as to where he was now.

Another corner rounded. Also out of the sight of his conscious mind was the realization that the number of people he was passing now was at a minimum. Were he awake he’d have noticed that he’d at some point entered a sub-level of an apartment building and was now in a hallway.

Up ahead of him she stopped at a door and unlocked it. All the while never looking back…all the while never seemingly concerned about being followed. She entered and Gavin waited for the sound of the door to close so that he could move ahead. He wasn’t sure what he would glean from a closed door, but he was well beyond turning back now.

After a moment he realized that the door wasn’t going to close; that it had been purposefully left open. Did she know he was following her? Was this a sign? He moved towards the open door. Carefully…he began to actually ‘sneak’ towards the doorway.

And there he was finally standing before the open portal. He gave a big sigh and stepped into the open apartment. Immediately he was stunned. The walls were a kaleidoscope of tapestries, dyed cloths and beaded partitions. He couldn’t be sure but he felt they were Asian in some way. Maybe Indian…he didn’t know. The room seemed to undulate and was, however, very inviting. He was palatably less nervous. And that smell…something smelled definitively “womanly” feminine, but not girly at all. It was a scent that exuded knowledge and wisdom and sensuality. Gavin caught himself momentarily wishing he could bathe in a pool of whatever he was smelling and then curl up under a blanket of the same.

He stood there taking it all in with each and every one of his senses peaking.

Then he heard the trinkling sound of somebody or something moving thru one of those beaded curtains. This woke him enough to make him realize that due to the proximity of the sound the curtain produced, the woman (or somebody) had to have just passed him so they’d know he was in the place.

He turned to close the door and realized that it was already closed. That’s when he saw that there had been a doorway blocked from his view as he’d entered the home.

He heard the sound of soft music starting. Its origins emanated from deeper within the place.

Oh well, he thought, no use in sneaking now. He moved towards the beaded curtains he saw to his right. There were 3 different layers he had to traverse each with beads of varying sizes and colors. Passing thru them created an almost musical or ritual atmosphere. It gave Gavin the sense that something was about to happen and honestly, he could hardly wait…

Clearing the last of the beads he entered a room and glancing he saw her there to his left. She had her right raised with her index finger pointed directly at Gavin. He froze.

The pointed finger was all he could see and he saw everything it said. With that single pointing finger Gavin heard her telling the police; “He has been stalking me”, “He followed me from avc─▒lar escort my bus stop”, “He entered my home uninvited.” He also heard his mind stammering trying to produce a legally viable reason that his soon-to-be defense attorney could use for why he was in her home. He generated nothing.

Just as the hollowest of apologies was mapquesting its way up from his ever shrinking spine, DWAMM!!

The smile appeared on her face.

Her pointing hand slowly rolled and her finger curled into a single ‘come hither’ beckon. Then she dropped her hand to her side.

This motion caused the silk robe (that Gavin had somehow not noticed before now) to slide from her shoulders and onto the floor at her feet.

Ahhh, her bare feet. Oh they looked pillow soft and he imagined rubbing his cheeks against them and perhaps flicking their arches with his tongue. Except all of the previous nervousness of stalking had left his tongue ever so dry. She was always so very covered up and layered on the bus. This was the first glimpse of her exposed flesh that Gavin had ever seen and he relished in it…for a moment. Until his eyes expanded their scope and eased their way up. Up her bare calves as pale as milk and her bare knees one of which bent like a Greek statue…and up and up…as his eyes slid up her bare thighs his dry tongue flickered in his mouth as if doing so would cause those thighs to ease apart welcoming his face into the magic that lay between them.

