New Year’s Celebration Ch. 02

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I was sure guests began to arrive as I stood in the warm embrace of the shower. The heat felt relaxing as I’d spent all afternoon working to ready the house. I could have slept here, if it were not for the bevy of gorgeous women I knew were downstairs.

I exited the warm the shower and proceeded to the bedroom to get dressed. Ann had laid out the clothes she wanted me to wear. I didn’t mind being her ‘Ken doll’ because usually when she was picking clothes for me to wear, she was sure to be removing them later. Tonight is was simple attire, a tight black sweater, khakis, and black loafers, no underwear again I thought, that was a good sign of what was to come.

The music was already playing, and people had already been arriving as I headed downstairs. Tina, Ann, and I had finished getting everything ready for the party just in time to allow the girls to shower as I finished wiring the fireworks in the backyard. They’d come downstairs just as the doorbell rang with our first guests.

They living room was filled with people from my office and Ann’s, some people had been to our Christmas party as well. I noticed Sally first, our receptionist arm and arm with a guy I didn’t recognize. I guess she’d already dropped the guy she brought to out Christmas party, no surprise there. Something about relationships that start with a blow job back stage after a concert never seem to last! But he was well built and had short black hair, his arms and neck covered in tattoos and different from the musician she brought to the Christmas party one week ago, no surprise and no love lost there I thought again. I wondered how this winner relationship started, I made it a mental note to ask this new guy about it later, might be good for a laugh.

John and his bleached blond trophy wife Bridget were here again, I waved to him as I passed through the hallway. I can’t imagine how hot she looked without that skin tight navy blue dress on. Her bolt-on boobs were obvious, at least a DD sitting on a 34 inch chest, totally unnatural, but damn hot all the same! Something in her personality told me Bridget knew her way around a strip club.

Carl and Michelle were here too. They just got back from a ‘spiritual’ skiing trip to Lake Tahoe and they had the raccoon eyes to prove it. Michelle smiled at me; she was the definition of Asian-exotic. A beautiful Korean girl, Carl had met while attending Berkley. She was such a quiet girl on the outside, but Carl was unable to keep his trap shut about what a wild, and loud girl she was in the bedroom, all that saved up energy being released for his pleasure. Lucky guy, I thought to myself.

As I made my way into the kitchen I was able to spot our more close friends and family. This holiday party was becoming an annual tradition for some, but this was the first year we invited family and friends in addition to the people we worked with that were making this holiday event a staple. Our neighbors Mark and Sara were casually leaning against the counter sipping some wine; damn Sara was a piece of ass. I’d seen her over the fence once this past summer, gardening in a thong bikini, she was on her hands and knees planting some flowers, and I almost had to pound one out to her right then.

Bill and Taylor from across the street we comfortably sitting in the family room talking to Ann’s brother Kent and wife Gloria. My cock stirred as the thought of seeing the two of them on the side of Ann’s parent’s house on Christmas day, Gloria slobbering on Kent’s cock. I smiled at the two of them and made my way into the kitchen. Ann was talking to Judge Mitchell, a close friend of the family recently appointed to the state Supreme Court.

“Hey sweetie!” I said to Ann. Then looking at him I continued, “your Honor.”

“What?” Judge Mitchell started, “you don’t call me ‘Sweetie’ anymore?” and he let out a belly laugh that got everyone’s attention. Judges must get used to that, I thought. I simply laughed at his comment as he leaned in. “I hope the fireworks won’t disappoint Scott, you wouldn’t believe the crap I had to put up with to get that permit through.”

“Don’t worry Judge, I think you’ll be happy.” I smiled at him, kissed Ann quickly and grabbed some of the appetizers Ann and Tina had put out on the counter.

Surveying the rest of the kitchen, I saw Tina in deep conversation with my old halkal─▒ escort buddy Ted, whom I’d introduced her to last week. She must have called him and invited him. They seemed to be getting along and I didn’t interrupt their conversation to say hello. I just stood and admired Tina’s tight little bottom in the tiny black skirt she was wearing. I short white blouse covered her torso, leaving a little skin of her midriff exposed, her long slender legs leading into some 4 inch ‘fuck me’ black heels. I had an urge to go behind her up and squeeze both her cheeks, but didn’t want Ted questioning why I was grabbing my wife’s sister like that and spill our little family secret. I couldn’t stop thinking about this morning’s interludes with her, and I felt my cock stirring in my pants as I spied her tight ass. I had to clear my head again.

I peered outside more people had gathered around on the patio and were huddled around the fire pit talking, and chatting around the pool. Both sources of light illuminating shapes, but I couldn’t make out faces from inside the kitchen. But I headed outside to greet everyone, and as I did they individually complimented me on the decorations and all said they were looking forward to the fireworks display.

I made my way through the pool area over to the small guest house. The ‘house’ was really just a bedroom and bathroom separate from the main house, and was currently being used for a ‘play’ room. I’d put my pool table in there, dart board, a couple of couches and a 42″ inch plasma T.V. It had become the ‘guys’ hang out on Sundays for football and NASCAR. I noticed the French doors were closed, and I thought I’d open them up for our guests to use the room.

