Naughty Neighbours!

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Jane and I were next-door neighbours. She lived alone and I lived alone and the only time we interacted socially was to say hello. Apart from neighbourly acts, like taking the refuse bins off the pathway or making sure no mail stuck out of letterboxes, that was the sum total of our relationship. It was a perfect situation.

Jane and her husband had moved into the house just after they married. However, I hadn’t seen him living there for years, so I assumed she was either divorced or separated. For my part I was always respectful of her as a woman and the fact she lived alone. I was much older than Jane — me being in my late-forties and she, I believe, in her twenties.

This wasn’t to say I was indifferent to her feminine charm. Oh, no, she was a nice looking girl alright and from what I could tell possessed a fine figure, an opinion based on the occasional glimpses I’d had of her. On these rare sightings it was always her breasts that drew my eye. Not big or overly large, but full and rounded and heavy looking; I often wondered how they would look naked or moulded into her lingerie.

Then, one warm summer evening following 18 holes of golf and one or two snifters in the 19th, I was relaxing on the patio eating my dinner – I was a fair cook and proud of the way I looked after myself, when I noticed Jane in her garden. Feeling rather mellow after the day’s intake of alcohol I gave her a wave and a cheery hello. She stopped what she was doing and looked my way, and once again I became attracted to her breasts. Fortunately, I was wearing sunglasses so I could stare openly and appreciate their beauty beneath her vest and cut-off jeans.

Jane returned my greeting and to my surprise walked to the dividing fence of our properties. It appeared she was interested in chatting, so I removed my sunglasses and went to speak with her properly for the first time in seven-years.

“Beautiful evening isn’t it?” I ventured.

“It certainly is.” She replied brushing dust from her legs. “I’ve been sorting out my larder and getting rid of food long out of date. I wonder why I bought half the stuff, I rarely cook for myself. Do you like cooking, Mike?” Her use of my name took me by surprise.

“Yes, I quite enjoy it.”

“Sounds like you’re a modern man.”

“I suppose it does.” There was a brief pause while I managed to briefly clock her legs. Then, on the spur of the moment I asked. “Look, if you haven’t eaten dinner yet, why not join me? It’s nothing fancy just a quiche with salad and pasta, plus a cool, crisp chardonnay.” Jane considered the offer.

“Well, I was going to send out for a takeaway, but your invitation is very tempting and it’s time we got to know one another better, don’t you think? So great, I accept; set me a place. I’ll just change and clean up first, won’t be too long.” Jane hurried indoors leaving me to consider my luck; we were finally going to meet properly.

Jane was taking longer than I expected to change and I began to fear she’d changed her mind. I’d set another place and drunk a further glass of wine, then I heard the door chimes.

“Sorry, I took so long.” She said flouncing past me in a floaty dress and high heels; now, I could appreciate why she’d taken so long, she looked ravishing. My startled expression must have been obvious.

“Sorry, I’m staring, I didn’t expect you …,” I was tripping over my words. “… to appear looking quite so fabulous and smelling delicious.” I said leaning forward slightly to inhale her perfume. Jane seemed to take my compliments in her stride.

“Well, it’s not very often that I accept dinner dates, so I thought I’d better make myself presentable.”

“You were perfectly presentable before. But I’m so pleased you didn’t take me literally. Please, go through to the patio.” Was this girl being flirtatious, or was I totally misreading the situation? I asked myself.

Jane ate with relish and wasn’t afraid to help herself to the wine; I counted two glasses before the offer of tiramisu, which she accepted. Afterwards, we sat together on the swing sofa and talked, everything from our respective jobs, interests and family and why we had never done this kind of socialising before, to her marriage breakup. Then the conversation became more personal and I didn’t feel comfortable.

“Mike,” Jane suddenly sounded serious. “Can I ask you a personal question, well, two actually?”

“Ask away.” I replied wondering what she was going to say.

“Promise you won’t be offended.”

“I promise,” I said crossing my heart.

“OK, how old are you, Mike. I mean I know you’re older than me but by how many years?’

“I’m forty-six.” I answered honestly knowing that lying would be futile and might possibly scupper any future friendship between us.

“Really,” Jane was genuinely surprised. “That makes you twenty-years older than me!”

I made no comment. “And the second question?” I prompted. This time Jane took her time.

“Well, you’re not married, live alone and no girlfriend. ka├žak iddaa Are you gay, Mike?”

