Natalie Ch. 04: Concert

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After the dam broke and we finally allowed ourselves a night of passionate lovemaking, Natalie and I both started to feel rather guilty around our spouses. That night we’d managed to clean ourselves up and get to our respective beds, but in the morning there were a couple of scary moments. At breakfast Emma kept bringing up a dream she’d had with wolves howling in the distance. Natalie and I avoided eye contact, but I could tell it made her as uncomfortable as it did me. Later Jed almost discovered the hamper full of sheets, still wet and smelling of sex, in their laundry room. This was way too close for comfort, and later that day in a quick phone call we agreed to avoid each other, for the time being anyway. It made my heart ache (and my cock), but if Emma or Jed had any suspicions I knew it was wise to give them time to die down. Meanwhile we’d text and call each other as often as our situations permitted, including a few heated bouts of phone sex, a new experience for me. We were scrupulous about ensuring we were both alone during any contact, and we both became quite disciplined about scrubbing our phone and text history. I never thought I’d be someone who cheats on his wife, but I’d never anticipated the unique situation Natalie and I both found ourselves in.

Weeks went by and I distracted myself with work, helping Emma prepare a grant application, helping Richard with a social media project, and taking long walks with the neighbour’s dog, who I had unofficially adopted. I guess I figured enough activity would just tamp down my impulses and drive Natalie from my mind. Fat chance. I dreamt about her every night. It’s fair to say Emma had long ago ceased to feel guilt about the alarm clock waking her to sight of my hardon – morning wood is a thing, after all. It did concern me though that she might roll up against my hardon in the middle of the night just a bit too often to dismiss as a guy thing, or even an under-sexed guy thing. I got into the habit of facing away from her while we slept, hoping she wouldn’t read into it more than the need for more air. She was a sweet woman and I wanted her to be happy. But, god. I missed Natalie.

Six weeks after that fateful night with Natalie, there was a huge outdoor concert in the large west end park a few kilometres from our home. It was part of a high-profile free concert series of big name performers, sponsored by the city. They chose the park because the bandstand there was situated in an area that would accommodate maybe three thousand people, more if they really packed in. They would need to for this one. The band on this occasion was really popular, one of the few acts that Emma, Richard and I all liked, so we’d marked the Friday night on our calendar weeks before. Unfortunately work that day was calamitous for me, and I ended up still tied up late in the day preparing a video presentation that was needed for a conference Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to bahis siteleri take, maybe all night, so Emma and Richard went ahead without me for a picnic dinner in the park in order to get a good spot early. I agreed to meet them there if I could wrap things up early enough.

The concert was starting at 8, and I managed to get approval on the video edit by 7:45, so I grabbed my jacket and my phone to head out. But as I did I realized that in the frenzied of back and forth work calls and texts, forwarded image and video files and heated Facetime discussions, I’d run my battery right down. Shit. Well, I could talk to Emma when I get there. I got in the car and raced over the the park. I arrived just as the concert was starting – the crowd was even bigger than I anticipated. Emma had been concerned about keeping Richard out of the middle of the throng – a wise precaution, given the size of it – so she’d planned to be on the north side of the main area. Parking had been pretty limited, so as it turned out I was going to have to cross right through the crowd to get to them. I couldn’t quite see the area they’d be in – there was a couple of trees that obscured it from where I was – but I knew the spot. As I slowly pushed my way through the packed crowd, every one one of them on their feet from the first note, I was thankful to be tall enough to navigate. Finding anyone in this would have been a nightmare for a short person.

I took a good 15 minutes to get even halfway across the field. I felt like a sardine, and as the sky darkened it was harder and harder not to step on feet in the blackness that enveloped everything below my shoulders. I’m sure I pissed off more than a few people who probably wished I’d just stay put and watch the concert instead of trying to move in what was essentially a solid. I was considering doing just that and meeting Emma and Richard afterwards when I spotted a jade hairpiece I knew very well. It was maybe eight or ten metres away, on a bed of raven hair. That was all I could see, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was Natalie. I had stared longingly at that hairpiece and the attached hair many many times. Do I dodge her? Will it be awkward with Jed? I didn’t care, I had to see her, even if only for a few minutes. I adjusted my trajectory and slowly wiggled towards them. It was painfully slow, so crowded some people were probably able to lift both feet off the ground. As I came closer she seemed taller than usual, and I realized she must be standing on a rock, as many were. I couldn’t see Jed, and my heart started pounding even harder. It’s dark, I thought, I’m just not noticing him. But I finally got near enough to tell that she appeared to be alone, or at least not with anyone I knew. I wanted to yell to her, but it would have been pointless in this din.