Trying the doors I noticed they were locked, so I quickly fished my keys out of my pocket and opened one of the doors. I was met quickly with Gloria’s voice, “Oh Kent, Oh yes!” I slipped inside quickly and shut the door behind me quietly. They didn’t hear me as I stood in the doorway silently and watched what they were up to as my eyes adjusted to the low light.

I saw Gloria completely naked, sitting up on top of Kent facing him, who was laying on his back across the pool table. She was on her knees sitting up straight, caressing her own massive breasts as she rode Kent’s cock. She was raising and lowering herself quickly, cupping her breasts, grinding herself in pure pleasure on the purple felted table. I stood quietly and listened to her quietly moaning with each thrust of her own hips. Her body was a little thicker than it used to be after their kids, but she was still quite a sight, and she’d retained her ‘pregnancy boobs’ as she had called them, those puppies were a bonus for Kent.

She grunted at Kent between pumps, “Oh baby, I love the way you feel inside me!”

“Yes honey, you are so tight, and wet!” Kent moaned to her as she continued pumping.

“Oh sweetie, are you close, I want to feel you cum?” she moaned.

She was now pulling on her nipples, increasing her own pleasure as she rode her hubby’s swollen member. In between grunting and talking she was arching her back, her big beautiful breasts illuminated from the moonlight through the window. As stood there watching them intently, my cock stiffened in my khakis.

I thought about pulling my cock out and walking over to them, wondering if Gloria wanted a 3 some, but doubting Kent would be okay with it. Besides, I was married to his sister! Although as couples we’d watched each other just a few days ago, direct participation was a different matter completely.

“Oh yes, baby, are you close, I want you to fill me?” she moaned to him, panting as she continued pumping herself up and down on his mast.

“Oh yes baby, right there, oh yes, honey, I am going to cum for you!” Kent groaned.

I thought to myself watching them, wow, barely a dirty word used by either of them. It was all very loving, no use of the word “fuck” or “slut” anywhere. I silently chuckled to myself as I readjusted my cock in a more comfortable position within my pants.

Seconds later, Kent stiffened and groaned, Gloria impaled herself on him and froze. She ground her now slippery pussy onto him as her erupted inside her. She cooed at him, “yes baby, oh!” as he continued to twitch inside her.

I stared at Gloria naked as Kent filled her with ┼či┼čli escort his load, and her heavy breasts were still bouncing even after her hips stopped stabbing herself on top of Kent. She looked sexy in the moonlight, and my first thought was that I’d love to shoot my load across those mounds.

I couldn’t help myself, and as their passions subsided, I started ‘golf clapping’. This startled the both of them.

“Who’s there?” Gloria called out breathlessly as she unsuccessfully tried to cover up her massive breasts swaying from her chest with her arms.

“It’s just me guys, Scott” I replied, chuckling. “I was going to allow our other guests to shoot some pool, but it looks like you are playing some of your own!”

Gloria didn’t dismount Kent’s pole obviously still buried in her quivering flesh. She actually started rocking gently back and forth on him after she heard my voice. But she held her shirt up in front of her, keeping a small line of modesty.

“Oh thank goodness, I thought I left the door unlocked, and someone else had come in,” she panted, as she stirred Kent’s cock inside her pussy.

“I take it you’re finished?” I responded with a smile.

“Scott,” Kent called out laughing, “how long have you been there?”

“Long enough, I’m going to go now, just don’t leave a wet spot on the felt!” I laughed, turned on my heels and left, locking the door behind me again. They’ll show up eventually, I thought, and then I’ll open up the pool room to the rest of our guests. Returning to the house, I started searching for a beer. When I opened the beer cooler I discovered it was empty, can’t have my guests running dry so early in the night, so I went in to ask Ann what she’d done with the rest.

“It’s in the garage baby,” she said motioning me closer to her. As I came upon her, she gave me a big hug and whispered into my ear “take as much time as you need!”

I looked at her quizzically, “huh?”

She just smiled as I headed for the garage unaware of the surprise that was waiting for me.

I opened the garage door and noticed someone had left the light on. Before I had a chance to get over to the fridge I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye near my truck. I turned to look, it was Alison!

“Alison!” I exclaimed.

“Scott!” she responded cheerfully, “come here you big stud!”

I hadn’t seen Alison since Christmas Eve when she fell asleep with Ann and I in our bed, just after I’d taken her virginity. My cock throbbed to attention just at the sight of her. She was wearing tight yellow sleeveless blouse, and black pleated skirt that fell about halfway down her thighs, her slender legs ended at her 5 inch stiletto heeled shoes. They made her seem much taller than she was, I was nearly looking her in the eye.

We kissed passionately for a moment, and she pushed me back. “You like my shoes?” she asked.

“I think you look fantastic in them!” I responded, drinking in this woman’s sexuality.