And up and up until reaching the top of those glorious thighs he saw something…or rather he saw that he didn’t see something. She was shaved bare. Gavin’s erection arrived full force with such energy that he thought it would rip through his cargo pants. He would’ve adjusted himself to a more comfortable positioning had he been able to focus on anything besides the flesh goddess glorifying before him. Her belly looked soft and he imaged that he could sleep upon it for days…that is if he could keep himself from licking it constantly. Rising still his gaze reached her breasts. Though not very large, her bosom seemed full and wanting. Had he been able to think, Gavin would had described what happened next as him somehow falling forward the entire length of the span between them, landing face first open-mouthed upon her left breast. He never felt his feet move, yet there he was; clamped onto her suckling like a rabid viper attempting to swallow his prey whole.

She slipped her hands up his shoulders and neck to the sides of his head and whispered as he imagined a spider would, “Easy, dear boy. There is yet so much left to eat.”

Gavin was pretty sure that his pants did rip at that point. And feeling a bit weak in his knees brought his hands up to rest upon her hips.

Her skin felt like every lotion commercial’s promise. He spread his fingers so his palms could touch as much of her flesh as possible. She let out an ‘mmmmmmmm’ as if tasting desert. Then after caressing his cheeks she pressed on his shoulders moving him downward. Not wanting to break contact, Gavin trailed his tongue down her belly until his ┼čirinevler escort nose rested at the delta of her thighs. He was about to lose his mind with delight when she grabbed handfuls of his hair either side of his head. He fought the removal and looked up at her face about to apologize for whatever had offended her. She looked down at him with that smile and in that same spidery voice declared, “You’d better be darned good at this.” She then sat back into a chair Gavin could have sworn hadn’t been there the moment before. She gracefully tossed a leg over each arm of the chair and cupped her right breast, twisting her nipple and when Gavin felt that he could hardly stand the view any longer, she leaned her head back and gave the command, “Sweet boy…take me there!”

Gavin launched himself at her open treasure and devoured her completely. His tongue slid up and down and across; in and out and everywhere he could fit it. He wanted to tastes all of her and he lapped and suckled and licked with every ounce of his being.

“Give me your hand boy,” she requested. He did. She traced the backside of two of his fingers and then folded down his ring finger and pinky. She sucked the remaining digits into her mouth and Gavin nearly shot his load at that sensation. After a moment she spat out his fingers and demanded, “Use them, now and hurry.”

Gavin quickly slid the 2 fingers she had sucked between the fleshy folds of the best thing he can remember ever tasting. He moved them in and out a handful of times. Until he heard, “Yes, that’s lovely dear boy…but not there. Try again.” Gavin’s head nearly burst with desire when he heard this. Then carefully he removed his fingers from one glorious entrance and slowly inserted them into the other. A sound escaped her throat unlike anything Gavin had dared to fantasize about and he imaged that this is the sound every porn actress had sadly failed to mimic.

“Hurry, sweet boy, hurry…before it’s too late”

Gavin felt himself becoming an animal; Devouring his delicious prey and pistoning his hand as fast as he could. It was all so intense that he became a little light headed. Then he could feel her…beginning. Her feet began to quiver and the vibrations moved up her calves and into her pillow soft thighs and then he could feel her shaking inside his very mouth.

She began to wail, “It’s time! We’re here! It’s tiiiiiiiiiimmmeeee…”

There at the end her voice began to change in tone. It ceased to sound like the spider’s voice and sounded more like…

“Hey kid. It’s time. We’re here. This is your stop right?” Gavin opened his eyes to see and hear clearly Rufus, the bus driver speaking to him. “This is your stop right, kid?”

Gavin looked around and saw that yes this was his stop. He was on the bus and a mere 6 blocks from where he thought he’d gotten off following the woman. It must have been only a dream. Slightly embarrassed, Gavin stood and gathered his backpack before exiting the bus. Even though he’d apparently just awoken, Gavin felt a strong desire to have a sit down. As he stepped onto the curb he heard Rufus yell to him, “Hey kid, you dropped something there.” And as the bus pulled away, he turned to see what he had dropped. He looked at the curb and saw it there; a leather strap looking thing. He bent, picked it up and turned it over in his hand to read what looked to be branded into the leather. A single word,… “Brigitte”.

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