At last I was able to sidle up behind her. I could only see her shoulders, but I could tell from the straps that she was wearing my favourite sundress. canl─▒ bahis siteleri God I wanted her badly. There was an obvious couple beside her that seemed pretty self-contained, and a pair of rather drunken young fanboys on the other side. Was she with any of them? She hadn’t seen me yet, so I reached my hand down my side and held her hand. She turned with a start, probably expecting some creep, and suddenly our faces were nearly touching – at nearly the same level. There were those gigantic brown eyes, that impossibly smooth skin, that seductive cologne. Her face lit up and she immediately looked to see who I was with. I smiled and shook my head, and she kissed me passionately, her tongue exploring every depth of my mouth, the incarnation of her own deep longing. We kissed for a least a minute. Finally there was a break between songs, and when the applause died down enough to hear anything I asked “Where’s Jed?”

“New York. Back Tonight. Alone. Indira went home sick.”

“So glad to see you.”

“I can tell.”

She had managed to turn fully my way, sliding her hand between us, pressing it up and down against my groin. I had been at full attention literally since the moment I spotted her hairpiece, and I couldn’t resist stroking her too. It was so crowded it took some effort to get my hand in place, but when I did her spectacular eyes closed and her head leaned back in ecstasy. Those would have been the only outward evidence of anything, since the crowd was a basically tight mass of moving heads on a blanket of darkness. The dress was so thin I could feel her pussy lips through it, and I could tell from their malleability how wet she was. We were overdue for a good fuck, but this was hardly the place. Surely we could play a bit, though? I turned her back around to face the music and reached my hands around her to cup her breasts in the darkness. Oh jesus, she was going full hippy-style – she wasn’t wearing a bra! How do you get away with that with trophy nipples like hers? She was fond of shawls; no doubt she had worn one tonight. I didn’t care, I just wanted to massage her lovely tits and great big nubbins for the rest of time. One hand was busy inside her dress making that a glorious reality, rolling a huge firm nipple between my thumb and index finger, while the other returned to kneading her very juicy pussy. It seemed too good to be true – we were in the most public place imaginable, yet no one could see or hear what was going on right in the midst of the crowd.

Natalie pushed into my erection, using her extra height to move her butt up and down its length. The band had begun a real rocker and the crown was pulsing in time with it, making any cyclical movement seem quite natural. I started pulling the hem of her dress slowly upwards. Natalie turned and looked back at me for a second, then moved her ass up and down my dick in vigorous assent. I unzipped my jeans, leaving the belt intact. I could have discarded all my canl─▒ bahis clothes without anyone seeing, but hey, safety first. My cock forced its way out of my shorts, hands-free, like a well trained dog. I continued to ease the bottom of Natalie’s dress upward. The feel of this feathery light cotton dress even on my hand was erotic; dragging it across my bare penis was nothing short of divine.

At long last I turned the corner, the dress hem came right to the top and I brought my cock against the heavenly smooth skin of her ass. Natalie worked out like a maniac, and it was obvious – her ass was that of a 20-year-old model: small, smooth, round, but muscular. It was moving vigorously as she ground her lips into my exploring fingers, while her two splendid cheeks jerked my cock excitedly. I could have let her ass tease me all night, but I wasn’t sure how long the conditions around us would be this ideal. I pushed my cock under her and brought it up against her pussy. She slid her lips up and down against my shaft; I could tell that she was standing on her toes. I was so thankful for the rock Natalie was on, and the extra height it conferred on her – just enough. I gently massaged her clit with my thumb and I could feel her shudder. Then I squatted slightly and pushed into her. She instantly started moving up and down, fucking my cock quite energetically. It felt absolutely heavenly. I was kneading her breast with one hand and teasing her clit with the other, and I could tell she was probably moaning at great volume, but no one heard. Even someone seeing her face in ecstasy, eyes closed, mouth open, wouldn’t have thought twice about what was a common sight at all kinds of concerts. As she rode me with increasing energy, her ass pushing against my balls felt so fine that I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d last. Just as I had that thought, her hand grabbed my hand on her breast forcefully, and her body began shaking all over. She was so beautiful and sexy when she came. I started pumping her harder, cupping her mound and pushing my cock as far into her as physics would allow. Just at the explosive climax of the song I came – and came and came. I could feel it dripping down her legs even as I was still squirting into her. God this woman made me horny.

The crowd was going wild with hands in the air, begging for more. It was intermission. I managed to pull out and zip up before Natalie turned to me and we had another deep, rich, luxurious kiss, holding each other as tight as our arms were capable of before the crowd became fluid and we lost our cover. We knew this might be the last time we could be intimate for – how long? We had no idea, but we were both so thankful that chance had delivered us to each other tonight.

I made my way slowly to Emma and Richard and spent the rest of the concert sitting on the side with them. I looked for the place in the crowd where Natalie and I had been, but it was indeed obscured by the nearby trees, as I’d deduced earlier. I just hoped Emma hadn’t taken a walk to look for me in the crowd. She seemed OK, if maybe a bit peevish that my work had taken so long.

I made a mental note that we needed to put a plaque on that rock.

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