I collapsed with laughter. “No,” I said choking on my wine. When I’d recovered I took Jane’s hand in mine. “But, if I was twenty-years younger you’d know that already because I would have asked you out before now!” I kissed the back of her hand in a gallant manner before releasing it.

Jane’s eyes met mine and I could tell she’d drunk too much. “Don’t let that put you off, Mike!” She said leaning toward me. I felt her fingers tracing my face then our lips met, gently at first before quickly gathering passion. Jane edged closer to me and I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. I wanted this girl now, here in the swing. I wanted to caress her, wanted her legs to part for my fingers to explore.

It was a thrilling moment. My ego had been inflated by this young woman wanting to kiss me, but I was sensible enough to realise her motive was driven purely by the wine. She couldn’t really fancy me, could she? No, it was the wine talking, Christ; I was old enough to be her father! I pushed her away.

“No, Jane, just think about this for a moment.” I saw then that she was extremely tipsy and went to fetch some water, my erection clearly showing. Jane pleaded with me not to leave her.

“No, Mike, I like you, you like me. Come back and kiss me again. I can see you’re keen.” She said pointing at the front of my trousers.

“OK, that’s enough it’s time to go home.” Then it struck me that a neighbour might see me assisting a drunken Jane through her front door, so I decided to take her around the back way. I hauled her to her feet. “Come on, it’s been a lovely evening, Jane, please don’t spoil it.” She stumbled, her breasts forcing themselves against me; God they felt nice!

I managed to walk her out and across the patio to the fence, where she passed out. I picked her up, carried her indoors and upstairs. After figuring out which was Jane’s room, I laid her down fully clothed then found a bucket to put beside the bed, in case she felt sick. Back home I cleared up and thought about her. Tomorrow, when she was sober, I doubt if Jane would recall anything about kissing me.

The following day I spent time doing chores in the back garden hoping that Jane would spot me and come out, but to no avail. So I went indoors to fix lunch and a little while later heard the door chimes. I opened the front door to Jane. She was wearing jeans and a shirt and looked positively hungover. I was about to gush forth with a greeting but she got in first.

“Mike, what can I say? I am so sorry about last night.” Jane said. She looked chastened and repentant.

“Jane, you don’t have to apologise for anything.” I replied ushering her through the door. “Come through, I’ll make you some coffee.”

“I don’t know what you must think. We’ve hardly spoken over the years then the one time we do get together, I get drunk and abuse your friendship.” I made her sit at the kitchen table and offered some aspirin, which she accepted. I fetched a glass of water to wash down the pills.

“Jane, you haven’t abused my friendship, don’t talk silly. Personally, I had a lovely evening.”

“But I came on to you and kissed you?”

“Yes, we did kiss. But to be perfectly honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the moment … so please don’t feel bad about it.” Then a thought crossed my mind. “That is, unless your recollection of the incident is to the contrary, then it’s me who should be apologising?” Christ, she’s regretting it, I thought. Being kissed by an older man is something she’d rather not contemplate!

“No, Mike, the kiss was lovely.” Jane replied with feeling. “You were lovely and gentle and thoughtful. But passing out on you and having to be put to bed … well, I’ve been dreading facing you this morning.” I took her hand in mine and kissed it.

“Jane, it’s all done with. How about today we make a fresh start. We can drive down to the coast and walk along the beach, get some fresh air to clear your head. What do you say?”

“I say that sounds perfect.” She said kissing my hand in return. Our eyes remained locked for a second or two. “And by the way … I thoroughly enjoyed our kiss too!”

“Jane, my lovely neighbour, you don’t know how happy I am to hear that!”

A couple of hours later we were sat on the beach licking ice creams. The sun shone pleasantly, the sand felt warm between our toes and the conversation was on a personal level. Jane wanted to know what attributes I looked for in a girlfriend and I told her with all the sincerity I could muster that, she would fit the bill perfectly if she was a few years older.

“Forget our age difference, Mike, don’t let it spoil your thinking. If you like me, tell me, don’t be afraid.” Jane said squeezing my arm.

“Jane, I do like you … very much, but I can’t help thinking about our age difference.”

“In that case, why don’t we go home?” Jane suggested. “Let me prove that our respective ages don’t matter!”

