New Lover at the Office

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Big Tits

You have to have a reason to wake each morning and go to work. I do and I have a smile on my face while I drive to my mistresses company paid apartment to slip in her bed and give her a morning massage and have sex in the Jacuzzi. That means leaving your home and wife at 5:00am so you can do what you love doing the most before going to the office. After the soft touching and rubbing in bed, I’m hard and want to play in the water. Turn on the jets and play with her 27 year old hard body, and wonder just how a 50 year old man can be so lucky?

Sure I’m a Sugar Daddy, and I dread growing old. Making love to a young woman whom you are keeping is the greatest rush of all. I never tire of pampering her and taking her shopping. She tries on clothes for me then we buy them and have a fashion show back at her apartment.

I really love the feel of nylon on a woman’s leg, so it’s pantyhose and no panties for my lady. Each outfit needs to be broken in before wearing it to work. bahis siteleri We do that when she gives me a strip tease show after trying the clothes on and strutting around the living room. She is a Meg Ryan clone, and I am so turned on by the looks she gets as we are in a nightclub or restaurant together. Her attitude is she wants everyman in the room to want to fuck her. Maybe she is insecure, and childish, wanting everything her way. But I make sure she gets it.

We never drive to work together, as what would the other associates think? She finds reasons to slip into my office, leaving the door open as she stands next to my desk.

I run my hand up her nylon leg, feeling the silky sensations. She spreads her feet apart, and I find she as cut out the cloth liner and her shaved pussy is moist in anticipation. I insert two fingers into her cunt, and feel her legs weaken. My thumb slips into her ass and she is like a puppet now, I am in total control as she rests her hands canl─▒ bahis siteleri on my chair back and moans softly.

She belongs to me, body and soul. As I fuck her with my fingers, her mewing grows louder and heads peek into the office. I ask my secretary to close my door and we are alone.

She is so close and begins to beg me to take her over the top, but she knows the game plan. I withdraw my hand from between her legs and she slips to her knees and begins unzipping me. My cock is hard, she is the reason. Her warm mouth engulfs me, as I open the buttons of her blouse and pull up her bra. She begs me to squeeze her nipples and I comply. In only minutes I am so very close, but I want to fuck her not cum in her mouth. So I pull her up and set her on the edge of the desk.

I rub my cock around her pussy, teasing her clit, making her whimper. I ask her the question I always ask, “Who do you belong to?” and she tells me with her soft mouth and green eyes, “You, I canl─▒ bahis will always be yours.”

With that commitment, I enter her driving full into her as she falls back on the desk. Her nylon legs go up around my neck and I reach for her foot and suck her toes. Both her hands are on her bare breasts, mauling her tit flesh and twisting her nipples. I’m reminded of the movie “Dusk till Dawn” and the “Titty Twister Bar”

In a few short minutes she is thrashing and bucking on my desk, my finger rubbing her clit and my cock ramming her forward, and then pulling her back to me. As I cum in her she starts to cry and laugh at the same time.

Her flat belly ripples as she has one orgasm after another. I slip my thumb back up her ass and she goes off again with a cry. I sit back in my chair, her feet sill around my neck and watch her pussy pulse. I spread her legs and pull her forward, rubbing lightly as she has become so sensitive.

She has been in my office now for over 20 minutes with the door closed, and I instruct her to get it together and return back to her office. She leans into me and kisses me long and tender.

“I do belong to you Baby,” she whispers. “And you are mine as well”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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