My Sexual Education at Home Ch. 04

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A couple of nights later, I was sleeping very soundly when I felt someone shaking me awake. I jumped upright and grabbed at whom ever was shaking me. It was Gary.

I had not yet told him about my Mom and his Dad and the great time we had just a couple of nights earlier. I had hardly even had a chance to talk to Mom or “Dad” since then. And I was still thinking about how I was going to break it to him.

Anyway, I was startled and asked him what was up? Why was he waking me in the middle of the night?

Gary just put his hand over my mouth to shut me up, then climbed into my bed and started kissing me and fondling my titties and playing with my pussy.

“Gary, what’s up? What are you doing here at this time of night?” I whispered.

“Sis baby, I am so horney I am about to die! My cock hurts it’s so hard. I need some relief, Please?” He whispered back to me.

“Gary, you can’t fuck me, I might get pregnant. You know that. What do you want me to do?” I whispered to him.

“Let me warm you up and then let me fuck your beautiful asshole honey, I need it , Please?” He whispered.

I said ok and he continued to rub my pussy and titties until he had me good and wet and then he started wetting my ass hole with my juices. We were constantly kissing and sucking each other’s tongues until he broke away and said “Sis I love you. Can I please have your ass right now?”

I answered, “Gary, I love you too, and you can do anything to me that you want to do, any time you want to. you know that. I owe you all that I know about sex. Yes, brother dear, şişli üniversiteli escort Fuck my ass if that is what you want to do. Just be easy, your cock is bigger than your fingers.”

He told me to roll over and get up on my knees and hands and he would be easy on me till I got used to it. I did as he wanted and he eased his cock head into my tight little asshole. Damn it hurt for a minute, but then the pain went away and I whispered, “OK give me more.”

Slowly he eased in and out a little at a time until he had it all in and I told him to go for it. That now I needed to cum too!

Gary was really pounding into my ass and I was telling him how fucking fantastic it felt and he was massaging my titties and kissing my neck and pounding my asshole. He slid his hand down my belly to my pussy and I thought he was going to finger my pussy but he pinched my clit hard! I yelped loudly before I could catch myself. I slammed my face into my pillow to muffle my moans and groans.

Suddenly my bedroom door swung open and the light came on!!! “What the hell is going on in here? Gary, what the fuck are you doing to my daughter?” And she ran over to the bed and pushed him off. (That’s how fast it happened-Gary had not even had time to pull out of me before Mom was on him.)

I rolled over with Gary and yelled “No Mom, it’s ok!! I want this! Mom, stop!”

It was good that I rolled with Gary, because he was still inside me. But he was trying to get away from me and Mom. I reached back and grabbed his ass cheek taksim anal yapan escort with my one hand that was free and held him to me, for a second.

Mom said “What do you mean, “stop”, you want this? He was fucking your ass honey!”

“I know Mom! I let him! I wanted him to! Please let us finish! Then you can do whatever you need to., Please, I am almost there Mom, and Gary is too, I think.”

Mom turned and walked out and met Dad in the door and pushed him back out into the hall and pulled the door shut. Gary and I got back up and continued and he started rubbing my clit and fucking me so hard that I thought he was going to drive me into the wall.

Gary whispered “Get ready Sis, I’m going to cum in your ass honey. Oh god I love you sis, I love fucking your ass. Ohhhh shit you are so gooood!!!!! Oh sis…god…you are so good, I love you!”

I felt the first blast of cum inside me and that took me over the top and I yelled out “I’m cumming too! Gary darling, I love you too, oh Gary fuck me hard and deep!

Mom and Dad opened the door and watched us cum together, and then we fell over in the bed.

Mom and Dad came over and Dad said “Ok son, talk to me, What ever gave you the idea that you could fuck your sister and not get caught?”

“Dad”, I butted in, “It wasn’t just his idea, it was mutual. I asked him to teach me. How do you think I knew about fingering myself when you two caught me the other night?”

Gary’s head whipped around to me and he said “They caught you fingering yourself? taksim bdsm escort Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, that’s not all that happened Gary. Mom, Dad, shall I tell him, or are you two going to get in this bed and all of us have another orgasm so I can get back to sleep before time for school!” I said, to everyone’s astonishment. Especially Mom and Dad! They just looked at each other.

Mom moved first. She saw the wash cloth that Gary had brought with him when he crawled into my bed and she picked it up and began to wipe Gary’s cock clean. Then she got up and went to the other side of the bed (closest to Gary) and started jacking his cock since it was soft by now.

Dad said “Gary just did your ass honey? Well I am going to eat your pussy again so you can get back to sleep. I know you cum pretty quick that way.”

“Oh god yes Dad, eat me again!” I said.

Gary just looked at me with a big question on his face. I just smiled, as Dad started licking on my hot wet pussy and my Mom went down on his cock and started trying to suck his insides out through his cock. He was instantly moaning and groaning, loudly!!

It only took a couple of minutes for both of us to be yelling and moaning so loudly that we could rattle the walls and we came at almost the same instant.

Dad stood up and said “Alright kids, clean yourselves up and get back to sleep. Well be waking you soon for school. We’ll talk about this after school today!”

And he took Mom by the hand and led her out of the room. Gary and I went to the bathroom together and never spoke while we cleaned up. I went back and got into bed and Gary came by and kissed me on the lips and left to go to his room.

I’m sure Gary was as nervous as I was all day, wondering what was going to happen when Mom and Dad got home today. We were both in some serious difficulties if they wanted to be mean about all this.

End of Chapter 4

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