Again ka├žak bahis fearing the neighbours might see me going in the front door with Jane, I gained access to her house via the back garden and through the kitchen. I called out. Jane answered from the top of the stairs and I headed for the sound of her voice, mounting each step with trepidation. Was this really happening? Was I really climbing the stairs to a young woman’s bedroom? I was thinking that there was every chance Jane would change her mind, but as I reached the top of the stairs and heard her call out again that fear receded.

“I’m in the front bedroom, Mike.” She replied. I entered and noticed she’d drawn the curtains. “I thought it best to.” She said.

The atmosphere in the shaded room was warm and stuffy and filled with the evocative aroma of cosmetics and perfume; it was a boudoir conducive for sex. Which was what Jane had in mind judging from her attire. She was wearing a mini, pink satin wrap tied at the waist and standing before a long mirror, brushing her shoulder length hair. I came up behind and wrapped my arms around her, our images reflected in the mirror. We looked at one another. I spoke.

“It’s not too late to change your mind.” I whispered into her ear. “I will walk away if you want me to.”

Jane dropped her hairbrush and clutched the back of my head.

“No, Mike, the past twenty-four hours have been a wonderful revelation.” She said our eyes still locked in the mirror’s reflection. “They’ve been the happiest I’ve experienced for many a year. I want you, Mike.” She intimated playfully grinding her rear on my erection.

“And I want you, too.” I answered pushing back and untying Jane’s wrap. “Also, I would dearly love to see what your wearing under this wicked garment.”

“Well,” Jane said holding the pink satin apart. “Does this please you, is this what you wanted to see?”

I stared at Jane’s slim body and perfectly flat stomach, her superb larger than average breasts restrained in a dark coloured lacy bra, whose cups overflowed with firm looking flesh. Not only did the sensual lacy garment support and titillate, it also created a cleavage you could suffocate in. When I did eventual manage to tear my eyes from Jane’s breasts they travelled downwards to the matching lace thong covering her pussy; it was a maddeningly sexy image!

“Ye Gods, woman, you look amazing!” I spluttered. “Beautiful!” I ran my fingers over her flat stomach trying to decide which way to move them, north or south?

“Does you like my lingerie?” Jane wanted to know as she seductively caressed her breasts.

“Oh I certainly do! Can I caress them too, please?” I begged.

“Of course you can.” She purred. “And you can take my bra off.”

“Jane, you are scandalous! Of course I want to remove it, but in due course. I have a penchant for seeing women in their lingerie; it’s really a fetish which has held me in thrall for years. So please indulge me a while longer.” I couldn’t believe I’d just confessed that. I was totally besotted by this young woman’s feminine charm … and fabulous breasts!

“By all means, Mike, watch me for as long as you want. How about my wrap, shall I leave that on too?”

“Please, Janey, just indulge this old man’s love of lingerie for now. Your bra and panties harmonise so well with the wrap, you have elegant taste in underwear.”

“I like to think so, too. And I love that you’re candid with me, Mike. I enjoy walking around in my underwear, gotten used to it down the years of being on my own. But now I’ve got a reason to flaunt myself. So why don’t you sit on the bed and watch a little show.” Jane slipped the pink wrap off her shoulders and moved sinuously back and forth in front of me, thrusting out a hip and placing a foot on my knee, then bending forward and shaking her breasts seductively.

“I expect you go for stockings and suspenders, too, Mike? Would like to see me wearing stockings and suspenders.”

“Yes, you little tease, I would dearly love to see you wearing stockings, perhaps, another time?” I pleaded.

Jane turned around and bent over facing away, exposing her shapely rear to my gaze. “You can take off my knickers and touch my botty if you like, Mike.” She told me looking back through her legs.

Jane’s salacious bidding signalled the end of her tantalising show. She remained bent over as my fingers grasped the lace panties and tugged gently. Slowly, the panties slipped lower and lower until the cheeks of her rear were exposed. They were firm, round and I kissed each one making Jane giggle.

“I’ve never had my arse-cheeks kissed before.”

“Have they ever been slapped?” I said delivering a couple of friendly ones.

“Not in such a loving manner.” Jane replied.

I took two handfuls of arse flesh and bit them both, sucking and slobbering as if giving a love-bite. Then, before she’d had time to react, I snatched the dark lace panties to her knees and parted her arse-cheeks exposing her anal rim. I curled my illegal bahis tongue and shot the tip into the centre of the opening, wiggling it about playfully.

“My God, Mike, that’s another first!”

“Then, how about I do the same to your pussy?”

