Naughty wives I have had = 2 out of 4 eg No2 and

These video’s take me back 45 years,porn was tame in those days. First marriage was what we called a shotgun wedding ,became normal boring sex split up after 7 years. Second was a stunner ex beauty queen ,blonde beautiful great tits ,ass and legs and horny as hell ,she used to suck me off as i drove her home (swallowed) and i used to fuck her tits outside her mothers home . Loved being groped between the legs (upskirt) then i found out she loved it up the arse ,what a dream . In those days video cameras were expensive ,but polaroid cameras were cheap ,she loved being photographed ,skirt up ,knickers off ,or bent over showing her knickers and stocking tops ,would always put on a good show 2 and 3 fingers up her cunt ,dildo her arse and cunt ,and said she would love to try a cock in each hole at the same time ,love to know what her dreams were ,as every night ,middle of the night i could feel the bed going as she gave her cunt a good seeing too ,so i would fuck her arse as she wanked .
Back then i used to own a custom Bedford CF all supped up ,side kick exhausts,custom paint the works ,so i took my best pal out for a drive while he and his wife were visiting our house for a Saturday nite meal ,during the drive i handed him some of our filthy polaroids , he loved seeing my wife teasing and showing all ,i knew he was always trying to cop a look up her skirt ,caught him a few times but didn’t mind , i told him if he fancied it and called without his wife ,i recon Nel would be up for a good fucking (after saying she would like to try a cock in all holes at once).We got back to the house the conversation got around to the Hoffbrau house beer Keller as they used to give prizes for a line up of girls willing to lift their skirts ,they always dressed for it stockings sussie’s and g’strings, 1/2 cup bras ,real horny stuff . I knew my Mrs had been on a girls nite out . My pals wife left the room to visit the toilet upstairs ,i wispered to Bry if you ask Nel nicely she might lift her skirt for you ,she shot off the table real quick ,lifted her skirt to her waist ,she acted quick so he got a good long look at her tiny gstring ,nothing left to the imagination ,she whispered next time i will wear stockings ,Bry’s tongue was hanging out . The next Saturday afternoon Bry turned up ,Nel was out shopping ,so i put a video on ,a young female fucking herself with a hairbrush ,Nel arrived home walked in saw the video ,and said i could do better than that , i said come on then dress up for Bryan . Fifteen minutes later the living room door moved ,and a leg appeared showing stocking tops ,she walked in sat in an armchair ,slid her skirt back ,opened her legs wide ,then said is that what you want to see Bryan ,he was there kneeling between her legs in seconds ,she invited him to get as close as he likes ,his eyes were taking it all in as he stroked both her thighs ,she then crossed the room lifted her skirt to her hips ,i said is there anything you want to take off Bryan ,he went over on his knee’s and started to loosen her suspenders,i said you have choice and you go for the suspenders ! i would have gone for pulling her knickers down myself ,he took the hint ,he slowly started to peel them down ,think he was savouring her cunt coming into view ,Nel was only bothered that he would think she was not a real blonde,he gave her a good licking as he played with her cunt ,next she told him to lay on the floor ,which he did as she stood over him and he got the best ever upskirt ,he gave her a good finger fucking . She then sat on a dining chair as Bryan sat on the sofa ,she spread her legs wide so he got a good view ,she gave her clit a good seeing too ,finger fucked 2/3 fingers ,i went and got a banana ,passed it to her ,she stuck it up her cunt asked Bryan to give her a good seeing too ,cum was dripping from her slit, I said you’ve given Bryan a rock hard cock i think you should sort it out ,she took his hand took him upstairs to the bedroom ,he was 15 minutes,then she shouted next .She said his cock was standing to attention as she sat on the bed giving him a wank ,she said i think he wanted me to suck him,i replied he would have loved it as his wife was Mrs prim and propper ,she said he was so excited at getting my knickers off he shot his load as soon as he entered her cunt ,so i had to make sure she would cum ,so i fucked her hard (ROUGHLY) as i fingered her arse .
As he was saying goodbye to her at the door (Kissing) I said go on Bryan get your hand up her skirt and down her knickers and bring her off ,as i said to her next time we are going to fuck you standing up ,one up your arse the other up your cunt ,then spin you around to swap holes ,you will be sick of cock ,no i won’t get sick of 2 up i would love a gangbang if you can sort it ,i will put a show on for them first ,to wank over ,so they last longer in my pussy/arse/mouth and tits ,yes she doe’s a fantastic tit fuck .
3rd Wife Boring and 15 yrs younger than me 7 yrs got divorced
Now 4th wife was 30yrs younger than me (what a dream she was /is)
Been divorced from her after another 7 years ( but carried on fucking to date) even after 15yrs of divorce ,married her when she was 20 ,now 44 still a good figure and have loaned her to pals ,guys off the nett over the 24 years ,told her about wife No2 and what we got up too ,this one blows their socks off .

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