My Tryst with a Chinese Angel

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When I first met Alice this very small-framed Chinese woman, 33 years old then, simply took my breath away. Fitted in a tight jeans and a T-shirt she was lovely to look at and was very pleasing to the eyes.

I was working in Africa. Having imported some machines from China, we had serious communicating problems with the installation engineers as they could not speak a word of English. Looking for an interpreter I came in contact with Alice and she agreed to help us out.

We kept in touch even after the installation people had finished their job and long gone. We used to meet on and off for coffee or lunch, whenever she was free and available. Alice worked for a company which catered to Chinese clients coming over for African safari experience. Alice was a tour guide to such groups.

As time went by, we both felt a little attraction to each other, but none of us took it to the next level. We were happy in each other’s company talking about personal and other matters. She had certain issues with her husband and she sought my advice to help solve them. Coming from the backwaters of China she was very conservative in her thinking even after having lived in Africa for about 8 years.

One evening I received a call from her.

“Hi!” she said, “are you free this evening.”

“Of course,” I said. “Always free for you.”

Over coffee she said she just wanted to be with me. We drove around the city roads and then she said, “Let’s go to Capricorn.”

Capricorn was a restaurant secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. I was surprised as she usually avoided being with me in so public a place, especially around places she knew her friends frequented.

“Are you sure?” I asked. She simply nodded and I drove there. Being a Friday night, the parking was full and I parked the car in the outside parking in an empty area. It was dark by then and we found a parking space among other cars under a tree away from any much lighting.

As I was getting out of the car, Alice said, “No, let’s just sit here.”

We kept sitting, feeling comfortable in the silence and in each other’s company. After some time I glanced at her and saw her looking at me, with a soft smile on her face. I turned towards her and she shifted nearer. It was natural that our lips met, first tentatively, and then with passion. I took her in my arms and kissed her, probing her lips with my tongue. She opened her lips and accepted my tongue inside her mouth.

We kissed – our tongues probing. Time stood still. We let passions flow and enjoyed the feelings rising.

With my right arm I pulled the lever at the side of her seat and pushed the back of her seat down. She was in near horizontal position. I shifted next to her and we resumed our kissing. I softly bit her lower lip and she moaned in pleasure. Her hands were moving up and down my back.

I lifted my lips off her and she protested by holding my head and bringing it down again. I whispered, “A moment, Angel,” and pushed the back of my seat too in the horizontal position. I lay back and pulled her onto me.

We resumed where we left off. I moved my right hand on her back, caressing her from the back of her neck to the elastic band of her leggings, which I felt under the skirt of her dress. My left hand lay on her ass and I softly caressed and squeezed it. I then held her ass with both my hands and pressed it into my groin. She felt my soldier, at attention, pressed into her, and moaned into my mouth.

The kissing and pawing got both of us hot, but I was letting her lead the pace. She was happy with what was happening and kept on moaning with pleasure, pushing her pelvis into my aroused cock and slowly dry humping.

I slowly raised the hem of her skirt and caressed her ass directly through her legging. I spread her legs wide as much as I could in that confined space. I moved my right palm caressing her ass cheek and onto her upper thigh. Moving up I caressed and palmed her pouch. She moaned and sighed when I traced a finger along her ass crack. I played with her ass and pussy, over the material of her leggings, while we kissed with abandon. I nibbled at her ear lobe and playfully bit her neck. We could have gone this way the whole night.

I then moved my palms over her ass cheeks onto her bare lower back. I caressed her back and moved my fingers under the waistbands of her legging as well as her panty. The touch of her naked ass sent an electric signal to my cock which became harder and pressed more into her pussy. I caressed her ass cheeks and played my finger along her crack, moving down to her pussy. She moaned and closed her legs tight, not allowing me to reach her pussy. I let it be and mashed and squeezed her ass. I then hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panty and along with the legging tried to move them down her ass.

Suddenly she raised her lips from mine, and looked at me. I looked back at her and gave her an encouraging smile, while trying to push her panty down. trabzon escort She put her hand behind her and held onto my wrist. I desisted and she gave me a soft kiss. She moved to her seat, straightened it and said, “It’s late. Take me home, baby.”