Using my thumbs I manipulated the moist pussy lips apart until her glorious, inner pinkness beckoned and waves of uncontrollable desire washed over me. Any paternal consideration for her youth vanished, as my mind forced me to think of one thing only, that of having my cock nestling inside her pussy heaven! I became desperate to fuck her! Then Jane’s demeanour suddenly changed, as she demonstrated her impulsive side.

“As much as I’d like your tongue in my pussy, Mike, on this occasion I’d love it if you fucked me!”

“Why you wicked little bitch using a word like that!” I remonstrated. “You need a good spanking!”

“Yes please, Mike.”

“But, I would love to fuck you too!”

“Oh Christ,” Jane moaned sensuously. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been penetrated, please be gentle with me.”

“I will. I will be gentle!” I answered getting to my feet. I ripped off my trousers and shirt and Jane straightened up. She turned around, her eyes drinking in the sight of my hard, throbbing cock poking out the front of my shorts. I slipped them off and boldly displayed my eager member to her.

“Oh Christ, Mike, what a lovely hard cock!”

I looked at her. “… all the better to fuck you with!” I replied in true pantomime tradition.

I patiently manoeuvred Jane to the bed, laid her back and raised her legs wide.

“Oh my word, Mike, are you really going to fuck me with that big stiff cock? You won’t hurt me with it, will you?”

“No, my darling, I’d never hurt you — unless you’re naughty, then I’d have to put you across my knee and spank your sweet, pretty bottom!”

“Then, I shall try very hard not to be naughty. But sometimes I just can’t help saying naughty things.”

“Then I really will have to spank your sweet girly botty.” I let my words sink in, as I gazed at her smooth, naked pussy with its labia neatly folded; you never know it might be fun spanking her winsome arse. “Now … ” I sighed and took a deep breath, my desire for this twenty-six year old woman was throbbing eagerly at the tip of my cock. I no longer felt apprehensive about our ages, about fucking her young pussy; she had seduced me, destroyed all rational consideration and was about to pay for it!

“Jane, my darling,” I hissed threateningly. “Let’s not pretend any more. I want to fuck you!”

“Then you shall!” I felt Jane’s fingers around my shaft and allowed her to guide my knob. “I’m a smidge out of practice.” She said trying to adjust her position to accommodate my length. “And your erection seems rather big to fit into my pussy. But, but … ahh, I expect he will manage to find his way in?” Jane sighed with satisfaction as my erection entered her, settled into its orientation and eased itself in and out.

Jane’s sense of accomplishment was palpable. Her legs suddenly wrapped themselves around my waist and she urged herself at every thrust I made. It was exciting and thrilling to be fucking a woman half my age. Jane became animated and wild, upsetting my steady tempo. She called out more obscenities and told me she’d never felt this way before, couldn’t believe how my cock was gratifying her pussy. I tried to calm her before the inevitable happened and suggested we change to a doggy position.

“Mmm, yes please. I’d like to be fucked like a doggy!”

“Indeed, So would I!” I retorted withdrawing my cock and re-arranging Jane. I slipped myself back in and started over again. I recalled that, using the doggy method you can get your knob to rub over your partner’s G-spot, which I tried to do. And when Jane told me, in breathless obscene terms, that was precisely what my knob was doing to her, it helped to regulate our rhythm and we settled into a mutually gratifying, and vulgar fucking. I say vulgar, because my thumb had worked itself into her arse and was accompanying every thrust of my cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice, Mike. Your cock and thumb in unison. Makes me feel like a dirty woman.” Jane’s reaction was starting to cause alarm. There was no way I could hold out much longer.

“Now, listen you dirty bitch, you’re making me very excited. So excited I won’t be able to contain myself for much longer.” I gasped between each thrust. “Shortly, I’m going squirt my sticky white cream over your lovely big titties. Can I do that, please? Cover your lovely big titties with spunk?”

“Yes, of course, Mike, cum on my titties, but I’m still wearing my bra!” Jane reminded me.

“I don’t care; I just want to cum in your cleavage and all over your sexy bra. I feel like making a big a sticky mess on that lovely lacy bra!” I was starting to find this lustful and smutty dialogue rather novel!

With my point of no return reached I felt sexual aggression like never before! I thought it prudent to withdraw before I started ejaculating – didn’t want any pregnancies on the first date! I was ready to assuage my lust, but my cock was slippy with Jane’s love juice causing my fingers to lose their grip.

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