My Pregnant Assistant

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I am continuing to describe things that have happened to me.

I was married to someone that didn’t enjoy or want sex, so when I got divorced I was understandably ready for something different. Shortly after the divorce was final I changed jobs and went to work in a larger firm than the one I had. On my first day I was introduced to my staff. My main assistant was a woman in her mid 20’s, very slender and cute in a librarian kind of way. As I got to know her better I found her to be very smart, extremely efficient and somewhat of an introvert.

I also couldn’t help but notice she had an incredible body. She wore reasonably tight skirts that showed off her long legs and slim hips. I could also see that she invested in higher end underwear because the bras that she wore were not your standard foam dome Victoria Secret types. She had lacy bras that would allow her perky boobs to bounce just the right amount as she came down the hallway toward my office. It was a tease that I kept to myself, but I was constantly wondering what she would look like naked. Not good thoughts for a boss, and I had a strict rule, that I had followed through the years, that I would not ever fool around with anyone in my office. I just always felt it was too much of a distraction both when things were good ,and especially if there was parting of the ways.

We worked together for about three years and got along well. We could talk about almost anything and did frequently, but there was really no flirting or any hint of interest on her part in me. She had a long term boyfriend that I thought was abusive, and was probably too scared of him to leave. He was living off her salary most of the time. I was also dating with a few regular girlfriends during this time. I had told her that she was too good for the guy she was with so I was the first one that she told that she had left him and moved into a place of her own. Once she got settled into her newly single lifestyle she started going out with her girlfriends marmaris escort and enjoying summer in the city. One of her first dates was with a guy that a girlfriend of hers had introduced her to, and that she thought was good looking. They ended up fooling around and despite being on the pill, she got pregnant. When she had it confirmed a month later she wasn’t seeing the guy at all, and didn’t want to talk to him.

She came in to tell me and started crying because she had taken all the precautions, but apparently birth control can be neutralized by antibiotics. She found this out the hard way but she wanted to have the baby so the next few months I watched that slender body grow into a still very cute slender gal with a big belly and bigger boobs. She kept working, but because she couldn’t afford to have day care her plan was to move out of state to where her parents were located to have the baby and so that her mom could help her out once she returned to work. When the time came for her to leave we held a big baby shower for her and she quit the job. We were talking at the shower and she happened to mention that she wanted to get some pictures of her belly before she delivers. because she thought that this might be the only time she is ever pregnant. She knew that I had good cameras and asked if I would take some of her. I, of course ,jumped at the chance.

Two weeks later she came over for the shoot. I had a number of props set up and really had no expectations other than possibly getting a look at her in less than office wear. She went into the bathroom and changed into her first outfit. She had chosen a shirt that covered her top but left her belly exposed. We took a few shots that accented the belly, then she took off the top to show a much smaller shirt underneath. We continued the photography but I was starting to get excited to see her. Since I was just over 50 and she was just 28 I really did not expect that she would be in my bed before the night was over, but there’s always marmaris escort bayan hope! Then she said that she wanted to do a set of pictures with her just her bra and panties on. I didn’t argue. When she took her shirt off I could see that she had on a nice bra that was at least three sizes bigger than what she wore prior to the pregnancy. Her dark areola were topped by nipples that stuck out like the proverbial pencil erasures. Her black boy short panties hugged her ass beautifully. She really was one of those women that didn’t gain much weight in any area other than her belly and boobs.

It was getting difficult to hide the fact that I had a raging hard on by now, though still taking pictures. She removed her bra and wanted a few silhouettes holding her belly and her engorged breasts. We did those then she wanted a few on the bed lying down,. which we did also. As I was taking the last of these she commented that I seemed to enjoy what I was doing. She took her hand and placed on the outside of my jeans over the bulge I couldn’t hide. She moved over to me and quickly unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out to see. She said that when she worked at the office that she liked to tease me a little by bending over so I could see her nipples or panties. She knew that I was looking and liked that I never tried to do anything but look. Now that she wasn’t working for me she was looking forward to the photo session because she wanted to see if she could get me hard. Guess it worked.

She licked her lips and slowly started to put me in her mouth. I was still standing by the bed looking at those beautiful nipples and watching her suck on me. I reached over and began to roll her nipples between my fingers while I looked at her big belly and the wet spot that she had on her panties. I told her that I truly did fantasize about seeing her naked and so the fantasy was now reality. She unbuttoned my pants and slipped them down my legs with my underwear in one quick move. I stepped out of them and escort marmaris ,over around so that I could get my tongue on her nipples. I found that they were really sensitive because as soon as I started lightly kissing them she immediately responded by arching her back and closing her eyes. I took off her panties and put them up to my nose to catch her scent. She moved over on her side so that her belly was resting on the bed and raised her legs a little to give me access to her pussy. Without hesitation I positioned myself so that I could put her toes in my mouth to suck on them, This drove her crazy, almost orgasming from the sensation. She said no one had ever done that and was shocked at how good it felt. I moved up the leg licking, and kissing my way to her pussy slowly. She rolled over and opened her legs for better access. Her pussy was partially shaven but she hadn’t been able to see it for awhile so it had grown out a little. My kisses turned to licks and touches. I placed my finger on the edge of her lips and then inserted it while I was sucking on her protruded clit. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm, with a little squirt that covered my lips and nose.

She quickly pulled me to her and started licking and kissing her juices from my tongue and lips. The more she tasted herself the more excited the kisses. Her hands grabbed for my cock and held on. She got on all fours so that I could enter her from behind guiding me in as I kneeled behind her. I started slowly, but the excitement of the night was starting to get to me and there really was nothing I could do at this point to hold off. She was played with her clit while I moved in and out, bringing herself to another orgasm as I shot off inside of her. We slowly pulled apart and layed down face up on the bed. She said that she hadn’t had sex since the night she got pregnant so this was the product of a lot of pent up sexual desire. I told her I was happy to be the one to relieve that tension. We had a second session that was just as hot the next morning, and the day after before she left to go to her mothers house.

The next session with her was after she had the baby and her breasts were leaking milk like crazy, but that is for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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