She straightened her clothes and became presentable again.

I kissed her and said, “OK, Angel.”


It was 2 weeks before she called me again. She was on a safari and had just returned the previous night. We were, of course, in touch through text messaging and phone calls. After what happened between us, our messages were becoming less innocent and a tad naughty.

We met as arranged. I held her hand while driving on the road near the airport where the traffic was less. Her breathing was shallow and rapid and she kept her eyes tightly closed.

“What is going through that mind of yours?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she shyly smiled, but kept her eyes closed.

After a few minutes she whispered, “I want you.” I could barely hear her and said, “What, Angel?”

Her cheeks took a pinkish hue and she repeated, “I want you, baby.”

I stopped the car at the side of the road and said, “Look at me, my dear.”

She shook her head and kept her eyes closed. A flush spread on her cheeks. I raised a finger to her temple and traced it down her cheeks, gently tugging at her earlobes and held her chin and tilted her face towards me.

“Look at me, Angel,” I repeated. She shook her head and whispered shyly, “No…..”

She was seated with her back partly pressed against the far door, her legs pulled up on the seat, with her arms clasped around her knees. I moved my finger downwards onto her shoulder, further southwards along her arm, onto her knees and then held my palm against her thigh. I slowly and sensuously moved my palm down her thighs till I hit the seat and then moved inwards towards her pussy. I moved my fingers along her seam and she squirmed. I kept on rubbing her pussy till she put her feet down and spread her legs slightly. Her breath deepened while I rubbed her mound.

“Shall we go home, Angel?” I asked. She nodded in agreement. I drove home, parked the car and we entered my ground floor flat.

She sat on the sofa and still would not meet my eyes. I sat beside her, took her gently in my arms, and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She had told me earlier during our numerous talks that her husband was the only person she knew carnally. I could understand her feeling shy.

While still kissing her I pulled her on top of my knees and continued, with our tongues in their passionate combat. I removed her jacket, and slowly pulled her T-shirt out of her jeans. She shifted and straddled me. I pulled her T-shirt up and removed it and threw it aside. She sank her head at the side of my neck and hugged me tight, her bra-clad chest hard against me. I caressed her back till she calmed down and relaxed.

I unhooked her bra and she pulled in a sharp breath. I gently removed it and put it aside. I looked at her pert small breasts and thumbed a nipple. She gave a long moan and hugged me tight. I caressed her back and pushed her back gently. I put a nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently. She mewed. My tongue flicked fast on her nipple while my fingers played with the other one. She was squirming in my lap as I brought her to boil.

I brought my hands down and caressed her stomach. She moaned softly as I kept on rubbing her flat tummy. I held her at the back with my arm and pushed her head back. She lay across my arm exposing her flat tummy. I kissed her on her navel and she whimpered as I flicked my tongue in it. I next unbuckled her belt and unzipped her jeans. She came forward, clutched me and slid silently onto the sofa. She lay down in a fetal position. All this while she had kept her eyes closed.

I knelt beside the sofa, moved her onto her back, and removed her shoes and socks. I rubbed her feet and suddenly bit her hard on the ball of her big toe. She screamed and opened her eyes and looked down at me. I grinned at her and she shyly smiled back. I moved forward and we kissed. I moved my hands to the front of her jeans and tugged it down. As it slipped past her hips she raised her ass and allowed the jeans to be stripped away from her to join her T-shirt.

Now my Angel was in her panty, looking delicious enough to eat. I stood up and looked down at her beautiful form. She shut her eyes and covered them with an arm across them. Her pert little breasts stood proud with her nipples standing out. They were small ones, just the way I like them, small enough to fit into the palm of my hands. I brought my lips to the right nipple and sucked it while my right hand tugged at her other nipple. She moaned and squirmed. I spent some time on each of them and then moved down to remove her panty. Soon my Angel was lying on my sofa in all her glory, her pale body in stark contrast against my dark navy sofa.

I took her up in my arms and she put her trabzon escort bayan arms around my neck and pressed her body to me. I took her into my bedroom and soon she was gracing my bed. I stood back and watched her lying there, so sweet and small. I quickly removed my clothes and joined her. I pulled her against me and she breathed in sharply when she felt my naked body next to her. I kissed her hard. We were at it for a long long time till we were both out of breath. I moved down her body, spending some time with her breasts and then moved further down till I reached her soft fur.