“I was hoping that I’d be tall enough for you,” she responded.

“Tall enough?” I asked.

“Yea,” she said, and turned around. She planted one hand on the top of my truck’s front tire, as she leaned over and arched her back with the other hand she pulled her skirt up to reveal a tiny black g string barely covering her pussy lips, and slipping through her ass. “Tall enough for you to fuck me standing up?” she asked.

I didn’t need any encouragement. I was surprised that she was moving this quickly, we had such a long session the other night, this almost seemed rushed. For a brief second a surveyed this sexy beauty in front of me; bent over like a complete slut, begging me, the only man ever to fuck her, to do it again. And from how she was acting, I don’t think she wanted it slow and easy. At this point I was rock hard, and I took only a second to unzip my pants and step out of them. I positioned myself behind her, grabbed the string from her ass cheeks and pulled it to the side, exposing her already soaking wet pussy to the head of my cock. I positioned myself carefully, gently pressing my cock head against her wet entrance, allowing her juice to lubricate my engorged member. I slid my head through her slit, the head grew slick as she moaned from the sensations. When I was content that I was sufficiently sar─▒yer escort lubricated to slip into her near-virginal pussy, I pressed into her hole, and began to slide inside her.

“Oh, yes!’ she cried, “I’ve missed you!”

Her pussy was still so tight, after only having been invaded for the first time a week ago; her pussy took a few moments to adjust to my girth stretching her. She was well lubed, and after a few short pumps, steadily driving deeper, she began to relax and accept my full length with each stroke. Damn she felt good gripping my cock!

“Fuck Alison, you are so tight!” I called out to her.

“Mmmm baby!” she replied moaning softly, “You feel so good inside me!”

I began slowly, rhythmically sliding my cock in and out of her. I gripped her slender hips, gently rocking her back onto my shift shaft now splitting this blonde cutie. I then reached forward and pulled her top up over her tits, no bra got in the way as the shirt moved upward into her arm pits. I reached around and cupped her small 18 year old breasts, gently pinching her nipples as she pushed herself back onto my cock.

She was doing the work now, I just stood there and enjoyed watching her tight ass slap against my pelvis. She grunted and moaned with each thrust backwards, as my cock was disappearing into her tight little pussy. She was so tight I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I watched her impale herself; her pussy lips gently stretching along my shaft as she pulled off, and the disappearing again as she pushed me back inside her warm cavern.

“Oh yes, Scott, you are gonna make me cum!” she cried out, and began pushing herself onto my cock faster now.

I had to grab her hips so that I wouldn’t fall over; she was really slamming into me now forcefully. Her lust took over and she pounded back into me, I watched her as she writhed and moaned, driving herself onto me. Her young tight little cunt crammed my cock inside her, she was possessed and fully enjoying the pounding she was giving herself. Seconds later she reached her apex.

“Oh, oh, yes, oh fuck, oh,” and then she cried out “I’m cumming!”

She slammed her pussy back onto my cock, and held me there, driving me deep into her warm embrace. Her already tight pussy clamped down painfully on my cock as her body convulsed in front of me. She sent spasms over my entire length, and I felt her girl juices begin to flow over me, and down my balls, pinned against her clit. The sensations along my cock while being trapped in this teenager’s tight little body were incredible, I wanted this to last but I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I erupted inside her. My cock spasmed again and again, flooding her tight cunt with my warm batter. Each time my member twitched and sprayed inside her, Alison would convulse slightly as my cock tried to drive itself impossibly deeper as the head was tightly pressed against her cervix as it was.

I collapsed on top of her, wrapping my arms around her as we stood there panting against one another. What a girl, I thought, and what a surprise!

“Been hanging out in the garage long?” I asked with a smiled as I began to regain my composure.

“Nope, I just got here,” she replied, “but I’m glad you got here to warm me up when you did!”

I just smiled, stood up, and gently stepped back, my cock fell out of her sopping pussy with a “plop”, as I stepped back, I watched as her tight little pussy pushed out all the mixed fluids still trapped within her pink walls. This sent a stream of our co-mingled cum running down her leg. She reached between her legs, and wiped it up with her fingers, then turned, and stuck them both in her mouth, sucking them clean and moaning while looking directly at me.

“Oh my God,” I groaned, “I could cum again just watching you!’

“Really?” she said smacking her cum covered lips, “let’s do it!” she laughed.

There was nothing I wanted more at this very moment. But sadly I had to turn her down, for now, “I do have other guests to attend to.” She frowned as I continued, letting me know that she still wanted me badly, “But stick around, we may be able to play again later.”

She made a cute little ‘pouty’ face and then she smiled, “change that ‘may’ into a ‘will’ and you’ve got a deal!” Then she pulled her shirt and skirt back down, and walked past me silently into the house. I pulled my pants back on and when to the fridge where I grabbed two more sleeves of beer, and headed for the cooler in the kitchen. I looked forward to the rest of the night, I knew Ann had something planned; and now Alison was going to try and get into the mix, this should be an interesting night.

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