I pulled her legs apart and saw her heavenly gate for the first time — pink, wet and waiting for me. The moment my lips touched her there she sat up on the bed with a start and said, “What are you doing. This is not good.”

I looked at her in surprise and said, “Why not, baby?”

“No,” she said, adding that she had never had this done to her. She did mention in her various discussions with me that her husband just used the normal position, and that after he spurted in her, he would invariably turn over and go to sleep. She, of course, had no idea about the pleasures of sex and just thought whatever he did was the only way. He never tongued her pussy or fingered it.

I went up the bed, held her in my arms, and said, “Look baby, just enjoy and go along with what is happening. If you still feel bad about this, I will stop. You know I will never do anything to hurt you or make you feel demeaned.”

She looked into my eyes with love, and nodded. I kissed her passionately on her lips and we lost ourselves in its passion. Later I progressed slowly southwards and reached the intended destination. When I started to part her legs, she tensed, and I stopped and looked up at her, but held onto her legs. In a moment she relaxed and gave me a sweet and trusting smile. I smiled back encouragingly and bent my head down. She tensed again when I licked her outer lips but soon relaxed and let me continue.

My tongue licked her slit from top to bottom and from bottom to top. She fidgeted a bit and her ass jumped when my thumb rubbed her clit delicately. I kept on licking and thumbing and soon she started getting wetter and wetter. I speeded up and dug my tongue into her hole and lapped up her juices. She whimpered and moaned and moved her ass in a circling movement. I moved my tongue over to her aroused clit and pressed it hard between my lips. Her ass left the bed and she held my head and pressed it against her.

While dealing with her clit, I moved the finger of my right hand to her pussy to explore and push in. She tensed up and held my hand with hers tightly and whimpered “NO!”

Another of her taboos, I thought, and let it go. I was enjoying licking her clit and slit too much to bother about fingering her just then. I kept the pressure on her clit and suddenly she screamed in the pleasure of her orgasm. Her ass lifted off the bed as she clutched hard at the bed sheet. I continued my ministrations and she moaned with pleasure again and again until her grip on the sheet loosened and her ass hit the bed.

My face was covered with her love juices. I looked up and saw her spent, eyes closed, and a smile on her face. I got up beside her and kissed her hard on her lips. She tasted her own sweet self on my lips and languidly opened her eyes and looked at me with wonder.

“I never felt such a thing in my life before,” she said, “What was it?”

I looked incredulously at her and said, “You orgasmed, my dear.”

“Oh my God!” she expressed, “What a feeling. What have I been missing all these years!”

I kissed her and said, “This is just the beginning, Angel. We have lots to do, if you want to.”

She hugged me and we kissed, our tongues doing their own battling, while my hands roamed all over her breasts pinching and twisting her nipples softly and tenderly. Gradually I found myself travelling southwards and this time she opened her legs wide before I reached my intended destination.

I spent a long time with my tongue paying its visit to her slit and clit and got her aroused like before, squirming her ass all over the bed. My soldier, who had been watching all this impatiently, finally wanted its pound of flesh.

I moved up, lifted her legs over my shoulders and led my cock to her throbbing and wet hole. At the touch she opened her eyes and looked into mine. I held my cock in position looking into her eyes for any signal. She smiled at me and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes, Angel. Look into my eyes.” She kept on looking into my eyes as I slowly pushed in, inch by inch, until I bottomed out. I put her feet down on the bed and then bent my head down and kissed her. I slowly pulled out inch by inch and pushed in in a rhythmic manner. Slowly both our bodies got into the rhythm of ages as we made love to each other.

She kept on moaning with pleasure and soon I reached a point where it became difficult to hold escort trabzon on. “Baby, I can’t hold on any longer,” I said, and started to pull out. She immediately put both her hands on my ass and held on urging me silently to come inside her. I looked at her and she gave me a go ahead with her eyes. I spurted inside her like never before and she screamed as she came to another orgasm.

Slowly we both climbed down from our highs and entwined ourselves. Our breathing became normal and we smiled at each other with tenderness.

Suddenly she exclaimed, “It’s time to leave. Oh! But why?”


It was quite some time before we had time to get together. We kept in touch, however. We had long talks when she was on safari and no one to disturb her once her clients retired for the night.

“Tell me, baby,” I asked her once, “Why were you so against my licking your pussy?”

She must have blushed as I could sense it in her voice. “I thought only ‘bad’ girls allowed it.”

“What do you mean by ‘bad’,” I asked.

“You know!” she replied reluctantly, “Those types of girls who are freely available.”

“What a thought,” I said, “and now, baby? Did you enjoy what we did together?”


“OK,” I said, “What if I ask you to do the same to me?”

“WHAT! What a disgusting thing to do. How can you expect me to put your penis in my mouth?”

“This is what making love is all about, baby. But stay calm. You know me; no force. We only do things you are comfortable with. You can trust me.”

“Yes,” she said, “I know I can always trust you.”

‘OK, now tell me, why did you stop me from fingering you. It would have been very pleasurable for you.”

“Why do you have to ask me all these things? It embarrasses me to answer.” I kept quiet and she continued, “I was worried your fingers may be rough and may hurt my insides.”

“You know baby, I’ll never do anything to hurt you. But if it pleases you I’ll make sure my fingers are properly manicured. Still it is your decision.”

The next night she called again.

After our usual pleasantries she said, “I’ve been thinking. Maybe I can try.”

I knew exactly what she was referring to, but said wickedly, “Try what, Angel?”

“Don’t tease,” she pleaded, “As it is, it is difficult for me. Stop being naughty.”

I relented and added, “OK, baby. Take your time. No pressure of any kind.”

She returned after a couple of weeks. It was a Saturday and she landed at my house in the afternoon.

“Just saw the group off at the airport,” she said.

“How about lunch,” I offered.

“No, it’s OK. Just had it with them before seeing them off. But I’m tired.”

She just lay down on the sofa and was in dreamland in no time. I looked down at her tenderly, knelt down and removed her shoes and socks. I covered her with a sheet I brought from the bedroom and left her to enjoy her sleep.

I changed, putting on a pair of Bermudas along with a sleeveless T-shirt, sat on my bed with the book I was currently reading. I, too, dozed off.

Later when I woke up, Alice was entering the bedroom feeling completely refreshed and smiled at me. I patted the bed beside me and slightly moved aside. She plopped on the bed and lay down beside me. I turned on my left side, and with my right hand traced my finger from her forehead, down her nose, and onto her lips. She playfully bit my finger and held it in her mouth.

I moved my finger in and out of her mouth and she suddenly froze. I held her face tenderly between my hands and kissed her softly.

“You don’t have to do any thing that makes you uncomfortable, my dear,” I said, “And I was not trying to send you any message with my finger in your mouth.”

She relaxed immediately and started kissing me. Soon we were in the throes of passion, our tongues doing their magic in her mouth.

I straddled her thighs, and moved my fingers to unbutton the shirt she was wearing. She lay silently watching me undress her. Her shirt came off and I moved to unbuckle her trousers. Soon she lay there in her birthday suit, proud to let me see her body.

I could never tire of seeing her petite body, so small she almost looked a teenager. I loved those small breasts. Soon I was naked and beside her on the bed. I popped a nipple in my mouth and pinched and twisted the other. I tongued her nipple, softly bit it, pressed it between my lips, tugged at it, while playing with the other one. She was purring and moaning with pleasure.

I nibbled my way to her heavenly treasure and soon my tongue was licking her nectar. She squirmed and moaned with delight and could not control her movements. As I lay on the bed pleasuring her, I suddenly found her hand on my cock, stroking it gently. This was the first time she had touched my cock and I was enjoying her touch. My soldier woke up fully, expressing his pleasure at such attention. Soon it was as hard as it could be.

I continued with my lapping and soon increased the speed and pressure on her clit. She was thrashing about with pleasure and her strokes on my cock also became fast and furious. Soon she came and screamed in pleasure. I lapped up whatever she had to offer and softly kept on licking her as she came down from her high.

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